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Just Rogue One Things (I Noticed in the Movie)

I know a lot of people have made these posts already, but I wanted to make my own. Sorry if I point out stuff you’ve seen on other lists.


-8 year old Jyn runs like a girl. Just sayin’.

-Saw seems like a great guy, and I’m not trying to attack him or anger his fans, BUT… What the HECK was he thinking, leaving 16 year old Jyn in a BUNKER of all things??? Literally ANY OTHER PLACE WOULD’VE BEEN BETTER. Does he not remember finding her so many years ago, alone in the world, scared, mourning her mother, missing her father, IN A BUNKER??? *screams for days*

-On I calmer note, I love the outfits in this movie. Jyn (and everyone else) dresses SO modestly. Like, the most skin she ever shows is her wrists. I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate that. 

-Jyn is trembling a bit when the Rebel Commanders and Cassian explain why they busted her out of prison. 

-We get to see Cassian put on/take off that coat SO MANY times. Actually, he changes his clothes a lot in this movie… THANK YOU DISNEY

-Cassian says, “That’s Jedha” in an awkward attempt at small talk, and Jyn is having NONE OF IT. It’s basically the equivalent of him coming up to her and going, “So, crazy weather, huh?” Nope, try again, sir.

-Cassian loves the way Jyn talks to K-2SO. Don’t even pretend you didn’t notice.

-”You seem awfully tense all of a sudden.” Girl, have you been paying ANY attention to this guy? He’s the very definition of tense. Seriously, look up the word ‘stressed’ and you’ll find his frowning face. (A related search will probably ask you “Did you mean /stress/?” Click on that and you’ll get Jyn’s picture.)  

-Right after Jyn shields Cassian from the explosion behind them, he gives her a very brief look of complete shock. Blink and you’ll miss it, though. 

-I’m sure most of you saw this the first time, but it took me 3 viewings to realize that Chirrut. SAT. ON. A. DEAD. STORMTROOPER. Ah, to one day achieve that level of sass… 

-So, to sum up Jyn’s actions in Jedha: She saved a little girl, destroyed several Stormtroopers, protected Cassian’s butt, and topped it all off by JUMPING IN FRONT OF K-2SO TO KEEP HIM FROM GETTING SHOT BY BAZE. And y’all are wondering why Cassian couldn’t just leave her behind???

-What was Saw thinking as he watched Jyn’s REAL father tell her that he loved her, that he thought of her every day, that the pain of losing her was almost more than he could take, that she was still his beloved, his stardust…? I have so many feelings. 

-Saw approves of RebelCaptain when he says, “Go with him [Cassian], Jyn!”

-Also, Cassian pulling out his blaster when he sees Jyn on her knees, like, “WHAT’D YOU DO TO HER, YOU MONSTER??? FIGHT ME!!!” is gold. 

-Poor Cassian. The man just wants to do his job, his horrible, murderous job, and now he finds himself surrounded by people who are huge fans of the Erso Family. Even K is starting to warm up to Jyn. He’s doomed if he kills Galen, doomed if he doesn’t. 

-You can actually see the sheer panic on his face when Jyn starts defending her father. He looks like he wants to throw up. Outstanding acting there, Mr. Luna. Well done.

-These guys would be dead so many times throughout the film if not for Bodhi. He is arguably the most important member of the Rogue One team. (And he has no idea.)

-”Your father’s message. We can’t risk it. You’re the messenger” is THE most bull crap excuse ever. Cassian could’ve said, “No, this is a job for men” and he would’ve fared better. 

-Seriously, though, watch Cassian’s body language in this scene. He won’t face Jyn, won’t look at Jyn, does his best not to talk to Jyn. He’s an experienced spy with hundreds of secrets buried in his mind, and yet, around her, he’s a mess. 

-K is probably so confused after getting yelled at by Cassian. “I’m finally civil with your little girly-friend and this is how you treat me? #humansarecrazy”

-Jyn calls Galen ‘father’ once. After that, it’s only ‘papa’. Why? Because, deep down, a part of her is the same little girl who hugged him and told him she loved him. That part resurfaces when she sees him after SO LONG, and it’s painfully clear how much she wants to be his little girl again. This scene has so much psychological depth, I can’t even

-Also, Galen’s body was so twisted. Getting blown up is not a gentle way to go.

-MEANWHILE: Bodhi manages to steal an Imperial cargo shuttle. But apparently that’s too boring to show on screen.

-AND IN OTHER NEWS: Chirrut shoots down a TIE Fighter. From the ground. With a crossbow. Also, he’s blind. “Is he a Jedi?” “No. The Jedi wish they were HIM.”

-At some point when Cassian and Jyn are having their little spitting contest (just kidding I love that scene and both of them so much), Chirrut stands. Check it out. He was sitting. Now he’s standing. (Ooooo, you’d better watch out, Captain Andor. Jyn has friends in high places.

-I wanna high-five the person who shouted, “Just let the girl speak!” 

-Anyone else notice that Cassian and Jyn both said “I do” in this movie? No? Just me? Okay, then. *cough* They’re married. *cough*

-”I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.” WHEN? WHERE? HOW? I NEED ANSWERS, DANG IT! 

-Cassian, you smug little jerk, you could at least pretend to be embarrassed about K-2.

-Okay, so I love the cute scene on the ship. Like, so, so, SO much. But I just have to ask- what was Jyn’s plan there? “Awe, Cassian’s smile is so adorable, and I’m just so happy right now. Imma go, uh… stand awkwardly close to him, freak the both of us out, and then make it look like an accident.” Real smooth, Jyn.  

-Grenades are pure evil.

-”Who are you?” Krennic asks, after hearing Cassian scream her name in the data vault. Repeatedly. “Who are you?” he asks, after witnessing her hop out from behind some crates on Edu and shout, “FATHER!” in Galen Erso’s direction. “Who are you?” he asks, and then stares like an idiot when she answers, “You know who I am.” Orson, boy… You’re done. Go home.

-When Cassian keeps Jyn from attacking the dying Krennic, he says, “Leave it.” IT. Like Krennic isn’t even a human being. (Or maybe he meant leave ‘it’, as in her anger, because they’d won.) Either way, Jyn listened, and that’s awesome.

Okay, I’m finally done with this WAY too long post. 

Anonymous (Pt. I)

Tyler Joseph Series

Summary: Tyler Joseph, an insanely talented lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of the world famous band ‘Twenty One Pilots‘. Little do they know, that the young gentleman is also the secret admirer of an angelic voice, without knowing whom it belongs to.

(A/N): Let me know if you want another part, I‘d also love receive some feedback. Enjoy x PS (Y/H/C) means (Your/Hair/Colour) and ‘Birdy‘, the nickname, has no relations with the artist x

Words: 1,259

“Hey there, this is my cover of ‘Can‘t Help Falling In Love‘, a song by Elvis Presley and it goes something like this…“

Tyler instantly turns up the volume of the audio as the pure and heavenly voice, that he adores so deeply, begins to vocalise the melodies of the song. The voice, that he has been listening to non-stop for the past months and yet doesn‘t know who it belongs to. But that‘s not him to blame, every week, an anonymous user on Tumblr would post an audio of herself singing a song either followed my an instrument such as bass, piano, guitar, his personal favourite ukulele & etc. or just plain vocals, without any additional information. No name, no pictures whatsoever. Sometimes she‘d even cover one of his songs, which would make him deliriously happy for an entire week, giddy even. That‘s actually how he came across her talent for the first time. Someone on Twitter sent him a link of her cover of ‘Holding Onto You‘ and he completely fell in love with it during first seconds. 

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Destruction from Habits (3)

Originally posted by chimchams

  Jungkook x reader x Jimin
Word count: 7.2k
Angst, romance, smut
For @inktae

“You’re joking right? Christ, Y/N.”

Taehyung is dead.

You are dead.

It’s the day of the presentation, and both you and Taehyung are doing it last minute on a crumpled piece of lined paper with bullets of your ideas and using your laptop and mouse to draw a fucking flower with. He’s practically screaming and panicking at this point while doodling on the art app, painting with red ink and the spray can tool to color in the black lines. You, on the other hand, are detailing every part of the picture with the petals, the stem, and the system of how a flower’s life was.

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I hope Holster and Ransom keep mistaking Jack and Bitty as really good friends because I want one of them to be jealous and constantly bring up Jack and Bitty and how great of friends they are

“Bro look at this. They call each other every night. Rans, why don’t you call me?”
“Holster, we share the same room!”
“Not good enough.”

“Dude, Bitty’s screensaver is a pic of him and Jack. Why am I not your screensaver, Ransom?”
“Dude, all of our pictures together are a mess. In about a third of them, we’re drunk of our asses and screaming. There’s spit on our mouths, it’s noticeable.”
“So, what you’re saying is, you don’t love me.”
“Goodnight, Holster.”
“Don’t ignore me, Rans. Rans? Ransom. Justin.”

Cheater Cheater Part 7 //L.H

Rating: swf (13+)

Synopsis: Alex admits his feelings to y/n and gets a visit from Luke later.


Cheater Cheater Masterlist

Part 6


Only doing a next part if requested!!

I spent the rest of my day in a terrible mood. Luke made this seem like it was all my fault that all of this happened. It’s like he’s trying to make things better but just makes things worse every time. I want to understand where he is coming from, I really do- but until I get a full explanation as to what has happened and what is happening with him right now, I’m not budging. And he’s still with Arzaylea, so I really have no idea what has been going on. Especially since he was so jealous of me and Alex- which by the way complicated things even more. Today when I stormed out of the studio, him and Sierra followed. We decided to just go grab some food and cool down for a bit. When Sierra went inside to go get it, we stayed in the lot:

“y/n?” Alex spoke softly as I looked up at him.

He took my silence as his cue to speak,

“I know this probably isn’t a good time to bring it up, and I’m not expecting anything to come of it, but I feel like you have the right to know…”

“What is it? Is everything okay?” I asked kind of worried.

“Yeah yeah everything is fine it’s just that I wanted to tell you that I like you,” he cleared his throat, “uh… a lot and it’s been like this for a while and like I said, I know that this isn’t a good time right now for you, but I just wanted to say it. And before in the studio, I only got so defensive because I care about you and I don’t want him hurting you again.”

I took a breath, “Alex, if you had told me this last month, I would have jumped at the opportunity. You’re amazing and you’re one of my best friends it’s just now that Luke is-“

he cut me off, “yeah I get it. Now that Luke is back everything’s changed. Guess it just wasn’t my time then huh?” he asked with a dry chuckle mostly to himself. “I just don’t want to make things weird between us or anything. Like I said, I just wanted you to know.”

I smiled softly. “Alex, this could never make things weird. I’m so happy that you told me and I’m so grateful that I have you in my life. I love you so much you know that?” I asked hugging his side.

“I love you too” he whispered, but I knew that this time it meant something more.

Sierra walked out waving the bag around, “you guys ready?”

Alex smiled, sad, but also happy that he got this off of this chest. He helped me up from the curb and nodded, “Yeah let’s go”

I sighed just at the memory. I really did like Alex. But now that Luke is back I need to figure things out. I just wish he’d be as honest with me like Alex was.


It was around three in the morning when my sleep was interrupted by knocks on the door. I turned on the light, and tried to look out the window to see who it was first. Who could possibly be knocking at 3 am? I slowly went to unlock it cautiously as  I opened it.

“Luke?” I squinted, my eyes still adjusting to the light.

“Hey” he breathed out softly just looking at me. I was wearing an oversized Foo Fighters tee and booty shorts.

“um nice shirt” he said awkwardly, still in the doorway.

“It’s Alex’s actually but…” I trailed off.

He raised his eyebrows. “Luke, we’ve already been over this. Me and Alex are just friends and will only ever be friends. Now, why are you here?” I asked still kinda pissed.

“I couldn’t sleep without speaking to you and I just can’t wait until later. C-can I come in?”

I nodded, throwing my hair up and he entered. He sat down on the couch and I sat across from him.

It felt like an eternity of the two of us just sitting there, not speaking. I finally broke the silence when I began to get aggravated,

“You know I was sleeping. Either spit it out or I’m going back to be-“

“I broke up with her. “ he cut me off.

I sat there with my mouth agape.

“A few days before the whole night at Halloween, management thought it would be a good idea to create a little more attention for the band. Arzaylea was their way of doing that. I was going to tell you, I really was. I didn’t even know she was gonna be at that stupid party. And ever since that night I couldn’t help but think how different everything would’ve been if I was just a good boyfriend and would’ve waited for you to be done filming. We would’ve gone together and this mess would’ve never happened. Anyway, when I got to the party, she came up to me. She was alright I guess, we just kinda talked. Then she asked if we should take pictures together and I didn’t see the harm in it. She took me to another room and someone took pictures of us together. You might’ve seen the picture, you know the one where she’s really close to my face?”

I nodded slowly, making a face, not wanting to think about it.

“Well that was only seconds before you opened the door. Last minute she kissed me and yes, I kissed back but it all happened so fast it was one of those moments where it’s like ‘wait what?’ and then you opened the door. I tried for weeks to explain everything but as soon as she posted more pictures, I knew I was fucked. Management couldn’t get enough of it because of all the drama it stirred. I know how much I hurt you and I know that I am a terrible person for continuing to see her even after that night. I settled for her after I couldn’t have you. And that was such a terrible thing to do to her and you. But she’s not you and she will never be you. I love the way you enjoy the simpler things in life. Like the sound of the washing machine or the smell of sunblock. I secretly loved how you’d always fight me to pay even though I’d never let you because it showed that my money wasn’t why you were here. She wasn’t like that. I love how much smaller you are than me and I love how you aren’t afraid to love yourself. I’m sorry I put you through this and that I caused you all this pain. I’m sorry it’s taken this long to grow a pair and make things right and stand up for myself and I’m sorry for making you deal with her. This all just happened now. I called management, and I called her. Like no joke, check Twitter I think she’s still going on about it. And I swear, I had no idea of our meeting until the day it was planned that we would start filming together. And I”m sorry for bringing her along to your studio. I’m sorry for getting so jealous about you and Alex when I have absolutely no right to be. You were right earlier today Y/n. I am a dick and I shouldn’t be so jealous of something I let go of. I know you’re just friends and have I mentioned I’m sorry?” he asked again as I let out a soft chuckle, “just a few times”

“Y/n,” he started and hesitantly took my hand. I slowly accepted and laced them together as he continued,

“Words cannot describe how god damn sorry I am. And if you let me, I will make it up to you every single day until you forgive me. The minute I met you when I was 17 I knew you were it for me. You were it for me and will always be it for me. I promise never to let anything like this happen again if you give me the chance and take me back?” he said gently but determined and seriously.

I sat there for a second as I looked at our hands intertwined. I thought about the day he kissed  me and no matter how much I wouldn’t want to admit it, I missed him, Saying I didn’t love him was a lie. Was I pissed at him at the time? Yeah. But I still loved him. And this was exactly the explanation I was looking for. This was the honesty I needed. I sat there for a while, thinking about how Alex came up to me today. How the timing was never just right for us. Well what if the timing is right for me and Luke and this will be my only chance?

“Please say something” his voice broke.

I nodded slowly as his eyes widened,

“Is that a yes?!” he asked so excitedly I couldn’t help but laugh,

“yes, Luke. I have a friend who liked this girl and waited too long you know? So I’m not taking any chances. The timing is right and I’m going to go for it” I said, not including that the friend was actually Alex and I am the girl he liked. “…but this is your last chance okay?” I added seriously.

He got up and lifted me with him spinning around, completely and utterly happy,

“That’s all I need. One more chance to prove to you how much I love you oh my god thank you so much” he said setting me down.

“Luke are you crying?” I asked softly as he shook his head with glossy eyes,

“I’ve dreamt of the day you’d take me back and now it’s finally happening” he smiled hugging me again. When we let go, I looked up at him slowly. “And we can take it slowly if you’d like, whatever you want-“ he offered but I kissed him softly before he could finish.

His eyes widened before he shut them, gently wrapping his arms around my waist to pull me closer. I cupped his face and pecked his lips a few more times before pulling away.

“Or we could just do that, I like that” he stuttered out as I laughed softly.

“Like I said, the timing is right. Let’s roll with it.” I said with a smile, as he pulled me back in for another kiss.


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Letting Go: Family Reunion

Characters: Claire Novak, Ben Braeden, Castiel, Jody Mills, Bobby Singer (mentioned),Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Lisa Braeden (mentioned)

Pairing: Claire x Ben 

Wordcount: 2200ish

Warnings: Mention of Lisa’s death, mention of character injury, angst I guess

A/N: This is one of my first series I chose to give a once over because it deserved better. I am going to try and post a part of this every week but I am still working on editing the remaining 6 parts with a lot of help from @blacktithe7 who has been kind enough to beta this series for me.

Cas was standing just outside the house still holding the phone in his hand, as he went over the conversation in his head. He loved the Winchesters like brothers and what had happened 6 years ago still haunted him. It still made him feel guilty. He had taken normal away from Dean and he couldn’t help but feel guilty over the outcome. Cas was sure Dean was going to hate him, but Cas also knew the man had a right to know. Ben might not be his kid, but he was once.

“Cas! You good?” Dean’s voice sounded over the phone.

“Where are you, Dean?” Cas asked still not sure how to start this conversation so he was stalling.

“North Dakota. We just finished a job. What’s wrong?” Dean sounded worried, clearly picking up on his tone. Castiel still had no idea how he did that, but he was always able to sense when something wasn’t as it should be with him and with Sam.

“Dean I am in Sioux Falls,” Castiel started, but was quickly interrupted by Dean, “Is Claire okay? And Jody?”

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The idea for this came during au week and I also wanted to write something for @kickassfu‘s bday a month ago now and holy writer’s block batman.

I quickly realized this could be 10k+ words, so made an attempt to keep this short, telling the tale in brief, loosely-connected scenes. Unbetad and barely read through so i can just freaking post. Let me know what you think. Mostly AU, as I don’t watch the show now.

Caroline forgets on a Thursday.

The tendrils of sleep feel like they’re clinging to her more strongly than usual, and she scrubs a hand across her face. What is it she’s supposed to do today? She yawns, stretching her arms out, mind racing and trying to grasp on anything and failing. What is she even doing here? She looks at her surroundings - a hotel room, the air conditioner whispering quietly in the corner, the bed soft and plush - somewhere expensive then. She’s alone, no dent in the pillow next to her, which somehow surprises her. OK. Phone? Phone. She picks it up from the end table and swipes it, breathing a sigh of relief when her thumbprint unlocks.

Opening up her recent calls there’s an incoming call from someone named Cam  the day before, as well as a call to a Bonnie, who has ICE next to her name, made three weeks prior. Ok. Not as much information as she had hoped. She opens the messages, finding a similar state. A lot of recent texts with whoever this Cam is, including a rather final sounding ‘Do not contact me again’. Pissed off, she presses call. Clearly Cam is a lost cause, but maybe he? she? can tell her some basic details.

“I told you not to call me ever again.” The voice sounds nervous, almost afraid.

“Yeah well I woke up in a hotel room with no idea who the hell I am or why, so thought maybe you could bend the rules, Cam.” Caroline spits out his name like a curse - she’s scrolling through past messages from him, catching some fervent ‘I love yous’ and heart emojis. How quickly love fades.

She hears a sigh on the other end, then an awkward pause before Cam speaks again. “I am sorry, Caroline. I love you, but I cannot. Talk to Bonnie, your friend.  She will help.” The line goes dead.


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my worst bruise is you / (1/?)

Special shout-out to @cutieodonoghue for her sweet words and belief in me. I wouldn’t have had the courage to begin again if it wasn’t for you. Thank you!

Rated T / 5,000 words / AO3

They say the first cut is the deepest,
And that might be true.
But bruises, oh bruises, they hurt too -
And honey, I think my worst bruise is you.

Two exes find themselves thrust back together again - in more ways than one.

Present Day - September, 2016

“Just shift your leg, Swan. These are tight quarters here.”

“Are you going to take my pants off or what?”

The tongue working a particularly sensitive spot on Emma’s neck sent shivers down her spine. (He still knew how to drive her crazy.) “Good things come to those who wait, love.”

Emma pulled sharply on the collar of his shirt, forcing his eyes to meet hers. “Take. Off. My. Pants.”

“I like it when you’re direct.”

“I like it when you listen,” Emma countered as she stood on the tips of her toes and pressed her hips flush to his.

His breath was warm against her ear as he whispered, “Tell me again.”

“I want you to fu-”

Emma was interrupted by a sharp knock on the door at her back. “Um, excuse me? The facilities are limited to one passenger only. You need to return to your seats. Now.”

It felt as if Emma had been doused in a bucket of ice cold water. Her senses were no longer clouded by him and the dirty things he’d been doing to her neck and her lips and her resolve.

“Well, I guess we won’t be joining the Mile High Club after all, love.”

“Way to state the obvious, Sherlock,” Emma replied as she tried to catch her breath and her sanity. “And don’t call me ‘love.’”

He smiled as if he knew she’d say that. “As you wish.”

“You’re not allowed to say that either.”

“What am I allowed to say?”

“Nothing,” Emma said as her eyes roamed the airplane’s tiny bathroom. “Now help me find my shirt.”

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Blindspot Fic - ‘Aliquam’ (Jeller)

Set post season 1


She hates the color orange. There’s too much of it, it’s too bright; it’s a color that should be a reminder of days spent outside enjoying flowers and blue skies and birds singing. But now it’s only imprisonment, the weight of handcuffs, the way his touch scorched when he was gripping her arm in anger instead of tentative love. She deserves it, to drown in a sea of this hue, but she still resents the color when the rest of her life is bleakly gray.


They sit in total silence. He said hello; not overly cheerful, only politely, but she hadn’t returned the salutation. Doctor Borden asked, three times, if she wanted to speak to him, and three times, Jane sat silent, stoic. He doesn’t ask anything again, they merely sit while he writes until it’s time for him to leave. As he does, he turns back, not sure what answer he may receive but opening his mouth anyway.

“Why, Jane? Why won’t you speak to me any more?”

Silence. He leaves, glancing to his left when he does, she sees it just before the door closes.

It’s because she knows Kurt’s watching.


“You have to eat, Jane.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Do you know what they’ll do if you don’t?”

The look she gives Borden suggests she’d like them to try.

“Why are you doing this to yourself? Is it a form of…self-punishment because you think you deserve to suffer?”


“Then tell me, please. Something, anything.”

“I don’t feel hungry.”

He watches her, flips through everything she’s slowly been telling him over the last six months. She’s not refusing to give them information, and even when she wouldn’t speak, he knows as a doctor that her trauma ran deep. While others wanted to step up the questioning, he knew it would break her to the point of no return. “What do you feel, Jane?”

She’s quiet, head hanging, hair long enough to cover her features. “Alone.”

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Dean/Cas fic: no salvation here (2k, nsfw)

post-9x17 fic: 2K, rough sex, pwp, nsfw

Inspired by one of dovahkiindean’s headcanon things; thusly, I am blaming her for all of this.

For my days pass away like smoke, and my bones burn like a furnace - Psalm 102:3


The Mark is a living thing on Dean’s arm, all heat and poison and teeth. It beats faster than his heart, throbbing when he’s trying to sleep, flaring up sharp and angry when he’s fighting, when he’s fucking, when Cas touches it, tracing his fingers over the rough, raised edges, digging his thumb into its scar-thick center.

“Don’t,” Dean hisses, his dick twitching in his jeans, a jolt of white-hot need zagging through him like lightning. He tries to pull his arm away, but Cas is still faster than him, still stronger.

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Okay, this is going to take a very long time to write, so first things first, I would like to point out, a couple days ago, a blog named spillit5sos, which is a hate page for 5SOS, posted an article about 5SOS groupies. It 100% fooled me and about all of the fandom. I almost left the entire fandom, just because of that stupid blog post.But, no fear, I am still in the fandom. I realized, this shit is getting annoying, and I need to point out what has really been happening.

- I would just like to say before I insert these pictures, Ashton is a guy, Calum is a guy, all of them are men. They are attracted to girls. That isn’t a bad thing. I think what spillit5SOS is pointing out, is that they are giving out tickets for these girls to come with them down to their hotel room and have sex. Which is disgusting. But in this picture, Ashton is at a bar, not a concert, not outside of his hotel room. Not outside of a concert. Nope. Just at a bar. Talking to people. He was drunk, and I mean DRUNK. All of them were. 

Here are the pictures spillit5sos shows you

Looks like they are kissing huh? But wait, even if they are kissing, doesnt look like Ash took her home? Doesn’t look like he was handing this bitch concert tickets huh?

But nope, he isn’t kissing her in any pictures. Look closer. Closer.


Sorry for the bad quality, but he is only leaning in to hear what the girl is yeah lets check that off the list of the ‘5SOS groupies’

Okay moving on

On twitter lately, Im sure you all have seen this, but people have been claiming 5SOS had sex with them, okay, so the proof they put out there, is just ridiculous. Its actually funny how people think we believe this shit. I laughed so hard when someone claimed that a dm was ashton, and it said ‘topless pics? xx’ Even I could photoshop that. Here is the picture of the dm haha :D

Does this even look real? All I have to do is change my picture to that one, then crop out the name at the top, like this person did, and claim that he did it. Easy. 

Oh and here are some more hilarious ‘proof’ that they have groupies guys im literally dying of laughter i cant 


Okay more.

“Throwback to when bianca decided to post everything Ashton texted her" 



LOL OKAY SO THERE IS THIS BEAUTIFUL THING CALLED PHOTOSHOP. There is a small chance the dms are right, but I can even photoshop those. Its actually very easy to photo shop dms. And for the stupid iMessage thing, I can do that in 2 seconds. All I have to do is name Luke Hemmings as one of my contacts and msg them dirty things easy as that ok bye




Moving on, I didn’t address the Calum leaving his hotel to meet with 2 girls. This is gonna make you laugh too. Here is the picture

I will try and be a little serious on this one even thought this is stupid.

They say he didnt stop for a picture, and they brought them back to the hotel room. The only problem is, if they had a camera, and they were taking pictures of Calum and these girls, why is there only one picture? All he is doing is walking towards these girls. What proof do you have of him taking them back to their hotel room? Like literally I wanna see the damn picture of these girls going inside of their hotel room. They had a camera, they didnt take pictures. Coincidence? I think not.

So, Spillit5SOS, Show me the damn pics :)

One more thing, the Michael photo.

Okay… this is the picture I cant explain to you guys. Obviously there is a huggeee chance that this is photoshopped. But honestly this picture may be real. I can tell you all the stupid dm shit is fake as fuck, but this mikey pic I have no idea about.

I choose to believe this is real, but honestly, photo shop is a beautiful thing so, Dont believe anything you hear on the internet.

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‘groupie shit’ FAKE. 

…thats it.

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Anyways, I hope you guys have a lovely day and I hope this doesn’t make you worry as much.

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Helping a friend (SMUT)

Hope someone other there likes this!! Sorry for any mistakes, it’s 4am here and I’m half asleep! Comments are always welcomed! Feel free to msg me anytime :)


“Hey” you shout as you quietly close the front door to yours and Ashton’s shared apartment. You wait for a response of someone showing some life in your house, all you hear is silence.
Ash must be out with the boys, you think to yourself.

As you are walking into the kitchen to lay your bags form the store on the counter, you notice Ashton asleep on the floor of your hall. This sight did not concern you in the least bit, it wasn’t the first time you had come home to see your drummer boyfriend pasted out in a strange place around your home. It was the fact that he was curled up with a certain blond haired band mate of his.

Quickly and quietly, you snap a picture and instantly post it to twitter before attempting to wake the sleeping beauties. Tip toeing over towards the hall, you see Ash start to stir. Before his eyes are fully awake, you notice the arm of his purple T-shirt is wet. Getting worried now that there is something wrong, you hurry towards him and drop to your knees, just as his eyes opened wide.

“Shhh, be very quiet (y/n)” you hear Ash tell you, as you crawled close towards him and the sleeping boy. “Ash, what is going on, why are you sleeping with Luke in the middle of our hall, and why is your shirt wet?”

He clears his throat as softly as he can before he begins. “She cheated on him (y/n), I have honestly never seen someone so hurt before in my life”. You were stunned to say the least. How someone could hurt Luke in that way, it just blew your mind.

As the two of you sat there, one on either side of the sad sleeping figure, you begin to throw ideas out of how to cheer him up and keep his mind of things. “We could get drunk” Ashton spits out. “That is your answer to everything! If I didn’t know you any better, I’d swear you have beer for breakfast!”, “Sorry, I thought it was a good suggestion, everyone likes beer”.

As you were wrecking your brain to come up with suggestions, you notice a evil smirk on your boyfriends face. “Ashton, what in Gods name do you have that evil smile on your face for?” “Well I was kinda thinking, Luke always had a dream of having a threesome before, and well I kinda thought, maybe if you didn’t mind……well you know…..we could make his dream come true…..maybe”. You looked at your boyfriend with a shocked look on your face, but you couldn’t deny that in the back of your mind, you were considering it"

Before you could voice a rely to Ash’s idea, you hear a sad little voice, “I’m up for a threesome with you guys”. It took every bit of power in you to not bust out laughing. You couldn’t believe the little jerk was awake while you guys were discussing this.

Ashton and Luke look at you with pleading eyes, and you quickly cave. “You guys have 5 minutes to get into that bedroom, stripped off and ready or I’m changing my mind”. In all honestly you felt like you were living with the flash, never have you ever seen two people move so fast in your life.

By the time you made it into yours and Ash’s bedroom, the boys were naked and on the bed. Just enough space between the both of them for you to lie down. Figuring you would have some fun with this, since it was going to be a one time thing, you turned on the sexy music that you liked to play when you were getting ready to go out. Swaying your hips to the music, you slowly bend over an take off your heels, throwing them into the corner of the room. Strutting over towards the bed, you grab Luke’s face in your hand, blowing cold air onto the side of his face and making him shiver, you ask him to unzip your dress.

Ashton watches from the bed as Luke kneels up and unzips the back, watching as it slowly falls to the floor. The boys lick their lips at the sight of you in just a lace thong, you hear a loud moan escape Ashton’s mouth, and you can’t help but smirk.

Crawling in the bed between the two sex crazed boys, you drag your hands in between each of their legs. As soon as either hand hit their rock solid hard ons, you felt yourself instantly get wet, letting out a shameful moan yourself.

Ashton roughly kisses you, as you feel Luke pushing the barely there material of your pink panties to the side. He glides a slim, long finger over your folds, making you buck your hips up in excitement. You feel Ashton biting one of your hardened nipples, while he rolled the other between his pointer finger and thumb. You feel him leaving sloppy kisses all along your neck. Suddenly you let out a pornographic moan as you felt Luke’s lips sucking on your sensitive clit, while he inserted two fingers in and out of your heat. “Mmm baby moan like that again, that was so sexy” Ashton mumbles in your ear.

As Ashton works his magic on your top half, and Luke skillfully works your bottom half, you feel that familiar knot building in your stomach. “God guys I am so close” you moan out. “Cum for us baby girl, cum for Luke” ashton encourages you.

Your breathing started to pick up and you knew you were a goner. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck, oh my God Fuck” you screamed as you rode out your high. Luke licking up every last drop of your juice.

Your breathing finally starts to get back to normal, when Ashton looks over at you, “now baby girl, it’s time for the real fun”. You just lie there, wondering what exactly these two boys had in store for you.

“Front or back mate?” Ashton asks Luke

“Back works for me, if it’s ok for you”

“Sure is buddy, I get to have front and back anytime I want, so I figured I’d give you first pick today”

You just lid there, your eyes shifting back and forth between the boys, you mind still a tangled mess from the amazing orgasm you just experienced. You feel yourself being lifted up and placed on top of someone. You quickly realized what was going to happen and you were afraid.

Without warning Ash slammed into you from the front and a second later Luke slammed in from the back. You let out a squeal, half form pain, half from pleasure. The two boys quickly got a rhythm down, and we’re moaning messes, slipping curse word after curse word form their mouths.

You moan out load as you feel Luke’s hand reach around you to rub your sensitive clit. Looking up you see the loving eyes of your boyfriend and you know form his twisted smirk that he is close, so close. You reach down and massage his balls, you feel the familiar twitching inside and you know you sent him over the edge. As he rides out his high, you hear heaving breathing from underneath you. Within seconds Luke is picking up speed on your clit, and you hear a string of curse words coming from him. You can feel the knot coming undone inside your stomach, as it grows stronger and stronger, you begin to violently shake. Letting your high take over, you close your eyes and listen to Luke’s heavy breathing as he rides out his own high.

You detach yourself from each other, the three of you are beyond wore out. As you cuddle in close, with just a thin sheet covering you, you hear the shy boy speak up. “Do you think we could do this again, it was fucking hot, my ex would of never done something like that with me”

You just swatted the boys hair and pulled Ashton closer to you. As you are drifting to sleep you hear a whisper in your ear. “Thanks for making my friend feel better, I love you”

Backstage ; Harry Styles [smut] Part 1

Requested by anon: Could you do harry smut where like your back stage at his concert and things get heated in his dressing room? 

A/N: i gotcha ;)))

(A/N: this is rather long, but it’s definitely worth the read ;) and yes, there will be a part 2!)

“Wow, this place is…dark,” I laugh to Lou as we enter the large dressing room. It’s covered from floor to ceiling in black drapes, and even furnished with dark maroon and even black furniture.

“It’s Harry’s,” she smiles back at me, though I of course already know who the room belongs to, “So how long have you been a fan?” she asks me.

“Since the X-Factor of course,” I smile, rolling my eyes sarcastically, earning me a small chuckle from Lou, “How long have you and my mother secretly been friends without my knowledge?” I question back, eagerly.

“Oh I can’t even remember, must have been ages ago when we first met! I’ve known your mother and father for quite a while!” Lou replies. We walk through the dark room to a area with more lighting, that looked to be the place that must be where the boys’ hair and clothing is done.

Even though none of the boys are actually here, I was more than ecstatic to meet Lou, who had apparently been a friend of my mother’s for a while. When my mother told me that she had set up a date for me to come in and meet Lou and tour backstage, I gratefully obliged. Wether the boys are here or not, it’s definitely a once in a life time experience that I was not going to pass up.

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anonymous asked:

Any canon-ish multi chapter fanfiction that you could please recommend? Maybe with some angst in it too

This is basically “they are/were in One Direction.” Most of these have lots of angst, but that’s just how I roll. I tried to organize them based on time frame, with X Factor first and then post-1D at the end. (And not all of them are chaptered, but they are all a good length!)

nonstop earthquake dreams of youlumineres - And there’s heat behind it, blazing, plasmatic, like stars crashing together, like an explosion in space, like a supernova, like a black hole–everything else sucked out of existence. There’s no bed and there’s no pillow and they’re not lying down, just floating somewhere, somehow, and there’s no room and there’s no X Factor house and there’s no Niall snuffling or Liam’s deep, even breathing and there’s no wind or traffic outside and there’s no hum of the heating unit and it’s all just Louis. All encompassingly Louis. or, harry falls hard and finds louis already at the bottom

True Northnavigator, quitter - Altered-canon non-au set between November 2012 and January 7th, 2013.

The Sound of Your Voice From Far Awaypukeandcry - It’d be perfect, he convinces himself. Things with Lou are – well. They’re the way they are, and there’s no point dwelling on why it’s got that way. But he thinks this would help – not fix them, because they’re not broken. They don’t need to be put back together, they’re just. Out of sync, maybe. It would help. He thinks it would, anyway, if they could just be the two of them again, to be alone together with no outside influences pressing claustrophobically in on them, just for a bit. And driving down an empty highway with nothing else but Louis beside him is the best way to do that that he can imagine.Or, after the U.S. leg of the Take Me Home tour, Harry and Louis drive from L.A. to NYC. They figure some things out, like how to deal with the distance that’s been growing between them.

not ready to lose today,  imsosorry - “I don’t mean, like,” Louis starts, coughing a bit, “I don’t think he’s become a diva or summat. I’m not trying to start shit. But like - he’s different, yeah? Or am I different?” “Maybe neither of you is different,” Zayn suggests. “Maybe just, like, your relationship has changed.” That much is obvious, but the way Zayn says it makes it sound profound. “Tour’s gonna be weird as fuck,” Louis says with a laugh that’s a lot lighter than how he feels.(Or, the one where Louis figures it out.)

didn’t even know that love was bigger,  imsosorry - “Do you know why I shave so often now?” Harry demands. He’s talking so fast he’s almost nearing normal human speed; Louis can barely keep up. “It’s because I’m terrified you’re going to kiss me and feel my stubble and panic. I’m afraid every time we make out that you’re going to feel my dick through my pants and run off in the opposite direction. I’m changing myself for you, and that’s not what relationships are supposed to be about - ” “When have I ever asked you to change for me?” Louis says. “I don’t want you to do that. Christ, Haz, we’ve been doing this for six days, and I’m sorry if I’m not exactly caught up yet.”(Sequel to Not Ready to Lose Today. Or, the one where Louis and Harry get together and have to figure out how to get it right.)

the dark and the dentist, sunshiner - “I know this song,” Louis whispers, and Harry has to lean his ear toward him to pick up what he’s saying. “It was written for people to dance to it. We should be dancing.” We can’t, Harry almost spits, but it’d be stupid of him. Louis knows they can’t. Even if he looks like any regular Parisian in their twenties, and Harry looks like any hipster Parisian in their twenties, they can’t anyway. To be fair, they probably wouldn’t do it even if they were out. But if they were two uni students, both in Paris for an exchange, meeting over fallen books at the library, or because of mutual friends, or watching Monet’s Water Lilies? “How would we dance?” Harry murmurs, mouth almost pressed to Louis’ cheek, so close he can feel his warmth. What a picture they must make, two millionaires freezing in a park and dreaming of a different life. An account of the events of November 2014. Canon-compliant.

Indestructiblewhoknows - “Hi,” Harry murmurs, and Louis hiccups out a sob.“Hi,” he manages, still clutching onto Harry’s shoulders. Harry’s fingers drift across Louis’ cheeks, and there’s something off about Harry’s expression, but Louis can’t figure out what it is.“I’m okay,” Harry says, and Louis is going to say something to that, even if he doesn’t know what, except Harry’s kissing him.Louis freezes.

(your heartbeat) rang true inside my bonesflimsy - Harry goes as Louis’ date for a weekend wedding. He ends up taking the role a bit too seriously.“Hey,” Harry hears himself say just as Louis climbs back into the car. He ducks down, holding onto the roof to look at Louis who cocks his brow at him and says, “What?”“I meant it,” Harry starts. “Like, I’d do it. I’d be your date for the wedding. If it’d make you feel less awful about being there and if you want me to, I’ll do it. I promise I’ll be good.”

And Then a Bitinfinitelymint - “We’d like to give the fans what they want.” Magee states, placing his hand on the table in front of him and leaning forward. “We want to give them Larry Stylinson.” Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts. (aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)

Every Arrow That I Aim Is True, estrella30 - “I can see you don’t believe me,” Harry says, pretending to be stern. Louis chuckles a little but doesn’t get out of the bed. “Anyway, I texted Liam and told him you’re with me. He said to stay here as long as you need, and he’ll deal with the show over there until you want to come back, all right?”Louis doesn’t say anything again so Harry whispers, “Just stay here with me for a while, yeah? I’ll take care of you.”Louis is quiet. He never picks his head up, but Harry can see the pillow move from where he’s nodding and his fingers tighten around Harry’s. “Yeah,” Louis says. “Yeah, all right.”

our shoulders, necks (used to fit so well together),  deadspy - It was like a bucket of ice water being thrown on me without warning, then being warmed up by a lover’s hands, like seeing the sunset for the first time, like breathing, like wanting, he thinks. “It was like he’d never been gone,” he says instead.[Or the one where Louis and Harry fall in love and fall apart, Harry goes to London for the first time in five years, Louis owns a record label and thinks way too much, and Zayn gives excellent cuddles (and advice).]

Through the Darkest of Your DaysrobpatFF -  “Harry thinks he might not really know what okay is, but Louis is warm next to him, solid and constant and questioning. He’s all wide eyes and nerves and vulnerability. And this feels alright, this might be some sort of okay, Harry thinks.” Future!fic, roadtrip!fic, OT5 friendship!fic.

hold a hand for covervashtaneradas - they’ve still got all the money in the world, all the big nights and bigger houses, all the people at their doors with singles and album deals and promises of more, they still have all of that, and they will forever. the only thing they’ve burnt through is each other. or, two years after the band, harry and louis bump into each other for the first time.

finding our way back through the flamesewmyname - “How do you un-learn these behaviours, he wonders? How do you remember that you can’t do any of this anymore, when this boy who was once yours is in front of you, and so little about him has changed?"In which Louis and Harry manage to lose each other, somehow, when the pressure and the scrutiny and the pretence all become too much; and it’s a long time before they find each other again. A (mostly) future fic, set between December 2013 and December 2016.

For Better, Worse And Mischief (I’m All Yours)RedOrchid - The One Direction PR management team decides that Harry needs to get married. Harry doesn’t want to. Louis comes up with the perfect solution to the problem.(Working title: Fake!Husbands Whooot!)

Nothing Stays The Same - A Luke Hemmings Imagine (Part Two)

read part one here!


It takes Luke all of two whole minutes to realize that Peter is a total douche. 

This assumption began from the moment she brought him over to meet the boy. Luke offered his hand to shake, and the brunette boy declined with no explanation. Instead, he sits slouched in his seat with his hand roughly gripping the hand of the beautiful girl beside him. 

There’s something unsettling about that notion, how he grabs her hand instead of gently holding it like Luke used to. 

His hair is a deep, chocolate, brown, with slight streaks of caramel tousled in between some individual strands. His eyes are brown, too, matching almost identically to his hair. His skin is tan, just like hers, and he wears a loose-fitting t-shirt, with the words “Attadale High School” printed boldly against his chest. Below the large lettering lies slightly smaller letters, saying “Varsity Football 2014” in bright red.

He can’t help but be bothered by the fact that this boy is the complete and total opposite of himself. Simply from the way he presents himself, Luke can sense the boy has a large ego, something Luke has never appreciated, in anybody. The way he glares at Luke as if he was a second-class citizen makes Luke’s skin crawl with fury. 

Peter runs his fingers across the knuckles of her hand, holding eye contact with Luke while doing so. As if to say “look who she belongs to now.”

He tries, god, Luke tries with all of his might to have a decent attitude towards this boy, but it’s just so hard. He wants to remain bright-eyed and all smiled around her, but it’s just so hard.

He has known this Peter boy for a whole ten minutes now, and he is already disgusted. Which is why it comes as a sigh of relief when he begins to stand from his slouched position, pulling his cellphone from his pocket.

“Babe,” he tells her. “I should head off, there’s another party at Emma’s tonight that I promised everyone I’d go to.”

She smacks her plump, pink lips together as her eyebrows begin to furrow. “Oh, I, uh. I thought you said you’d spend the day with me.”

He shrugs. “We can just spend the day together tomorrow or something, kay? But not too early, I’m gonna be hungover as fuck.”

She turns her head slightly to the side, finally making eye contact with Luke for the first time in ten minutes. She lets out a soft sigh as she rolls her eyes with frustration. “Mkay. See ya tomorrow.”

He leans in for a kiss, right then and there, in front of everyone. In front of Luke

She tries to settle for just a peck–clearly uncomfortable to kiss her boyfriend with an audience of three teenage boys before her–but Peter won’t settle, not one bit. He leans down, gripping–not holding–the small of her back, pulling her back in for a deeper, more rough kiss.

It’s enough to make Luke feel like he’s going to be sick.

As the brunette pulls away, he nods to Ashton and Michael, simply glaring at Luke as he walks by.

The trio sits in silence for a moment or two, waiting until Peter has completely left the premise to continue any conversation.

“So, um,” Michael says. “I’m starving. Ash, wanna come get some food with me?” Luke can see as Michael exchanges a glance with Ashton, which makes the shorter boy quickly oblige.

“Yeah, yeah, sure. Anyways, we best be giving these two some alone time,” he winks, nudging Luke on the shoulder, but Luke knows that this isn’t the time for humor.

She moves from her previous seat, coming to take a seat closer to Luke on a piece of the wicker patio furniture. 

“So, Lukey, how have you been?” She asks with a grin, acting as if neither of them just witnessed her boyfriend molest her mouth with his tongue.

He lets out a sigh of frustration, looking down at his hands.

Luke’s inner demons argue with each other. On one hand, he wants to be gentle and sweet and caring and apologetic when it comes to discussing the past year, and even the past few minutes he’s spent witnessing her boyfriend taste her lips. But on the other hand…

“Your boyfriend’s a dick." 

The statement is blatant and rude, and completely unlike anything Luke would usually say. Still, he breathes a sigh of relief as soon as the words leave his mouth.

The girl’s bright eyes widen, surprised by his aggressive word choice. "Um,” is all she can muster as a reply.

He inhales before continuing, not really thinking about what he plans on saying next. “I’ve known the kid for what, ten minutes? And in that short time span I watched him grasp your hand as if you were his prey, not to mention he just blew you off to go to a party with another chick. Need we even talk about the way he pretty much just fucked your mouth with his tongue? Right in front of me? Do you have any fucking idea how shitty that makes me feel? Huh?”

Her usual composed and content persona flips a switch, as Luke’s words drag out a hint of anger and aggression. “You’re kidding me, right?” She spits.

Luke swallows, looking her directly in the eyes.

I can’t believe I just said all of that, he thinks to himself.

Before he can let his mind wander any further, she’s off on a tangent. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Please tell me you are kidding me, Luke. Clearly the only reason you dislike him is because he isn't you.

“That’s bullshit and you know it.”

She rolls her eyes for the second time in one day, anger flooding her veins towards the blond boy beside her. “No, Luke, it’s not. Peter treats me like a princess, but of course you wouldn’t know that, because you haven’t been here for the past nine months.

“He treats you like a princess, huh? Then please explain to me why he’s headed off to a party with someone else. Why didn’t he invite you along?”

She growls in frustration. “That has nothing to do with anything!”

“Yes it does,” he fights back. “And you know it.”

She stands from her seat now, facing him with her hands on her hips. “No, it doesn’t! It’s one damn party. Who cares? He treats me like a princess, and just because you haven’t been around to witness it doesn’t mean you have the right to judge Peter, or my relationship with him.”

Luke runs his fingers through his hair. He knows he shouldn’t have started this argument–not with it being his first day home–but he knows that these words wouldn’t have been spoken otherwise.

“Please explain to me how he treats you like a princess. I’m begging you,” he says sarcastically. “Please explain to me how such a first class dickhead can treat you so nicely.”

“Pfft,” she scoffs. “First of all, if anyone’s the dickhead here, it’s you. You can’t just show up after a year and act like you know what’s best for me, or for anyone for that matter. And second of all, to get to your point, he calls me almost every night. Whenever we go to parties he always stays with me and doesn’t go off with other girls. He pays for me when we go out to eat and—”

“Are you like four years old or something?” Luke interjects.

“W-What? What does that have to do with anything?” She scoffs again.

“Are you four? Seriously? Those are your expectations for being treated like a princess? You are kidding me, right?”

She stares blankly at him, as if he’s speaking in another language.

“Those things,” he swallows. “Those things that Peter is doing to treat you like a so-called princess? Well those are just things that any decent-mannered guy would do for any decently-respectable girl. Those things aren’t anything special. Those are just fucking basic things that any guy should do.”

Her previously angered expression is replaced with one of doubt. “Well, it’s as good as it gets for me, so I’ll take it.”

Luke’s body contains more rage than ever, but not necessarily towards her, or even Peter, but towards the world. “You think you can’t be treated better than that? For god’s sake, I did all of those things for you when we weren’t even dating!

The mention of their previous relationship puts a hush over each of them.

"Well,” she says with a lowered voice. “Maybe you did do those things for me, but you haven’t been around. A lot of things have changed.”

He nods, trying to be a bit more respectful with his words. “I can see that. For starters, the amazing, strong-willed, confident girl I used to know has been replaced with some childish, weak-hearted human being who has no problem being thrown around by a total jackass.”

She sighs, finally sitting back down by Luke’s side. Her presence brings him some comfort, seeing as he hasn’t been this close to her for this long in over nine months. “Please stop making this about Peter.”

“But it is about Peter, isn’t it?” He shakes his head, bringing his solemn stare to meet her gaze. “I was ready to come home and make amends to you; I was ready to come home and apologize for all of the shitty things I’ve done to you, and I was ready to come home and get you back. But no, instead, I show up at my own ‘Welcome Home’ party to find that the girl I came back for is taken by a guy that I can already tell treats her like shit.”

He has no idea where that burst of confidence came from, or where he found the courage to say all of the things he’s been planning on saying, but if feels good to get it off of his chest.

She looks down at the bricks that make up the patio, shuffling a pebble around with her open-toed sandals. “What am I supposed to say to that?” The words sting, but her tone is sweet. “I mean, Luke, you made it clear that you left here to get away from me. How can you say that you came back to be with me when it’s so obvious that you were happier while you were away. You think I can’t see all of those Facebook posts you made with all of those skanky chicks? You think I didn’t see all of the pictures from the frat parties you attended? You think I didn’t see the Vines of you taking body shots off of half-naked girls and the Instagram pictures of you playing beer pong with your older college friends? Yeah, you may have refused to answer my phone calls, texts and Facebook messages, but you never did block me. You never unfriended me or anything. I saw all of those things. I saw how much fun you were having. You can’t expect me to just wait around,” she gasps slightly for air after having vented such a large amount of information.

Luke is simply perplexed. He doesn’t know what to say.

He knows he upset her by leaving, and he knows he ruined their relationship by ignoring her while he was away. 

He feels dumb for having let all of those stupid pictures and posts be spread all over the internet for her to see. Because now, instead of just hurting her by leaving and hurting her by refusing to put off schooling to be with her, he hurt her with the little things, too.

“You don’t understand,” he tells her softly.

The breeze picks up behind them as they sit idly on the wicker sofa, neither of them choosing to speak first.

Finally, he musters up the courage. “You don’t understand how much I missed you. It wasn’t my decision to leave, okay? It wasn’t my fucking decision. You know I loved you, and you know, you know I would have stayed behind for you and waited another year in a heartbeat. It was all my stupid mom’s decision. She was the one that refused to let me wait, okay? You need to know that. Because I would have stayed, I would have stayed if I could have.”

She opens her mouth to speak, but he shushes her with his fingertip. “And know this,” he continues. “I tried so hard, so fucking hard, to get you out of my head while I was gone. That’s where all of the parties and girls and booze came in. That was me trying to rid my head of the most amazing girl in the world, and that was me being stupid enough not to realize that it would never be possible to rid my mind of you.”

Luke doesn’t need to shush her this time, because finally, she is speechless. She has nothing left to say, and instead, her emotions take over.

Tears come streaming down her cheeks like a river. They keep coming and coming and before either of them realize it, she’s leaning with her head against his chest, muffling her cries against his thin t-shirt.

He holds her like that, thinking back to the last time he held her, truly held her in his arms. It’s been ages, and he misses this. He misses having her in his arms, but not like this. He doesn’t want her to cry. He doesn’t want her to be upset.

“I know this doesn’t change anything, and I’m not expecting it to, but I need you to know that I still love you,” Luke manages to mumble while he tousles his fingers through her silky hair. “We both know I’ve loved you since biology during your Freshman year, and now you need to know that that love is still there, and hasn’t left for a moment.” He gulps some air into his lungs, having not realized until now that his palms are sweating and his heart is racing; adrenaline courses through his veins.

“I’m not expecting this to change anything. I’m not expecting you to up and leave Peter, because as you said before, it’s not my place to judge your relationship. But you need to know that I am here, and I don’t want to wait as long as I had to make you wait for me. That wasn’t fair to you. I know that’s selfish of me, but please, please, consider the idea that at one point we were perfect for one another, and I’m completely positive that we still are.”

In between her sobs, she mumbles something against his chest, sending vibrations against his skin.

“W-What?” He asks inquisitively.

She sighs, finally pulling away from his chest, but not from his grip. “I love you, Luke. And even though that might not be fair of me to say while I technically still have a boyfriend, it wasn’t fair for me to be spending so many nights crying over you while I was dating him either.” Her voice cracks every now and then, and she inhales quick, short breaths to compensate her now-slowing cries.

Luke isn’t even surprised, and that’s the most surprising part of all. Because he knew, somewhere in his heart, that they were in fact perfect for one another.

And maybe the circumstances aren’t perfect, and maybe the situation itself isn’t perfect, but Luke knows for a fact that they are perfect.

“Nothing ever stays the same,” she whispers to him. 

He looks down at her, hating the fact that tears are staining her cheeks. But as he looks into her eyes, he can’t help but lean in and pray that those lips that used to kiss him will work their magic once again.

When he feels her lips pressed to his, he knows for a fact that they will be okay.

“Maybe most things don’t stay the same,” he whispers against her mouth, kissing her quickly one more time before continuing. “But I know there’s one thing that does, and that is my love for you, and our love for one another.”

The continue to kiss, refusing to say another word. But they both have the same thing on their minds, and that is the fact that they are still in love, and the struggles they’ve been through couldn’t stop them from running back to one another.


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Ship #6

A/N: you’re soooo pretyyyyy  goddd, also aww I love how caring you are bythe end and stuff, also love the fact you’re making ships too, and if that wasn’t you then, umm awkward..? anyway so I tried to write as much as I could and make it sound real, so here it is hope you like/love/adore it…

Request: submitted by cashton-addict

Ship: Calum (not bc of ur icon I swear)

Imagine with ship:

It was one of those days, the ones where sleeping was a must and the shower an enemy. When you try to get out of bed even though you’re awake but can’t, so yeah it seems that I have these days almost every day since the tour was over-which was a few days ago. And I don’t know why I can complain because who doesn’t love to sleep.

My daily routine was to get up, not shower-which happens by the end of the evening-and then have breakfast, and then play video games, and then get dressed and go to a club, and if the club isn’t included in mine and my girlfriend’s plans then we have sex.

And then I wake up tired as fuck because the amount of energy that was spent doesn’t equalize with the amount of sleep but the sex is everything so I can’t really complain, in fact I’m pretty much living the life if I do say so myself.

With a yawn I look to my right, and there she is; laying there with her arms spread above her, curly hair everywhere covering almost all of her naked back that was facing the world, freckles covering it making it seem like a piece of art. I lie on my stomach and spread my arm on her back.

I feel her taking a deep breath before her head turns to me. She rests it on the pillow and smiles at me, but something is wrong. I can’t really tell what it is but there’s-

Oh no, not again.

I huff and turn away from her; she’s not my original girl. I huff at the realization that I just spent another lonely night full with sex that can never seem like much comfort, the break up was too hard, and harder to get over.

“You can leave now.” I say harshly, I get up and place my feet against the floor, elbows on my knees as I place my head in my hands.

I almost got fooled again, her copy only seeming so much like her but not quiet. I felt numb again, last night temporarily taking the pain of her leaving me away. I wished for her to come back, wanted her to hold me like she used too, and whisper how much she loved me and cared again. I would do anything for just one last time.

It’s not that I treated her wrong, or said something to make her upset-not on propose at least. But she told me that she couldn’t do it, that she didn’t want me to love her anymore, something about it not feeling right.

But it was the only time that my mind didn’t match hers in the way of thinking as her tears streamed down her cheeks, the sight alone heart breaking. She hugged and kissed me goodbye before leaving, and I hoped she’d at least take her things but she didn’t, she left them as a reminder for me that she left, as if she loved to see me break.

I wanted more reasons to her withdrawing; the ones she gave me were never enough as they only lead me to even more questions that had no certain answer. I wanted to break down but it’s not like I didn’t, but breaking down was never enough, she hurt me so much to the point that pain was heightened and love was drowned away or walked out the door when she did.

The way her mind worked I always understood, but it was weird that I didn’t get hers this time. She said that she couldn’t feel my love anymore, said that she wished she never met me, said that I was the reason she was in pain for the last almost year. She said a lot of things; and finished them with “I love you.”

At the time I could only stare because her words were an impact after another and I could only listen to so much little before the silence was landing on us like a big ass rock that had a mission of breaking me, or us.

I remember that she kissed me so well, but there was so much sadness behind that kiss. Sadness that could only be mistaken with heart break, I don’t think that she could be heart broken more than myself, how could she be when she leaves me when I need her most.

I can hear the other girl pulling her clothes back on, I can hear her huffs and before I know it she’s standing in front of me. Without a word she offers me a cigarette with a serious expression.

I look at it for a few minuets before huffing out a breath and taking it from her, I place it in my mouth and she lights it for me. She says her goodbye before exiting the door and I can only hope she doesn’t come back with the excuse that she left something. And she doesn’t thank God.

I lie back down and realize that I have my sweats on, but my torso is bare. I could almost feel her fingers running on it as she lays next to me, cuddled to my side with humor about how bad my morning breath is.

I look to my right as if she will be there-it felt like she is. I take a drag from the cigarette and decide to get up from the big ass bed.

This is going to be along ass day.

A/N: not the best ending but I hope you liked the story, also sorry if there’s no smut but just wait for it.

Blog rate: 8/9 I really like your posts but I’m not really sure about the theme, I don’t feel like I am free to browse through it, and I also can’t see the top of it. But other than that it’s amazing <3 and I love how it turns from black and white to colors when I point the mouse on it.

The edit: I couldn’t find a picture on your blog that I could edit, so I picked one of mine hope you like it (it’s like a follow up to the imagine above)

The song that reminds me of your blog/self: Classic - MKTO

Best friend ship: Casper Lee (you have no idea how much I love him and his support for the band)

A secret crush: Calum (I decided that not finishing the^^ imagine^^ above is a little too harsh, also I wanted more smut… so.)

Imagine with your secret crush: (ik you’re probably really confused, so here’s a quick summary; you and Calum break up, but obviously the feelings are still going cray cray, so his crush is a little bit over and above and it’s love, and you guys meet somehow and then do the deeds so hope you understood anything from this weird rambling and enjoy the following smut *warning explicit content*)

“I’m just here to take my things, Calum.” She told me.

I moved with her through the apartment as she gathered her things, I found myself begging her to stay even though I told myself I won’t do that. She keeps ignoring me or tells me that she can’t do it anymore.

She comes after a month to take her things, saying that she can’t do it anymore. And she expects me to just go along with it and that I should just move the fuck on. She has no idea how much pain I was in the last few weeks.

“So you’re just here to take your things, not going to clear any thing in your way, like reasons why you really left or why can’t everything just go back to normal?” I spit as she turns around to look at me.

“I told you why, and I am not ready to go through that again.” She says moving past me to shuffle her underwear into the bag she got out.

“Well, at least give an explanation, you have no idea how hard it has been for me to go through you not being here. And you out of all people know how much excited I was to finally be home and back to you. I thought this was going to be a happy time for us. Why can’t it be?” I ask once again.

She stops her movements and turns around to look at me, the sadness and regret is written all over her face and I find myself ready to get on my knees for her to take me back. I almost do that but she takes in a deep breath as if she’s going to say something.

“What is it?” I ask her hoping that she would say the words I need to hear.

She looks at me with a pleading look, as if she doesn’t want to say the following words but I need to know what’s going through her head.

“Is it another guy?” the words fly out of my mouth as if they’re not mine at all, her eyes widen and I worry that it is in fact another guy that had her running away from me. “Is it?” I press. But she only shakes her head and turns back to her bag as if I didn’t say anything.

I feel the tears brimming at my eyes and I move over to the chair that’s siting in the corner of the room, it gives me a full view on her back and I find myself watching her every move as if everything is okay.

It seems like it, she seems to regret her decision of leaving me and I hope that she stops any minuet and tell me that she’s sorry, or confirm that it is in fact another guy so I could stop chasing her or worry at least.

I can hear her huffing out a breath and she moves out of the room. And when she comes back she has a Nutella jar, she struggles to open it. And after a few failed tries she looks over at me with hopeful eyes.

I extend my arm out towards her and she moves forward, I almost see a smile on her face as she hands me the jar of melted chocolate. I open it and hand it to her as she thanks me kindly and walks back to the mess of her things-and mine-on the bed.

She huffs loudly and starts to fold them neatly and places them into the opened bag on the bed. I feel like I should offer her help but she keep her voice to herself so I don’t say anything in hopes of her inviting me to help her and also respecting her privacy and what not.

She looks great with that skirt, I’m pretty sure it’s new because I haven’t seen it before. It reminds me of her passion for new clothe and their smell-fresh and welcoming as she would call it-and I find myself smiling at the memory.

I can’t take my eyes off of her back and my eyes trail down until they reach her butt, the skirt is so tight against her hips as she shuffles to place the clothes in the suitcase, I lick my lips at the sight in front of me.

I decide to get up and sit next to her on the bed, without a word I grab a piece of clothe and start folding it, she notices my presence and acknowledge it with only a glance as she returns back to her former task.

She grabs the jar from the night stand next to me and dips her finger in it and very slowly moves it to her full lips, and she opens them and enters her finger. She drags it out with the speed of a snail, and I had just noticed that she kept her eyes on me the whole time, and she sucks on her finger a second time and I almost moan at the sight of her looking so damn seducing.

She smirks and licks her upper teeth before placing the jar back on its former place, she goes back to what she was doing briefly and I’m left a mess just by her fucking lips and tongue. I huff out a breath and look at the clothes as if they’re my savior.

I grab a blouse of hers and fold it carefully, when I’m done I place it in the bag in front of her and take another piece of clothing. I notice her moving and I’m sure she’s grabbing the Nutella jar.

“Oh fuck!” I hear her curse and look at her; she has melted chocolate on her white shirt.

I try not to laugh at her frustrated state as she places the Nutella jar down and reaches for the first button of her white button up. When they’re all undone I notice she’s wearing her black lace bra-the one I love so much-and I find myself trying to stop myself form reaching her breasts.

She smirks at me before very slowly moving the shirt away from her body, she throws it on the ground as if it’s no big deal (probably wasn’t), she tilts her head to the side and walks closer to me until she’s standing by my foot.

“Like?” she points to the top of her breast, her tone is playful but I somehow find seduction in it. She leans in closer until her eyes are level with mine and her nose is barely touching mine, she places her hand on my shoulder for balance and she leans even closer.

My eyes are as wide as ever and I try to stop myself from reaching for her hips (an old habit of mine) as she leans down until she’s level with my neck.

She breaths on it softly as a shiver run down my spine due her actions, I find myself craving her touch, needing the guilty friction I feel when her fingers track my skin or when she kisses it. I wanted to feel her once again but it felt like it was too much to ask.

Her hand moves down my arms as she grabs my hands, she looks at me with intensity and kisses each very softly. She rests them by my side and I can’t seem to feel anything but her touch, she places her hands on my thighs and she start to kiss my collar bone, leaving marks on it.

She climbs on top of me and rests her knees on either side of my hips; takes my hand from the mattress and wraps it around herself. I hold on tight to her as if she’s going to disappear and she smiles kindly at me and leans closer to kiss me on the lips.

Her lips are so warm and soft, exactly as I remember them. And she pushes herself into me even more and I find myself tightening my grip on her, and before I know it she’s licking my top lip with the tip of her tongue, and I can feel every tear that had ever been shed disappearing from my memory and all I wanted is to lay her down and take care of her the way she loves so much.

“What do you want Calum?” I hear her soft voice as I open my eyes to look at her. Her arms move from my shoulder to my waist as she wraps them securely, and mine are holding hers hard.

“You, I want you,” I kiss her lips softly, “All of you,” my arms wrap around her completely, “Every beautiful inch of your beautiful body, all mine.” I breathe her in, she still smells exactly as I remember her.

“Have all of me, Calum,” her words are something someone would die to hear, her tone of voice is something males would orgasm too. And her skills in bed are every man’s guiltiest fantasies coming true.

And that’s how she makes me feel.

I find myself craving her to touch me so badly, I feel the need to be completely submissive to her. I wanted her to have my body the way she loves most, and the way I love most. I wanted to feel her tightly wrapped around me bringing me to my-oh so waited-release.

I stand up with her legs wrapped around me and ignore the need to throw the clothes that lay on the bed on the floor. And my hands move from her waist to her ass, I rub it slowly as her front rubs against mine, and then I squeeze.

I hear her moan in my ear as her head rests against my shoulder, I’m moving her up and down against me and the friction is so teasing that it heightens my need for her even more. I enter the bathroom and sit her on the counter and stand between her legs, she looks at me and smiles kindly and I find myself smiling back.

“I love you,” I say those words for the first time and it seems that something moves inside of her and she grabs me by the jaw and kisses me hard, her legs wrap around my hips brining me closer and she moans against my mouth as my hand races up her thighs.

“Yes,” she hisses when my hands reach under her breasts right at her ribcage, I look at her with a smirk before holding them in my hands and squeezing them softly.

She throws her head back slowly and places one hand next to her on the counter so she wouldn’t fall back, I find myself needing to feel more of her and my hands squeeze her breasts harder and I thrust my hips against hers as she moans my name and close her eyes.

My hand reaches down and unzips her skirt but she stops me before I move it down her legs, she reaches for my sweat shirt and unzips it, she pulls it off my arms and reaches for my sweats next. She pulls on the strings that holds them up and pushes them down my legs along with my boxers.

“Oh, Calum.” Her eyes don’t leave my member as she hisses, “I missed you so much, baby.” She moans and kisses me again.

I find it funny, really. How she acted as if she didn’t want me but eventually she was the one to break first, it made me feel powerful and loved. I smile against her lips at the fact that she still loves me, or just cares enough to come back to me and give up all of her.

I don’t say a word as she lifts herself against me a little by her grip on my shoulder, and I quickly move my hands to her unzipped skirt and move it down her smooth legs.

“No panties,” I sigh at the sight of her so exposed to me once again and how fucking dirty she is, “what did I tell you about not wearing any panties.”

“I didn’t want their strings to be visible through the skirt.” She frowns a little. It’s really weird that I find seduction in her words as to the fact that the skirt is just that tight.

“You’re so naughty.” I say and carry her off the counter and walk with her until we’re in the shower.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it.” She smirks and pushes my hair back off my forehead and kisses where the hair once rested.

I move my hand to her upper back and press her harder against me; I capture her lips between mine and suck on them. The kiss is so heated that I can feel her nails digging in my shoulder blades and the fact I find pleasure in her action is what confirms to me how fucking whipped I am.

“Baby, I need you so bad right now. Don’t hold back.” Her words and encouragements are what keeps me sane, makes me know that I’m not dreaming or that I’m not doing something she doesn’t like. And I love her so much for that.

I reach for the shower’s door handle and close it; I put her down to her feet and turn on the water. She winks at me before turning around and placing her hands on the wall in front of her and perking her ass in the air.

I can’t hold myself from placing my hands against the round cheeks she knows drives me insane. She shakes them in my hand and I have to stop myself form moaning out loud at the sight of them.

I notice she still has her bra on and I track her body from her hips to her back, and then when I reach the clasp I undo it and she lets it fall down; she flips her hair to side and looks at me over her shoulder.

“You ready for me big boy?” she smirks. Her words never fail to have an effect on me as my mouth hangs open and she chuckles at my state.

It feels like every time is our first together, she never fails to surprise me or make me carve her every thing with just a simple choice of words. I feel her moving herself backwards a little until she’s touching my member, she very slowly rubs herself against me up and down and I find myself resting my upper back against the wall behind me so I wouldn’t fall.

I throw my head back and close my eyes, the water streams down my chest and to where we connect making it easier for her to move against me, she moans softly but I hear her and I find it harder to breath as my hands hang by my sides. I feel completely submissive to her, she’s using me as her own personal pleasuring toy and I’m completely enjoying her dominate actions.

“Keep going baby, doing so well.” I moan and thrust against her making her body jerk forward. She moans and stops her actions. I grab her hips and start moving myself against her with so much desire I think I might blow. It’s weird how much pleasure I’m receiving when we haven’t even started to actually make love yet.

“Calum,” She moans, “Please,”

I know exactly what she wants, but I can’t stop the pleasure or not tease her as I stop my hips, and then with a smirk I start moving them up and down slower than I was moving before.

“Baby please.” She begs once more.

“Say-“I moan, my head is thrown back and my eyes roll into the back of my head “Say that you love me.” I speed up my actions a little.

“I love you.” She says. My hand move to her waist and brings her up against me, I move my member from behind her to between her legs and rub against her some more.

“Again.” I suck at her neck. She’s driving me insane I swear.

“I love you, so much.” She rests her head against my shoulder as I stop my movements.

“I love you more.”

With her leg lifted against the shower’s door I feel her grabbing my member and moving it to right were it’s supposed to be, I slowly thrust into her. I find it hard to keep my eyes open as I moan. She grabs my bicep that’s helping hold her leg up and she moves her head to the left a little until her nose is touching my Adams apple.

I don’t move until she tells me too, and I can almost feel her moving up and down against me as I thrust slowly.

“I love you so much,” she says again.

“Don’t ever leave me again.” I breathe, my hips seem to move without much control and speed up.

“Never again.” She says and her hand moves from my bicep to the side of my neck. I can tell she loves this position as she can’t seem to stop making noises.

I part my legs a little and move slowly into her, making her hold her breath in and she closes her eyes, I love how relaxed she looks against me as she rests her head against my shoulder. I love the idea that she trusts me so much with herself that she would just press herself against me and let me do the rest because she knows I am the only one who would love her right.

I lift her legs higher until it’s almost level with my own shoulder and thrust a little faster, I know she loves it when I take my time with her, she says it makes her feel loved.

She starts to bounce on me and meets my thrusts making me carve the release even more. She moans my name and I find it hard to contain my vocals too as she places her other hand on my hip.

My hand that isn’t occupied with her legs seem to love the feel of her body-not a shocker-and I squeeze her flesh and rub and push her against me even closer and she breathes harder.

“Move faster.” She says.

I open my eyes and look at her, that face has so much pleasure and domination written over it and I find myself feeling conscious that she would pull off and take me the way she likes, and I am more conscious that I would give myself to her without hesitation when I want to take care of her so badly.

I pick up the pace and dive into her faster and I feel her holding her breath in again, she looking forward and leaves me do what she knows I love so much. She moans loudly and throws her head and closes her eyes as I fuck her with the pace of a racing car.

I can’t find my self-control as my hips move faster and my voice is as loud as hers. I wrap my free arm around her stomach and lift her off the ground a little and I can hear the sound of our flesh molding together and it seems to make it harder for me to not close my eyes.

The water racing down our bodies is like lube as she takes a hold of the hair at the back of my head and pulls roughly. I notice her eyes are on me and when I look at her I notice how much pleasure she’s receiving and I feel blood rushing to my dick at the sight of her so desperate for a release.

I can’t help but kiss her needy lips as my hips slow down a little so I our lips can touch, she moans against my lips when I rotate my hips a little and I can feel her clinching around me.

“R-right there,” she says and kisses me again. I slow down a little but bang into her harder, I know she loves it so much when I do that and she frown her eye brows and closes her eyes when she pulls away from the kiss.

“You like that?” I ask her and she nods. I find it hard to concentrate when she’s contacting around me so tightly, and I close my eyes and moan her name loudly. She tells me to move faster and I try to follow her commands as much as I can because the pleasure is so much I feel kind of numb.

“Calum,” she moans loudly looking at me. “I’m close.” She warns.

I only nod and move faster inside of her as she closes her eyes and I feel her tightening around me even tighter and I find myself nearing my end quickly.

“Fuck, I’m there, I’m there,” she says over and over again as she throws her head back and I thrust slowly into her, there’s no noise coming out of her as I move into her slower than before because I know she doesn’t like it when I am rough when she’s finishing.

I can feel myself nearing the edge faster and I tighten my grip on her as my mouth hangs open and my hips pull out of her in hurry, it feel as if I can’t do anything but let the feeling wash over me. I feel as if I am going to fall.

“Don’t you wish you never left?” I say when we both calm down a little. She looks at me and then takes a hold of my wrist around her stomach and tells me to put her down, and when I do she moves away from me.

I don’t feel like I said something wrong as I watch her open the door to the shower and she gets out without a second glance, I turn the water off and follow her. She’s standing in front of the mirror looking at me.

“Don’t you feel how much I regret it?” she whispered, there were tears brimming at the side of her eyes as she walks over to me, “I love you so much, I wish I could take what I did. I really do, Calum. But I can’t. And I want to know that you forgive me.”

I look at her with amazement as she places her hands on my shoulder again and rests her head don my shoulder, I’m not capable of any type of movement as I stand before her completely numb.

“Please baby, I’ll never leave you again,” she begs. “Please forgive me.” The way her voice cracks makes my heart breaks and I look at her for the first time as she looks up at me.

“Don’t cry,” I lift my hand form my side and place it on her cheek and whip the tear that escaped even though my hand is wet, but the sight of water is better than her tears to me. “Don’t feel bad about it darling. I love you too much to even be mad at you.”

“Do you mean that?” she sniffs.

“Of course.” I nod.

“Calum,” she starts and I can tell that there’s something about that tone that just isn’t right. “I’m,”

“What is it?” I ask her.

“I’m,” She looks at me, “Pregnant,”

“You’re what?” I blink; I hoped she would’ve maybe said it wrong.

“I’m pregnant, and it’s yours.” The tears in her eyes seem to be hurting her.

Her words have such a big impact on me and I find myself backing away from her in shock. I look at her in disbelieve, my eyes seem to roam around the bathroom for something that I have no idea of. She must be kidding. This has to be a joke.

“I need a moment.” I say and walk out of the bathroom. I can hear her breaking down but I can’t seem to think straight as I look around the room for something, my hands run through my hair and I feel the need to sink down on the floor and sleep for a long, long time.

I hear her calling my name but I can’t answer her, the room feels like its spinning and I can’t focus on anything at all. I feel a hand on my shoulder and before I know it my body I jerking away from it. I look down and find her face stained with fresh tears and she looks at me with so much regret and sadness.

The room is still spinning but the only thing I can see is her as everything behind her shakes, or maybe that’s just me. I don’t know.

I rush to her and gather her in my arms, I should be her rock but I can’t find my weight as she cries harder into my chest. My eyes are still wide and my breathing is still ragged as I try to calm her and myself down, how I wish she was more emotionally stable, but the room seem to slightly steady after a while of us just standing there.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.” I say when I finally calm down a little, “Is that why you ran away?”

“Yes, I didn’t want you to leave me but I can’t Calum,” She pulls away from my embrace and looks at me with tears falling down her face, “I can’t do this on my own, I thought I could but,” she runs her eyes all over my face and then she swallows, “I can’t do this alone. I need you.”

“I’m here, I’m not leaving baby. You can count on me.”

“I don’t know how we are even going to do this,” she shakes her head and rests it on my chest as I rock our bodies right and left.

“We’ll figure it out, don’t worry.” I say.

That day we moved the clothes to the floor and then laid in bed thinking about what we’d do in the future. And let’s just say that the first break down we’ve had was our last of the two month following it.