no idea why i had to do this

I have another TeruMob prompt to do and I have already done this pose for SeriRei so I decided to do something a little different for this one and played with the expressions. It made me realise how rarely I actually draw per-Mob Teruki… not sure why.


So why wasn’t I informed that the one of the newest drama CDs had an entire track dedicated to Tsuyuki?

Aakjd so I finally got my copies of the two CDs and oh boy… there’s a lot to talk about, but MAN, I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT TRACK. I actually had no idea Ishikawa Kaito was part of the cast for the CD so that was the first surprise.
And it’s been a while since we had a serious track in the Dramas… it’s usually pure goofiness xd When the flashback started I was sent to heavens, I swear.

And the final of the track… it made me incredible happy to know about Tsuyuki spending time with his mother. And the fact that Mikuni dragged him out of work so he could be with his mom on Mother’s Day. Aaaaagafsd Kuni senpai why u do this precious things for Tsuyuki? <’3333 (and still look extremely suspicious and obnoxiois ww)

they included that one 4koma about Mikuni asking Tsuyuki to bring him pizza wearing girl’s clothes and www ah, the comeback


anonymous asked:

Dear Pear, I have been writing a story that involves magic and magical creatures. However, I am having a hard time trying to find a way to separate the magic that some humans can do and the magic that magical creatures like nymph and fae can do since I don't want them to have the same magical abilities. I thought of some ideas, but all them are kinda of mediocre. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or references? Thank you!

Hi Anon! Magic systems are right up my alley, so thanks for thinking of me!

There are a couple of things that define a magic system: Abilities, manifestation, and limitations. Changing up one of these will certainly help differentiate the types of magic in your world (human magic vs. creature magic, in your case), but also consider that you have two other areas to play with that can also help make the other sides of magic feel different from each other.

You’re talking about wanting to change up the abilities that the two sides are capable of performing. One way to help get a grasp on this is defining what each side’s domains are, that is, what kind of magic are they able to cast? This also ties in with the other two aspects, manifestation–that is, how they are able to cast their magic–and limitations–what they can do, what they can’t, and what can go wrong.

Now, I don’t know what kinds of creatures you have in your world, so take this with a grain of salt, but is the magic your creatures can cast tied to what kind of creature they are? Can djinn or salamanders cast the same kinds of magic as dryads or naiads? If each type of creature has its own type of magic that it uses, what’s to say humans don’t have their own? Maybe the creatures have abilities that mostly pertain to nature while humans are able to manipulate force energy or gravity or magnetism or technology and electrical impulses.

You have to define those realms of power, remembering that in order to be an effective system, there must be limitations on what each of these types of people can do. They all can’t do it all, and if they can all do everything, what makes them different? Is it how they cast it? Is it how good they are at certain ones? Are there just a select few domains that are specifically only for one side and not the other? If they can cast many of the same spells, perhaps one type of person has better control over a particular domain than another and there are penalties for an individual of either side attempting to cast from the domains of magic that belong to another type of person.

What’s something that humans have that creatures don’t? What makes them unique in your world?

How do creatures call their magic, and does that differ from how the humans perform theirs? Do humans or certain creatures have handicaps when using their magic? Do some require certain words to be spoken or physical materials such as herbs or candles, or foci like a wand or crystals?

Are there certain types of magic that require a unique combination of casters (This Spell can only be cast by having a salamander manipulate fire and a centaur’s telekinesis)?

How can things go wrong for either side? Can one side cast one way, but casting that same way causes the other side severe backlash? Does one side’s magic have the potential to be addictive or cause cumulative effects (good or bad)?

Hopefully these have given you some things to think about. I think if you separate them out and try to build them as two separate magic systems, you’ll have better luck in figuring out the ins and outs that differentiate the two sides. Focus on how they cast, what that looks like for both sides, where their magic comes from, what’s not possible for each side, and what kinds of things can cause problems for either side, and I think you’ll have some luck.

Good luck! -Pear

In the meantime, here are some more resources on building magic systems that might be of use:
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12 Questions to Ask Yourself About the System of Magic in Your Fantasy Novel from iO9
A Wikipedia page discussing magic in fiction
Magic Rules! Types of Magic from P. June Diehl
A List of Elemental Abilities from @thewritershandbook
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A wikia list of magical powers


Okay so it started out as a fun idea but I’ve had five anons asking my why I didn’t tag people in the drabbles and why I didn’t add the tags such as “jethro gibbs x reader” & “tony dinozzo x reader” etc in not a very nice way.

I was at my sisters from Sunday morning - Wednesday afternoon on holiday. I couldn’t take my laptop because my Mum and I share it. So therefore I didn’t have my list of normal requests to do. I did as many as I could on the run up to me going away plus I posted a one-shot. I only had my phone to work with while up there.

So I thought to myself, okay, I feel like writing, I wanna give you guys something but nothing that would mean finding a gif and setting it all out on the post like I usually do. So I thought I’d open up the ask box to little drabble requests. I got quite a few and I wrote out quite a few. I specified that I couldn’t tag anyone in them because I didn’t have my tag list and I didn’t know it off by heart and didn’t wanna miss anyone out (apologies for being so forgetful at the time I didn’t think of going back to other posts and writing them down). I also specified that they wouldn’t feature on the masterlist which weirdly freaked a few people out. Idek why?

Anyway. Fast forward to when I got home, before I’d unpacked & even before I’d gone for a pee after a two and a half hour drive (without any stops) I jumped straight on the laptop and tagged near enough all of my “ask drabbles” with the appropriate stuff like “dwayne pride x reader” and so on before my other family turned up at my house.

I really don’t see why I’ve gotten anon hate for trying to do something fun and different. I don’t normally do a drabble request thing without a prompt list so it was new to me too but I thought it worked out well?? Idk.

Sorry for ranting but it bugged me and annoyed me a bit.

- Monkey 💜😕

Ahahaha, you know, by now I am just fully YOLO about the current storyline. You want to know why, I can tell you why. Idk if you folks are aware, but I hang out with Oni and Blo alot in a little Skype group - we are the cool art kids, you know - and honestly, whatever Emmerdale throws at us, we had way more horrible ideas about what could happen. Like imagine worst case scenario and then going full speed into Bizarro!Emmerdale and you know, after that, you just feel like: Okay, I am ready for whatever will come. 
(Tbh it’s basically Blo and me doing this, meanwhile Oni is crying in her corner, disappointed in us, drawing cute comics for you guys, because she is a saint or something.)

Muffet art, because why not.

But I lost ideas (because I drew all ideas I had), so do you have some?

Now I can say what sky is beautiful tonight (it’s 9 pm when I was making this post), so maybe I’ll drew something with stars I guess.

Stay Determined :)

since Ursa was the only other Woodland Critter i had colors for, version lineup for her ^^

i sort of remembered halfway through that “Ursa” might’ve been her first name and then it was changed to “Star”…or it was the other way around…so i figured why not have the toy one sorta be called that (alla Mangle/Funtime Foxy naming) since i also liked the idea about toy Ursa being, when the people were redesigning them someone was all “what kind of bears do kids even like? oh i know, pandas!” then proceeded to have no idea how pandas are actually colored. i just like making neon colored throwup lol

Ursa the Bear belongs to @twisted-persona

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Do you not live in the USA?

I live in the USA. I have no idea why ur wondering but my whole history is (possibly born in Russia and adopted by Americans but that’s just a theory because I remember being dragged out of a place that my mom told me was just a daycare center while I cried and screamed and I had several Russian friends in that daycare and I still can remember random Russian words no one ever taught me in my memory and even before Russian training I could understand Russian the point where it wasn’t a normal Anglophones knowledge of Russian but it was still too trivial to speak to someone else clearly) I was theoretically born in Kentucky in 2000 to a family with a history of abusing their kids and a history of being abused by abuse victims who were abused by abuse victims. Then we moved to Pennsylvania when I was 2, then Mount Angel Oregon when I was 4, then Rhode Island when I was 12, and now I live in range of hurricane Jose so that’s chill


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know


[TianShan Week]

Day 2: Dear One

a loved one, a sweetheart(well, more like the devil lol); both dear to one’s heart.

Oops, this is late– I started this when I got back from work last night but I fell asleep midway drawing it ^_^; Since I’m already late, I decided to take some time to make it look a bit more nicer!

It could of done with a few more panels but… X_x There was a scene I had in mind where the mother knows about the jacket because she’s the one who does the laundry in the house :P Oh yeah, can’t forget about that big sandwich! XD


Stanuary week three: Memories
Bit by bit all of his memories return, but not all of them are good ones.

You can see all of my Stanuary entries here.

The whole “Lucius was abusive with Draco” thing has always been so funny to me. Really, I don’t get how people are able to believe something so silly. 

Seriously, guys, wake the fuck up, if Lucius had been abusive with his son, he wouldn’t have been a part of the series. You know why? Because Narcissa “If you attack my son again I shall ensure that is the last thing you ever do” Malfoy would have killed him ten times in a row. 

Fleur Delacour

hello and welcome to my first studyblr post!! i’ve seen a ton of these around, but not many have all the tips i’ve learned throughout high school. i go to a private preparatory school and i’m top 5 in my class and i lead many extracurriculars. last year was the CRAZIEST year of my life, but with a certain mindset & only a few all nighters, i managed all A’s in all advanced courses. So, here are the tips i’ve learned!!

  • write stuff down!!!! i know it is the most obvious thing, but writing down anything you need to remember, whether that be homework, tests, quizzes, events, due dates, reminders…anything! checking off these things at night is so satisfying and you won’t forget anything important. when i’m in the #zone, my mind often thinks of stupid questions/thoughts. I’ll jot these questions/misc. thoughts unrelated to what i’m focusing on to come back to later and explore!! (for example, i was doing an frq for econ and i thought of doing this post, so i wrote it down in my journal.)
  • organization. there are so many masterposts out there to help you with organization. my method included binders & comp. notebooks.. that’s about it! i’m not very organized
  • get to know teachers. this is probably what helped a lot my junior year. not only is maintaining good relationships with teachers good for you, it can be beneficial to your grade as well. when you make friends with teachers you always have someone to talk/rant to & they always give you the inside gossip about teachers/other students. have coffee/lunch w them, or talk about theories from the class they teach. they give you a lot of perspectives on the course and cool ideas!
  • manage your time. again, another broad statement. but what i did every night kept me sane. my schedule every day after classes (including saturday) was: 
    • practice until 5 
    • extracurriculars until dinner (6:30-7) 
    • minimal homework until done (usually 1-2 hours)
    • study for 1+ hours if needed (8-9 pm)
    • enjoyment time (at least 30 min)

while this may not be a lot for most people, it was a lot for me and i needed time to make myself happy. school and friends make me happy, but so does alone time. putting this minimum of 30 min a day (if i don’t fall asleep before that) really helped me get through demanding courses because i had an incentive. this schedule also helped me avoid procrastination!! ALSO, I prioritized like hell. Honestly, if homework was a completion grade, I wouldn’t try at all unless i needed the practice. Same goes with classes. the ones i had high A’s in, i would sometimes sacrifice a homework grade in order to get enough sleep or study for another test. while this is not the most ethical way of doing it, it helped.

  • Avoid procrastination. procrastination is your worst enemy. I used to be so bad, but now i’m getting better. this is key. in order to beat procrastination, you have to have self discipline. simple as that. get inspired. for many of you, it’s your studyblr community, for me it was for personal pride and competition. you must execute to get the job done. it will be worth it in the end.
  • do the little things. put away the phone. put music on if it helps. stretch a little. get some water. get as content and comfortable as you can when you study.
  • SLEEP!!!! that’s all i can say. sleep sleep sleep. it’s important. i know life is busy, but make time for sleep if you can. mental illness is a bitch, and sometimes it can make falling asleep hard. i know. just try your best & that’s enough. anytime i had free time during the day, i slept. nothing is more important than sleep, and if i didn’t get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before, i tried to catch up as best as i could. your brain needs a break to refuel and you will feel refreshed the next day. 
  • Eating healthy. i rarely see this tip around (maybe i’m not searching hard enough) but i think it’s important. eating healthy is excellent for your brain function & body function. it’s hard, especially in college, to have to motivation (or money) to make your own dinner, lunch & breakfast everyday. but. it’s. worth. it. i can’t stress this enough. i feel more awake and energized at school and workouts and your body has to have these nutrients to keep functioning well. 
  • Exercise. gross i know, please don’t hurt me, but exercise goes right with eating healthy. the better you feel about yourself, the better you will do in school. simple enough. you will have more motivation, energy, and happiness with a good diet and exercise. running daily and occasionally swimming gets me though the week, and while sometimes i don’t want to workout, i always feel good in the end. find something you like doing and stick to it. try to work out 3 times a week. after every workout, i am always motivated to study
  • UNDERSTAND THE MATERIAL. it’s so obvious, but so many people just memorize. while you have to memorize any new thing you learn in the beginning, there is a time when you must apply what you memorized. you must actually think about why this term/concept is what it is based on memorized facts. you must see the whole picture and how little things relate and why they do. last year i realized this and it worked wonders. for me, if i understood the big picture, i knew the facts by heart. it dawned on me that you must train the mind to think. when going through notes, quizzes, tests, and studying i always asked myself why is this important and what it relates to. retention. is. key. understanding, and not memorizing facts will help so so much!!
  • STUDY BUDDIES. i can’t stress enough how much this helped me. coming from a boarding school, it’s easy to work on homework with friends all the time. to review for a test, my friends in the class would all meet and discuss the material. i’m an auditory learner, so this worked 10x better. what i’ve learned is that if you can teach it, you know it. when i could explain concepts to my friends, i knew i didn’t have to study that. if questions came up when i was trying to discuss my line of thinking, i revisited my notes and tried to understand why i didn’t get it. if we had study guides, we would all do the question and discuss why we got our answers after. for me, discussion is the best way to get new perspectives and ideas as well as understanding the topic better. (i also love talking so).
  • ask questions. even if its stupid. even if you’re just curious. always ask them. 
  • study environment. outside (if it wasn’t terrible weather) is where i love to study with friends. if it is snowing or raining, i go to the library or a local coffee shop. it really just depends on my mood. find an area where you feel the most productive!

Let me lay this out real quick

This is my son Bellamy Blake:

As you can see, he has a fairly large sized bruise that covers a good ¼ of his face from getting clocked by an Azgeda warrior during his mission in 4x02. 

This is the beautiful Clarke Griffin:

Her mother was a doctor on the Ark and still is one on the Ground, and has no doubt taught her daughter basic first aid. She also has had a lot of experience dealing with injuries because of the many her friends have sustained throughout the entire story. She is, in conclusion, reasonably capable of tending to other people’s injuries.

It is already canon that the two have a deep love for each other (whether you’d like to view it as romantic or platonic, it is there, it’s romantic btw). They have already shown concern over each others’ injuries before this point in time (ex: the hand wrapping in 3x11).

In other words


“I’ll protect you… no matter what”