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okay I just saw Spider-Man Homecoming and now I can’t stop thinking about Dean being a total freaking science nerd all awkward and halfway in love with his best friend, Cas. Cas, who is a total genius and super popular and who has no earthly idea that Dean is the masked vigilante giving people directions and catching bike thieves. Which is fine by Dean, because Castiel has already confessed that he has a total crush on Spider-Man… and the former is pretty damn sure that Cas thinks the man behind the mask has it all figured out: older, mature, attractive—not a sixteen year-old who shares a room with his younger brother. (How Sam still doesn’t know about Spidey, Dean isn’t sure.)

Anyway, Cas comes over one night to work on their part of the robotics for the after-school team, and waits in Dean’s room because Bobby says he’s out. He sits on Dean’s bunk (the bottom) and waits and waits and waits, until fucking Spider-Man climbs in through the ceiling and carefully closes the goddamn door. Spider-Man. Spider-Man, who is clearly Dean Winchester.

Cas basically has a heart attack.

And so does Dean, if we’re being honest.

This results in a handful of days where Castiel continues an incessant line of questioning, the whole thing culminating in his desire to be Dean’s right hand man, his “guy in the chair”, if you will.

Of course, Dean says yes.

And of course, it’s when they’re hanging out in Dean’s room–the latter hanging upside down with a web and Cas lounging on Dean’s bed, that the former gets up and presses an upside down kiss to his best friend’s mouth.

Dean is speechless, and to his half-formed words of disbelief, Castiel merely shrugs.

“I liked you way before I liked Spider-Man,” the blue-eyed boy says. “And I was getting tired of waiting.”

Guys. Guys jsut LOOK

Ever since i found thsi fucking picture. Ive been laughing deliriously. Just LOOK:

•Events happening in either early evening or early morning, and i have no idea whicj is funnier

•its in a fucking alleyway. Its a closed off space with only a bench and a trashcan apparently

•The shocked bystander who is doing absolute jack shit to prevent a disaster

•Nihilego are… tiny. Perfect hat size, just descended on these poor assholes. Look at that one’s flaily legs

•Lady is prepared to bludgeon that man with a garbage can. Man only has a stick and the lower ground. “I have the higher ground, anakin.”

•that bachground nihilego just leaving. He’s just noping out. Fucking right off. Probably embarrassed at his friends 

pantheasblessing submitted to wearepjocrazy: Crossover AU Where Annabeth Chase is the Doctor and Percy Jackson is her companion. I don’t even know how to begin to write it, but maybe a better writer than me would like the idea.


Deep breaths

Where do I even start?

How about with a disclaimer. It’s been 2+ years since I have watched Doctor Who. My memories are shot and very limited, so a lot of the information I will be using is Out of Date, no flames okay? Also, I am not making her the Doctor, I am making her a time lord though


Annabeth was only on her second regeneration when she met the man

It was some time in 1950, a New York City paper boy with eyes like she’s never seen before

And an attitude unlike any other

He was only 15 at the time, bicycling down the city streets throwing rolled up paper at people’s windows. He ran straight into her TARDIS, which was in the form of a police box. Annabeth had chosen the disguise to reflect on the most famous Time Lord of All - The Doctor.

He broke down the doors and flew into her just as she was leaving for 2011. The snarky black haired boy demanded she take him back home. Unfortunately, they were stuck for some reason.

Percy was his name. Percy Jackson. She couldn’t find any records of him, she wasn’t interested in finding them anyways. They spent a year together, traveling from the dinosaur ages to a human colony 6.7 million years out from his birth-date, then she dropped Percy off in 1951 on his 16th birthday.

3 years later, she came across him again. Only it was 1976. He was 18.

By this time, Percy had a nickname for her - Wise Girl. She had complained about the name, Time Lords were not restricted to the gender roles most species were, but Percy pointed out that she could always change it to Wise Boy or Wise One later on.

He’s in a bakery, paying a loaf of bread, when she ran into him.

Annabeth was shocked. She dragged Percy off into a corner alley and demanded how he got there.

“Dunno, I just… kinda stopped ageing, I guess. Or, like, really slowed down. I’ve been 18 for at least a decade.”

Then some explosion/invasion happened and they were off again. This time he only spent a few months with her, then she dropped him off back where she had found him, in that small bakery

A couple of years passed again, and she landed in the roaring 90′s. A man stopped her while she was pursuing a serial killer.

Percy hadn’t aged more than a week. He recognized Annabeth from the news, he knew her just enough to know what she was here for.

“What is going on with me?” He sounded desperate. “My little sister just passed away and I have barely aged 3 years since I’ve met you.”

Annabeth couldn’t answer him. She had no idea what was happening to him. There was no council to consult, she was on her own.

She told him to wait while she went back to her TARDIS to go to a library. She spent a hundred years researching, travelling all over the universe. She could find no answers.

She landed in 2017. A man was on the news documentary. A man people called ‘a god’, someone who has been the same age since 1951.

She tracked down Percy. It was hard, he had disappeared off the grid, but she found him in North Nebraska.

Despite the 20+ years that had passed, Percy had only aged a half a year. His hair was bleached white, his skin a darker tan, in attempts to hide from the media.

“Well? What did you find? What’s wrong with me?”

Annabeth couldn’t answer that. She asked him for samples, tons of them. Hair samples, skin samples, blood samples, even semen samples (At this point, Percy wasn’t going to argue about that.)

Her results came back with 100% human. It made no sense.

Percy told her that he couldn’t keep living like this.

She knew only one thing to do.

She took him into her TARDIS and they set off again

This time, they traveled for a thousand years. He aged as quickly as Annabeth did - which was painfully slow. They had other companions come and go - A couple of teenagers named Jason and Piper who were from 2000′s Los Angeles, a brother and sister from 1920′s Italy, a half goat man named Grover who was from a far distant planet near the end of space and time, a girl with electric blue eyes who had been Percy’s old friend in the 1950′s, a boy with fire abilities from a mechanical planet that had died off before Earth formed, a hunter who looked like a Persian Princess from Ancient Greece, so on so forth. 

Annabeth even felt confident enough to tell Percy her birth name. He elected to call her Wise Girl instead, since it ‘sounds cooler than Annabeth’. 

They both looked 25 when Annabeth realized what was happening.

They were soulmates.

She waved the silly idea off. There was no such thing as soulmates… right?

Then they came across some magicians in Ancient Egypt. Magic wasn’t real, it couldn’t be, but they were surrounded by a magical layer of reality she had never heard about with gods and magicians.

She flirted with the idea a little. He was aging at the exact same rate she was, if you excluded the first 3 or so years.

She looked 18 when she met him. He was only 15 then. 

Annabeth kept silent about it. She needed more data.

They landed in 2100 C.E., and met a boy who could shape shift and a girl who could summon illusions from mid air. They were some experiments of a sub-cyborg race that had branched away from Cybermen. They were kidnapped and poked with needles, then somehow managed to escape.

They didn’t have names, so Percy dubbed them ‘Frank Zhang’ and ‘Hazel Levesque’

The four defeated the cyborgs and freed nearly 70 kids between the ages of 4 and 19 years old.

Frank and Hazel tagged along with them as they traveled through time. He was 13, she was 10. When they were 18 and 15, Annabeth confronted them about her suspicions of Percy’s aging problem.

“It could be? Who knows, you two seem so happy together.” Hazel told them

Percy connected Jason and Piper and they were more than happy to keep Frank and Hazel in their ever growing household of former companions. Jason inherited all his dad’s money, a huge 3.7 billion dollar net worth, and Piper suggested this become a retirement home for former companions.

Annabeth’s first kiss with Percy was on his ‘30th’ birthday, in a super volcano operated by a criminal mastermind on a planet somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy. Percy disappeared shortly after that.

Wise Girl was guilt ridden. She should have been the one to turn off that machine, not him. She hadn’t been wise enough.

She went to the Grace mansion and collapsed there for a few months.

Then a man with green eyes showed up at their door a few months later, bewildered.

“I landed on some… paradise planet where they brainwashed everyone. Oh, by the way, this is Calypso.”

Annabeth slapped him, but was relieved to have him home.

But she was jealous of Calypso. Percy and her seemed so… attached. Like… dare she believe this - lovers.

Wise Girl stole some of Calypso’s cervix DNA, only to come across this weird thing.

They were brother and sister. Fully related.

But Calypso wasn’t from the right time frame. She was from 2003 Earth’s C.E. She was full blooded Ogygian. 

She confronted Calypso about this. She shrugged. “Magic, I guess.” the caramel haired girl said. “Who knows.”

Annabeth didn’t know. It was driving her crazy.

Percy invited Calypso into the TARDIS and then they were off again. 

Calypso was their first companion to die. It was in New New York, when she fell off of the 500th floor of the New Empire State Building. 

Percy didn’t come out of his sleeping quarters for months

Annabeth went in to comfort him and…


Tumblr is filled with 12 year olds, I can’t tell you the details

But nine months later, the Grace mansion had their newest resident - A little girl named Rose

Rose Tymaina Jackson

Percy loved her with all her heart. But…

She aged normally.

As the two time travelers went on their adventures, they ironically lost track of time. The next time they saw their daughter, she was off to college.

“I still love you, I understand you couldn’t be around, with work and all.”

Jason died shortly after

Slowly, as the two newly weds grew distant, their old companions got picked off. 




Rose was the last to die - and invasion of weeping angels had caused her wife to be sent back to the 1800′s and she died of broken heart syndrome.

Percy and Annabeth didn’t know until 80 years later.

They were older, much older now. Easily over 2500 years for Annabeth and about 1900 for Percy.

The Daleks came

Percy had the issues of an old person’s - He looked 70 and felt like 90. The lazr caught him in the back and he went down.

Their companions weren’t their to help them. They gave up on companions after Piper died. The Grace mansion was now a time hole, sucked into a room in the TARDIS, never aging.

Annabeth got him to the Mansion just in time to patch the wound up, but Percy was already loosing his life.

“I don’t want to lose you.” Annabeth cried.

“It’s okay, Wise Girl. It was a fun ride.”

He closed his eyes, his beautiful sea green pearls. Annabeth closed hers too. 

Then something strange happened.

A gold glow Annabeth was familiar with filled her body. She opened her eyes.

“No. No no no please no. Just let me die.”

She changed. She grew younger. Her hair turned bright red and frizzy, falling down her back. Her skin grew lighter, much much lighter. Smoother, but also covered in freckles.

She looked in the mirror and green eyes, serpent green ones. She was a ginger.

Then something was glowing silver in front of her.

Percy began to change too. His hair turned to a dusty blond, his skin smoothed out into a softer tan. He grew in height, his features changed.

Annabeth’s new mouth hung open and Percy opened his eyes.

“Who… who are you?” His eyes were the same sea green. Annabeth teared up.

“Wise Girl… Annabeth… You…”

“Annabeth?” He whispered. “You look so…. red….”

She let out a laugh. “You look 15 again.”

“So do you.” 

“You’re a soulmate.” She whispered. “We’re tied forever. I’ll live with you till the end of time.”

He laughed. His voice was different.

And that was okay.

She dubbed him ‘Seaweed Brain’. He started to switch between ‘The Red Dare’ and ‘Wise One’

They were happy. They went back to the counsel room

“Where do you wanna go?”

Percy pondered something for a moment.

“How does the 50th Superbowl sound?”

“Gods hope you never change.”

They were off again

Please ignore Shitty-Headcanons

Its people like them that tear down a community by starting conflicts and so on.
Its aggravating and stuff but you have to remember that this is one person and if someones messing with others art like that over a fucking idea, than they’re the immature one

The crew said themselves​ that they think we can interpret the objects however we want, but it isn’t correct to fight with each other over what’s wrong and what’s right.

If you headcanon knife as a trans man, good on you! That’s your idea and a good half of the community agrees with you probably.
But people like shitty-headcanons (who is obviously Onepunch ghoul) are gonna come around sometimes.

Its best that as a community, we just ignore and block them. (When you block, they cant reblog your posts)
They make me angry, trust me. But arguing wont do shit. They’re just gonna try harder to annoy people then. So we can just shut them out and they’ll most likely get bored.

Also, don’t argue with them on people’s art that they reblogged, you’re probably hurting the artist. (Unless its your art)

Once again, ignore them. Block them. Tell all your friends to block them. We can get rid og bad people in a passive and logical way. Arguing is just gonna make them wanna fuck with people again.
This is gonna drive new people out of the fandom. :(

I’m Not Jealous


Joe’s POV

Y/N had been broken before, a few times actually. Every guy that she has dated seemed really nice but ended up being a total dick. Even the guys that she has just hooked up with have been jerks. 

A few months ago, she had called me crying saying that she was over dating and that every man she has ever met sucked. Why she called me instead one of her girl friends I have no idea but I sat and listened as she opened up on about all of her past relationships, many of which I didn’t know had even happened. 

Y/N and I used to be close, very close. In the past 4 years I have gotten to know her so well that I couldn’t see her not in my life, but that all changed last year when she started dating the guy who had had fueled her tearful swearing off of men. Needless to say, I was very surprised by her phone call and even more surprised when all I heard were sobs on the other side of the line.

After that phone call, it was almost like things had gone back to the way they used to be, pre-boyfriends. It had been 3 months of homemade dinners or late night take aways, sleepovers and all nighters, taking absolute shit about the things we’d be doing if we had chosen a different career path. 

This was how we had gotten so close. Other than my sister, I have never opened up to anyone about what was running through my mind than I had done with Y/N. She knew all my secrets and I knew hers and when she started dating her ex, I was terrified that I had lost that person. 

That phone call broke my heart and I swore to her that I would never let anyone hurt her like he did. I loved her but not in a romantic way regardless to what all of our friends thought. I loved being around her because she made me laugh and could calm me down when work was getting to me. I valued our friendship and didn’t want it to be ruined by some guy who only had the intentions of sleeping with her.


Y/N was on her way over for one of our weekly dinners. She had canceled the past 2 weeks so we were overdue to catch up.

“Knock knock” Y/N’s voice floated through my flat and I heard the door shut behind here.

“In here.” I called out from the kitchen.

“Hi!” She said setting her things on the worktop before moving around it to embrace me in a hug, “I haven’t seen you in forever it feels like.”

“Yeah, two weeks is quite a long time. Especially for people who usually talk every day.”

“I know, I know. Works been rough and I’ve just been so busy.” She said taking a seat at the worktop.

It was like she lived here. She moved through my flat like I was the guest in her own flat. It was refreshing in a way to have someone be so comfortable around you.

“Well I hope you’re hungry because dinner is nearly ready.” I said as I watched her eyes light up.

“Oh I forgot to tell you,” Y/N said taking a sip of her drink, “I’ve been seeing someone.”

“What?” I said almost choking on my food.

“Yeah, I also want you to meet him and give me your honest opinion about him. He’s not like the other guys and we don’t really have that much in common but its kind of okay.” She said casually.

“When did this happen?”

“About 2 months ago. We met at the library of all places. I was struggling to find a certain book, you know that one that everyone is reading?” She paused to look at me and quickly realized that the title of the book wasn’t that important, “Anyways long story short, it turned out that he had just picked up the last copy and BAM!”

“Bam?” I asked looking at confused.

“He asked my to dinner, told me I could have the book if I promised to give it to him after I finished over dinner.”

“And you did?” 

“Yeah, we discussed the book on our second date. He let me keep it if you are looking for a good read.” 

“Um, I think I’m good. Thanks” I said standing up and taking our empty plates over to the sink.

“Okay…so would you want to meet him or are you just going to trust my judgment although that has never been the best.” She taking taking another sip of her drink.

“Umm, yeah sure.”

“Yeah sure?”

“I thought you said you were done dating?” I said, recalling the phone call in which she was in tears. 

“I didn’t mean it Joe. It was just in the heat of the moment thing- I was hurt and I was just talking shit.” She said sounding a little confused.

“It didn’t sound like shit Y/N. You were crying your eyes out, I could barely even understand you. I’ve seen you sad and upset, but never like that.”

“Joe it’s not like I’m going back to him. This is a new guy who is very different from any guy I have ever dated. And I can’t exactly swear off men if I one day want to get married and have kids, dating is the first step and for me, that involves men.”

“Yeah I know that. It’s’s just stupid. Never mind. I’ll meet your new boyfriend if you really want me to.” I said not wanting to get into a big fight with someone I might lose to her new boyfriend.

“Joe what is going on?” She said standing up and walking over to me.

“Nothing.” I said resting my palms on the counter and hanging my head down.

“Obviously something is up, you’re never like this. If you ask me, you’re sounding kind of jealous.” 

“I’m not jealous Y/N. Why would I be jealous?” I said looking up at her.

“I dunno, you tell me.” She said giving me signature half smile.

That smile, that damn half smile thing that she does would make an innocent man confess in court. Its caring and loving yet firm and asserting and makes you just want to spill everything you have ever bottled up inside. Its the exact reason why we are so close, she flashes that smile every time she knows I need to get something off my chest and she knows it.

“Ugh, I really need you to stop doing that.”

“Then tell me whats wrong.”

“I’m not jealous. I just don’t want someone to take you away from me like last time. I also don’t want to ever see you that hurt ever again. You thought he was going to be the man you ended up marrying and remember how he turned out. Who’s to say that library boy won’t be the same?”

“Wow.” She said letting out a deep breath, “First off, that is exactly why I want you to meet him. I value your opinion Joe and if I’m not mistaken, you liked the last one too. Granted you ended up seeing through him before I did, but still. Secondly, I understand that that year sucked for us. I barely saw you and that was really rough. I’ve made it clear this time that I need you in my life and he’s actually excited to meet you. He wants to actually get to know the people who love and support me and believe it or not, you’re up there on the list. And thirdly, that sounded a lot like you’re jealous that I haven’t been spending time with you.” She laughed. 

I rolled my eyes as she continued to laugh and pull me into a hug. It was slightly annoying that she was able to go from sweet and sincere to funny and sarcastic in the same sentence.

“Don’t worry Sugg, I’m not going to let that happen again.”

“You promise?”

“Pinky promise. And I give you permission to do whatever it takes to make me realize that I’m being a shitty friend if it comes to that.” 

“Can I make a video about how shit you’re being and show the whole world?”

“Um, If it comes to that y…yes?”

“You know I’d never do that, but thanks for giving me the permission” I laughed and I hugged her tightly.

“I love you Joe, don’t forget that.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

“Great!” She said pulling away, “I’m really excited for you to meet him. and who knows, maybe he can join us on these dinners!”

“Um no he can’t. These are our dinners.” I said quickly shooting her a look.

“It was worth a shot!” She laughed as her moved to help me clean up dinner.


Some portrait sketches done for the cuties who donated! :D

Thank you all SO MUCH for the support, It really means a lot to me, you have no idea how much this is helping me! 

I’m also loving all of these cute FF online characters, man, they look so great! 

I’m really overflooded by requests, so if you sent me a donation and you’re waiting for the sketch, please wait a bit and I’ll try sending your drawing as soon as I can! I’m working on multiple requests right now so please be patient a bit! <3

If you by chance don’t see your drawing, send me and email at:, I’ll get back to you asap. Thank you all <3 

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NTAM whose idea of making casual conversation is to ask whether you're a virgin. Honestly, don't trust a man who is interested in your virginity at all.


Some of my Best Mistakes (Jared Kleinman X Gender Neutral Reader)

WARNINGS: drinking, swearing and super bad dancing!


It’s been said that there’s nothing sexier than a man who knows how to dance. If this was true than there was no one less-sexy than Jared Kleinman. He bent his knees far too much; bobbed his head like a chicken; and did the white-boy-overbite thing. The boy had rhythm, he just didn’t know what to do with it.

When you had all decided to go to a club, Evan had been the first to object and followed quickly by Alana. But Connor and Zoe had managed to drag them out. Jared on the other hand was ecstatic at the idea. When you had actually reached the dance floor and after a way too many drinks you watched him transform from someone too-cool-to-try into what can only be described as a goose walking on a hot plate.

You, Alana and Zoe where holding hands and swinging your arms as you felt Jared grinding on you from behind. You let go of the girls hands and turned to face him, “you just really… Can’t dance.” You burst out laughing as he did what must’ve been the worlds first slow headbang while throwing his arms in the air, “you’re just jealous of my sick fucking moves.” He shouted over the music as he slut-dropped to your knees and slowly raised back up.

“Oh, totally.” You deadpan and he winks, shimming towards you. He body rolled away, taking your hand and pulling you with him, “why deny yourself all of this?” He motion down his body and you let out a loud laugh, watching him get a little closer than either of you usually would. You lean your forehead against his, “so much confidence for such little talent.” You whisper and he takes your hands, “alright, if you’re so good: teach me.”

You feel your heart skip lightly as you lean away from him and put one of your arms around his neck. You hear his breath hitch even in the deafening music and you smile, you take his hand in yours and push your bodies together, “put your hand on my waist, nerd.” You order and he does so suddenly very nervously.

You both turn at a fast pace on the floor, legs intertwining as he grows in confidence and spins you around the floor. Twirling you under his arm and grabbing you closer than before. You’re both too giddy and drunk to realise there’s a small circle around you of people watching. He’s still doing the lip-biting thing and moving his head too much; but honestly it’s really endearing. You don’t notice that you’re staring at him, but he has.

You look to see if you can see the rest of your group as he leans in to kiss you, missing your mouth as you turn and catching the corner of your top lip. You swing your head back to see him as he looks justifiably mortified. He lets go of you and speedily walks off the floor; head down without making eye contact with anyone. You stand for a moment in stunned silence before chasing after him.

It takes you a while in your tipsy stupor but you eventually find him leaning against a wall outside with his head buried in his hands.

“Jared!” You call from across the path, making your way toward him and stopping inches from his face. He’s trying not to look at you but you take his face in your hands and whisper quietly, “you missed.” Before pulling him toward you and kissing him lightly on the lips. You feel his shaking hand gingerly brush your waist and hold you. He feels nervous and you pull away, “is that what you meant to do?” You ask. He nods and you smile easily, he’s blushing and it’s not from the drink.

He gulps and closes his eyes, “we’re drunk, we shouldn’t do this.” Despite his words he leans in again and you allow him to brush his tongue against the roof of your mouth, you comb your hands lightly through his hair and press yourself against him, bodies grazing each other with quiet but excitable energy, you pull away and look into his eyes, “Jared, I’ve made some of my best mistakes drunk.”

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You didn't respond directly to my message so you could twist what I said. This is exactly what I was talking about, uneeded hostility to the idea of a man being lonely. It falls over from gender roles and the ideals of manhood that people internalize. Men who are lonely are seen as failures deserving of nothing but anger and you seem them that way.

shut up LOL i love and validate all my friends if ur lonely its bc ur sexist and dumb stop victimizing urself n blaming women as if we had the obligation to validate yall annoying fucks


Iris: “Aw, come on kid. What’s wrong with a lil’ interpersonal explotation? Everyone in Hollywood does it, no matter what it is, to get ahead…’Course, I’ve heard /you/ know all about that.”

Gin Tonic: *sincere* “I have no idea what you mean.”

Iris: “Man, I’ve heard about the little number Albert Browning tried on every girl that came into his office, but I’ve never /actually/ met anyone who was stupid enough to fall for it.”

Gin Tonic: “…N-n…”

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HDSALJFDLKAFJDS ANON HOW HAVE U FOLLOWED ME FOR THAT LONG!!!!!!!!!! like forreal that i was probably 13-14 during that url that was 6-7 years ago HOLY FUCK U’VE SEEN A LOT

i even changed accounts from the inkstain- one to michaelskanks ahgdslkafjdslf holy fuck hello

(also honestly i dont even remember if i put the hypyen at the end of inkstain but…. man that was a nice url)


Sameer and The Chief quickly volunteer as their time with Diana have inspired them to fight for a cause. Charlie, however, hesitates. You see Charlie can’t shoot anymore. His PTSD is too overwhelming and he’s afraid he’s become useless. “Maybe you’ll be better without me,” he says, pained by the idea that he’s too “broken” to help.“But who will sing to us, Charlie?” Diana asks. It’s a simple question that brings a smile to Charlie’s face, a song in his heart, and the group continues on their way.

On the surface, it’s a tender moment. One that shows just how close this group has become since dropping onto the front lines of World War One. But with one simple line, Wonder Woman has redefined what it is to be a man.

Patty Jenkins’s Diana, doesn’t ask Charlie to continue to fight for her. She doesn’t need him to kill for her. She doesn’t try to encourage him or make him feel guilty for not being able to kill anymore, or turn him away because he can’t. She simply asks him to do what he can. She simply asks him to sing, and tells us that we don’t need to fight to be strong enough to stand beside Wonder Woman. - “But who will sing to us, Charlie?” The Defining Power of Wonder Woman

Untranslatable German Words
  • Engelsgeduld: (lit.: angel's patience) great amount of patience
  • Feierabend: (lit.: party-evening) the rest of the day that remains after work
  • Fernweh: the desire/longing to travel to faraway places/ foreign countries
  • Fingerspitzengefühl: (lit.: fingertips-feeling) good skill in handling things/ sensitivity and empathy
  • Fremdschämen: (lit.: foreign shame) shame that arises from the compassion with someone who made a fool of himself
  • Geborgenheit: more than safety, protection and invulnerability, it symbolises peace, warmth and calm you feel especially when you're with the people you're close to (e.g. family, friends)
  • Gemütlichkeit: feeling of comfort
  • Habseligkeiten: valuable and personally important possessions
  • Innerer Schweinehund: (lit.: inner pig-dog = weaker self) the part of a person that they have to overcome to be productive
  • Kitsch: objects with superficial beauty that are actually useless but are appreciated nonetheless
  • Konfliktfähigkeit: (lit.: conflict ability/skill) ability to deal with conflict / ability to constructively solve interpersonal conflicts
  • Kummerspeck: (lit.: grief/sorrow bacon (fat)) gained weight from emotional overeating (especially after a breakup)
  • Lebenslüge: (lit.: life's lie) a lie that you tell yourself to make life more bearable
  • Mitdenken: (lit.: with-thinking) ability to think for yourself and do more than what you were demanded to do / trying to find a conceptional solution to a problem together with other people
  • Sehnsucht: intense inner longing for somebody, something or a place
  • Schnapsidee: (lit.: schnapps idea) a ridiculous and crazy plan/idea you have while you are drunk
  • Sprachgefühl: (lit.: language feeling) feeling/sense of language, instinctive feel for a certain language / intuitive feeling of what is linguistically appropriate
  • Stehaufmännchen: (lit.: little stand up man) someone who doesn't give up and begins anew
  • Torschlusspanik: (lit.: gate-closing-panic) the fear of missing something important / not being able to do some things (because you're too old)
  • Verschlimmbessern: (lit.: verschlimmern=exasperate, verbessern=improve) improve something for the worse / make something worse but with having had the intention of improving it
  • Vorführeffekt: (lit.: demo effect) the effect that something you're actually able to do doesn't work when you want to demonstrate it to other people
  • Waldeinsamkeit: (lit.: forest loneliness/solitude) the seclusion/solitude of the forest
  • Warmduscher: (lit.: warm showerer/ somebody who showers with warm water) a wimp / a person that doesn't like to leave their comfort zone
  • Weltschmerz: (lit.: world pain (world weariness)) gratuitous melancholia / kind of feeling experienced by someone who believes that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind / the feeling of anxiety caused by the ills of the world
  • Zeitgeist: (lit.: time-spirit, spirit of the time ) the dominant set of ideals and beliefs that motivate the actions of the members of a society in a particular period in time

Given its key role in 12x15, I thought it was about time to remake my green cooler appreciation gifset (shoutout to original requester @samspurpletoothbrush)

listen you have no idea how important having a bilingual peter in the mcu is because in queens, hispanics are the majority of the minority. i see peter using spanish in the suit when he needs to help someone who doesn’t speak english. like they can utilize that so well into the next few films. man it was such a little thing that made me so happy to see. to be in a theater filled with hispanics and us all laughing out of joy and saying “Ooooo” to that first line peter speaks in spanish in the movie, like yes. i need more of that bond when watching a movie like spider-man on the big screen. 

it’s so hurtful when people, especially people who are also members of my community, claim that being gay is regressive.  it is not more progressive to be multi gender attracted, gay people are not being discriminatory by only being attracted to one gender, and we do not have privilege for not being multi gender attracted.

gay men are not misogynistic for not being attracted to women. support and respect their identity.
lesbians do not owe men anything and being a lesbian is not predatory. support and respect our identity.

please defend us against those who claim that “monosexual privilege” exists, the idea circulating that being gay makes you oppressive is harmful to us - especially people struggling with internalised homophobia.

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