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Buckle Up Boys and Girls It’s Time for a Theory

Unpopular Opinion: The Colonel is Darkiplier.

And not just because Damien is a pure innocent boy who must be protected at all costs.

Personally I just get serious weird vibes from this guy.

LET’S GET THEORISING (more under the cut)

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Worth More.

Request from @brynnleemua: Reader breaks up with boyfriend so Bucky tries to cheer her up and reveals he has feelings for her. (Not EXACTLY word for word as this was answered privately rather than on my blog.)

Note: Hope this helps to cheer you up hun! <3

Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,629

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

A three year relationship ended with nothing more than a heated argument and a slam of the door.

One thousand and ninety-five days of letting someone into your life, giving them your heart, and this is how it ended? It was like none of it had meant anything to him. The girl he had been seeing behind your back for the past few months had obviously offered him far more than he thought you possibly could because he hadn’t even tried to apologise to you, grovel at your feet for forgiveness, and worst of all he hadn’t even tried to fight for the relationship you had.

As your back slid down your room door you brought your knees up to your chest and waited for the inevitable knocking to start. You lived in Stark Tower with the rest of your team, The Avengers, and there were another three people who lived on this floor who would undoubtedly have heard the raised voices. Great. Now not only did you need to deal with the fact that the man you had given everything to had walked out on you for someone else but you now had the embarrassment of everyone else knowing about it.

The knocking you had been expecting to hear came quicker than you had anticipated but you were more than ready to tell whoever it was to go away, last thing you needed was that whole ‘there’s plenty of other fish in the sea’ or ‘you were too good for him’ spiel that was so patronising.

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So I was bored recently and I was watching videos with tips on how to survive kpop concerts, and they were all missing out on some stuff that I consider crucial. This survival guide will include tips on buying tickets, outfit advice and what you should expect at a kpop concert!

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You Can Blame My Soulmate // Josh Dun

Gif credit: x

Summary: Your soulmate, whoever they are, are really fucking with your life right now. Dying their hair, and getting a tattoo over the course of twenty four hours on one of the most important days of your life career wise. 
Word Count: About 3300
Warning(s): Foul language, small mention of blood. Kinda shitty editing, idk I rushed through it.
Author’s Note: I’m probably going to do a buuuunch of these little soulmate au things because I think they’re cute and I want them to be real. I know there are quite a bit of mistakes (Josh’s hair already being dyed before the date of your job interview, and that the time zones between the two are kind of fucked) but I kind of overlooked them as I began writing and I really like this idea so if you ignore them with me it’s like they don’t even exist right? So, let’s do that. Also, for those waiting on part two of Markingsit will most likely be coming out next week (don’t quote me on that). My goal now is to post every Thursday, but I have school coming up soon so, we’ll see how that goes. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!
AUs (given by this gorgeous human here): If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well and you swear the moment you see your soulmate you will choke them because you just woke up with your hair colored… and it’s your first job interview at a prestigious company what the fuck. Oh, and your best friend just took a picture to post online and wait—what, how many likes is that? AND A tattoo isn’t set from the moment you’re born and whatever tattoos your soulmate gets, you get it too and it’s all cool because you kind of like the designs, except you also feel the pain of getting a tattoo and that sucks…

The AU list for anyone who is interested: x

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How they calm you down- part 2

AN: Hey guys, I made the 2nd post.  For some reason I always feel motivated to write only when I’m on the phone with my friend.  So, basically I wrote this whole thing while talking to my friend.  Enjoy.

Draco Malfoy

Draco was holding your hand in the hallway and he pressed his lips gently against your cheek.  A couple of girls made their way towards you and proceeded to glare.  Draco noticed this but thought that there was no problem until your body started to go stiff from head to toe.  Draco stared down the girls who were glaring and watched as they quickly scurried down the hall and looked back in a failed attempt of defiance.  “Who were those girls?” he asked with ice running through his stare.  “It’s nothing.  They’re nothing.  Let’s just go babe.” you said while trying to pull Draco along with you.  You were pulled back due to Draco standing there and not allowing himself to be pulled.  “I won’t start walking till you tell me.” he said, his voice sending chills down your spine.  “Alright alright, they’re just some Gryffindor girls who don’t like me because I…I called them stupid bitches.”  Draco’s lips pulled into a slight smile as he questioned, “Why exactly did you call them stupid bitches?”  “Well, they were making a big deal about McGonagall giving them bad grades even though they’re the ones who talk throughout class and get pretty much every question wrong.”  Draco smiled even wider until he saw that your shoulders were drooping.  “Don’t worry I’ll deal with them so that they stop bothering you, princess”  He started to rub his fingers along your shoulders making goosebumps formed as you two continued along to class.  

*the next day* 

The next day you heard that those Gryffindor girls had been sick hadn’t appeared in any of your classes.  

Neville Longbottom

Neville had been late again when he saw you sitting Flourish and Blotts tapping your foot impatiently.  When he got there and grabbed your shoulder and said, “Sorry, I had forgot about meeting you here and had to hurry and get ready.”  You pulled your shoulder away from his touch and he watched as your impatient look went from anger to sorrow.  The tears clouded your eyes as you quickly turned away and started walking towards the store door.  “(y/n), sorry.  I’m seriously sorry baby.”  “Sorry, i forgot.  Sorry this, sorry that.” you said with a shaking voice.  Neville pulled you into a hug and started to swing you lefft and right softly and whispered in your ear, “I swear to god (y/n), I’m really sorry and I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow.”  He kissed your head in apology as he felt your head shake softly.  “This isn’t really about me being late, is it?” he asked softly as you shook your head in reply.  “No…it’s just stress. Everything is moving too fast and I can’t catch up.  I don’t know what to do anymore.” you whimpered out between breaths.  Neville listened to you talk while swinging you knowing that talking right now wouldn’t really help but he would make sure he’d talk to you afterwards to make sure you were alright.  “It’s okay baby, it’s all gonna be okay.” he whispered in your ear.

Fred Weasley

Fred knew that you were on edge that day.  There was that air of annoyance surrounding your aura that told him today was not the day to mess with you.  Fred’s twin brother George had not felt this aura on you and decided that he should do a prank when you came over to study with Fred.  Fred watched as everything displayed in front of him in slow motion.  The balloons flying out of nowhere and splashing all over your frame in a gooey mess.  Your face went three shades of red as in contorted into anger.  You ran past Fred and into the bathroom to go clean yourself off.  “Babe, you okay?  I solemnly swear that I had no idea this was gonna happen.”  He walked forwards and tried to grab your shoulder which caused you to thrash out and pull away from his grip.  “I’m alright.  Let me just wash this away and I’ll probably feel a hell of a lot better.”  Fred could hear your fastened breaths as you were trying to calm down and not lash out on him or anybody else.  He bit your nose softly knowing it’d get a laugh out of you.  You tried your best to keep in the giggle but it had forced it’s way out of your mouth and you decided to let your guard down and just lay in his chest as he cleaned off the rest of the goo from your face and handed you a shirt to wear while he washed your dirtied ones.

George Weasley

George was usually a prankster and was laughing along at a joke that Fred had told to the whole table.  You weren’t laughing and hadn’t said a word the whole time which George thought was weird but he had just passed it off as you just having a rough morning.  After breakfast with the Weasleys, George had shaken you awake from your trance and asked “You alright?  You haven’t said anything since this morning.”  You nodded in silence and smiled up at him.  “Well, me, Fred, Harry, and Ron are gonna play quidditch you wanna join or just watch today and cheer me on?” he said smiling, hoping that this would cheer you up.  You frowned and started to grab your jacket, “I think I’ll just go home instead.  I’m starting to get tired and you’re gonna play quidditch.”  George felt his heart skip a beat as he panicked.  “Babe, did I do something wrong?  We can sit and read together.  I don’t need to play quidditch with the boys.”  You didn’t turn around to face him and he felt his heart drop till he noticed you were wiping your face furiously while trying to open the room door.  He grabbed you and pulled you against his just while running his fingers along your cheek.  “What’s wrong?  I’ll listen baby.”  You started to mumble words while trying to stifle your oncoming tears and he started to hum a song to calm you down.  The vibrations of his chest and his heart beat started to calm you as you let him rock you back and forth gently and sit you in his lap on the bed.

none of these are my gifs yet again.  let me just say that most of the time of the time if I make a post with gifs in it, it most likely won’t be mine but in the extremely rare occasion that I do end up making a gif I’ll make sure that I say it but other than that just assume that all my gifs are not mine and the credit goes to whoever.

LOTR/The Hobbit Human!Actors AU

So I’ve been thinking about this ask submitted by an Anon to cargsdoodles, and I really really want to expand on it!

So, I’m gonna. Original credit goes to Anon (whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you don’t mind!).

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Aria forced Cece to lie

Did anyone else notice how on 6x9 Aria disappears for a significant amount of time and we have no idea what she did? She’s talking to Clark and then storms off, leaving Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Ezra and Toby behind. At first I thought, oh she’s gone to look for Alison and the others are going to split up. But they didn’t. Not straight away anyway. This just highlighted that Aria was missing without any good reason.

What’s more is that we know what all the other four girls were doing once they did split up. Spencer follows Alison and tries to talk some sense into her, Emily talks with Sara (a bit later on), Hanna finds Caleb and obviously Alison was looking for Cece. But where did Aria go? We never actually find out. She just appears dancing with Ezra, no questions asked.

I actually timed how long she was off screen for and it was 7 minutes, 40 seconds real time, never mind PLL time. (You can go and check if you want. Start watching from about 20 minutes in and Aria will soon disappear for no reason). There were clear time jumps during this time too, so we can presume that in PLL time it was probably around 20-30 minutes, so lets say 25 minutes. What the hell was Aria doing for 25 minutes? Well, there’s only one reason that makes sense. She went to talk to Cece, Sara and Mona.

Cece’s story, at least some parts of it were clearly a lie and it’s hard to believe that Mona killed Bethany, well was partly to blame anyway. The fact that she says that she ‘killed’ her screams that she’s lying. Melissa buried her alive and Mona must have seen the autopsy report if she was the ‘original’ A. Why would Mona and Cece lie? Because Aria got to them before Cece revealed herself by either threatening them both or maybe she just got them to go over the story one more time that they’d already thought up, so that the liars didn’t suspect her. Sara doesn’t appear straight away, so Aria could have talked to her too, but as far as the story was concerned, Sara wasn’t important. Cece was the one who was doing all the talking.

It’s too hard to ignore that the only three people who could have backed up Cece’s story, i.e. Mrs D, Bethany and Wilden are all dead. Then there is the endless list of plot holes that have led me to believe that Cece might not even be Charles. She just stole his identity as a cover up. That way, no one would go to jail for all of A’s actions.

At the moment, I actually think that Bethany was the one who hit Alison, which was why Mrs D didn’t say anything. She clearly knew who the person was and had a close connection to them. Then I think that Aria hit Bethany. I want Bethany to be Aria’s twin, but because of the age differences, it’s pretty obvious that they’ve gone down the route of Sara Harvey having a twin, which is a bit annoying, because her character seems so pointless.

Then there’s the false part A reveals that have been consistent across all the seasons. (Disclaimer: I found a theory on this, but I can’t remember where to find it, so I’ve put it here and added a bit to it. Credit goes to whoever spotted this).

Season 1A finale - Hanna thinks that Noel is A. We don’t find this out until 1x11, but she believed it was him, before she got hit by a car.

Season 2A finale - We’re led to believe that Garrett and possibly Jenna too are A, because we see them with page 5 of Alison’s autopsy report.

Season 3A finale - We’re led to believe that Toby is A, but he was actually a double agent.

Season 4A finale - We’re led to believe that Ezra is A, but he was just stalking the girls for his book. Really creepy if you think about it.

Season 5A finale - We’re led to believe that Alison is A and also was the one who killed Mona.

Season 6A finale - Cece confesses to being A and Charles…Hm…Something tells me that this isn’t the truth.

What I’m trying to say is that maybe 6A didn’t make sense, because it’s not supposed to. I’m not saying that Cece isn’t on the A team, because there are lots of clues to suggest that she is, but I definitely don’t think that she was in charge at all. I believe that Aria was bossing her around as well as Mona and possibly Wren too. Cece’s motive doesn’t make sense. She claims that she wanted to get to know her sister, but she tortured Ali and her friends. Aria on the other hand was bullied by Alison and shows signs of having a mental illness, which means that she might not even know that she’s A.

These are all just theories, but there might be some truth in them. Hopefully there is, because then things might make a bit more sense. But hey, it’s PLL. Anything is possible.

Let's Drive - rotbtd Road Trip AU

This was something punziella and I have been talking about collabing on for the loooongest time.  Credit goes to her for most of the plot of this chapter ^.^ (psst this is like the official song for this chapter, if you wanna listen and read)

The world seemed to whizz by in black and white as she sped down the street on her little pink bicycle.  The groceries rustled restlessly in the white whicker basket.  Rapunzel liked running errands.  Mostly because was the only time she ever got out of the house.

This was ridiculous.  Shouldn’t graduating high school feel…different?  It should feel like something, at least.  Like the end of a chapter in a small part of your life.  Maybe it was because she was the only one not doing anything after high school.  Everyone she knew was moving on — going to college, traveling the world, doing something.  But Rapunzel was just staying at home.

It wasn’t like her mother was doing it on purpose.  She needed Rapunzel to stay home because they didn’t have enough money for college, and besides, if she left who would take care of her mother?

So she did stay.  Living every day the same as the last.  It wasn’t as bad as Rapunzel was making it out to be.  It was just…stagnant.

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Fighting With Thomas Sangster

Prompt: Thomas Sangster and Y/N get into a fight after you have to kiss a boy in a show. He goes to smoke to calm down, but remembers that you hate it when he smokes and throws out his cigarette.

Prompt: Slightly drunk Thomas Brodie-Sangster fighting with Y/N but it ends with him saying he’ll never leave her.

Note: Did you get this idea after I reblogged the imagine of him throwing out his fag? I kind of feel like you did. Either way, I’m going to write it. (In case that was taken from that - credit to whoever came up with that idea.) Once again, I combined two. Sorry. They fit well together. I’ll try to stop doing that.

Also, “Derek” is just a random guy name I picked to be the name of the co-star and is not a real person in any way, nor is he based off of anyone.

I smiled as Thomas walked into the room. He was supposed to be picking me up after shooting, but he was half an hour early. I walked up to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. At once, I could tell he had been smoking. I didn’t let my smile falter, however, as I leaned up and kissed him.

“I love when you greet me like that,” he commented.

I laughed and released him, grabbing his hand instead. I pulled him over to my cast mates, introducing him to the boy who was my character’s romance.
“It’s nice to meet you,” Derek said, reaching out and shaking Thomas’s hand. Thomas shook it, smiling.

Several minutes later, we were in the midst of a scene. A romance scene, nonetheless. I already hated filming them, but it was worse when my boyfriend was watching as another guy - Derek - pulled me tight against his body. I wasn’t fully comfortable with it - mainly because Thomas’s eyes had never left me, and I knew it. But I also felt like he was somehow managing to glare at Derek at the same time.

Just as was scripted, I leaned forward and kissed my co-star. Not once in the script did it mention that bugger sticking his tongue in my mouth.
I bit down right as the director yelled cut. Derek jerked away from me, holding his mouth and cursing under his breath.

I turned away, marching over to where I had last seen Thomas. Except he wasn’t there anymore. I asked a camera man, who told me that Thomas had went outside when the kiss started.

I hurried out, wondering where he went. By the time I found him, he was already in his car, white-knuckling the steering wheel.

“Thomas?” I knocked on the window. He pointed to the passenger’s seat. I sighed and got in. “Thomas, what’s -”

“Let’s go. Buckle up.”

I did as told, sensing that he was in one of his moods. They were rare, but when they came, I knew to just let him ride it out.

For the rest of the day, Thomas was unusally moody. He barely spoke to me through lunch and then promptly didtch me at our house the second we got there, saying he was leaving to hang out with an old friend. Before I could even ask who, Thomas had rolled up his window and drove away.

I sighed, going inside the house. It was big enough for the two of us, as well as any children we would ever decide to have. Still, the house wasn’t overly big because I had always found it stupid to have huge houses when there were so few people living there.

I changed into one of Thomas’s jumpers and slid into a pair of shorts before spending the rest of the day reading, watching TV, and being on different social media platforms.

Thomas arrived at the house at 2 in the morning. I had been awake the whole time, worried about him. He hadn’t answered a single call or text from me. I met him in the kitchen, where he was looking through the fridge.

“Thomas, where were you? Why didn’t you answer my texts?” I demanded, crossing my arms.

He slammed the fridge shut, standing straight and turning to face me. He swayed lightly, his eyes locking onto me. They weren’t his normal eyes, though. It only took a moment to realize what those glazed eyes meant.

“Oh my God. You’re drunk. You drove drunk! What if you had been in an accident? What if you would have died?”

“Then you could have snogged Derek whenever you wanted,” Thomas spat, walking past me.

“Are you kidding me right now,” I screeched at him. “It was a scene, Thomas! You bloody well know that!”

“This wasn’t a scene!” Thomas grabbed something from the counter, throwing it at me. I managed to catch it, realizing that it was a magazine. I hadn’t been in the kitchen the whole time I had been home, so I hadn’t even seen it. I flipped it over, my eyes bugging out as I saw the front cover. It was a picture of Derek, his arms wrapped around me and my arms around him. I was leaning against him, my head on his chest and we were both smiling happily.

“Thomas… This was -”

“You cheating!”

“I’d never cheat on you!” I threw the magazine down. “We were told to act like close friends to make the ratings go up! So we did! It’s not my fault that the paparazzi twisted it into some sort of romance!”

“Some sort of romance,” Thomas grumbled. “Yeah right.”

“Tommy,” I tried, making my voice take on a soothing note. I had to get him to listen to me.

“No. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t even want to be with you.”

In that moment, I could practically hear my world shattering. The world seemed to slow to a pause, silencing just long enough for me to hear the terrible shatter of my heart, and then the sob that tore from my chest. Tears blurred my vision. And just like that, the world was spinning faster than ever.

“Go fucking cry,” Thomas snapped. “I don’t want you here tomorrow. One of us is moving out.”

I couldn’t be in the room with him. I had to get away.

“Hear me, Y/N? We’re done!”

“I heard you!” And suddenly my feet were moving on their own accord, taking me to stand right in front of Thomas. My hand lifted from my side and, without my permission, smacked Thomas right across the face.

I don’t know what his reaction was. I had already ran into my room, locking the door behind me. I leaned against the hard wood, tears streaming from my eyes and my heart seemingly missing. I sunk to the ground, crying, because I knew the truth. My heart wasn’t missing. It was with the boy in the other room - the one that apparently didn’t care for me anymore.
Thomas POV

Thomas stood in the kitchen for several minutes, his face stinging and his head swimming. Had he really said those things to her? Yes. Had he meant them?
At first, he wasn’t so sure. But when he looked down and saw that damned magazine, flipped open to a page where Derek’s arms were wrapped around Y/N’s waist and she was smiling and laughing, Thomas couldn’t help but feel that he meant it. There were several pictures of Y/N and Derek on those two pages. The one that hurt the most was one of Derek kissing her cheek and Y/N laughing.

Anger filled him to the brim and he marched down the hallway, intent on giving Y/N a piece of his mind for slapping him. Except when he got close to her door, he heard a sound that seemed to snap him even further out of his alcholic mind.

Faintly, Thomas could hear Y/N crying. He pressed his ear to the cool wood, closing his eyes to focus. She was definitely crying. Because of him?
Thomas didn’t want to think about it.

He turned on his heel and walked back down the hall, his head pounding and his heart feeling oddly cracked. He needed a smoke.
Once he made it outside of his house, he leaned against the balcony’s railing and lit up his fag. The balcony brought back several memories, mostly good, and mainly with Y/N as the star.

The day that they did a huge scavanger hunt through the house, ending with Y/N finding a promise ring tied to the railing. The day that they had stood from the balcony and threw water balloons down at some of their friends. The day that -
The day that Y/N 100% stole his heart. She had been so beautiful that day. It was then that he knew he wanted to be with her forever. Forever… Where had that gone?

He tried to shake the memories out of his head, taking a long drag from his fag before another memory hit him.

“Are you smoking again, Tommy?” Y/N asked, shaking her head in disapproval.

“It’s just one,” Thomas told her, smiling and sticking the fag back in his mouth.

“I don’t like when you smoke.”

“I know.”

Y/N smiled and Thomas thought that the conversation was over. Instead, she simply reached up, taking the fag out of his mouth, and put it out. Thomas sputtered, unsure of what to say.

“I love you,” Y/N told him sweetly, standing up on her toes to kiss Thomas.

Thomas looked down at the fag clenched in his long fingers. Y/N hated when he smoked. Almost like he didn’t realize he was doing it, Thomas threw it down.

He couldn’t apologise to her tonight. He’d have to wait until the morning.

I opened my door, hoping I could just sneak out to the bathroom across the hall and then hopefully out of the house completely without Thomas knowing. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to him. But the second I opened the door, the boy fell backwards, hitting his head on the floor.

“Ow!” Thomas sat up, rubbing the back of his head. It looked like he had been sitting against my door.

“Are you okay?” I squated down beside him, instantly reaching out to check if there was anything wrong. Thoughts of last night rushed through my mind and I pulled back.

“No. I’m an arse.”

“What do you mean?”

Thomas turned to look at me. “Y/N, I’m so bloody stupid. I don’t want to break up with you. I don’t want to live in this house without you. I don’t want to be without you.”

“Are you saying sorry?”

“I’m saying I’ll do anything to keep you with me. I’m sorry, Y/N. I love you and I’ll never leave you.”

I smiled. “Well, you’ll have to make it up to me.”

Thomas nodded. He looked hungover, but at the moment it didn’t matter.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Thomas.”

seokjin; opposites attract

❝the start of one who wasn’t too fond of violence as a part of earning a living, to falling in love with one who does exactly that
►1825 words // scenario, boxer!you, fill-in to how they met
© (photo credit)

seokjin had no idea what the fuck he was doing here.

no, honestly, he has no fucking idea why he’s here when this is the place he avoids the most.

he wasn’t sure if this was some sort of sick joke but he’s here anyway and there’s no way out when his asshole of a friend had already bought the ticket for him and now he’s witnessing a boxing match go down. not just any boxing match - the boxing match, according to none other than jeon jungkook and park jimin, who dragged kim taehyung along who mentioned that another kim person should come along.

so then came kim seokjin who’s rolling his eyes just as the bells ding and there goes his heart.

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All credit for image and editing goes to

He’s the man who was your mentor before anyone else tried to be.

He taught you. You encouraged you.

He helped you break out, not just out of CADMUS but out of the idea that you don’t even own your own thoughts- He mediated between you and the rest of the Team in the early days, when things were too much to handle and you were hardly wrapping your head around “me” and “I” and were nowhere near ready for “we”.

He was someone to look up to. And not just for you. He was that person for all of you.

And you can’t remember if you thanked him.

(yes. yes you can.)

Who are you kidding, yourself? Not likely. You know you never thanked him- and it wasn’t personal, not like you felt ungrateful or you don’t think he deserved it- you just- you’re not used to thanking people. It’s not exactly the kind of thing they worried about when they were force-feeding you info.

Superman doesn’t need to thank people. He’s the guy doing the saving- so what good is gratitude?

(especially if you already have obedience)

You’ve gotten better, with people. Except Kaldur was never really- okay, you can’t say he’s not a person. You’re not Luthor. But he wasn’t people.

He just, well- was.

Since the day they woke you up he’s been the one who’s always been there- quietly supporting you and forcing you to think for yourself. Other people did that too, eventually. But he did it first.

He wasn’t just the first person to believe you could think for yourself- he expected you to.

And you think that you made that man (boy- he was only 16, how do you always forget he was only 16) into the father that Clark refused to be. Consciously or not, you made Kaldur into something like a father for yourself.

And when you look back on it, you treated him like a lot of teenagers treat their fathers (if M’gann’s sitcoms are to be believed, at least). You got mad at him when he tried to restrict you, when he tried to hide things from you, tried to make you listen- Even when he was just trying to help. Even when he really was doing just that- helping.

You guess you never thanked him because it never felt like he was doing anything new. No one notices constants, right? Only- change.

(but you’re noticing him now, and there’s change all right. and you hate it and you hate him and you hate yourself because maybe this has been coming and you just never saw it)

(none of you did. none of you could have)


You never thanked him, and you don’t think anyone else did either. Five years of leadership that even you could see he didn’t really want, and the thanks he got tended to be the kind of thanks parents usually get from kids. Back handed or silent or the assumption that he knows you’re grateful.

Except he wasn’t an adult, as mature as he acted. He was still a kid, too- impulsive and emotional as the rest of you. The very fact that he was in CADMUS at all that night proves it. But he was a good actor, and you all bought it and treated him like he should know better even when none of you did.

(and in this moment you remember Bialya, and the fire, and the mission in India. and you wonder at how all of you treated him like he was indestructible, in every way, and how it took him shattering to see that he wasn’t)

And then he was gone, and you’ve been told Tula and His Father, and The Lies and He Snapped.

Yeah. He snapped alright. He’s gone off the deep end in more ways than one because he had to have- otherwise he’d never be doing this, never would have done the things you’ve heard of in whispered conversations that the Leaguers forgot you could hear.

Kaldur’ahm of Shayeris would never- not in his right mind. He snapped. He had to have.

(because there’s no way, no way Kaldur, of all people-)

But you’re not sure it was Tula, or just her, or just His Dad or The Lies or even all three.

You wonder if there’s been pressure building there, unnoticed and unaccounted for because it’s always been there and because it’s Aqualad and of all people who would expect it from Aqualad?

You try to recall whether the angle of the slope of his shoulders had increased over time, whether the lines at the corner of his mouth that came too early were from laughter or from frowns.

(you know the answer. Kaldur never laughed much, and his smiles were too rare and too gentle and too half-there and too sad to ever be the kind to cause lines)

So you’re angry and you’re furious and still half-disbelieving even with him right there in front of you, dressed like the terrorist he’s calling father.

But you’re not just angry at him.

That wouldn’t be fair.

You’re angry at Orin for lying, you’re angry at Ocean Master for taking Tula away from all of you, you’re angry at Dick for being right and at La’gann for calling Kaldur a traitor even when he is because Kaldur and traitor don’t sit well together in your head.

You’re angry at yourself, because you never said thank-you, and now you can’t.

Because whoever this guy wearing Kaldur’s face is, using his voice and his water bearers and all the anger your friend never had (never showed)-

It’s not Kaldur, because Kaldur would never.

(except maybe he would, and you never noticed, and you don’t know which part of that you hate the most)

Tough pt. 2 (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: despite having a strong connection between you, Daryl hardly speaks to you or anyone after Beth’s tragedy. you find him vulnerable in a time of need and you comfort each other over your loss. (1,525 words) (part one here)

an: i’ve been excited to write this! thanks to the people who requested this second part, hope you enjoy - gabby
(this is not my gif, i found it on google!!!! credit goes to whoever made it, let me know if it was you)

tw: mentions of self harm (daryl burning himself like in the show)

We were so relieved to see Beth’s face again. Stitches littered her complexion, and her smile as she embraced Rick was almost as bright as her yellow polo shirt. She’d hugged me tightly, and I’d whispered to her that I was happy to see her alive and well. Yet, it only took a single second and the minuscule movement of a finger on a trigger for my utterance to become meaningless. Our hope plummeted and hit the ground along with the tears dripping from our chins, and along with Beth’s limp body. Although the moment played out almost in slow-motion, it happened so fast, too fast for me to react in any other way than standing frozen still. 

Beth was dead. Dawn wanted to trade Beth in return for me, and while I was content to do so, so that she could be with her family, she had other ideas. Beth died bravely so that I could live free of Dawn’s authority, away from Grady Memorial Hospital. Before I could even register what had happened I saw Daryl raise his gun, an immediate reflex upon seeing the bullet exit Beth’s head. Despite the fact that his hands were relentlessly shaking from a mixture of anger, shock and tears, he got a clear shot at Dawn’s head, the gunshot echoing down the corridor, and the noise of the shell hitting the floor felt deafening. We stood there silently for a minute or so, two dead bodies on the floor that we couldn’t bring ourselves to look at. The only sound audible was our sobbing.

I failed to find anything worthwhile to say to Daryl as I walked over to him and touched his arm empathetically, a pitiful attempt at comforting him. He pulled himself away from me harshly and wiped at his eyes before making his way towards Beth’s lifeless body, tentative as he crouched down to lift her up. 

That was possibly a week ago now, and we were on the road, trekking aimlessly towards nowhere in particular. Time was irrelevant to us, the days and nights blurred into one insufferable whole, none of us slept properly anyway. I stayed awake most nights worrying that everyone, especially Maggie and Daryl, blamed me for Beth’s death. 

Daryl and I had found such a strong connection after he and Carol found me. While I got on well with the whole group, each of them welcoming and treating me like family, Daryl and I were able to bond over our similar pasts, sharing a more special relationship. The two of us understood each other, having both come from abusive backgrounds, and we’d shared a much needed conversation until the early hours of the morning. I couldn’t deny that I was beginning to develop feelings for him; he’d called me his ‘type’ and I’d also awoken that morning to find he’d draped his arm across my torso in the night. But now, Daryl hadn’t uttered a word to me since Beth died, and that contributed negatively to my feeling of responsibility for her death. 

The road we ambled along seemed never-ending, the tarmac uneven and bumpy underneath the worn soles of my boots. As I tilted my head back to drink from my water bottle, my attention was distracted from the road beneath me and my foot caught itself in a pot-hole, causing me to trip over with a yelp and a spray of water. If it didn’t hurt so much I’d have laughed at how comical it must have looked.

“Woah, you alright, Y/N?” Abraham asked, helping me up by linking his muscular arm through mine. “Took quite a fall there.”

“I’m fine, thanks,” I murmured in response, blinking away the tears brimming in my eyes. I continued on but winced audibly as I took my first step, pain shooting through my swelling ankle. 

“You don’t sound fine to me,” Abraham insisted, crouching to take my boot off and examine my injury. After pressing on my ankle and asking “does that hurt?” more times than I felt necessary, he concluded that I’d only twisted it, and I would be able to walk it off. “Happened to me plenty of times when I was in the army, you’ll be alright.” 

He cast a reassuring smile my way from underneath his orange facial hair, and as he stood I noticed everyone was giving me sympathetic looks. I smiled falsely and insisted that we should keep going, to which Rick agreed. I scanned the faces before me for Daryl, hoping he could help me to walk, but instead I found that he’d strolled on ahead, already meters away from us all. My heart twinged at his lack of compassion, and ached more than my ankle did. 

Before we could catch up with Daryl he veered off into the woods, and while the others presumed he’d only gone to catch squirrels, I had other ideas. Ignoring Carol’s “leave him be” ideology, and not caring that it would be getting dark soon, I limped quietly towards the trees to find him.

It took a lot of searching, and I’d had to fight off two walkers by myself, but eventually I caught sight of Daryl. He sat with his back against a tree with a cigarette in his hand, his knees tucked close to his heaving chest. I watched from a distance, noticing how his shoulders shook as he fought to catch his breath between heavy sobs. As I approached him, I observed as he held the end of his cigarette to his hand, burning a small circle into his skin.

“Daryl, please don’t do that,” I called out softly, trying not to startle him. His eyes were swollen as he glanced towards me briefly, hardly fazed, before returning his gaze to the cigarette pressed into his hand. “You don’t have to do that.”

With a shrug of his shoulders and a dismissive grunt, he took one last puff of his cigarette before tossing it to the side of him. I stamped it out with my foot as I made my way towards him, a forest fire being the last thing I wanted. Sitting down next to him, I threw my bottle of water into his lap, similar to the way Daryl had approached me when we’d had our first conversation. He opened the bottle and took a small sip, before screwing the lid back on and placing it beside him, leaning his head back to meet the rough bark of the tree, eyes closed.

“Why are you doing that yourself?” I asked, gesturing to his hand, only to watch Daryl shrug his shoulders again. “Hurting yourself doesn’t make the pain go away, I learned that when I lived with my mom.”

“I learned that too,” he finally replied, his voice a shy whisper. I wasn’t sure how to respond to this, so I took the bottle of water and a cloth from my pocket and dabbed at his pink, blistering skin, taking no notice of his complaints.

“It’s my fault,” I mumbled, lacking the confidence to look Daryl in the eye, instead giving his hand my full attention. “It’s my fault that she’s… gone.”

“Don’t say that, Y/N,” Daryl snapped, pulling his hand away from me and wiping at his sore eyes once more. “It ain’t your fault… ‘s mine. I was s’posed to look after her.” I wrapped my arm around his broad shoulders and he leant uneasily and awkwardly into my chest, his eyes threatening to spill more tears.

“It’s Dawn’s fault,” I whispered, resisting the urge to kiss the crown of his head as he nodded against my t-shirt. “But I can’t help feeling guilty.”

“An’ me,” Daryl mumbled, sitting upright and lighting another cigarette. 

“Promise not to hurt yourself with this one?” I asked.

“I guess so,” he replied, exhaling a swirling cloud of smoke and offering me the cigarette. Usually I wouldn’t smoke, but seeing as it was his last cigarette and he was being so kind to share it with me, I accepted. “Why’re ya limpin’, by the way?” To be honest, I’d forgotten about my injury, and I didn’t really care about it any more.

“Twisted my ankle back there, it’s alright.” He nodded and watched as I took a drag, holding the cigarette to my lips with my thumb and index finger, unsure of how to properly go about smoking. I coughed slightly but instead of laughing or teasing me, Daryl simply took the cigarette from my fingers and put it between his lips again.

“You’re tough and you’re resilient Daryl, you can get through this,” I sighed, the taste of smoke coating the inside of my mouth. A small smile danced on his lips, and he chuckled lightly as he breathed out.

“So am I your type?” He asked, making reference to the time he deemed me as his type because I was tough. It took me a while, but I soon got it too.

“Yeah, you are,” I laughed. “Tough guys like you are my type.”

A huge rain cloud floating overhead darkened the sky, so after finishing the cigarette between us we decided to head back to the road. As Daryl helped me to stand by hauling me upwards, my ankle faultered and I crashed into his chest. Taking full advantage of the moment, I leant forwards a little more and let my chapped lips brush his softly. I was surprised to feel Daryl’s hand on the back of my head as I began to pull away, gently bringing me closer to him for deeper, more meaningful kisses that tasted like cigarettes and the salt of tears.

Pretending To Be A Couple Pt. 2

Find Part One Here

Niall Pt2
After 3 weeks of texting and spending weeks with Niall you had finally convinced him to help you out. Behind Niall’s drunk exterior he was such a caring and honest person. You had found out that not only was he generous but so smart and little people gave him credit.
You decided that you would go home by yourself and let them know that he had broken your heart just like the other guys.
“I just feel like a really bad guy breaking up with you over a text” Niall said interrupting a movie you both had been watching. You laughed, “Niall don’t worry about it. It’s not like you are actually doing it. I would do it for you.” “I would never put you in this situation, you are…well were a complete stranger” he said. “Fine, you don’t have to do it. I’m sorry I drug you into this, I can just tell them we broke up. Like I shouldn’t have brought you into this you are right.” You said getting up and reaching for your shoes. “You don’t have to go, I didn’t mean to upset you” he said. “You didn’t. It’s late and I have to finish packing. I will let you know how it goes” you said walking out and heading home. Before you made it home, you had a text from him.
N: I feel horrible for saying this over a text message
Y: It’s okay Niall. Don’t.
You wanted him to know that he didn’t have to do it.
N: I just don’t think this is the best idea right now, I’m never home and you deserve to be with someone who can give you all their time y/n.
Y: But I love you.
N: Why do you love me?
The message caught you off guard, was he asking you for real or was this a part of his breakup plan.
Y: …Niall?
N: tell me.
Y: Because you make falling in love seem easy. I never expected to find someone like you. You are the sweetest, funniest person I know and every time I’m with you, you make everything okay. You give without taking and you help without expectations. I don’t think you know how amazing you are and I want to be the one to tell you every day.
While you were typing you couldn’t help but think that everything you wrote was so true. You didn’t exactly think it was love but you knew you could spend months with Niall and deal with all the crazy, all his weird habits you were slowly learning about. Being with him felt nice.
Y: I wish I could understand Niall I really do but the truth is can only try. Whether I spend 5 hours with you out of a month or every day for three weeks, being with you is the only thing that matters. I didn’t think I would go into this and come out with these feelings. But I can accept that what you give me I don’t give back to you and you deserve to have the girl of your dreams.  
He didn’t reply back to you and you could help but be sad. After packing and about 3 hours of sleep you were sitting in on the plane waiting to go home.
Your parents were waiting excitingly for you at the gate. Your mother looked all around for Niall and when she didn’t see him she looked at you. You shook your head slowly and walked towards the exit. After hours of her asking questions and reading the texts she was sad but she hid it well.  
“We were going to throw you a welcome home party but if you don’t want it we understand” your mom said softly. “No we can still do it” you smiled reassuringly at your mother.
Who’s here?” your father asked pulling in to the yard, both you and your mother shrugged and got out of the car. Blonde hair peeped over the car roof as they climbed out of the car and you knew immediately who it was. He started your way with his head down and you met him halfway. “wha…” you started. “I couldn’t let you do this alone” he said smiling meekly. 

Harry Pt2
“No…I mean…” she stumbled to find her words, she was taken aback by his forwardness but she didn’t want to tell him no quite yet. He sat across from her, his face was red from embarrassment but she could see the hope etched in his features. The idea was absolutely absurd but she wanted to see him again and if this was the only way, she had to agree. “Okay?/” she answered unsure of what to expect. ‘Really? Seriously? Are you pulling my leg?” he asked. “No, I want to see you again…I don’t see why I can’t pose for a few pictures” she agreed. “great!” he said. He pulled his phone out and text quickly, within seconds his phone was ringing. “I guess I should take this” he laughed. He talked quietly, but she could hear him telling whoever was on the line about her. “They won’t to meet you” he said looking over at you. “today?” you asked. “They said yes” “Okay” she agreed. She had no idea what she was getting herself in to. “I feel like I’m going to a job interview” she laughed. “well technically you are” he chuckled. “what?” “well if they like you, you will receive funds for your time and public appearances” he said. “Harry…I just agreed because I like spending time with you, not for the money. What will I have to do” she asked. Harry could tell she was already regretting her decision to do it. “You just have to spend time with me” he smiled. “I don’t know if I believe you” she smiled. “well they are going to mold you into someone they find as an appropriate match” he informed her. “Oh, I get it, I’m not good enough” “I didn’t say that, I like you just the way you are. But you will be in the public eye. They will want to help you” he assured you.
Walking into the offices y/n got several glances and she was starting to feel uncomfortable. After several hours they had ran a background check, cleared everything they didn’t want from your Facebook/twitter/Instagram and you had signed a 6 months contract agreement. “Now, it’s time to get you out of those clothes” one of the female mangers said. “What do you mean?” she asked raising an eyebrow. Without answering her y/n was carried into a room stripped from her clothes and being shoved in a shower. “I’ve already showered” she yelled over the water. She emerged from the steamy shower shortly after and covered herself with a robe. She was then waxed, plucked, dyed and she was now getting her makeup done. She sat in silence because she quickly learned that objecting and questioning would go unanswered. She walked out of the dressing room in new clothes and after a nice long motivational chat, a positive attitude. “wow!” Harry said as soon as you walked out, you hadn’t had the chance to see yourself and his reaction startled you. “You look great, Harry Styles new girlfriend huh? I can see it” one of them  said.

Liam Pt2
After several hours of trying to get you to stop crying the boys on the flight were now quiet so you could sleep. “So who is she again?” Niall asked. ‘Gah Niall do you not listen! She’s y/n, his old friends kid sister, but she isn’t that much younger than Liam just a few months” harry rolled his eyes at Niall. Liam chuckled “exactly.” “So what are you going to do, we have to do something” Harry sighed. “hahahaha like what, get Liam to pretend to be her girlfriend” Niall laughed. Harry’s face lite up, “Niall that is the best thing you’ve said all day” Harry was now bouncing in his seat at all the possibilities. “Guys. Calm down, she would never agree with that she hates me can’t you see that” Liam objected. “I don’t believe that one bit” Harry said. There loud voices, especially Harry’s who was filled with excitement had woken you up. You laid with your eyes clothes not wanting to face them after such an obnoxious break down. “She’s not a kid anymore and you started treating her like one the second you saw her cry, she’s an adult and she’s fit, treat her like that” Niall suggested. “I just think she will go for it. Plus her brother would kill me. He’d think I was shagging his sister. And plus this would get back to my mum and she would be devastated that I didn’t tell her about a new girlfriend” Liam countered. “It was just an idea” Niall shrugged. You listened quietly then pretended to wake with a yawn and a stretch. “Goodmorning beautiful” harry smiled brightly. You laughed, “I would like to apologize for that scene earlier, I just don’t have great luck with guys and I just thought this would be a little different” you frowned. “Don’t worry about it we deal with screaming crying girls everyday” Niall laughed. “I just feel really stupid, I have to go to this stupid dinner alone, and the whole dinner I’m sure all I will hear is you ‘poor dear” you mocked. “I think we have a solution to this problem actually, y/n” Harry said. ‘Just listen before you object please” he begged. After a nod Harry went into an elaborate speech and a very detailed plan on why and how both of you should agree. “…and Liam has agreed and this could actually work.”  “Let me get this straight, you want me to lie to my parents and the Payne’s?” you asked in a bemused. “Not lie. Just…well why don’t y’all date anyways…have y’all already tried?” Harry asked. “No!” you both said too quickly. “Well, I think this could work, I mean you pretty know much now so much about each other” Harry said. You and Liam looked back and forth between each other. Liam gave you a shrug. “If we do this, we have to make it really count like the whole relationship and the break up has to be believable” you said. “Trust me we know how to do fake relationships. Now come, lets get started” Harry said excitingly. 

Louis Pt2
Louis showed up on your doorstep quicker than you would have liked him to. The idea of being his fake girlfriend would have been easy 7 months ago now you couldn’t help but think about how much you wanted to be his real girlfriend. “Hey girlfriend” he said in his seductive voice. You let out a laugh with an eye roll, even when he didn’t try he could give you butterflies. “Come in, you are earlier than I thought” you said moving to the side for him to enter. “I was literally sitting in my car at the market down the road when I called” he laughed. “You look nice doll” he said giving you the look over. “Thanks, I actually decided to do my makeup, if I have to go to dinner with you too talk business you are taking me some where nice” you giggled. “I can handle that, so where to?” He asked. “I made reservations at r/n” you said giving him a look. “R/n Huh? You expect me to give it up on the first date and pay” he joked. You rolled your eyes and grabbed your purse.
“So let me get this straight, management wants me?” you asked playing with the food in your plate. “Yeah, they like that we have history and that you have a good girl image, meaning that you are strong-willed because if you can hang out with me for so long and me not corrupt me then it says a lot about you. I don’t know something like that” he took a long sip of his drink. “and I agree with them, no matter what I’ve done in the past you never joined me or gave up on me. You are an awesome girl and I really don’t think I could deal with another fake relationship with a girl I don’t know or find attractive” he said. “You find me attractive?” you asked. “Is that really all you got out of that” he laughed “But yeah you are gorgeous and I would love to be seen with you on my arm you are my best friend” he smiled. “Okay okay don’t twist my arm” you said putting up your hands in defeat. “I will do it” you laughed. Louis jumped up and pulled you into a hug. Everyone who hadn’t already been staring because they recognized Louis was now gawking at the scene in front of them.  
If it wasn’t the guest it was definitely your waiter who had tipped the paps off. As soon as you and Louis exited the restaurant you were swarmed by paps yelling all sorts of things. Louis pulled you extremely close and guarded you from the flashes and the shoves until you made it safely to the car. Not wanting to risk them finding your flat he went directly to his flat. You both stayed tucked away for a few days as the paparazzi stayed camped out at front. It wasn’t until management called with orders did either of you move from off the couch. “ready girlfriend?” Louis asked. “ready boyfriend” you smiled at him. 

Our Zayn Pt2
“Why are you here Zayn” Y/n finally asked once they were seated in the coffee shop. “I told you, I wanted to meet you for coffee” he said giving her his breath taking smile. She stared at him momentarily before looking down into her skinny nonfat soy latte. “What?” he asked. He could tell by the expression on her face that she was contemplating something. She sighed heavily, “I just want to know the real reason is all Zayn” y/n said. “Can you not believe that I wanted to see you y/n?” he asked. “I think that, it’s been two years you have a fiancé, I have a boyfriend and nothing is ever simple with you” she said. “Correction, I had a fiancé” he said. Y/n’s heart fell to her butt and she knew he could read the emotions all over her face. She couldn’t help but think that bastard literally knew exactly what he was doing. The second he wasn’t wanted he expected her to take him back. “Oh, well I think that it’s best we don’t do this again” y/n said shutting him down before he had a chance to suck her back in. “Why would you say that?” he asked. “because Zayn this is what we do, we are each other’s safety net but this time I’m not available” she said. She got up to walk away but before she could make it out the door fans were swarming the table. They knew exactly who you were and they knew the past you and Zayn had. Y/n dreaded the fact that millions of people all over the world would be assuming that you and Zayn had gotten back together. After several pictures you excused yourself and braced yourself for the conversation you and y/bf/n would be having when he made it home.
“You went on a date with another man” he yelled from across the room. “No? he asked me to get coffee with him I had no idea that he wasn’t engaged anymore or that so many of his fans would pop up” y/n defended herself. “that was a date y/n!” he yelled. “and with that bastard!” he said with disgust evident on his voice. She let out a gasp like he had just slapped her. “You don’t have to be so awful about it, it’s not like anything happened” you said walking out of the room. You got on tumblr and Instagram to pass the time before you went back down stairs to talk to y/bf/n. You had over 1000 notifications on Instagram and you knew it was fans tagging you in pictures and other were comments. You definitely didn’t miss the limelight there were over 100 pictures of the two of you. In this moment you realized how thankful you were that all of your profiles were private. You could only imagine the comments that would appear under the pictures of you and y/bf/n if it wasn’t.  Everyone who left a comment assumed you and Zayn had gotten back together and they were either for it or against. Y/n didn’t allow any of the photos to be added to her page and quickly cleared out her notifications. She was about to head down when her phone vibrated.
Zayn: I don’t understand why you left the way you did today. I honestly just wanted to see you. You always make me out to be the bad guy. I don’t always have to have some ulterior motive y/n.
Thanks for reading,
K, 2015!

Here have a Bagginshield thing.

I decided to write this after seeing the idea that asgardian—angels posted. I do hope I did your idea justice, darling. ^^’ I really just needed to write some happy stuff after the depressing-as-hell angst fic I wrote myself for no apparent reason. (I may post that later if this gets enough positive reception. ) Anyways, I hope you enjoy! I regret to say that since im on my tablet I can’t post a link to the original idea but please go check out asgardian—angels (and follow! Super awesome stuff all over that blog! :))

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