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Valos atredum, salroka! This marks the third year #dwarf appreciation week is running! The Dragon Age fandom has quieted down a wee bit, but that doesn’t mean our love for dwarves has dampened any! 

This year’s Dwarf Appreciation Week will run from July 23th to July 29th. If you’d like to take part, please tag your posts with #dwarf appreciation week! We’re looking for a chance to reblog all the awesome dwarf-centered art, fics, graphics, meta, headcanons, fanmixes, cosplays that people come up with. If it’s dwarf-related, tag it!


Need an idea for what to do? Take a look at our pre-determined days of appreciation! 

July 23th: Cadash Appreciation–A day to focus on our lovely Inquisitor Cadash. Tell us all about your inquisitor, through art, fic, personal headcanons, graphics. It’s up to you! What choices did they make throughout the events of Inquisition? Who did they romance? How did they come to be, even before the Breach?
July 24th: Warden Appreciation–Focusing on our dwarven Wardens, Brosca, Aeducan, and Kader. What sort of Warden did they become, who did they romance, what choices did they make during and after the Blight?
July 25th: Dwarven Gals–A day to love and appreciate the fine lady dwarves we’ve met throughout Dragon Age. Tell us your love for Dagna, Bianca, Sigrun, Lace Harding, or any of the other lady dwarves that come to mind.
July 26th: Dwarven Dudes–Can’t forget our fantastic dwarven dudes! Got love to proclaim for Sandal, Bodahn, Varric, Oghren, or any other dwarf dude in Dragon Age? Today’s the day to do just that.
July 27th: Shale Appreciation–As a golem, Shale canonly has no gender, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love them any less. Show some slightly squishy love for Shale today.
July 28th-July 29th: Dwarves of Thedas–A more generalized focus on dwarves of Thedas. Perfect for any meta, graphics, fanart, or fanmixes for dwarves that don’t apply to one character or another.

As stated, we’ll be reblogging anything that’s tagged under #dwarf appreciation week. But please be courteous to others and tag your n*s*f*w! Otherwise, have fun and enjoy the awesome content that you or others have created.

Feel free to reblog as well! Let’s get the word out for the event.

(And a huge shoutout to @breadedsinner for being so kind as to make the announcement gif this year! And a second shoutout to @undead-potatoes for stepping up to the plate as well! Thank you both!)

It’s so pathetic that people are fighting over whether it’s Klance or Laith.

For one it’s the same fucking ship.

For another the very director is the one who wants to change it.

For another it actually means lion apparently??

I actually saw someone make a post that said they’d rather have Keith and lance be incompatible than call it Laith, and that just so fucking petty and stupid????

I’m tagging both, but I love the idea of calling it Laith. Do what you want but don’t start a fucking discourse over it for fucks sake people.

Hey! I uh, just want to say that, if certain relationships or developments are made in a storyline, please respect the author and the crew’s decision. They put so much effort and love into creating and sharing their story with those who enjoy it! So please if a development is made in the story that you don’t like, please at least let the writers try to express the situation or relationship they want to share. And don’t let that stop you from making cute head-canons or ideas for characters in a plot line! Many authors, writers, artists, and more share their works so you can enjoy and inspire from them!
But if you don’t like a certain development or is bothers you too much then you should just stay calm and discard the story. Just please don’t share hate for a certain thing. Instead if you do dislike it maybe give constructive criticism so that those who made the story try to learn so they can make better pieces of writing, art, or whatever medium they use, for the future!
I am not trying to say your opinion doesn’t matter. And if you make certain mistakes that’s okay, it’s all about learning. If you are an artist or writer yourself don’t let others try to make you feel worse or pressure you into changing a development about your work and efforts. I’m rooting for you! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll do. Explore your ideas and don’t be afraid to grow.
Also on another note I am dying to see some good stories that will make get giddy and excited!!! Also tell me what other fandoms or stories I should tag or reblog this (if you want :) ) so others can hear my message and if I made any spelling errors! Thank you for reading And have a nice day! :D

Edit: Thank you everyone who have been reblogging this! In glad people are spreading the message so we can be more peaceful and friendly ^-^ Also thank you to the person who told me it’s constructive criticism.


500 FOLLOWERS! Thats like.. ½ a thousand! THATS ALOT. LIKE WOAH.

While you bare with me processing how massive that # is, here is some artwork I made in my art stream!! Thank you @berriiazul​ for tuning into my stream and giving me pointers. First stream watcher!! :3

I love you all very very much. you have no idea what just scrolling through fan-arts have introduced me too, and I’ve meet some truly incredible people here.

Thank you all!! :D

(oh and quick shoutout to @goliathking (weird it wont let me tag you..) for being my 500th follower :D)



AESTHETIC MEME: [1/6] quotes, poems or lyrics: 9 3  P e r c e n t  S t a r d u s t  by Nikita Gill
Don’t ever let other people decide for you who you will be.
You have stardust in your spine and veins that flow with galaxies.
A whole universe resides inside your body.
And no one dares to tell a universe what it can and cannot be.

A Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day rec-list

So, I heard people are celebrating fanfic authors today, and I wanted to take the time to share some of my all-time favorites! (all are Gravity Falls)

Behold, the fic that firmly dragged me into the Gravity Falls fandom! I remember scrolling through GF fics on Ao3 for the first time, and this was one of the very first I read. It’s dark, has heaps of glorious Stan twin angst, and still lingers in my mind to this day.

Out of every single fic I’ve ever read, this one succeeds the most in getting inside the character’s heads. A bit of a canon divergence where, to save Stanley, Ford must confront his brother’s darker side within the mindscape. (Admission: I cried on multiple occasions while reading this.)

I once told myself I’d never feel pity for a triangle. I was bitterly wrong. An amazing imagining of Bill’s childhood, early life, and rise to power… with lots of inspiration from Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland. 

A set of small scenes and vignettes of Stan’s life, from childhood to present. All of them are focused on the theme of family, and how Stanley relates to the idea over time. They’re very feels-y and sweet, and characterize Stan so well! 

Ah, where do I start with this? Probably the most pure examples of Fiddauthor and Mabifica I can think of. I adore the heaps and heaps of Pines family bonding in this and the slice-of-life feel it has… and yet there’s this feeling of something serious building in the horizon, and wow, I can’t wait to see what happens next with that!

The most fascinating take I’ve seen on Ford’s multiverse years. It features a very well developed OC, (honestly one of the best I’ve seen in this fandom), who becomes Ford’s traveling partner. Their interplay is equal parts hilarious and emotional at times, and is very deep without seeming forced. I really recommend this- it could use SO much more love! (It only has about 100 hits… and that needs to be changed ASAP! :D)

An amazing what-if centering around the idea of Stan and Ford accidentally swapping bodies on the electron carpet, way back in ‘82…



Rules: take a photo of your favorite sim in their usual gender/look/makeup/style etc and then take an after photo of them completely genderbended. you may edit their features to match the original sim’s face if needed. tag other 10 people & tag your challenge with #simsgbd

I’ve been tagged by the glorious @sims3hasstoppedworking :D xxx

I decided to do both Jamie and Edna- I had a few problems with Edna BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH!!!! I have no idea what happened with Edna’s head but even after removing some stuff from my game it kept happening so I had to enlarge her/his head to over 1000!

I have no idea who to tag… I used up all my tagging inspiration yesterday LOL! Please DO IT if you want to!

Edit: @amuhav You’re tagged!

anonymous asked:

I have to ask...what is "Shiro loves you, baby" like where is it from because I feel like I should know but I have NO IDEA

Chris Palmer, one of the directors of Voltron: Legendary Defender (although I don’t think he’s part of the show anymore) drew Shiro with the caption “Shiro loves you, baby” . And since in the tags of the doodle he put #he’s looking at keith, the quote “Shiro loves you, baby” kinda became a thing for people who ship Sheith.

Hope that helped! :D

MEA Party Week Meme!

Mass Effect Andromeda Appreciation WEEK!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 10 people. [Optional: post any MEA screenshot you’d like to share!]

Tag your posts #meapartyweek

I was tagged by @king-of-kadara and @rumpelgirl , thank you so much guys ;-;

I never have any idea of who to tag so I’m just going to tag people I saw in my activity :D @knjyasu @renegon @sheparddcommander @evilsapphyre @screaminghawke @rebelliousmonkey @kingofkadara @mhara @reyescott @annarieta  ( Sorry if you’ve been tagged already, have fun!) 

  • What is your favorite scene in MEA?
    Okay it won’t surprise ANYONE but 

I thought my heart was going to explode, I was totally charmed by Reyes and his relation with Ryder, the whole Reyes’ romance is just so amazing, definitely my favorite part of the game.

  • What is your favorite quest?
    Outside of all Reyes’ quests, I’d say Liam’s loyalty mission. I just laughed my ass off. Liam is so funny, I just loved it. 
  • What is your favorite weapon?

I screamed when I saw that I could have the black widow my dude

  • What is your favorite armor?
    N7 Armor, I’m a simple woman 
  • What is your favorite power ability?
    Singularity saved my ass so many times
  • What is your favorite planet?
    Kadara 👀 
  • What is your favorite addition to MEA that wasn’t in the original trilogy?
    THE 👏 JUMP 👏 JETS 
  • Who is your favorite non-romanced (one you didn’t romance but could be) character? (can be NPC or squadmate)
    Kandros I’d say, he’s a really cool guy, and, well, he’s handsome as hell. I love his voice as well, good to hear it in multi! ( Also Drack and Vetra of course ) 
  • Favorite squad/party combo?
  • Favorite non-bipedal animal on Andromeda?
    The manta, definitely. Here be dragons.
  • What surprised you most when you first played MEA?
    The fact that I romanced a human. I don’t usually play Mass Effect to not romance aliens, so really, Reyes was a total surprise. 
  • Also I was surprised that I appreciated biotics and techs, because I always played as Soldier before. 
  • What is your favorite quote?

“ You have bad taste in men” “The worst” 

get to know me (tagged)

I was tagged by @warofahormonalwriter; thank you for tagging me! I’m not very interesting though haha.

answer 30 questions then tag 20 people you’d like to know better

nicknames: karbear or kara, the short version of my name karaline

gender: female

star sign: capricorn 


height: i’m 5′11″ and i hate it more than anything

time: 5:37 pm

birthday: december 27th

favourite Bands: bts, exo, got7, top, 5sos

solo artists: halsey, melanie martinez 

song stuck in my head: pacify her -melanie martinez

last movie i watched: the witch

last show watched: bon voyage lmao

when did i create my blog: uhh i have no idea maybe the end of june?

what do i post: bts. literally all bts.

last thing i googled: namjoon egg

do you have other blogs: i have a personal blog but there’s not much on it

do you get asks: indeed i do, and i love them so much! i love getting asks!

why did you choose your url: well it had to be bts related for obvious reasons, and i’m kinky af and the word princess has me HMMMMM

following: like 300 and more than half are bts nsfw blogs lmao

followers: 5,022

favorite colors: burgundy (!!!!), blood red, and baby blue/pink

average hours of sleep:  like 2 i never sleep

lucky number: 13

instruments: piano, guitar

what am i wearing: my suga sweatshirt and booty shorts 

how many blankets do i sleep with: like 500

dream job: something to do with psychology 

favorite food: chicken and dick

nationality: swedish

thanks again for tagging me babe! i hope you learned something! also, i’m not gonna tag 20 blogs, i’m just gonna open it to my followers if they wanna do this and then tag me when they’re done so we can get to know each other! love you all xx

You are not wrong, who deem
         That my days have been a dream;
    Yet if hope has flown away
 In a night, or in a day,
              In a v i s i o n, or in none,
         Is it therefore the less gone?  
   All that we see or seem
                  Is but a dream within a d r e a m.

read first. / credit.

anonymous asked:

Hey so don't need to do this but i was thinking if u were doing requests you could do like a de-aged Lance like preteen early teen Lance who isn't fluent in English or something. And he just this soft poor boy who has no idea what the fuck is going on and everyone is like must protect Lance my child and i dunno.

Oh! This is interesting! I love the language barrier stuff. However, I don’t really do de-aging. But some people do! I’m not sure if she’d want to write it but I know that de-aging is relevant to @whump-dump‘s interests and that she’d at least like seeing the prompt, so I’m tagging her. Thank you for the prompt tho, friendo! <3

Get To Know Me

I was tagged by @legit-min-yoongi-trash-tho.  I don’t know what to say.. there isn’t anything interesting about me lol.

Answer 30 questions then tag 20 people you’d like to know better.

Nicknames :

Goofy, Arabian Princess, Taemah (my ship name for me and Tae), Ugly Duckling lol that’s what my siblings call me, moody and Cutie.

Gender : Female

Star Sign :  Cancer

MBTI : I’m sorry I have no idea what that is.

Height : I’m average I guess I’m sorry I don’t know the measurements lol. I’m a little tall for my age though.

Time : 22:27

Birthday : 11th July

Favourite Bands : BTS, BLACKPINK, MONSTA X , EXO, GOT7, WINNER, KARD , iKON  and there are like a million more.

Solo Artists : Dean ,  G - Dragon, Taeyang, MoonMoon, Jessi, Zico, Jay Park, IU, GroovyRoom, Crush and some others.

Song stuck in my head: Justin Bieber 2U ft. David Guetta

Last Movie I Watched: Coraline

Last show watched: The K2 which is a kdrama with the beautiful Yoona from Girl’s Generation and Kim Chang Wook.

When did I create my blog: Lol I created my blogs a few days ago.

What do I post: Anything about BTS members mostly about Taehyung.  write scenarios and make aesthetic mood boards. I have also began to write a series about Taehyung called The Girl That Froze Time which has two parts so far. Anything to do with kpop basically.

Last thing I googled: Beautiful penguins

Do you have other blogs: No I don’t. This is my first one. Where I live, this is the first week of the summer holidays. my stories that I wrote on my laptop were not originally written to be posted online. But I had a voice at the back of my head telling me that I wanted other people to read and enjoy my work.

Do you get asks: No I haven’t got any yet.

Why did you choose your url: Because I like Taehyung and strawberries.

Following: 112

Followers: um, I have 5 followers… 

Favourite colours: I don’t really mind but I personally like dark colours. Mostly purple, blue, black, grey.

Average hours of sleep:  about 8

Lucky Number: 11

Instruments :  I have played the flute and the violin in school. But I haven’t played them because I wanted to but because the school wanted us to.

What am I wearing: Harem pants and a big loose dark blue shirt.

How many blankets do I sleep with: I sleep with 2 blankets and 5 pillows.

Dream job: its always been to be a writer or journalist but tbh I don’t really know yet.

Favourite Food:  whatever my mum makes.

Nationality: I’m a little nervous but… I’m a British Muslim.

@bulletproofwhalien  @jkookisdaddy @btssmutgalore @bts-reacts-and-requests @chasing-mirage @eve976 @deletaed @lovable-hoseok @thebangtanwave @taenqueray @neo-yeppeuda-taehyung @7hipthrusts @yoongiwingz @tezzy69 @hello-btsfangirl @peachykeentaehyung @warofahormonalwriter @btstaehyunged @kthedits @schmudt @sweatae

I’m sorry if I’m not very interesting or anything and I hope the people that I tag have fun doing this too!🤗

Project Idea?

Making Aesthetic Posts for all the entities, beings, deities, Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, and “Things” out there that you work with. Thus, giving people a vibe as to what sort of things you’re working with on a daily basis!
@lyssii91 @elreki @hyacinth-halcyon
and @Anyone else that wants to try this.

Cause I know that there’s a ton other entities out there unique to the individuals that work with them. It’d be super cool to see what other people get to work with and what sort of “feeling” others get from them, including a description for these entities. 

cyberstarfox  asked:

Another Jon request :'D him comforting his s/o because their friends are lowkey jerks and keep going out without them? (Hope that made sense)

Do fish swim? I’m kidding, but yeah! I can totally do that for you, hon! One angst with a side of fluff coming up!
!!!!Warning!!!!!!: This story deals with a bit of bullying and verbal abuse kiddos, so if you don’t want to relive anything, or if you simply just don’t want to read it, this is where you should turn back.
Other than that, happy reading!)

You thought it was a cool idea to check out what your friends were up to. You thought you could text them anytime and they’d be more than happy to have you tag along. If you could even really call them your friends. After receiving one hate filled drunken text too many from your used to be bestie, you’d found out that some people aren’t worth keeping.

From (F/N) 12:20am
‘We use you as ugly bait so we look better. You’re not even my friend, why would I ever speak to you. I’m above you, (Y/N). Just get over it.’

From (F/N) 12:24am
‘lol ur better off dead.’

You read over the messages for what felt like the thousandth time, then threw your phone across the bed. A loud thud echoed through your hollow bedroom walls as the smartphone shattered against it’s light colored surface.

An ungodly sound erupted from inside as your face, reddening more and more from anger and frustration with every passing second, collided with the coolness of your pillow. It was as if the heat and cool had collided, causing a storm of tears to flood the pillow case.

A knock at your door momentarily dammed the flow as you struggled to sit up, fixing yourself in your antique bedside mirror.

“You alright in there?” There was a triad of knocks this time. “I heard a noise, well a few noises.”

“I’m fine,” you lied through your teeth. “I just dropped my phone, that’s all.”

“(Y/N),” the voice on the other side of the door beckoned with you. “Please don’t do this, if something is wrong, you know I’ll be happy to help you.”

“I just wanna be alone,” you mumbled, wiping runaway streams from your puffy cheeks.

“I’m coming in, dear.”

You rolled your eyes at his stubbornness, plopping down on the bed as the door slightly creaked open. The tall lanky figure of your current boyfriend glided effortlessly towards you.

He stopped by your bedside, sat down, and placed a comforting hand on your back. It sent a shock wave through you, and you let out a muffled sob in return. The waterworks flowing once again, despite your efforts to contain it.

“Go away,” you croaked, your face still covered by the blanket you threw yourself on. “There are so many people better than me, why are you still here?”

In a moment of adrenaline Jonathan scooped you up into his arms, cradling you on the bed.

“Who says I want to leave? Where did all of this come from?”

He stroked your back gently as you recalled between sobs the events that had taken place in the hours before he returned from work.

“They’ve been saying stuff like that,” you began to calm down. “they’ve been doing this for a while now, I haven’t thought too much of it until tonight. I can’t believe (F/N) thinks I’m better off dead.”

“Dear, look at me,” he spoke and you could feel the anger swelling in his voice long before you looked up. “You are a wonderful and amazing person. If anything ever happened to you, I don’t know how I would make it.”

Jon planted a tender kisses on your face, wiped the tears from your face, and held you in his arms until the both of you fell asleep.

(F/N) was never seen or heard from again.

I was tagged by @justalexanderlightwood, @patronuass, @alyxhavok and @crazyfangirlthatneedshelp. Thank you all

Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better!

Relationship status: in a relationship (now moving in together, wish me luck :DDD

Favourite colour: dark green

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

Last song I listened to: something on the radio, no idea what it was

Top three shows: Shadowhunters, Doctor Who, Merlin

Top three characters: Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood, Maia Roberts (I know it’s all Shadowhunters, but since I’m obsessed atm and for the foreseeable future - sue me :D

Top three ships: Malec, Merthur, Drarry (but tbh - I’m all Malec trash now :D I don’t keep up with anything else anymore XD

I’m tagging: @softshumjr, @sfjessii, @damnyoudaddario, @blj2007, @ladymatt, @blissfullybane, @codeblackglitter, @everydayfandom, @fluffyjimon

feel free to ignore (no idea who did this yet as well :D)

You know what, I'm depressed so I'm starting a meme

Hey guys. Lately I’ve not been so good mental health wise so I thought I’d do something that might cheer me up and makes others happy. A meme (or whatever this is actually called Bc I’m pretty sure it ain’t a meme) was my only idea. So here we go:

Rules: You can tag 1-3 people but you have to do the meme for them. You can be tagged multiple times. The meme is to say three or more nice things/things you like about *insert person*

Nice Meme:

1.) Holy shit their art is amazing
2.) Super nice
3.) #goodfriend

1.) One of the best writers I have ever seen
2.) Amazing boo
3.) ❤❤❤

I was tagged by @starlazarslytherin

Relationship status: I’m Pringle. That’s like single but hungry.
Favourite colour: Reddddddddd.
Lipstick or chapstick: Both. 
Last song I listened to: Olivia by One Direction.
Top three shows: Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, and Shadowhunters.
Top three characters: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and ToM BRANSON MY POOR SON.
Top three ships: Percabeth, Solangelo, and Jily.

9 people I wanna know better…

@askjamessirius We spoke like… once.

@curly-haired-wizard You lit.

@padfootdarling My smol child.

@gee-wizard Because we’ve been mutuals for a while and nEVER SPOKEN EVER.

@masksofmickey Because *musically* We don’t talk anymore.

@asktheboywholived Because I apparently lose all sense of self-restraint at 11:30 pm and thought it’d be a good idea to tag you.

@stopbeingartsy We snapped for the first time in a billion years today what happened.

@accio-the-marauders-map We should… probably work on the thing soon…