no idea why i felt compelled to make this but

every time i hear the movie bambi being used in the context of “a sissy baby movie for babies” by someone i’m just like

how long has it been since you last saw bambi

because seriously, the first half of the movie is all cute and cuddly, and that tends to be what people remember, up until bambi’s mom gets shot.

and dude, that part’s fucked up as heck. but it’s here that the memories seem to just stop. and i’m like… you realize that the first half of the movie was just there to set up the further life of MAYHEM AND HORROR that this fuckin deer experiences.

i’m gonna talk about it in excruciating and probably exaggerated detail but for now have some BAMBI TRIGGER WARNINGS: animal peril, animal suffering, animal death, EVERYTHING GETS PROGRESSIVELY MORE HORRIBLE

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He's Got Googly Eyes For You

Summery: pouring rain? Shitty motel? Sounds like the perfect makings for the Winchester to flirt his way into your heart.

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Ha, none surprisingly! (Okay maybe make out scene at the end)

Word count: 1520

A/N: Not a request but the idea came to me while I was driving home with my family. I mean, that’s not really important so I don’t know why I felt compelled to write that… or this little ramble for that matter… I’m just gonna shut up now.

The rain poured down fiercely, hitting against the Impalas windshield with loud pounds, the sky was so dark you couldn’t believe it was only seven o’clock. Thunder rumbled in the distance and flashes of lightning lit up the lonely, desolate road.

For a moment you could believe that your life was ordinarily normal, that in this moment you didn’t have to believe in anything other than the music that blasted from the radio and the soft purr of the Impalas engine, or the way Dean gripped the steering wheel as he drove, the focus in his eyes and the movement of his lips as he mouthed the lyrics, the way Sam rested his head against the window, a faraway look in his eye as he watched the windy landscape pass by, whisked away every second.

 It was such a normal thing to do, to sit here with Dean and Sam, you didn’t want it to end just yet, you wanted to drive a little longer, you wanted to be normal for just a few more minutes. But life rarely ever listened to the needs of exceptionally unlucky and not normal people.

“This is the closest motel for miles, that witch can wait till morning‘” Dean said as he pulled into the motels parking lot. It wasn’t a horrible looking place, you had definitely stayed in much, much worse.

“Count of three?” Sam said, hand gripping the door handle.

“One,” you breathed.

“Two,” Sam replied.

“Three!” Dean yelled as the three of you threw the doors open, slamming them shut as you all made a mad dash into the comfort and dryness of the motels front lobby.

“Oh my god!” you squealed jumping back and forth from foot to foot as you ran your hands up and down your arms.

The rain was freezing.

“Hello!” the man from behind the counter greeted with a wide and warming smile. He was cute, in a odd way. Not to mention he wouldn’t stop looking at you.

Dean snapped in his face as he leaned against the front desk.

“We need three rooms.”

Grudgingly the man, Aaron Lock as his nametag read, looked to Dean and then to the computer, keys clicking as he typed.

“I’m sorry, there are only two rooms available-”

“Fine.” Dean grumbled cutting Aaron off.

You assumed Dean was grumpy from his drenched clothing.

Swiping the two keys off the counter you and Sam followed Dean up the stairs.

“Alright, who’s bunking with someone?” Sam asked as he eyed the room keys.

Quickly you snatched a random key followed by Sam who snatched the other.

“Lets find out.”

You looked to Sam who slid his key into the door, you following shortly after. You both opened the door at the same time.

“Yes!” you shouted as you eyed the single bed.

“Oh come on!” Sam shouted, glaring at his two bedded room.

You stuck your tongue out and slipped into the room dropping your bag to the floor.

“You really suck you know that?”

You heard Sam shout from outside your door.

“Come on Sam, don’t be such a poor loser!” you shout back with a smile.

You dressed quickly, slipping into simple pyjamas shorts and a way too big t-shirt that was adorned with giant letters that read ‘You’re hot’.

Walking over to the boys room you opened the door and jumped on the bed closest to the door, landing on your stomach.

“Switch me?” Sam questioned giving his best puppy dog eyes from the other bed.

“No way! You always get shotgun, its my turn to win something!”

“Well then at least switch me!” Dean grumbled as he walked out of the bathroom dressed solely in a black t-shirt and boxers.

Your eyes widened at this sight, caught completely off guard. A small blush crept across your face as you ducked your head slightly.

“I don’t think so,” you laughed softly “anyways, I just wanted to say goodnight.”

“Night.” both of the brothers drawled as you stood, completely self-aware of the fact that it looked like you weren’t wearing any shorts underneath your shirt. You’d never felt so nervous for some reason.

“You’re hot?” Dean questioned as you opened the door.

“Why thank you Dean.” you reply as you shut the door.

The soft click of the door woke you from your dreams and you stiffened in your bed, straining to listen, eyes wide to try and make out the dark figure that had crept into your room.

You remembered to lock the door, right? Yes of course you did, you always do.


Dean?” you breathed out shakily as you sat up and turned the bedside lamp on.
“You scared me half to death.” you whispered clutching your chest, praying for your heart to slow down.


“What are you doing here?” you could hear the sleep in your voice and so could Dean, evident from the soft smile on his lips as he watched you.

“Sorry, I couldn’t sleep and Sam kept falling back asleep when I woke him up.”

“Ah,” you said as you wiped the sleep away from your eyes “C’mon.”

You scooted over in the bed and pulled the blankets down for Dean to climb into. The bed dipped at his weight and you noticed how much warmer it was having him next to you.

“What’cha thinking about?” Dean questioned once he was settled.

“You’re very warm, you’re like your own space heater.”

This caused Dean to chuckle, his shoulders dipping down causing the bed to shake slightly.

“Well you’re very cold.”

“I am not!”

You put your hands to you face and could feel their coolness, you placed your hands on Deans face and he jolted back.

“Holy hell, see! you’re cold!”

Dean took your hands in his and blew on them as he rubbed them, trying unsuccessfully to warm them up. The truth was you were cold. You were always cold.

You didn’t mean to but you accidentally brushed your leg against Dean causing him to jump again.

“Jeez Y/N!”


“Why are you so cold?”

You shrugged and made a strange, strangled noise with your mouth. 


“I’m gonna regret this.” Dean mumbled right before he tangled his legs in yours and pulled you into his chest.
“Oh my god, yep, I regret this.” he laughed as his legs jolted involuntarily at the sudden coldness.

“You’re like a damn icicle, were you in a meat locker or something?” He questioned with another laugh.

“Hey! You can go back to your room if you’re gonna insult me.”

“Then who would keep you warm?” Dean looked down at you as he spoke, a smile on his lips and drooping eyes from sleepless nights.

“Just think of me as your personal space heater.”

“No but really, how are you so hot?” you paused and looked at Dean, eyes wide. Quickly you held a finger up to his face as his smile spread, a grin from ear to ear.

“That’s not what I meant Dean Winchester!”

“Oh come on Y/N, just admit it, you’ve had googly eyes for me since the day we met.”

Your eyes bugged out as your face went a shade darker. Yes in fact you did have ‘googly’ eyes for Dean, but he wasn’t suppose to know that. 

“I do not have googly eyes!”

“Look at me.”

Dean grabbed your chin and turned your face towards his, inspecting your Y/E/C eyes carefully.

“Nope, you definitely have googly eyes for me.” he confirmed smiling again.

You narrowed you eyes and leaned closer to Deans face, examining his eyes. You couldn’t help but notice the way his green eyes flicked to your lips quickly and back to match your gaze. What the hell did that mean?

“My, my Dean Winchester, it looks like you have googly eyes for me.”

Deans breath hitched. What a weird thing for him to do.

“I do?” he breathed shakily, voice suddenly very quiet. His eyes never left yours.

“I don’t know, let me take a closer look.” you said leaning even closer to Deans face, your nose brushed against his nose causing his eyes to shoot down to your lips again.

Holy crap where you flirting with Dean Winchester?

“I think you need to be closer.” he whispered

You moved closer, feeling your lips brush against Deans.

“Googly eyes.” you confirmed, smiling at the feeling of Dean being so close, your soft lips paired against his rough ones.

“Closer.” Dean whispered roughly before he had a hand wrapped around your head pulling you into him, lips crashing together.

Your mind stopped for a moment, like it was blank, like you had no coherent thoughts. But that’s what it was like when Dean Winchester was kissing you. You couldn’t think straight when Dean was simply sitting next to you, but him kissing you? It was like thought process didn’t even exist.

Deans mouth moved smoothly against yours, his rough hands now cupping your face, his calloused hands scratching your skin as he rubbed his thumb across your cheek.

“Googly eyes.” He confirmed, whispering it against your lips.