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The RFA + Holy Trio As Supermarket Stuff
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>In today´s episode of random thinks the mm people would be:</b> we think way too deep about stuff once again.<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> Butter , useful but not really that desirable – unless you have a kink for it.<p/><b>Zen:</b> Tender loin steak , Your mouth waters when you image how tasty it'll be – is actually more tender than you expect.<p/><b>Jaehee:</b> Your favorite sweets , you want a lot of it but you can't since then you get fat and you should buy real food items – you still end up buying it.<p/><b>Jumin:</b> The whole office supplies/tie section. No one approaches that area unless they ABSOLUTELY have to. It's the most deserted and quiet area of the store.- only something for people with certain kinks and lovers of office supplies<p/><b>707:</b> That random plastic thing that's on a discount table- it's weird, its tag fell off and you have no clue what it's for – eventually turns out to be useful for something.<p/><b>V:</b> The fashion/clothes section, cuz our hubby is hella stylish amirite??? - you need it you want it and you cant ever get enough.<p/><b>Saeran:</b> The make-up/hair products aisle. #2Pricey2Sophisticated4U - half of that stuff is useless but you get it anyways since it makes you feel pretty. Handel with care or it gets messy.<p/><b>Vanderwood:</b> The plant and animal care section. (Fertilizers, hand water-sprayers, Pedigree™, fish food, etc.) His nurturing side gives him an affinity to caring for nature and pets. -you never go thier unless you have a pet or like the pics of the fluffy animals.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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playlist: vague feeling of melancholy at 3:30 am?

1. jolene (33 rpm) - dolly parton
2. california dreamin - the mamas & the papas
3. landslide - fleetwood mac
4. unfamiliar - the birthday massacre
5. believe me natalie - the killers
6. in the air tonight - phil collins 
7. world spins madly on - the weepies
8. my lovers gone - dido
9. anthems for a seventeen year old girl - broken social scene
10. samson - regina spektor

you guys wont believe what i just found 

im going through some books rn to decide which one i want to keep and which arent going into a public bookcase. 

my aunt often gives me these german crime books (although i dont really read them, partially because im p picky when it comes to books and partially because im not too interested, but oh well)

i was looking at the three most recent ones she gave me and

turns out im living in an au where john became a popular american crime author

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How about ❝It amused me to make you ashamed of it.❞ with merlahad? Plz? :3

“It amused me to make you ashamed of it.”

Lachlan’s hands clench underneath the table, but he forces his face to remain impassive, although he’s sure it hides nothing from Harry.


It’s barely a word, hissed out from behind clenched teeth.

“Because I’m a fool. Because I couldn’t admit to myself how I felt and it was easier to pretend I was like the rest of these pricks. I’ve grown up pretending to be just like everyone else, and part of that has always been to find someone else who was even more different than myself.”

Lachlan stands up so quickly his chair falls backwards and clatters against the floor. “Ye will never pass as a gentleman, Harry Hart, but ye deserve this lot. Congrats, the position of Galahad is yours. I withdraw.”

His hands are shaking as he walks away, and he wonders why his chest hurts so much more now that he knows how Harry truly feels.

Give me a sentence/pairing, get a drabble.

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I'm not the anon from the domestic animals ask but I want to add to that. How would Galra react to dogs? We essentially took a apex predator and domesticated and bred them down to match our lifestyle. We are in general a strange predator species because we prefer some animals as companions over food and even keep other predators that could become dangerous to us as pets.

The Galra would be intrigued by dogs but they’d be very confused at dog body language, reactions, and the fact that holy shit that Pomeranian is the same species as this Doberman ?? why would you do this, humans

Their ??? would worsen when they found out what dogs used to be. Apex predators can be tamed, sure, but why would you turn a wolf into a shih tzu? The wolf is so much more useful! Sure it bites and is troublesome to keep, but it’s a lot more useful for murdering your enemies or fighting other predators.

(The Galra have murder on their minds 50% of the time.)

Outside of their own opinions, the animals Galra work with are a lot more in sync with how a Galra thinks and acts. While there are pseudo-canines on Gal, they’re infamously volatile. Galra would likely project those experiences on to Earth!dogs until they saw toy breeds. They’d respect dogs like the Jindo or the Molosser breeds, but many companion dogs would leave them uneasy. It’s too much meddling in nature for their tastes, even if some could admire humanity for our power over our environment.

But yeah– if a Galra were to meet an Earth!dog, they’d be a lot more likely to eat it than play with it. 

They are hiring Nintendo Ambassadors for Canada in my city!!!


so those student athlete memes huh

peter was a marauder, too.

i think that’s important to remember, when you think of the marauders. peter was there too. it wasn’t just james and sirius’ pranks, remus’ slightly more reticent nature. peter was alongside them in that time, no matter what he would go on to do later.

when you imagine the marauders, remember peter. remember the meek boy who idolised james and sirius, who learned under their wing. remember that he was there too, the child who would later break them apart, laughing and joking along with those who would later be crowned as heroes. it is easy to write him out of this history, to minimise his presence to a skulking hanger-on. but he was wormtail when that name wasn’t linked with evil; one of the three who learned the most difficult magic to help out their friend, who mapped an unmappable building, who achieved more than their teachers had ever suspected. peter was there, and he was in the middle of it. it is easy to imagine him as being a traitor before he betrayed them, but the truth is that it could happen to anyone whose will is not strong enough. peter snapped under the pressure, but he had the same promise as any of them. peter was a marauder until he made the most vile of mistakes.

four boys, together under the golden sunlight. tomorrow they would be separated - one dead, one imprisoned, one a traitor, one left alone. but when they were the marauders they were four, and we would do well to remember that.