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Word ski jumping in different languages and most popular ski jumping hill in the country 

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I know I didn’t add all the countries but I did my best and tried to put all that I can. I’m sorry if some pictures doesn’t look as good as others it was hard to find pictures and I also had problems with my font in some languages. Some countries don’t have their own ski jumping hill so I took other popular hills I hope you don’t mind this. 

This is just a small list of counttries lets hope soon we will add more :D 


I liked how the underpainting of my previous piece looked without the outlines so i decided to try and do a speed painting of sorts (this took about an hour) without using outlines.  Her hair is based off a photo I remember seeing once of some celebrity with a giant awesome mohawk/braid thing, but I honestly have no idea who it was :P

It was fun, but I feel that I really enjoy the little things I add here and there with my outlines, so it’s probably not something I’ll do very often.


In London he felt his teachers were more interested in trying to make him sound British than in actually teaching him to act. “They were concerned a lot about the way that I delivered the words, and I was like, ‘This is not my first language.’ There was an assumption that you were there because you wanted to work on the British stage.” […]

He became hugely successful, on a level that drama school had not prepared him for at all. His instructors were later forced to agree that they had been wrong. Bernal remembers getting into conversation with them six or seven years after he had left the school. “[One of the directors] said: ‘Man, we have to apologise.’ I was like, ‘Why?’ ‘Yeah, because we were failing you because of who you were. And we were not teaching you theatre. We were teaching you how to act in English.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, you bastards!’” [x]

Hey friends! I am pissed. Beyond pissed. I’m sick of fans being disrespectful to Panic! They’re disrespectful to all members, and Zack, and I’m sure that’s one reason they’re not doing true meet and greets this year. 

It has been called to my attention that this happened within the past few days: 
(All faces have been blocked out of privacy) 

A ‘fan’ thought it would be a good idea to paint a picture of Brendon as Jesus, holding the Milk Fic Bible. Not only did they think it was a good idea to do this, but they then proceeded to give it to Brendon, and took a photo with the band with the picture in it. 

I’m utterly disappointed and grossed out, that fans think that it’s okay to do this. It makes my physically feel sick. People need to grasp the reality of situations. I hope to god no one else does this on tour. It’s not fair to any of the band or the fans who don’t do shit like this. Brendon has personally stated he’s uncomfortable with the fanfiction that was written. 

Don’t be assholes, don’t be dicks. One day you’ll look back on stupid shit like this and cringe. Don’t be that person. 

Perfect Little Family - Part 1

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Request//Can you do a pack mom imagine, Theo being alive and good, also the reader and him have a kid that the pack doesn’t know about, and once they find out, they start calling the reader and Theo mom and dad and Liam act’s like an older brother to the readers and Theo’s kid. Sorry if it’s confusing.

A/N// Thank You @padmekay For Your Request! Sorry It Took So Long. I Hope You Enjoy! Photo Is From Pinterest! 

Part 1  Part 2

Theo and I left Beacon Hills around a year and a half ago. We thought it would be safer. Not for us.For our child. We have a perfect little girl who had just turned one. Avia Raeken. She was such a daddy's girl.Theo adored his baby girl. He sat through all the tea parties, talked to all her dollies and told her countless bedtime stories at night.

But it was time. Time to go back to Beacon Hills. The Pack had no idea that I was pregnant. They were sad to see me go. But they didn’t know I was leaving with Theo. I understand that Theo did kill Scott, but he has changed. He has changed so much! Theo was a totally different person. He was also an amazing father. Yes, we may only be 17. But we are doing well. We have now bought a new house in Beacon Hills and moving back. 

It was the day of the move. Finally. We only had a few things to pack then we were off. The house already had everything we needed in. We needed to change some stuff but it will do for now. 

When I woke up, Theo was still asleep. I looked on the baby monitor to see that Avia was awake and waiting. I shuffled out of Theo’s grip so he wouldn’t wake up. I opened up the door to Avia’s room to see that she had a big smile on her face, behind her pacifier. I went and grabbed her, to give her, her morning cuddle. Before I took her to her dad, I changed her then we went to wake Theo up. We crept back into the room. Avia in my arms knowing what we were doing. I placed her onto the bed standing up, then she jumped onto Theo.

“Daddy!”  Her giggles filled the room. It was like music to my ears. Theo wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his chest. I left them both when I went down to the kitchen to get Theo and me coffee, as it was going to be a long day, and Avia her bottle of milk. As I came back into the bedroom. Avia was cuddled up to Theo and they were both watching cartoons. I gave Avia her milk and Theo his coffee, then I went to get ready. When I came back into the bedroom. Avia was sat on Theo. Theo would raise his hand and smile.

“I’m gonna get you” He would say causing Avia to squeal and laugh, shielding herself. Theo would then grab her and tickle her. The would lift her up in the air and bring her down and kiss her cheek, telling her how much he loved her. I was stood in the doorway just admiring my little family and how perfect it was. 

“Avia, go to mommy so I can get ready then we can go and get breakfast” Theo gave her one last kiss then Avia got off the bed and ran up to me. I took her into her room and got her dressed and took her downstairs. I couldn’t cook anything as everything that we owned was boxed up in the car. So I had some ready made pancakes and I cut some fruit up and placed them into a bowl. Theo came into the kitchen.

“Daddy!” Avia shouted and ran up to him arms wide open. He sat down and placed her on his knee as the high chair was in the car. 

“Why boxes?” Avia pointed to the boxes, that were needed to be filled with the rest of our things.

“Because sweetie we are moving,” I told her. She looked up at Theo.

“Where moving?” She asked

“Well princess, we are moving to a place called Beacon Hills,” Theo said as he began eating his breakfast.

“Why?” Avia was full over questions today.

“We have friends there. We haven’t seen them in a very long time” I informed her as I put drinks on the table and started eating.

“Who?” She asked looking confused.

“You will see princess, now come on eat up, or I will eat it,” Theo said encouraging his daughter to eat her breakfast.

“Nooo daddy. Mine” She said beginning to eat. 

After we all finished eating I cleaned everything we used and but them in the boxes, as Theo helped Avia pick up all her toys and put them in the box. That was it. We were leaving to go back to Beacon Hills. Back home. Theo took the boxes to the car as I checked everything then came back and picked up Avia, as well as her pink fluffy blanket, which she wouldn’t fall asleep without, her bottle and a pink Polka dot pacifier. He carried her outside and I followed behind. Theo strapped Avia into her car seat and gave her, her blanket so she would fall asleep. But before we took off, the cutest thing happened.

“Bye bye,any more” Avia said waving to out old house. It made my heart melt. As soon as we took off Avia fell asleep, snuggled up to her blanket, sucking on her pacifier. She was the sweetest thing ever. I looked out the window. Just thinking.

What if when he get back and they attack Theo….What if they test Avia to see if she is like Theo…But if she is like Theo they could help with getting her to gain control…What if they don’t want toanymoreas I went with Theo..What if they hate me for having a child…And having a child with Theo!

“Hello, Y/N?” Theo said bringing me out of my daydream. I looked over at him and gave him a small smile.

“Are you okay, you kinda zoned out” Theo asked with a worried look.

“Yeah I’m fine was just thinking,” I told him leaning my head on the back of the chair

“What were you thinking about” He asked

“What if they don’t want to see. What if they hate me” I blurted out.

“Baby, they will be so happy to see you and get to meet our little girl. But me on the other hand, They might not be happy. I will just have to work on getting their trust back. The dread doctors are gone. I don’t want power anymore. I have everything I will ever need in this car right now” Theo told. Which brought a tear to my eye.

“Theo, that’s why I love you!” I said holding his hand now.

We arrived in Beacon hills and Avia was just starting to wake up. I handed her. her bottle. When we pulled up to our new house she looked over to it. 

“New!” She shouted.

“Yeah princess, this is our new house,” Theo said taking her out of her car seat then handing her to me. Theo grabbed the boxes and we both went in. 

“Friends?” Avia asked. I guess it was a good time to go and see them. 

“Theo, I will go and change her then we can go around to Scott’s and see if he is home?” I asked and he gave me a nod. Once I changed Avia I put her back in the car and we drove to Scott’s house. When we closer to Scott’s house I noticed a blue Jeep and a Blue Toyota. Everyone must be there. It was Friday. That was when they had pack meetings. We pulled up outside and I got out and got Avia out of her seat. 

“You go, I just have some things to sort out,” Theo told me. I walked up to Scott’s front door and knocked on. 

“Y/N!” Scott shouted throwing his arms me and Avia. Everyone else came rushing towards the front door. They all had big smiles on their faces.

“And who is this little one,” Scott asked.

“This is my daughter Avia,” I told the as she was looking around.

“Daddy?” She asked.

“He will be her in a minute sweetie,” I told her.

“Y/N who’s the father?” Stiles asked. But before I could answer Avia wanted to be but down as Theo was coming towards us.

“DADDY..DADDY…DADDY” She yelled running up to him and Theo picked her up.


Part 2?


okay well this is my proudest moment as a sister. a year ago these kids didn’t know shit about Marvel so i took it upon myself to introduce them to the trash can and look at them now. my little sister wanted to be Wanda and my brothers fought over who would be Bucky until my mom just bought them both the same costume to shut them up. not Tony… not Steve… not Thor. Bucky. i cry. and i also have no idea what’s happening in the last photo.

So apparently I am the worst blog ever because I dont always credit my photos..  
I give credit where I can. I work 2 jobs and get on tumblr every once in a while. I have messages telling me how non credits make me a bad person.  If I had the time to back trace every damn picture I post that would be great but I dont I post pics that make me feel good make me feel calm make me feel something magical.. My blog is for me . not for popularity not for money making ideas its just to make me feel what I want to feel.. Its my home away from the real world. I dont take credit for any photos I am not that type of person. I love nature I love art I love animals.. What I dont like is people telling me I am not worthy because I dont spend hours tracking down who took the damn pictures.. So in a weeks time I will be deleting my tumblr blog and taking my fantasy world somewhere else. Thanks for the many years of appreciating what my minds pictures and enjoying the path I chose to follow. Much love and a little bit of sadness xo Earth Witch.


Ghost Rider character redesigns from the stream last night!  These were a total blast; thank you to all of you who hung out with me so late!  (click each photo for comments)

SO.  As some of y’all who follow me already know, I’ve been toying with the idea of a hypothetical Ghost Rider reboot, taking kinda the “best of all worlds” method and turning the whole mythos into something a little… uh, more coherent.  I go into detail in these posts here:

I took a lot of inspiration from Spectacular Spider-Man for these designs, so while the style isn’t quite the same, maybe you can see the influence. :P

Maybe I’ll design the bike next?

Like what you see?  You can check out my other musings and designs for this hypothetical Ghost Rider reboot right over here!

i’m a little late to the party but here we pokemon Go

-when pokemon go comes out the fahc get all over that shit

-ray is unapologeticly team Instinct as soon as the trainer photos get released (”have you seen the fucking team leader? he’s literally a meme”)

-michael and jeremy are so Team Valor that it hurts   

-michael has actually and literally fought someone who took his gym before (the gym is still team valor to this day)

-ray convinced jack to join team instinct (”it’s the super nice team you’d love it”) but really she’s a mystic at heart and doesn’t know it

-jack honestly has no idea the leveling system of pokemon go or about CP or whatever she just thinks all the pokemon are so cute

-like she didn’t know much about anything concerning pokemon before so now she’s just like “look Ray!! look at this cute little pink guy I love him so much I named him James”

-geoff says he hates it and will never try it but honestly he downloaded it, wasted five pokeballs on one pokemon, and then got too pissed off to continue

-ryan honestly has no idea about pokemon but he’s that friend that will go with you on pokemon hunts and drive you to pokestops just to do something even if they don’t have the game

-”ryan we’re going to the maze bank tower to catch pokemon” “alright give me a second i’ll get my jacket”

-michael and jeremy are so into going to pokestops and whatnot it’s unreal

-like all those posts that are like “make sure to bring water and snacks and band aids when you play pokemon go and don’t overexert yourself and be safe!!!”  are directed towards them because there was one ‘trip’ that they took where they were outside for 10 hours and got sunburnt to all hell

-jack and ray just kinda casually catch them (ray prefers the DS games and jack plays if she’s out and remembers)

-jobs/stakeouts have gone horribly wrong due to pokemon go (”jeremy get the fuck back over here!!!” “ray there’s a goddamn nidorina over there if you think i’m not catching it you’re wrong”)

-they are banned from playing pokemon go on heists

-everyone thinks gavin doesn’t play (”gavin you literally look like the team instinct leader what the fuck do you mean you don’t play”) 

-in reality gavin has hired people and hackers in different countries and states to catch pokemon for him on his account and is probably one of the top players in the country

Something I noticed about the Galactic Federation Database:

All of the aliens in the database have a prisoner ID that starts with two letters or numbers and then a hyphen.  I noticed that the two letters or numbers at the beginning of the ID usually corresponds to the planet that the alien comes from.

The actual people who took photos and got put in (probably during a con but IDK) have their ID listed as ‘TN’ from Earth.  Possibly for “Terra Nova” or something like that but I really have no idea.

And then we have Rick:

Even though his home planet is Earth and he’s listed as human, just like the picture above, his first two letters aren’t ‘TN’, they’re ‘AE’.  

But why?  Why is he alone the one that’s different?

I guess ‘AE’ is Earth’s first two letters but backwards?  Or is it something deeper than that?  Maybe I’m just looking too far into this, but I hope that this will be explained in the next season or else I’m going to lose my mind.


26.9.2016 || ART TAG 

So continue to this post here i finally finished my art picturing Voldronall gang taking a selfie , so here my headcanon for the characters taking photos :D 

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Mayor leonard snart of earth 2

So ever since we heard the line mayor snart my brain is kinda stuck on the idea of leonard being mayor (and Jesse and Harrys reaction to earth 1 len asdfghkllhdaa ) so I like to think earth 2 len was raised by his mother Lillian who also took custody of his half sister Lisa after she was born. He and Lisa lived happy, fulfilled lives both going to the top university in the country, Lisa acting as Lens campaign manager and getting him elected as mayor of central city.

This len is open and proud of his sexuality and even arranged a central city pride, which harry sponsored, his bodyguard mick rory has proven to be a close and valuable friend and the tabloids are speculating more than that and len has been a strong support to him during his therapy.

GMW headcanons about random insterests
  • riley loves to take pictures. either good moments or random situations, she likes to have them on her phone, and later on, on a photo album.  the idea of getting to show her kids how she and her friends were back when they were young really amuses her. 
  • farkle is a broadway geek. since cory and topanga took him, riley and maya to see the lion king on broadway, life was never the same again. he has posters on his wall and he’ll always accept musical tickets as gifts, no matter for which occasion. he has seen many musicals many times, and he keeps all the tickets on a notebook with a date and who went with him, for organizational purposes. 
  • maya has an obsession with night. growing up on a neighborhood where he lights would always be on, the night never scared her; the mistery that it borught to her life was actually really amusing. once she discovered drawing was “her thing”, she has been really into white chalk/pencil on black paper, because it’s easier for her to put light in the dark, to create something good with tools everyone thought were useless. 
  • lucas knows how to drive. being a year older than the rest of the crew, pappy joe thought it’d be a good idea for lucas to know how to drive in case of an emergency, specially because he was getting old and their farm was a bit far from austin. he learned on pappy joe’s old truck and he still can’t legally drive, so he doesn’t tell anyone, but he’s a fan of running errands for his grandpa every chance he can. 
  • zay is a really good dancer. not on a “i can move a bit” kind of good, but “i have throphys and medals on my bedroom” kind of good. he dances since he was a little kid, his mom thoguht he was really clumsy and dance classes would be a great way to work that issue; turns out he’s incredibly flexible and agile. dancing is also one of the reasons why he got bullied in school (that and his mouth), and one of the reasons why him and Lucas meet.  
  • Isadora has a nail polish collection. Since she had to “turn pretty” for debate reasons, Smackle discovered the great world of nail polish. Also obsessed with how they are made, she found out they are not that hard to create, so she often prefers to make her own shades other than buying them. 

Marcy loped up to where Vincent worked, hammering nails into a wooden wall. She held out her hand, offering a tiny scrap of burnt paper. “Found this in the floorboards. Rep, I mean Felix, said it used to be your house so I guess this was yours?”

Vincent put the hammer down and took the scrap. He wiped the grime away with his thumb, stared and collapsed suddenly on the spot, gently wiping the photo to reveal a face that stared back at him from the past. Marcy frowned out of concern rather than her usual annoyance and squatted next to him. “Um…Vincent?” She had no idea what to say to this man who hadn’t made her emotional life any easier. She admitted that he’d saved them but too late. He’d actually helped Mama Murphy into her grave and yet had still come out of that without blame. She didn’t like the man but couldn’t help but feel for him. “Who’s that?” she asked bluntly.

Vincent took a moment to register her question. “Vonny. Vaughn. He was my cousin but we were more like brothers. He…he was killed in action, before the big one. Never wanted to be a soldier, he wanted to save lives, not take them. Was a damn good doctor. He got pressed into service as a field medic.” Vincent huffed and shook his head. “Thought I’d lost this photo.”

Marcy hugged her knees. “Wish I had a picture of Kyle. He was a good-looking boy. I…I miss him so…” she choked on the last few words and at last, after all this time, let herself cry. It came out with force, having been bottled up for so long. She wailed and sobbed and when Jun came running, he found Vincent awkwardly holding her, a tear making its stealthy way down his cheek.

“It’s okay baby, I’m here,” Jun crooned. He turned to Vincent and shouted angrily, “Get your hands off my wife! What the hell are you doing?”

“Jun, calm down. She brought me a photograph of someone I was close to and then she was talking about Kyle,” (a louder wail) “…then this. That’s all, I swear.”

Jun’s anger vanished as quickly as it had arrived. He helped Marcy stand. “Come on, love. Let’s go home.” The two wandered back to the house they’d claimed as their own, to air their grief privately.

Vincent looked back down at the ruined photograph. “Miss you, buddy.” He kissed it and tucked it away in the inner pocket he’d added to his vault 88 suit, next to the two wedding rings. Then, he picked up the hammer and carried on. Mac would be home soon and he was eager to curl up and just be held.

I don’t know if any of you knew her, but a J2 fan named Kyline died this year. She was hilarious. One of her photo ops was the one with Misha and Jared where she had Misha hold a sign that said “THE JARED OPS WERE SOLD OUT”. It was supposed to be a joke but of course people freaked out over it. Mind you, these are the same people who praised @cocklestrash for using her photo op to openly mock Jared but okay. 

In Kyline’s honor, her friends did a memorial J2M photo op at DallasCon that commemorated all of her photo ops with the guys. They gave Misha the option to hold that sign or a different one. He held that one. After the photo ops were printed, a cockles/destiel shipper saw it on the table, took a picture of it, and put it on line to spread hate. They had no idea of the context, no idea what it was about. They just wanted to police the fandom and say “EWW. BIBROS” 

From what people like @pandagurl244 and @colorfulminds and @subackles (those are twitter urls btw) started with their stealing and posting someone else’s photo op has now come this: 

Actual death threats to the people involved in the photo op. @maIecdestiel (The letter that looks like a lowercase L in the malec part of their url is actually a capital i) They’re still at it, threatening to gut and murder people, and none of their fellow destiel/cockles shippers are saying a word to stop them. What happened to the ones who kept saying “We clean up our own side of the fandom”? @exorcisingemily who is supposed to be so anti-bullying hasn’t said a word, as usual. Neither has the supposed SPN Anti-bullying twitter account. The only account that has is that kale online account. 

If you have a twitter account, please go block and report @maIecdestiel and every single one of their friends who are agreeing with them. This goes beyond shipping bullshit. This is someone threatening to end people’s lives over fandom nonsense.