no idea why i find this so funny

katsa is also a genuinely funny narrator, made even better by the fact that she actually has no idea that anything she’s doing or thinking is over the top, ever. like you could read the whole book and think she’s a subdued person if you don’t pay attention, which is why some ppl are surprised by her in bitterblue when you’re taken into another character’s perspective, but she’s never been subdued at all. she’s hyperbolic about everything and her narrative voice is just so dry that it’s warm and funny even when she has no idea that she’s being so. like when she’s getting furious about finding po attractive and she literally thinks “how dare he stand there like that and eat bread” i love her

Confession:  One of my favorite lines of dialogue with Solas is after Halamshiral when he’s talking about how much he missed court intrigue. I had no idea he did any time in any royal, seeing as he’s an Elven apostate, so I selected that dialogue option in the hopes of finding out more. I had no idea why he disapproved when I asked about his time in the court. At least, not until Trespasser. He disapproved because I made him realize that he slipped up! It’s never not funny

I find air signs as some of the most complex of the zodiac. We represent breathing which means we take things in and let them go just as quickly which is why we are seen as indecisive or shallow at times, but I think it has more to do with the fact that our minds are constantly running, considering new ideas, chasing new activities/people, looking for fresh air to breathe in.  

Also some people have told me that it’s weird that libra, being an air sign and all rules venus (the planet of love, among other things). But I don’t find it strange at all, like when you love someone, you have to be objective about things too, you have to find balance (libra) between thinking and feeling. If you love someone blindly you’ll never see when they are being unfair to you, when they don’t really love you.  

Of course it is hilarious conceptually that someone might eat 10 pounds of lettuce in one sitting for dinner (and funny to see someone eat that much lettuce) so I get why people find that raw vegan video funny but also a lot of people have no idea what lengths women will go to to avoid confronting their disordered relationships to food and yes, that includes “I’m just vegan and this is easy and raw” so idk. Anytime you see someone, especially women, beginning to restrict their dietary choices, it is best to not bother them unless you are genuinely worried but you should keep an eye out. This is especially true given I know very few women who either don’t have disordered relationships to food or never did in the past.

So like, my mate and I were chatting about love and I, of course, loving Vetra (even with so little info) talked about the idea of a female turian meeting the parents (7ft tall bird girlfriend). But she’s so bloody tall I had a vision of a turian smacking their head on my doorframe. 

So then came the jokes about Vetra just constantly smacking her head on doors and low-hanging beams. Fanfic about Vetra meeting Scott Ryder and Alec Ryder after being in a relationship with Sara and just every chapter somehow Vetra keeps smacking her head on doorframes and beams. And then Drack turns up and is completely fine. 

Drack and Vetra made for the kitchen, “Honestly, you fit under there just fine, I don’t even-?” Vetra began before an audible smack could be heard, followed by a slight rattle. Vetra had smashed her head against the doorframe. Again. 

This is going to be my headcanon for all time. I don’t even think most people will find this funny, but god it makes me laugh. 

i don’t know why i find the idea of bruce and oswald’s future dual interactions as “bruce wayne and oswald cobblepot” and “batman and the penguin” to be so funny but i really really do

maybe it’s just cause i #love the concept of bruce being in the camp of those convinced ed and oswald’s relationship is some fake cover for something else and then interacting with them in the criminal underworld and realizing nope…nope they’re really together

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It's funny how myself and a lot of other furs don't care to see a nice butt on someone of our own gender or otherwise find them attractive if they're human, but if they're a furry, wer're more likely to find them to be attractive. Any idea why that is so?

Two theories, one furries have unnaturally perfect bodies. (Assuming the artist is good) real people have blemishes, scars, moles, whatever.

Second, a cartoon/drawing is easier to be attracted to because it can feel less dirty. I remember that when I was young and just discovering porn, I couldn’t look at real pictures, it just felt extra dirty. However furry art and hentai didn’t really bother me.

My little fighter

(A/N): Is sleep fighting an actual thing????? Cuz if so…why?

Request:  Oh, I have an idea for a really funny but cute Natasha x female reader imagine! What would happen if a villain tries to kidnap the reader while she’s sleeping but turns out that the reader is a sleep fighter? And when the Avengers came to her room only to find the kidnapper beaten up and scared of the reader, the reader sleepwalks towards Natasha before cuddling with her like a teddy bear? And can you make the reader slightly shorter than Natasha?

Warnings: slight swearing

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   Everyone knew what a danger (Y/N) could be in their sleep. They slept like the dead but they had a tendency to sleepwalk at all hours of the night unless Nat was there to keep them by her side. Unfortunately Nat wasn’t able to do that tonight, she had back to back training sessions with all the other avengers and therefore (Y/N) was alone.

    All had been going swell for the night, nothing so far had happened, (Y/N) was seemingly sleeping alright for once which gave Nat the chance to train in peace, without worrying that (Y/N) would meander around and end up getting hurt. Things were beyond swell actually, Nat was nearly halfway done with all her sessions when a sudden strangled scream filled the air. It wasn’t a familiar voice, it was much deeper than any male’s that Nat had ever met. That only meant two things, 1- (Y/N)’s voice dropped a few octaves or 2- someone was in the tower. 

   Nat nearly dropped the gun she’d been using to teach Wanda how to shoot when she realized that someone was most definitely in the tower. Her feet clashed against the cold stone of Tony’s expensive flooring as she booked it down the halls and stairs, desperate to get to (Y/N)’s floor.

    Nat’s heart nearly burst out of her chest when the sounds of grunting and shattering glass issued from a few floors above her, (Y/N)’s floor. Nat charged harder, her legs carrying her faster than she’d ever gone before. 

   She nearly trips up the stairs as she rushes up quickly, her heart racing as more sounds of ‘battle’ fill the air. She skids to a stop at (Y/N)’s door, nearly passing it with how fast she was running. 

   The air around the tower is silent, save it be for Nat’s panting and heaving chest. There’s not a sound to be heard, not even the breathing of the two bodies in the room. Nat takes a hesitant step towards the door, apprehension laced in her actions. It was foolish to walk into a fight blindly, she didn’t know what she was going to find or what she would need if she did find something. Suddenly There’s a shadow of movement in the room and Nat nearly jumps out of her skin as a body slowly staggers towards her.

    “Hmm, Nat,” (Y/N)’s smaller form appears in the doorway, seemingly unharmed. Nat sighs out in relief, her body nearly shaking as (Y/N) takes another step closer. 

    “(Y/N)-” Nat begins to scold but she stops when she realizes that (Y/N) can’t hear her because they’re asleep, trapped in a near coma like daze. Despite this (Y/N) takes a few wobbling steps towards Nat before enveloping her in their warm embrace. Their arms slip over her waist and their face nuzzles into the crook of her neck. Nat hesitantly places an arm on their back, a little shocked to do much else. What had happened up here? Why was (Y/N) suddenly intact? What the actual fuck went down?

    “Come on (Y/N),” Nat begins to usher the limp body back into Their bedroom. “Let’s get in bed,” (Y/N) hums softly as they stagger to bed, slumping into the mattress afterwards. Nat gives them a suspicious look before reaching over to flick the light on, her fingers itching to turn on her one light source. The room illuminates brightly and then Nat’s eyes are pulled to it, to the now unconscious man on her floor. There were many bruises littered across his body and he had a large bump forming on the back of his head, no doubt from one of the blows (Y/N) delivered to his head.

    Nat sighs softly as she reaches for the man’s foot, gearing up to drag him down a few flights and leave him outside the tower. She stops however when (Y/N)’s sleep laced voice rings through the air, 

   "love you nat…“ Nat smiles despite her current situation, it was damn near impossible not to when (Y/N) sounded so cute and sleepy.

    "Love you too (Y/N) but just know we’re having a long talk about your sleeping problems when you wake up,”

okay but for the mission to the blade of marmora base, i find it so funny that lance is obviously hinting that he wants to go with shiro, but shiro is still like ‘nah, i’m taking keith’ and lance flat out lists reasons why that’s a bad idea but shiro just counters him with why it’s a good idea and i think it’s just great

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I heard proposals! *throws a bunch of flowers on you* congrats

nope no congrats *venoms up the flowers* we are going to stop talking about this before morality wakes up and I have to explain to him why all of you seem to find the idea of us getting married so funny

Why I love Visual Kei musicians

I don’t have a lot of friends really, so I reach for music, something to fill my heart. I feel like they’re reaching out to me, saying “Hey, things are gonna be alright. We’re here for you.” I fell in love with the “idea” of bandomen. Someone so cool and talented, covered in sexy garbage (gazette reference cough cough*)Because as fans, we naturally/usually see their good side and qualities, what makes them kind, special, adorable etc. We find those traits endearing and it makes us like them even more. We make silly (sometimes sexual) jokes about them and find them funny and we take comfort in that warmth and humor, it’s something all of the fans get, they give us a kindness, a happiness, and escape from the coldness we usually face. As a fan, their music gives us strength and meaning. It makes us feel alive. It makes us feel better. Saying silly things like “I wanna marry him” or “I wanna kiss him” We fell in love with the kindness they show to the fans and their good image. We fell in love and feel comfort in the glitz and glam of the rockstar image. “They’re so handsome/cool.” We want to look like them sometimes because that gives us confidence and pride. We feel a little better. We love the members because they try hard and never give up. We can share the pain and experiences of being human with them, the music makes us feel like they understand. Loving the members is like having someone you love love you back, because you know they care about you as a fan, and you care about them as who they are, you wish them to do their best, to be in good health, be happy, etc. It’s like being in love without getting hurt, you can always feel happy by their side. You live in a happy bubble almost. They always give you strength and ability to go on. But really, these men, these women, these people, they may not know what they’ve done for me, but I’m so fucking happy to have them in my life. I’m so grateful. They make me so happy. Thank you. Really thank you.

I’m the boss now (Calum)

Requested: Yes

a/n; I gave myself the feels writing this. So I hope it gives you the feels as well because sharing is caring right? 


anon asked: Can we still request stuff? If so can I get an imagine where the guys like hand cuff Calum to his bed cause he lost a bet and when you come home he expects you to un cuff him so he can use them on you but since he’s always Dom you wanted to try it. So leaving the cuffs on you just grind on him and make him cum in his boxers.


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Exo reaction when their daughter has a crush on Sehun

Sehun:*he likes the idea that the little girls sees him as the Prince Charming*

Kai: You said daddy was your prince last week? now is uncle Sehun?

Tao:*finds out from his wife* Ewwwwww she think Sehun is her prince charming?she young but she is already making so many bad choices


 Kid: *exicted voice*Look daddy uncle Sehun is here! I’m gonna go and ask him to play with me.

Chanyeol:* sad daddy that his baby girl is playing with sehun and totally ignores him* I don’t see why every kid likes brathun when I’m more funny than him.

Chen: She thinks Sehun is her prince charming? that boy is far from a prince and for sure his not charming. Did she saw the way he eats or sleep?

Baekhyun: She likes Sehun? that means she won’t cry if I leave her with him while I’m out with yeol for a boys night.

Lay: Oh that’s nice baby. Sehun is perfect for the role of prince charming.

Suho: What have I done wrong for this to happen?

Kris: Last week she thought Luhan was her prince charming. I wonder who it will be next week?

Luhan:*to sehun* You’re so frustrating you know that. With your blond hair and nice clothes, and pretty smile.

Xiumin:*gets the shock of his life*

i’ve been accused of being fake a lot & i just find it funny bc when i was growing up i barely went to school bc i was severely bullied & my mom was too busy trying to kill herself to notice me & my dad worked all the time so i just lived by myself most of the time. isolated from reality. i read books & watched movies & i was so depressed i didn’t shower or leave my bed for weeks at a time. this is why i’m so bad at life. this is why i have no idea how to be a human being. this is why i will never be able to have a healthy relationship. my feelings are broken, i get sad when people talk to me because i know i’ll hurt them if they get attached to me. because i only know how to hurt myself. my personality was constructed by understanding fictional characters & observing my bipolar mother. i guess you could call me fake but this is how i keep myself together. i’m frankenstein in the sense that i’m made of stolen parts stitched together to create something horrific but alive nonetheless