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What I Read This Week


I probably the best reading week I’ve ever had, thanks to my incredibly wonderful friends who wrote fics for me for my birthday (they made a collection which you can find here! I am so, so thankful for them all 💙) as well as some other great updates!

Easy Now with My Heart by braveten, Teen, 12k (WIP)
“Fast, Yuuri. Pow pow.”
“Pow pow?”
He giggles—Victor Nikiforov, figure skating champion, Olympic athlete, Yuuri’s idol, who is currently sick and delusional, giggles—and puts his hand on Yuuri’s chest, pillowing his head there, too. “Pow pow,” he repeats as he feels his heartbeat. “Pow pow, pow pow. Fast, see?”

Batter Up! by Shadow_sensei, Teen, 2.9k
Victor and Yuuri are celebrating their birthdays together and decide to bake their own cakes, competing against each other to see which of their cakes will be the one to win over the party. Neither have baked a cake in years. SO cute!

Look How We’ve Grown by maydei, Teen, 7k
Victor’s been alive for thirty years, but every day with Yuuri brings new surprises. Life. Love. Fun. Family. Yuuri’s presence in his life has brought them all, and Victor wouldn’t trade it for the world. LOVE!

they say its your birthday by ebenroot, Teen, 3.6k
“Clowns are creepy. We’re not having a clown, Victor.”
“What if I dressed up as a clown?”
Yuuri is pensive for a moment, then he pushes his glasses further up his nose in a disapproving manner. “Then I’m afraid I won’t be able to have sex with you until that mental image of you in clown makeup is purged from my mind,” Yuuri says with a shrug. BABIES AND CAKE OMG 

Duckling by missmichellebelle, Teen, 3.6k
The ballet classes are, inevitably, Victor’s idea. THE MOMS IN THIS OMG I love the end, so adorable!

The Best Kind of Present by Reiya, Teen, 2.4k
Yuuri is having a crisis over what to get Viktor for his birthday. Thankfully, Viktor already has a pretty good idea of what he wants… This is SOO AMAZING!!!

(Only By You) My Heart Always Moves by lily_winterwood, Teen, 6k
This is their first birthday together, and he’s already screwing it up by not having a present for Yuuri. Yuuri, who had fought tooth and nail for them, who had traversed the seven seas to return to him, who had taken the words they had shared in the early months of their intimacy and turned them into something beautiful, something perfect. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

To Loving Tension by whalefairyfandom12, Mature, 
“Hey, Yuuri?” / “Yes?” / “Did you know people write fanfiction about us?”
Yuuri froze, any traces of sleepiness vanishing with his previous tranquility. / “What?” / “Mm. Phichit sent me a link. It’s tagged with endurance, hair pulling, blowjobs, possessive behavior, and they are in love.,” Viktor mused. “It sounds realistic so far.” OMFG… just… you have to read this omg!

A Hitman’s Guide to Emergency Gift-Giving by exile_wrath, Not Rated, 1.9k
1) In case of emergencies and not know what to give your husband for his birthday in twenty-four hours, the decapitated head of one of his lifelong enemies always works. REALLY awesome one-shot!!

let me be your lover by Tianetti, Teen, 2.7k
A terrible case of the sniffles. I LOVE SICKFICS SO MUCH HECK

Laundry Day by cryingoverspilledvodka, lucycamui, Explicit, 7.3k
The Katsuki-Nikiforov household takes a morning off to do laundry. Living together, it’s not just the bed that needs breaking in. THIS IS SO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by flowercrownyuri (elevensong), Teen, 2.5k
When Yakov gets bronchitis and can’t go with Yuri to Skate America, Victor fills in as a last minute backup coach. The problem? Skate America falls right before Yuuri’s birthday, and Victor won’t make it back in time to celebrate. Yuuri knows this, accepts it even, but he should know that nothing stands between Victor and what he wants. This is SO CUTE OMFG and Victor is so extra I love him <3

The Greatest Birthday of All by paxton1976, Mature, 3.2k
When Yuuri and Viktor decide to have a belated birthday celebration, their gifts change their future for the better. I LOVE this fic, thank you Pax!!

Frozenheart & Hiddenfire by Thehobbem, Not Rated, 9.7k
Being the youngest child in a family means you get to leave home and find Riches and Adventures your older siblings could only dream of - but Yuuri Katsuki wants nothing more than stay home and hide from Destiny. Which will be much harder to do once a certain ice wizard comes into town. SO good I love Victor in this!!

Perfect Collision, We Call it Art by LittleLostStar, Gen, 884 words
Here’s the thing about Yuuri Katsuki: everyone underestimates him.
It’s not really their fault, and in his healthier moments he’s able to acknowledge that it isn’t his fault either; it’s just how anxiety warps the world around him, like a miniature black hole or the world’s shittiest invisibility cloak. It coats him in a shimmering mirage of shyness and insecurity, and more often than not it’s basically impossible to remove. It’s hard to shine your brightest when you’re dragging all of that around. So the masquerade is kind of a no-brainer. I can’t wait for more!

Accidental Crush by Ashida, Mature, 4k (WIP)
A university AU in which Yuuri’s phone is plagued with spam text messages and the one time he decides to text back results in the best thing ever. Omgomgomg 

dear true love by cityboys, Teen, 63k (WIP)
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break.They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan. That update… my heart! </3

Butt Stuff by Plumpie, Explicit, 13k (WIP)
AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances.

our doubts are traitors by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 20k (WIP)
the powered assassins AU in which betrayal comes first, forgiveness second, and love was always somewhere in the equation. WOW… that update!!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

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Omg omg omg omg jealous Noctis drabble would be 10/10 I have a mighty need 😂😂😂💛💛

OMG YAAASSSS! I’m keeping it SFW because, quite frankly, I had this idea stewing in my head for a bit~ it’s super cute and innocent and I feel like Noctis would go about this (addressing his jealousy while everyone in the vicinity low-key knows he’s jealous) in such a round-about way <3

Tagging some pals: @blindbae (I know you’ll get the notification, but I tagged you anyways lol), @itshaejinju, @cupnoodle-queen, @nifwrites, @airlea-sicarius, @alicemoonwonderland, @asendioncosplay and @xalexanderxkozachenkox <3 :D

You’re Really Cool, But… (Noctis x Reader SFW)

Noctis quickly discovered that you were a natural flirt. Especially around Ignis- his studious, stern, and dry-witted royal advisor. The young prince was sure that Prompto had already noticed his foul mood and had subsequently decided to go on a little nature stroll with his camera before dinner was served at camp that night. Prompto had always been attuned to Noctis’ moods like that- that was why the blond sharp-shooter was Noctis’ best friend.

Noctis had been crushing on you since he’d first met you in the Crownsguard training area at the Citadel, where you were practicing your hand-to-hand combat. He admired your strength and effortless beauty, and he’d been overly curious about you ever since. He’d been over the moon when his father had announced that you would be tagging along with his personal Crownsguard, just in case weapons failed and the team needed some man-power to pummel enemies to the ground. However, Noctis made sure that he didn’t let on about his crush on you- he didn’t want things to get awkward within the group. Especially given that he was off on a trip to Altissia to marry Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

But truth be told… Noctis really couldn’t take seeing you flirt with Ignis anymore. It tugged at his heart the wrong way. It hurt terribly.

“How are you so good at cooking, Iggy? Honestly, any girl would be lucky to have you as her husband!” Noctis watched you gush giddily as you moved to peer over Ignis’s shoulder at what he was making on the portable gas stove-top. The prince heard his advisor chuckle, clearly amused by your antics. Noctis’ gloved fist clenched above his knee as Ignis glanced over his shoulder at you with a twinkle in his intelligent green eyes.

“Come now, it’s nothing special- someone had to be able to cook to our prince’s tastes, after all.” Ignis quipped lightly, throwing Noctis a pointed look, only to meet gazes with Noctis and reign himself immediately at the clearly upset look on Noctis’ face. Ignis quickly whipped his head in your direction at the sight of Noctis’ apparent glare, and cleared his throat pointedly. “Now, y/n, if you don’t mind- I need to concentrate now. This recipe is quite difficult to concoct-”

“It’s soup, Ignis.” Noctis almost snorted with laughter at your deadpan statement. However, you were still standing much too close to Ignis for comfort. Noctis wanted you to move away from him- immediately.

Ignis seemed to have caught on to Noctis’ apparently interest in you, and shot you a stern look to send you away. “It’s a complex soup. Now go sit with Noct until dinner’s ready.” Ignis instructed, sounding like the mama bear he absolutely denied being.

Noctis watched as your lips turned down into a put-off frown, and immediately averted his gaze from your face to his lap, twiddling his thumbs as you shuffled your way over with a sigh. The raven prince felt your warm presence plop down right next to his leg, and he almost gasped out loud as you leaned your back against his shin.

“He’s such a stiff, honestly… does he ever let loose?” Noctis gulped at your question and made a non-committal sound in the back of his throat. In response, you tilted your head back and rested it on his knee, making Noctis’ heart rate increase significantly at the innocent gesture. “And you- you hardly every talk to me. I’m sorry I crashed your little bachelor party- slash- road trip. But King’s orders, you know?” Noctis listened to you speak, your voice taking on a softer tone that usual.

Sitting up straighter on his folding chair, Noctis shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t mind. I think it’s cool that you’re here. Fighting with your fists… and stuff…” Noctis trailed off, feeling a little juvenile about his comments. Flushing at the cheeks, Noctis turned his head away from yours and mentally berated himself for being incredibly awkward with you. Sure, he was incredibly jealous when you were flirting with the others, but the moment you approached him, he became awkward.

Noctis could have screamed at himself- he wasn’t even giving you an opening! All he could give you… was awkward.

While Noctis was wallowing in his self-pity, he didn’t notice the fond smile that formed on your lips as you mulled over the prince’s unsure words. Noctis barely noticed that you had shifted in your position at his shins until he felt your forearms folded across his knees, leaning on them gently as you stared up at him with amused eyes.

“And I think it’s cool that you can summon countless weapons out of subspace and call on literal Gods to smite all the baddies when we’re in a pickle. You’re really incredible, my prince-”

Noctis choked on air the moment he heard the words ‘my prince’ leave your lips. He really… liked the sound of that. Especially from you. The young prince could have sworn he heard Ignis and Gladio chuckling from the camp stove at his expense, but he ignored it as he took a deep breath and stared into your eyes.

“Um, y/n… I think you’re really cool-”

You smiled kindly up at Noctis, and he could hardly breathe. You were so pretty and perfect and… he wanted you to know that he selfishly wanted you all to himself. And so, that’s exactly what he resolved to do-

“You’ve said that already, Noct.” You grinned.

Noctis nodded, his blush growing darker agains this pale cheeks.

It was now or never.

“Yeah… um, about that: I’d really appreciate it if you could tone down the flirty stuff. With Iggy, that is. It makes me feel uncomfortable…” Noctis trailed off, feeling like an absolute moron. You stared up at him, eyes amused.

“But you don’t mind me laying the flirty stuff on you, right?” You smirked.

Noctis boldly looked you in the eyes, ignoring Gladio’s howls of laughter and Ignis’ chuckles- as well as the newly arrived Prompto’s gasps- as he nodded. A blush still covered his cheeks as he stared down at you with his expressive midnight blue eyes.

“Yeah. I guess.” Noctis said, bashfully turning his head away.

The sweet kiss he got on his cheek from you as a response to his cute jealousy had the prince’s heart beating impossibly fast. Noctis smiled despite his embarrassment- admitting to his jealously, even in a roundabout way, was definitely well worth it if it ended up in a sweet kiss from you.

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Hey dear nice Works...!!!!! Please Do a RFA (V+Saeran) Celebrating Birthday of MC how will they celebrate Mc's Birthday and what will they Do to make it special??

A/N: I’d invite them all to my birthday party hell yeah it’d be greAT ~Admin 404
I love them all *sobs* ~ Admin 626

-HE’S SUCH A LITTLE KID AT HEART (and i mean in general come on now)
-Goes FULL. OUT. Does not take it lightly at all
-Sets up a day with your friends so you’re out of the house and busy
-And he decorates the house completely!! Streamers, balloons, he even has homemade party hats for the two of you
-He isn’t a master baker or anything but he attempted at making a box cake for you!!! He decorated it with so many colourful sprinkles!
-Remember how he gets a discount from the pizza place? He bought like three larges and the two of you were eating it for DAYS
-He either has homemade presents for you, or he’s saved up a lot to splurge on pre-ordering that new video game you’ve been eyeing for months
-The two of you watch all the movies!! Whatever movie you wanna watch, he’ll sit through. Scary ones? He might cry but he’ll DO IT FOR YOU!!!!

-More of a classy approach to birthdays
-He did attempt to put a party hat on Elizabeth though MC SHE’S ADORABLE LOOK, HURRY, BEFORE SHE TAKES IT OFF
-But he always makes sure to give you one super special one. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry he had custom made because it reminded him of you, or it’s something you’ve had your eye on for a while, you’ve got it
-He’s also super extra, like y’all know how wedding cakes are super big and beautiful and usually really intricate? Yeah so is your birthday cake. EVERY YEAR. but i mean are you really complaining?? It’s cAKE
-Takes you to the fanciest restaurant for dinner, and the two of you dress up for it
-(Yes, MC, you’re wearing the new dress/suit he got you)
-He’ll also try taking you to new and exotic places as a day trip to see all the sights and watch the gleam in your eyes as you learn the history of the place
-Always has the best wine, but on your birthday he pulls out the rare ones, just for you! (Or if you don’t do wine, he finds the best of whatever you like to drink)
-Not to mention you wake up with like 14 dozen rose bouquets strung around the house that morning, all holding a little note card expressing his love for you because he can be cute too, mc

-We all know he’d wake you up by jumping on the bed and blowing that stupid little party blower in your ear until you chase him out of the room
-But chasing him is worth it because when you get to the living room there are so many loose balloons that you can’t see the floor
-Same goes with the ceiling, completely covered in balloons
-Saeran’s just sitting in a chair, in a party hat, looking completely uninterested, but still plays the party blower when you walk in. Saeyoung tries to hide behind him to avoid your wrath you arent a morning person, are you mc?
-The two of you spend a good while just throwing the loose balloons at each other over Saeran’s head who was not impressed, might i add
-Did you know you can get custom images printed onto your cakes? Because he made a collage of the STUPIDEST pictures he has of you and had it put on top
-Anything you want, he’ll get you. Just name it. You want a pet elephant? He’ll dO IT DON’T DOUBT HIM MC
-He’d probably take you out for a drive, too. You could feel the fresh air and just talk about anything and everything. It’s just really relaxing and he wants you to have a stress-free time

-What’s the point of celebrating another year of life in this shitty world now is NOT THE TIME MR. EDGELORD
-But for you…he could manage it
-He doesn’t go very hard at it though because he doesn’t see the real point
-He’ll get a small gift for you- something he saw and immediately thought of you
-He does get a small cake for you, but a freaking tub of ice cream
-Cuddles cuddles cuddles! He doesn’t hide his affection today! It’s all about you, he’ll put his insecurities away for a while
-He’ll moan and groan at the stupid Disney movies you put in, but suffer through them because the fact that you sing along is the CUTEST thing he’s ever seen are you sure it isn’t his birthday
-CUTIE ALERT: he cooks your favourite meal for you! He might have spent a few days trying to find the perfect way to make it, but HE MAKES IT
-He’s also spent all day pushing Saeyoung out of the room because he’s not about to let him ruin your relaxing birthday by bringing in some stupid little party games hes also smacked a party blower into the back of his throat at one point and you felt TERRIBLE but you couldnt help but laugh???

- you know his hoe ass is gonna try to go all out for you
- like he knows you you prefer lowkey but???
- the world needs to know his love for you
- but after the RFA members managed to talk him down from performing a flash mob, he realized he should respect your wishes
- so he struggles and struggles to come up with something that has a bit of flare but is still something you’d want
- and then he remember you one time mentioning you’d never really been on a trampoline before???
- on your birthday (exactly at midnight), he sings “happy birthday” and then hands you a cupcake up with a candle on it <3
- he had you fooled, you thought this was gonna be it for your birthday
- boy buddy ur in for a treat!
- when you wake up he immediately blindfolds
- you’re just like *sigh* “well at least he didn’t jump out of the cake this year”
- omfg when he takes off the blindfold though, you find yourself at a trampoline park??? And he invited your friends (including the RFA ofc) and family!!!
- He roped Jumin into getting the place to rent out the entire area to then!
- Zen didn’t think you’d love it this much but oh my god he’s so happy because you look so happy!!!
- and he finds that you and Saeyoung both love to push into the pit with all the foam cubes anD YOU TWO START TAG TEAMING
- maybe this was a bad idea after all
- but hearing your laugh was all he needed <3
- after that, you all head to a dessert place and you spend the rest of your birthday talking and laughing with the people most important to you with the love of your life right by your side <3

- you only really expected dinner at a restaurant and maybe cake because that’s just how you and jaehee are
- other people might think it’s underwhelming but honestly, what’s better than snuggling up to your s/o and feeling warm and cuddley on your birthday???
- but you’re surprised when you come home to a note that directs you to Seven’s house?
- and when you get there, there’s another note attached to a nerf gun
- “Happy Birthday, MC! The game starts as soon as you enter the house, every man for himself ~ Jaehee”
- it is all out WAR when you enter
- Zen is playing a defensive strategy, he may have shitty aim but hE CAN DODGE ANYTHING WITH HIS DANCER GRACE
- Jumin is already out, he lasted like three seconds he’s disappointed because he thought he’d win with his cat like reflexes
- Yoosung’s out too, he lasted much longer than Jumin but Saeyoung managed to trick him into thinking they were team and then Saeyoung shOT HIM EXECUTION STYLE
- Saeran is lowkey bitter; he steals V’s portion of birthday cake
- eventually it’s just down to you, Jaehee, and Saeyoung,,,
- you run out in front of him and when he’s distracted by you, Jaehee shoots him!
- you laugh so hard when you see the look on his face bc he wasn’t expecting you to sacrifice yourself
- and then you give ya hot gf a kiss because hello, she’s a winner, she deserves all the kisses
- after that, you all head down to Saeyoung’s entertainment room and watch your favorite movies and eat cake <3
- everyone slowly falls asleep, and you’re cuddled up to jaehee and wondering what you did to get someone as amazing her in your life <3

- honestly he’s such a hipster, he throws a birthday for u every year and it always has a theme???
- who does that smh
- this year???
- murder mYSTERY TRAIN THEME OMMMGG (A/N: 626 doesn’t know what she’s doing here, it’s probably all gonna be wrong)
- V gets you a beautiful evening gown and hE MATCHES U  
- he makes sure the gang is ready too, there’s no way theyre gonna ruin it for u (we’re looking at u saran wrap, das right i’m calling u out)
- he takes sooo many pictures, you guys have to confiscate his camera cause hE WON’T STOP
- when you guys get there, it’s sooo much more interactive than you thought it was gonna be???
- you actually can’t tell who’s an actor and who isn’t?? They’re that good
- you all have your own theories about who did it
- V think it was her husband because hello, it’s always someone the victim knew
- Jumin agrees but he’s also suspicious of the daughter
- Yoosung doesn’t know what to think he’s still traumatized from seeing a dead lady even if it was fake
- Surprisingly only Zen got it right???
- but he graciously gave you and V the prize since it a weekend getaway <3
- Pretty sure V threatened him but whatever
- After, you guys head back to yours and V’s place for cake and chilling <3
- you guys end up on the floor in one weird big cuddled mess but it’s so warm (saran wrap says he hates u guys but he’s a little close to Zen so) (okay in 626’s world the RFA is a bunch of cuddlers youguyscantstopme)
- u eventually get up tho and drag V to ur bedroom bc you wanna cuddle with him <3 (and you ignore Saeyoung wolf whistling in the background)

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Jaehyun and his youtuber girlfriend? Filming boyfriend tag video haha :)

Hello there! First off, haven’t written a scenario of my ult in so long ;;; Thank you for requesting this & I hope you enjoy it although it took me forever to finish. Ah, Jaehyun is totally boyfriend (and husband) material. 💘


Listen: [1]

You finished setting up the Canon T5i and looked through the screen monitor to ensure that the camera was placed at the right angle. Lights, check. Camera, check. Now, all that’s left was the action.

“Are you ready, babe?” You called, as you made last minute touches to the room that would be the background setting of the video.

Jaehyun had finally concurred to appearing on your YouTube channel to film the boyfriend tag. Your subscribers had sent in requests since early last year, as you had always mentioned him in your videos, but never uploaded any footage of him. After months of begging, a month’s worth of pizza on you, and a promise to pack him lunch everyday for three months, you had finally coaxed him into making an appearance on your channel.

He appeared right at the door, popping his head in before smiling nervously. It wasn’t like him to be so shy, he is articulate and a naturally gifted speaker, so you found it quite adorable that he had spent the past week contemplating what to wear and how to act on camera.

He was dressed in a cream cable knit sweater today, paired with his favourite pair of vintage Levi’s. His hair was slightly parted at the front, coloured a chocolate brown. You couldn’t help but marvel at the sight in front of you.

The corners of his lips turned upwards as he begin to realize that you were checking him out. He walked closer to you and embraced you with his strong arms as you buried your face in the comfort of his sweater. His familiar scent wafted into the air, wood sage and a tinge of sea salt.

You peeked at him gingerly, the bottom half of your face still resting on the fabric of his shirt. “Are you nervous?”

He looked down at you, his sharp eyes transforming into crescents as he broke into a docile smile and nodded his head slowly. “A bit.”

“Why? Aren’t you the definition of ‘mom’s friend’s son’?” You teased, unravelling your hands from his back, reaching upwards to cup his face.

He leaned forward, trying to steal a kiss from your lips. You giggled and ducked to avoid him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek instead.

“Can I get one more kiss? The cheek one didn’t count.” He pouted.

“I’ll give you one if you answer the questions about me correctly, you know that.” You flicked him on the forehead lightly.

He chuckled, elongating his arms such that his right hand was now hovering in front of the camera lens, as if he was covering the camera’s eyes.

Then, he leaned over and planted a soft kiss directly on your lips.

He could feel you smiling into the kiss, but you immediately pulled back before things could escalate any further. “Stop cheating,” you murmured, a sheepish smile slowly spreading across your face.

“Alright, alright.”

“If you get even one question wrong, you know what you’re in for, right?” you teased, curling your hand into a fist.

He laughed, taking his position on the white leather loveseat. “I guess I’m lucky I have a good memory.”

You wiggled your eyebrows, skipping towards the camera set up at the front of the room to press the record button. 

“We’ll see how well you do, Jae. We’ll see.”

You took a deep breath before pressing record, then quickly walked back to your position beside Jaehyun on the loveseat. He scooted closer, blinking slowly a few times before nodding his head and focusing his attention back on the camera lens.

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!” You started, before breaking into laughter and covering your face with your hands. Jaehyun turned to you and raised his brows.

“This is so awkward. I’m not used to filming beside you, even though you film me sometimes,” you whined.

“Do we have to start recording again?” Jaehyun whispered quietly, pointing to the camera.

“Yes, genius. Let’s set up the camera again.” you jokingly teased.

“Oh right, you can just edit it out.” He flashed you a sheepish grin and instinctively covered his face with his hands, a habit of his when he was embarrassed.

After an uncontrollable fit of giggles and a sip of water, you decided that you were ready to film again.

“Let’s go, take three.” Jaehyun whispered under his breath.

You barely kept in another fit of giggles, but managed to start the introduction without making any mistakes.

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, we’re going to do the highly requested and long-awaited boyfriend tag.” You smiled, turning beside you to make eye contact with Jaehyun, as he nodded obediently.

“We decided to spice things up a little and make it a little more interesting. We’re each going to ask each other ten questions that we’ve prepared on our own, and if we answer any of the questions incorrectly, we’re each going to get a little punishment.” You continued.

“The punishments are going to be different each time since the questions vary in difficulty level. Basically, we prepared various levels for punishments which will be revealed once either of us makes a mistake.” Jaehyun added.

“Are you ready for this?” you turned to your right slightly, your eyes meeting each other.

“Of course. More prepared than I was for my SATs.” He replied with ease.

What a smooth talker.

You clicked on the ‘Notes’ app on your phone and did a quick scroll through, overlooking the questions you had prepared before clearing your throat.

“Okay. First question. I’m starting off easy, just so you know. When was the first day we met?” you smiled cheekily, waiting for his answer.

“January 14, 2014. Exactly a month before my birthday.”

“Too easy,” you teased.

“You can challenge me, you know. I’m better than that.” He chuckled, his gaze fixated on you.

“It started off easy.” You emphasized, turning to face him again.

You were distracted by the light that his phone screen emitted on his face, a luminous glow further highlighting the contours of his face.

How gorgeous he looked right now was beyond you.

“Bring on the hard questions, but it’s my turn now.” He winked at you before reading his first question aloud.

“What was the first gift that I gave to you?”

“Was it the silver necklace with the dainty hexagon shape in the middle that you bought me when we were browsing the streets of Hongdae together? I think that was our fourth date or something… or was it something else?”

“Guys, I have a terrible memory.” You scratched your head, slightly abashed.

“And in what you lack, I make up.” he propped his head to the side and smiled widely, his dimples deepening.

“Jae, please. We’re on camera.” You blushed.

“_________, first present. Think harder. I think this one’s pretty memorable.”

“Hint please?”

“First. First present. But also first something.” he emphasized, cutely putting up his index finger.

“OH MY- THE BLACK AND WHITE PLAID BUTTON UP SHIRT. It’s literally my favourite gift but it’s so precious to me I haven’t worn it since we met two years ago.” You continued.

“_______, you failed, so punishment time or?” He nodded coolly.

“Wait Jaehyun, wait! Before the punishment, reveal the story behind the first gift.” You gushed with excitement, recalling the very first time you had met him.

He instinctively placed his hand on the nape of his neck. You could tell he was a little flustered.

“Really?” he mouthed.

“Awww, are you shy?” You placed your hand on top of his and gave him a little squeeze. “Alright, we’ll save the story for next time. It’s a little embarrassing to talk about.”

Just as you were about to direct your next question to him, he started speaking.

“It was actually the first day we met. At that time, I was a part-time barista at a coffee shop and _______ was a customer. She was waiting for her coffee when one of the other customers was in a rush and accidentally bumped into her while rushing out, spilling some drinks on her. I guess he was in a rush but he didn’t even apologize and just ran out. She was drenched and all she did was grab some extra napkins from the dispenser and wipe at her shirt. So yeah, I found that ridiculous and without thinking I took off my shirt and told her to change into it.”

“Don’t worry guys, he was wearing a t-shirt inside.”

“By the way, how did you even manage to catch that? I remember it was pretty busy that day.” you added, smiling at him sweetly.

Jaehyun simply smiled and shrugged.

“I didn’t even think twice before taking my shirt off. Like I literally could have been wearing nothing inside.”

“Shirtless barista makes the headlines.” You teased jokingly, clutching your stomach to prevent yourself from doubling over.

He just shook his head and laughed softly, casually placing his hand on top of your head to ruffle your hair.

“_________, don’t change the topic, punishment time. Level one is… let me see… ”

“Lemons.” you finished his sentence, a look of regret washing over your face.

He smiled, eagerly getting up from his seat to grab a lemon wedge that he had sliced up from earlier.

You reluctantly took it from his hand and began nibbling at the lemon, wincing whenever you took another bite as the acidity instantaneously spread throughout your mouth.

After you finished half the wedge, Jaehyun swiftly grabbed the lemon from your hands and popped the rest of it into his mouth.

“It looked too delicious.” he replied simply. “It’s actually good, not too sour.”

“You little pig, why do you love food so much.“ 

You cracked a smile, immediately reaching for the glass of water in front of you to wash away the sour taste that still lingered in your mouth.

“Okay so next question. What’s my favourite food?” you asked.

“Is this some type of trick question ‘cause I feel like it’s too easy.” He placed his right hand under his chin, and glanced at the ceiling, thinking deeply.

“Well, it’s not a trick question but it might be a little difficult. ‘Cause I like everything. But there’s only one correct answer.”

“If I could only pick one… spicy tomato sauce pasta with seafood.”

“Didn’t expect you to be so specific,” you said, awe evident in your voice.

“Am I right though?”

You made a tiny ‘ok’ sign with your thumb and index finger and nodded in defeat.

“Alright, my turn. I’ll make it easier since I should be the bigger person and give you some points.”

“So thoughtful of you.” you replied, a hint of teasing sarcasm in your voice.

“I know right. So, what is the facial feature that I’m most confident about?”

“Your eyebrows.”


“Guys, I’m really jealous of Jaehyun’s eyebrows ‘cause mine are so sparse and I always need to fill them in but he’s born with such beautifully-shaped thick eyebrows.” you turned to him and outlined his brows with your fingertips.

He wiggled his brows in satisfaction, leaning in to give you a peck just above your brow-bone.

“Jae, I’m editing that out!” You giggled.

“It’s a good luck peck to define your eyebrow hair.”

You teasingly hit his arm. “JUNG YOONOH. SERIOUSLY.”

“Sorry guys, this is probably like one of the most boring videos you’ve ever seen.”

“And you’re going to have to edit half of this out because of the PDA… or you can just keep it in?” Jaehyun joked.

“Should I?”

“Johnny would say 'I just want to show the world how much I love my girlfriend’ and I completely agree.”

Listen: [2]

Another twenty minutes passed and you were now on your eighth question. You were pretty sure the video wouldn’t be the most entertaining boyfriend tag around, but you were having a fun time filming with Jaehyun and most importantly, you had realized how lucky you were to have such a sweet and caring boyfriend. Maybe even the luckiest girl in the world, you smiled to yourself.

You always knew that Jaehyun was a detail-oriented, observant and caring person, but he sometimes surprised you, picking up on details that you didn’t even know about yourself.

“Oh, ________. You’re doomed this time.” Jaehyun smiled widely, while reading his eighth question.

“Why? I’ve been doing pretty well up until now, just a couple mistakes.” You retorted.

“The next question is sports-related.” he replied with a grin.

“Damn… really?”

“It should be passable, I always make you watch their games with me on tv and you usually do, even if you’re not paying attention.” he teased.

You glowered in response but you had a little bit of faith in yourself since you had watched a lot more sports since you had started dating Jaehyun. You just couldn’t resist his adorable antics.

“Okay, I love you ________. But tell me, which NBA team do I cheer for?”

“Give me a while to think about it. I swear I know though.”

“Mm, of course.” Jaehyun replied smoothly.

Here goes nothing. Let’s decode NBA first, you thought to yourself.

N for National. B for… baseball? Doesn’t seem right. Why are there so many sports that start with the letter b. Badminton? Something seems off. Then, it must be basketball. Jaehyun’s favourite sport is basketball! A… what did it stand for again? Shit, I forgot. Oh well.

“First, NBA stands for National Basketball A.” You replied, a smug look evident on your face.

Jaehyun chuckled and finished with perfect English, “A for Association.”

“Yes, that.” you smiled.

“Oooh, that’s impressive.” he replied, the right dimple on his cheek becoming more prominent.

You nodded. “Okay, three more minutes. Going to do more decoding in my head.”

“I’m so touched you’re working so hard.” He leaned over and bent down to give you a swift peck on the cheek.

“I’m working hard since I don’t want to do the punishment.” you simply replied.

“Why so tsundere.” A quiet giggle escaped Jaehyun’s mouth.

“And also the fact that you’re beating me by a landslide.” You laughed. “How is it possible that you didn’t even get one question wrong yet?”

Jaehyun scratched his head. “Were my questions too hard? Or yours too easy?”

“No, it’s because your memory is too good. Give me some brain cells! Anyway, let me continue. I can do this.”

“You can do this.” he replied.

“WE CAN DO THIS!” the both of you chanted, as you made a fist and pumped your arm up.

Jaehyun’s favourite basketball team. Hmm… he watches a lot of games but he is especially fond of one team. One of the heavily populated cities. It was definitely L.A… I’m sure he cheers for the team from L.A.

Now what were they called again? I loosely remember that it also started with a 'L’. Oh! It had a similar spelling to some of my favourite lip products. Lacquers? Yes… I think it was something like that. It was slightly different though. Lacers. Yes. Lacers.

“You ready?” Jaehyun asked.

“A hundred per cent ready.” you replied with ease.

“Wow, you’re really incredible.” he smiled at you and clapped slowly.

You hit him lightly on the shoulder and cleared your throat.

“The team is from L.A.”

Jaehyun immediately stood up and started clapping. “You basically got the answer already.”

“Mm, I know.” you answered.

“Los Angeles…”

“Lacers” you finished, your expression full of confidence.

Jaehyun scrunched his face cutely and doubled over, almost toppling on the couch.

“You were so close, babe! Should I just give the point to you?”

“I’m not right?!” You asked, genuinely surprised. “I remembered the name because it’s similar to lip lacquers.”

He laughed and brusquely wrapped an arm around your shoulder, bringing you even closer to him. “I’ll give you half a point for being such a cutie.” He said while gazing deeply into your eyes.

“But you still have to do half the punishment.” He continued, winking seductively.

“Jung Yoonoh, can you tell me what I got wrong first? Because I swear it was Lacers.”

“Well, you were only one letter off. It’s actually Lakers.” He nuzzled his face in your hair to stifle his urge to laugh.

“What, are you serious? I get three-quarters of a point then, not half. Meanie.”

“Anyways, what’s the quarter of a punishment I get?” You continued. A slight nervousness could be sensed in your voice.

You could see a shade of pink washing over Jaehyun’s ears as he read the punishment aloud in a voice an octave lower than usual. 

“Re-enact your first kiss.”

“Ah… so embarrassing.” You whispered, fidgeting with the ends of your sleeves.

“You wanna pass on this one?” he asked casually.

You were never exactly the shy or introverted type, but when it came to public display of affection, you were astonishingly timid.

However, for some reason, you were feeling slightly audacious today. Whether it was because you wanted to show everyone how much you liked him, or just because you felt like kissing him and experiencing that rush of nostalgia as you imagined the first time you felt his lips on yours, you weren’t sure. You just knew that you wanted to do this.

“Retract the point from before. I’ll do the full punishment.” You answered with certainty.

Jaehyun was slightly astounded, but he clearly liked your determination because you could he see him biting his bottom lip to hide his smile while he nodded in agreement.

“It’s actually easy to re-enact this one since our first kiss was at the movies. So let’s pretend the camera is the movie screen and imagine that we’re sitting on regular seats at the theatre.” You started.

You scooted about four inches away from Jaehyun in order to recreate the exact distance between the two of you during the date at the cinema. Then, you motioned to the space in between.

“Imagine that this pillow is the popcorn and this water bottle is a cup of cola. Unfortunately we don’t have the actual props,” you giggled.

You locked eyes with Jaehyun, who gave you the cue to start. A re-enactment of your first kiss together in front of a virtual audience was really odd, but it made your heart flutter nonetheless.

You glanced at Jaehyun from the corner of your eye as you cautiously curled a strand of hair behind your ear. He was looking straight at the camera, pretending to watch the so-called ‘movie’.

You could feel your heart skip a beat as you made your next move. It was almost as if you had shut out all your surroundings; you didn’t see the filming equipment and the bright lights in your room seemed to have dimmed. All you saw was Jaehyun sitting in a dark movie theatre, the only source of light being the dim glow of the screen outlining his sharp features. The memory was still so vivid in your mind, as if you were being transported back to that time again.

You drummed your fingers along the edge of your seat waiting for Jaehyun to reach for the popcorn. When you saw his hand on the pillow, you casually reached for it without being too blatant, but he had already finished grabbing a handful of imaginary popcorn.

You had turned away thinking that Jaehyun was just too immersed in the movie, but he was secretly laughing. Now that you were re-enacting the memory, it was difficult for you to refrain from peeking at him. Although you didn’t see it back then, he was intentionally concealing his smile by burying his face deeper in his turtleneck.

Jung Yoonoh, you little tease.

Next, you tried to reach for the bottle of water at the same time he did, but he was already taking a sip out of it, eyes trained on the screen.

You sighed. You still remembered how you were feeling a little dejected about how the movie was clearly more interesting to him than you. In all those dramas you had watched, the boy would usually try to initiate skinship with the girl at the theatre. You decided to try one last time anyways. After all, there wasn’t a rule in the book that said girls couldn’t initiate skinship first.  

When Jaehyun finally changed his position, leaning a tad bit closer to your side, you attempted to lie on his shoulder, all the while trying to be subtle.

You closed your eyes and smiled, expecting his warm wool turtleneck to make contact with your skin, when you realized that he had already switched back to his initial upright posture. On top of that, you probably looked like a dumbass right now, head cocked to the side, leaning on invisible air.

You imitated the exact expression you made that day, eyebrows furrowed and lips slightly downturned. At that exact moment, he leaned over and quickly gave you a short but soft kiss on the lips before returning to his upright posture, reverting his attention back to the imaginary movie screen. You were in total shock, but managed to take a quick peek at him. His arm was casually resting on the headrest, his hand slightly covering his mouth to keep from smiling too widely.

Your rounded eyes were still enlarged as the reality of what just happened hit you. So he was paying attention to me all this time? His attention was still on the screen, but he secretly took your hand with his free hand and interlocked his fingers with yours.

Jaehyun swung your entwined hands back and forth as you turned to smile at him. The two of you burst out laughing as he let go of your hand and you both applauded each other, “Okay, this is so embarrassing. But I did my punishment. I hope it wasn’t too much of a cringe-fest to watch.”

“I could see that you were really into it though.” Jaehyun commented cheekily.

You blushed.

“I was just trying to give an accurate portrayal to my subscribers!”

“But hey, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that you were laughing at me the whole time back then. I thought I was being natural with my moves.” You continued, while playing with a strand of his sleek brown hair.

He chuckled softly. “You don’t know how difficult it was for me to hold back my laughter. Too cute.”

You poked one of his dimples lightly and leaned over to give him a peck on the other one. Too adorable to resist skinship.

“Alright, time for the next question! Hang in there guys, we’re almost done. Okay Jae, the next one might be a bit hard. Are you ready for this?”

Jaehyun nodded. “How difficult can it be, am I right?”

You giggled while reading your question aloud. “If I could only wear one outfit everyday for the rest of my life, what would I wear?

“Have you been paying attention to my wardrobe?” you questioned.

“_______, you love clothes. It’s almost impossible.”

“Just guess, my Mr. Perfect soon to be Mr. Ninety-Nine Percent.”

“Well there’s always the black skinny jeans with the grey varsity sweater combination that you love wearing. But then there’s also the pleated skirt with blouse outfit that you love wearing to events… and then there’s the fitted plain white tee with Levi’s, that’s a classic, you can’t go wrong with that. This is so hard,” Jaehyun whined, his head leaning on your shoulder.

“Wow, Mr. Jung. I can’t believe this is the first time I’m taking a point off. Incredible.” You teased.

He placed his face in his hands and smiled shyly. “Ah, I wanted to get all the questions right. So what’s the correct answer?”

He peeked through his hands timidly.

“You’re too detailed. All I have written down is an all-black outfit. Black is the new black, Jaehyun. It’ll never go out of style, so… it’s perfect.” You bit your lip to keep from laughing too much as Jaehyun made faces at you.

“Punishment?” he asked, his voice slightly reluctant.

“Punishment for question nine is to do aegyo…” You paused for a bit before continuing. “That’s too easy for you, not fair.”

Jaehyun sighed. “Trust me, it’s not that easy.”

You pinched his cheeks as he pouted.

“You’re so good at it though. My cutie valentine boy.” He brightened up and smiled devilishly at your compliments.

“I’m not going to prepare chocolate on Valentine’s Day. I’m the chocolate myself, what would I buy chocolate for?” He started, his voice oozing with honey.

“The man born on February 14! It’s me, the choco-man!” He continued, placing one finger on his cheek, smiling widely.

You placed your hand on your mouth to refrain from laughing too loud, as Jaehyun’s eyes were noticeable crescents now. He was squinting his eyes because of the abundance of 'sweet’ lines.

You poked his cheek and placed that finger directly on your mouth.

“If you say so… hmm it’s salty?” You joked.

Jaehyun furrowed his brows and dabbed his finger on his tongue to check himself. “Oh! It’s sweet!”

He bent over, clutching his stomach from laughter, gesturing a 'X’ with his arms to signal that he was done. “Seriously, are you posting this online?” He pretended to cry.

“That was so cute!! How did you come up with that?” You squealed.

“It’s in my genes.” He replied flatly, before wrapping an arm around your neck and tickling you.

You squeaked as he tackled you and aimed for your most vulnerable parts, tickling your waist and under-arm area.

“JAE!!! STOP IT’S SO… TICKLISH… OKAY… I’ll stop laughing at you. Okay, stop. Let’s continue.” He steadied you and fixed your messy hair, then stole a quick kiss before nodding at the camera.

“Okay, so next… when did you meet the family?” Jaehyun asked.

“The date that I met your family right? Not when you met my parents? Or both?”

“Just when you met my family,” he replied, a coy smile on his face, remembering the moment.

“December 25, 2015. I went over to your house for a Christmas party and met your parents and I messed up the food, it was really embarrassing.” You recalled.

“Mom thought you were adorable but she said that you should learn some cooking skills from me,” Jaehyun chuckled.

“Hey! I’m better now okay? I even cooked for your parents and they loved it.” You bragged.

“True. Chef Jaehyun really helped you polish your skills right?”

“Yes, I acknowledge that!” You laughed.

“Wow. We’re already at our last question.” Jaehyun pointed out.

“Hope we didn’t bore you guys to death! So my last question is… Jaehyun, when do I find you the most attractive?” You tried to hide your smile and lowered your gaze a bit. Why did I think this was a good question again?

When you glanced up, you could see that Jaehyun’s smile had reached his eyes. So adorable.

“I think I’m going to get this question wrong too. ________, you should tell me these things, you know… when you find me the most…” He paused for a bit.


“Oh just guess!” You answered, evidently flushed by his teasing.

“Hmm… is it when I’m driving with one hand on your seat? I remember how you blushed when I first drove you around right after I got my driver’s license. That kind of seems too typical though… no, not that. When I’m ordering for us before the movies or restaurants. When I’m done ordering you always give me that look.”

“What look?” You asked, mouth slightly agape.

“You know, that… 'I’m so lucky to have you’ gaze.” He did his own rendition of that gaze of yours, causing you to hit him playfully as he caught your hands and wrestled around with you.

“No it’s not that! Jae, you’re getting worse at this.”

“Oh really? What is it then?” He clearly didn’t mind that he got the question wrong, he was just really intent on hearing the answer of when you found him the most attractive. He was giving you that gaze again. His sharp eyes exhibiting his confidence and curiosity.

“It’s when I look at your backside when you’re in the kitchen cooking for me.” You answered shyly.

“I feel all fuzzy and warm inside when I observe your backside in the kitchen. It makes me feel at home for some reason.” You continued, your voice softer than usual.

Jaehyun adjusted his position so that his back was now facing you.

“You know, you can hug this when I’m cooking. Since it’s so attractive.” He turned his neck to look at you, his gaze sharpening such that he was emitting a seductive aura.

A deep shade of red spread across your cheeks, but you still tried to hide how flustered you were.

“I will,” you replied, placing your hands around his waist and leaning on his broad back. It was so comfortable.

Listen: [3]

After Jaehyun did his punishment, which was to eat a piece of sushi with a large wad of wasabi between the raw fish and the rice, which he easily aced, filming had almost come to an end.

It was time for the last question.

Jaehyun cleared his throat before reading his final question aloud.

“What is my fondest memory of you? It’s a hard one 'cause I never told you before.” He commented, shyly averting his gaze from yours, a slight smile pulling at the corners of his lips.

“Hmm… I seriously have no idea.” You pondered aloud.

“I’m just going to give this a shot even though I’ll probably get it wrong…”

“'Cause I’m really too curious about what your fondest memory of me is.” you continued, looking directly into his eyes, an abashed look on your face.

He held your gaze for a while until the two of you noticed that you were still filming, and he looked away, clearly shy.

“So, any guesses?” He smiled softly.

“The first time we saw each other, at the coffee shop? I mean, I think I left a pretty big impression on you.” You teased, giggling at the same time.

He paused, holding your gaze, the corners of his lips turned up in a knowing smile.

For a moment, you thought you had the right answer.

“Close, but not quite.”

You looked at him in confusion, slightly puzzled.

“________,” he started.

You nodded.

“Yes, Jaehyun?”

“So… I actually never told you this. But the coffee shop, it wasn’t the first time I saw you.”

Your eyes widened, slightly taken aback yet full of curiosity.

“My fondest memory of you starts like this. I was on bus route 148, just any regular day, coming home from school. That was the first time I saw you. I didn’t think much of it, if I had to admit though, you did catch my attention a little bit. But the bus approached the next stop, and a pregnant woman had boarded the bus. As I was about to stand up, I noticed that you had already stood up to offer your seat to her. I don’t even know if you remember this, honestly, but there was this man that came in and sat down just as she was about to sit down. You really started to catch my attention when you started to explain how the seat was for the pregnant lady, but you still managed to handle the situation well, even though he was being an asshole. I haven’t seen people like that in a long time. I was about to get up and at least try to strike up some conversation with you, but the next stop was your stop, and you had already left. So two weeks later, when I saw you at the coffee shop, I was just thinking… I didn’t want to let the chance to talk to you slip away again.”

“So that’s why…” you started.

He nodded before you could continue.

“The spill was a good excuse for me to talk to you.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You had always thought that the coffee shop meeting was your first. And although it was, you would’ve never thought you ever crossed paths with Jaehyun before that.

You blushed at the thought of a teenage Jaehyun, noticing your actions.

“So, why didn’t you ever tell me this?” You placed your left palm under your chin, gazing at him earnestly. 

“Well, it’s embarrassing, I didn’t want to make it seem like I’m a total romanticist.” He bit his lip and sighed softly.

You wanted to seem cool with it, but it was difficult to hide how touched you were.

Jaehyun felt your warm touch, as you placed your hand on the left side of his cheeks, visibly pink.

For a moment, you tuned out your surroundings again. You even momentarily forgot you were filming. This would probably be too much for your subscribers, but this would be footage you’d keep forever.

“I’m glad you took that chance.”

You held onto the ends of his sleeves, as you leaned closer for a passionate kiss. You could feel Jaehyun responding as he embraced you lightly, yet kissed you deeply, paying no mind to the camera.

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Father II

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“Pomona honey!” Called Poppy out. “Urgent letter from Hogwarts for you!”

Pomona Pomfrey-Sprout smiled when she saw her wife standing in the door of their little cottage. After nearly forty years of marriage she was still very much in love with her. “Coming! I just have one more mandrake to plant!”

She made quick work of the last little bugger, then hurried off towards the house. It was probably Neville again, asking her for tips on how to handle his particularly nasty first year Ravenclaws, who always tried to corner him with complex questions about subjects more fitted for fifth years. It was a clever technique to disturb lessons and avoid homework.

“Here.” Poppy handed her a cup of tea, the letter and a morning kiss. “If it’s Neville again you should tell him to just floo in next time. I haven’t seen him in ages.”

“Will do, will do.” She opened the letter.

Dear Pomona,

I’m sorry to say that Malfoy has fallen ill. It’s nothing serious as far as I know, but he won’t be able to teach for a while. I persuaded Minerva to let Harry take care of him until he’s back on his feet, and I am now taking over the defence classes. I was hoping that you might be willing to replace me in herbology while I do so. It would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you soon,


Pomona smiled. “As much as I love to see you in just a bathrobe.” She pulled her wife into a hug that became a kiss. “I’m afraid we have to get going. Hogwarts needs us.”

“I hope those two will finally find each other now. Pomona used to grow Devil’s snare, a plant known for it’s slow pollination, but even they never took more than a year to get together.” Madam Pomfrey crossed her legs and took a sip of tea from the cup Neville had offered her. She had arrived ten minutes ago, and while Pomona had immediately left for the gardens, Poppy had stayed with Neville to catch up a bit.

“Did you just compare Malfoy and Harry with Devil’s Snare?” Asked Neville.

“Maybe…” Poppy took another sip of tea, using the cup to hide her smile. It was about time Harry found some happiness, and Malfoy wasn’t undeserving of it either after everything he’d done for the school.

“I think I’d best be off to the greenhouses now. You never know what those first years will do when faced with a new teacher, and my darling girl isn’t the youngest anymore.”

“I don’t think we have anything to fear in that department. I suspect even in her sleep she’d still be able to teach seventh year Ravenclaws.”

“I know…” Poppy sighed. “But back in the day I made her fall for me when I helped her with a tough class. I wouldn’t mind reliving that moment.” She smiled at the memory.

Neville laughed. “That’s actually really cute.”

“Yeah, Pomona and I are sometimes quite  sappy for each other.”

“You mean sapphic for each other?”

Poppy gave him a sharp, disapproving look. Neville threw his hands up in defence. “I wasn’t going to leave that perfect opportunity unused okay, you know me.”

Poppy rolled with her eyes and got ready to leave.

“I’ll see you during lunch!” Called Neville after her. He knew she secretly loved his puns, even though she would never admit it out loud.

“It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. I’m here, I’ll get you out of this mess. Don’t you go thinking that I won’t. You’re my friend now and I don’t fail my friends.” Harry was stroking Malfoy’s perfect blond hair. He knew the other man wasn’t listening to his ramblings, he’d fallen asleep some time ago, but Harry needed to say it for himself. Needed to believe it was true.

He actually had no idea how he was going to stop Lucius from retrialing except for marching into the ministry and straight up forcing the minister to refuse Draco’s dad his basic wizarding rights. Not that he had anything against that idea, but he knew Draco would never accept it.

He sighed, and pulled out his wand to sent a patronus to Minerva, telling her that he wasn’t able to teach his classes that day. He didn’t want to think about the consequences of the memory he used to conjure it. How he was getting Malfoy out of this mess was his top priority, not the reasons behind his desire to do so.

Harry tried to relax a bit, and tightened his arms around Malfoy. There was a certain calmth coming from his body pressing on top of him. His weight was somewhat reassuring.

While he stared at the ceiling, his thoughts drifted to that one sentence again. What kind of monster do you have to be, in order to make your own father hate you.

The words had shocked him. Apparently Malfoy blamed himself for what his dad was doing, like after all those years of hard work and good deeds he still somehow hadn’t been good enough. Like all of this was caused by him not trying his best instead of his father being a total shitbag.

Harry didn’t understand how Malfoy could still love his dad, how he could still care about his opinion after everything he’d done. But he also felt out off his debt, because he didn’t know what it was like to have a dad. He had no idea how Malfoy felt and for now he could do nothing more than hold him, tell him it wasn’t his fault, hoping that would somehow be enough.

But deep down he knew it wasn’t.

When the afternoon neared its second half Malfoy slowly started to wake up.

“Hey.” Harry greeted him with a warm smile. Malfoy groaned, and turned his head away.

“Please tell me I didn’t cry myself to sleep in your arms.” He whispered.

Harry tightened said arms around him. It was his way of saying that Malfoy shouldn’t get weird ideas like getting up, because Harry wasn’t letting him go. “You kind of did. But that’s okay. We all have our bad days.”

Malfoy let out a huge sigh. “Fuck.” He readjusted himself on top of Harry, a difficult task because Harry’s arms held him in a deadlock. “You know you can’t solve every problem in the world with a good hug right?”

“I know.” Answered Harry. “But I can try.”

Suddenly he got a broad smile on his face. “Hey Malfoy, you do realise you just called me a good hugger, right?”

“Did I say good?” Malfoy lifted his head from Harry’s chest. His eyes were still red from crying, but the despair that had reflected in them earlier was gone. “I meant terrible. You’re nearly murdering me in your arms, your shoulders are too bony, your…. Ugh.” Harry wrapped his arms around Malfoy even tighter, like he was trying to push all the air out of his lungs.

“What was it you were saying about my hugging qualities?”

Malfoy opened his mouth to answer, but could barely say a word because Harry cranked up his muscle power even more. “Great…” Malfoy gasped for breath. “Greatest hugger…”

“That’s what I thought.” And Harry loosened his grip.



Malfoy let his head rest on Harry’s chest. They lay silently in each other’s arms for a while before Malfoy spoke again. “I suppose there’s no chance…”

“No Malfoy, indeed there isn’t. I am not going to not talk about what happened.” Said Harry with a stubborn tone in his voice.


“But what? Malfoy we’ve worked together for two years now. I consider you to be my friend, no matter how weird that might sound. And friends don’t abandon each other when something like this happens, even if it’s not the easiest subject to talk about.”

Malfoy sighed, defeated, and rolled off of Harry. “Could we postpone talking about it then? I think it still has to sink in a bit.”

“Sounds reasonable.” Answered Harry, whose stomach grumbled loudly.

The sound made Malfoy’s eyes widen, and he pushed himself up to a sitting position. He looked worried. Even though it had been nearly two years since Harry had beaten his depression, his lack of appetite had never really left. Malfoy hadn’t really been lying when he complained about bony shoulders.

“Potter, have you eaten?” Harry was suddenly very busy studying the ceiling.

“You haven’t, have you?” Malfoy checked his watch. “Both breakfast and lunch?” Harry sat up as well now, but still refused to look at Malfoy.

“Dammit Potter. You were doing so well before.”

“But this was to blame on the circumstances!” Said Harry defensively.

“Circumstances my ass, any normal person would have called a house elf for some food.” Malfoy sounded more concerned that angry. Harry would have prefered him angry, he didn’t want anyone worrying about him. Especially not Malfoy, who shouldn’t have anything on his mind but his dad at the moment.

"You and I both know I’m not…”

“No, Potter. You are indeed not a normal person, you’re the boy who lived. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need food in order to stay that way.”

“You haven’t eaten either though.” Harry realised how weak his excuse was, and he cast his eyes down at the duvet. He knew he should have eaten but it had slipped his mind again, like it so often did.

“I was out cold, you were not. You can’t keep skipping meals like this Potter.” Harry slowly looked up, and Malfoy caught and held his gaze.

Malfoy’s eyes were no longer red from crying, instead they contained a spark. A fire.

Harry didn’t think he’d ever seen Malfoy like this before. The life in his grey eyes did something with him. It captured him. It calmed him down. It made him believe Malfoy would never not be there to remind him of the little things.

“You care.” The words were soft, surprised, filled with something Harry had never felt before.

“Of course I do.” Malfoy didn’t cave this time, though he felt more emotions rush through his veins now then he did that morning. Harry only now noticed Malfoy was holding his hand. “Of course I care.”

I really don’t know what to think of this…. I feel like I could have done better but I’ve started over 3 times already so clearly I can’t

but I hope to have come somewhat close to people’s expectations anyway

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Originally posted by fairybcby

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: “Enjoy the ride, and remember, this is a theme park, so cry and scream all you want because no one will remember you anyways.”

A/N: Out of the five unfinished things I have planned, I honestly didn’t think I would post this first. But hey, Happy Valentine ’s Day everyone, and cheers to being a loner.

1 of 13 Ways to Fall in Love.

It’s not that Min Yoongi doesn’t like amusement parks. The rides and the food are pretty cool, even though both can cause a person to spend a bit of time in the bathroom if not heeded with caution. He likes to join in with his friends as they jostle and dare each other to ride this ride - no, that ride!, although in a much more low-key fashion. He also likes to mock their pale expressions and girlish screams afterward.

What he has a problem with is the people.

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Little Fall of Rain Ch 1

I highly recommend listening to the song first, click here

Prompt: Based off the song ‘Little Fall of Rain’ from Les Miserables

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader and Newt Scamander x Tina Goldstein

Word Count: 1003

Warnings: Angst, some fluff


And you will keep me safe

And you will keep me close

And rain will make the flowers grow.

“-and then there’s some dragons that were recently discovered near Romania… (y/n)?”

Newt placed his hand over yours, grabbing your attention as you dazed off

“Ah- sorry.. yes?” You looked over to him apologetically

“Did you hear anything I said?”

Newt was visibly annoyed as he watched you doze off, propping his chin on his hand

You shook your head in regret, releasing a soft chuckle, “I’m sorry Newt, I’m afraid not”, Your shy smile earning a disapproving look from his deep seafoam eyes.

“(y/n) I can’t have you drifting off when we have important things on our hands” He dropped a stack of papers in front of you, the top revealing a picture of what looked like, a horribly abused Catalonian Fireball.

“Is this?-” You began before newt cut you off

“No” he breathed deeply, covering his mouth. You weren’t sure if you’d ever seen him so distressed, “Portuguese Long-Snout.”

The idea that someone would treat a dragon so terribly made your blood boil. Newt must have noticed your pain as his calloused thumb gently brushed over your hand making your heart jump to the front of your chest as you suddenly felt your rapid pulse tingle your fingertips. You smiled softly as his eyes met your sparkling (e/c) ones.

“We will have to take a boat to America of course..” Newt began.

Simply mentioning the place caused you to withdraw, “What’s in America we need?-”

“Help (y/n).” his breath was deep and soft; hand reaching for yours again to reassure you that it would be okay. Yet reading his eyes you saw other motives, as your fingers brushed against his.

“Jacob and Queenie-” afraid to finish the sentence, you stopped as though that was all the help you needed.

“(y/n), you forgot Tina!” he smiled lightheartedly. You weren’t exactly sure if it was funny, Newt seemed to have.

“Right- Tina-” You faked a smile, although it stung your heart.

“I’ve already got the tickets” He patted your hand with a soft smile as he stood, scooting the chair back. “Get some sleep love, we have a long trip tomorrow”

At this point you simply hated yourself. Millions of words had travelled through your head, and all you could manage was “Okay”

When the two of you had visited America last, it was absolute chaos. On top of finding an unexpected obscurist you had managed to stumble into the most heartbreaking experience of your life. Not by choice of course, Newt had forced you along since Frank had taken quite a likening to you. So there you were, New York, not only watching every painfully wrong step Newt made, but following in his shadow.

“Teenie! Oh look they’re here!” There they stood, your trio of an arrival crew, taking you back to the Goldsteins’ apartment.

Jacob, Queenie and Tina.

“Tea? Queenie has dinner made on the table” Tina had offered you and Newt after kindly taking your jacket and setting you down. “I hope the two of you traveled well”

“It was longer than it needed to be as always, but yes” Pale freckles smiled as they turned to face you. “Sounds delightful, (y/n)?”

Yes you did want something warm to drink, but not from Tina, shaking your head softly in response you propped your head on your hand, shifting as the two sat down.

It really wasn’t like you to be jealous at all really, it wasn’t, and yet-

When Newt and Tina sat down at the table, your (e/c) eyes shook with inadequacy.

She was so beautiful. You weren’t. It was as simple as that. Simply being around her made you feel unsettled, ever since you had gotten to America. It wasn’t exactly fair you had thought. You’d been with him through most of his travels, there with his creatures, his manuscript.

With him.

At this point all you could do was sit at the table and pick at your food. Being third wheeled wasn’t always fun, Queenie flirting across with Jacob again. The two of them made dessert while you sat at the table listening to Newt and Tina chat it up. Merlin it hit your heart like a bullet.

“So (y/n), I’m quite curious, how did you and Newt meet?”

Your head tilted up in slight shock and confusion as you processed her question. “Ah- I believe France? It was just an assignment from the ministry.” A quiet smile crept upon your features as you silently pondered on the memory

“If I hadn’t run into (y/n), I probably wouldn’t have run into you-” Newt smiled, shifting the conversation back to Tina

You felt a small piece of your heart crack. It was simply sickening, you couldn’t possibly take much more.

“I-if you’ll excuse me..” Your chair scooted back, scratching against the floor as you stood, confused eyes following your figure. “I-I’ll just be a moment-”

Grabbing your coat, you were able to make your way out the door before anything could be said. Cold wind whipped around you as tears formed into streams down from your glossy (e/c) eyes.

It was only then you felt a small rain drop hit your face as you gazed towards the sky.

To Be Continued

Pt 2 will contain more info about the dragons I promise! and like 10x better (I just reread this and oml this is more dramatic and rushed than I meant it to be I’m so sorry)

Tags: @studyforthreehands @thenewtsalamander @the-newtcase @eowyndernhelm @imaginehappinessforever @mad-for-the-hatter @princeofsassgard @omg-imagines-for-days @the-niffler-did-it @pufskein @greatbarrierwreath @charlockeholmes @ohnewtynewt

( bias list? pffft, more like a lame appreciation post! wow, so um, i never really thought i’d reach this far with say’ri?? i remember back in october of last year, i decided merely on a whim to play an obscure character in the fire emblem franchise… especially since i felt like i couldn’t do any other muse justice at the time and the fact i’ve been wanting to be a part of the fandom back while i had been an observer as an oc whom some of you might know by the url of unladylikc. 

true, now that i’ve been in it, i do recognize the fact that it is less than perfect, realistically speaking? but all the same, however, it will always hold a precious place in my heart for it is the first fandom i’ve ever really joined and where i met some of the most talented writers that i had the fortune of writing with. anyways, i had always been such an insecure little bean, that more often than not, i would question if i truly belonged here.

by now of course, i kinda know my doubts are unfounded and i want to thank everyone for sticking with me through thick and thin. like i have oftentimes been saying, say’ri is a difficult muse to play, yet you all put up with that, despite my initial portrayal being a shaky one. well, before i start delving into a long winded speech, i think i’m just going to get on with addressing/mentioning cool folks beneath the cut… though do keep in mind i’m just going off by memory here for this list, so forgive me if i forget anyone. )

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get to know me 👹

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Father IV

Read part one here

Read the story on ao3 here

Dried black ink spelled out words on lila ministry parchment. Harry stared at them, let his eyes follow the lines and if anyone would have entered his private quarters at that moment they would have thought he was reading.

But he wasn’t.

He felt like it would be a long time before he could do anything else than sit there, completely frozen. His brain was trying very hard not to let the words sink in.

Because he could not deal with the consequences of the ministry letter. His mind was blank but at the same time racing out of control. His breathing became heavier and faster as his body shut down. His hands were shaking.

Dear mr. Potter,

Below follows the statement of prisoner 394, Lucius Malfoy, who made use of the law for case revision, paragraph seven, rule nine, the right to contact witnesses when the prosecutor has reason to believe new information is of influence on the statement of said witness.

Below follows the message of prisoner 394.

Dear mr. Potter,

It has come to my attention that you have pledged in favour of the release my son during his trial ten years ago. It has also come to my attention that I never gave you my condolences for the death of your godfather, Sirius Black.

These things have in common that both involve my son. I do not ask you to withdraw your pledge for him, I am merely providing you with certain information because you have the right to know and my son will never tell you this. He only shows you the parts of him that he wants you to see.

On the night of the seventeenth of june 1996, one day before the ordeal in the ministry that cost Sirius Black his life, The Dark Lord received a letter. It was a letter written by my son, who judging by the tone of his words seemed upset with you, mr. Potter. It explained in length what your weak spot might be, and how He could benefit from that in the best way.

The biggest part of what happened that fatal night was carefully planned out by the man you have started to call your friend. Of course he will deny ever having written this letter, but I have proof. A copy of said proof can be found in the envelope in which this letter came. I do not doubt your ability to recognize the handwriting.

Draco Malfoy might have led you to believe not all Slytherins are evil, but as you can see that is a bit rich coming from him.

I leave what you will do with this information to your own judgement. I hope you make the right decision this time. I need not to remind you that lives are at stake.

Sincerely, Lucius Malfoy

This statement has been approved by the Ministry of Magic, department of Magical Law Enforcement, subdivision Prison Correspondence

Harry didn’t know how he gathered the strength to look into the envelope again but somehow he did and to his horror he indeed found another piece of parchment. The letter was unmistakably written and signed by one Draco Lucius Malfoy on the seventeenth of june 1996.

He was going to be sick.

I have told Potter what you did and left it up to him what he will do about it. As I have tried to teach you before, if you misbehave you have to deal with the consequences. It’s only fair.


your father, who raised you to do what is best for the family. Remember what you are.

It was the second line that sent a shiver down Draco’s spine and not the first, though the first shattered his last hope of a normal life and the second just reminded him of what used to be. Briefly the memory of pain came back to him, his skin feeling as if the wounds were still there.

It brought him back to his childhood, made him feel like a bad behaving kid again, who had to be punished. Or rather, like his childhood self after having been punished. Every nerve ending in his body was on fire with the memory of his past.

It was why Draco sat on top of his king size bed again, a letter clutched in his hands, silent tears streaming down his face. But Harry wouldn’t enter with a steaming mug of tea this time, wouldn’t hug him or tell him all would be okay. Because the possibility of everything being okay had never been further away than now.

He allowed his thoughts to go over his memories of Harry one last time. Their first kiss a few hours ago, the many kisses that followed. He wanted to burn the picture of Harry’s gentle smile in his mind. The look on his face when he broke their kiss, the spark in his eyes as he smiled and kissed him again, the sweet nothing he whispered in Draco’s ear when he saw his hands were shaking.

“Don’t be nervous Draco. Like I said, I’m not going anywhere.”

Another shiver went down his spine as he tried to say those words out loud. They got stuck in his throat halfway through.

He was not capable of picturing Harry’s face anymore without seeing hatred in his green eyes. The Harry in Draco’s mind despised him, as the real Harry probably did too now.

Draco couldn’t blame him, he probably hated himself even more than Harry did.

Ronald Weasley had a bad feeling about this, about all of it. He was the first one to admit he’d thought Draco might have ulterior motives for doing what he did, for turning into a good person, but these accusations were ridiculous. Draco Malfoy the evil mastermind who used torture and abuse to drive his parents into the hands of You Know Who?

He didn’t buy it. He didn’t buy it for one second.

Still, Lucius Malfoy had the right to reopen his case and as standard procedure that meant securing the suspects connected to it. For people marked as dangerous individuals such as Draco that entailed being brought in. It was why Ron was currently knocking on the door of his private quarters.

“Don’t knock on his door, just blow it out of it’s hinges. This is a death eater we’re talking about Weasley.” Ron let out an angry sigh. He got sick to his stomach when he saw how much hatred some people still felt towards Draco.

“Ex-death eater, and he’s only a suspect not a convict.”

“Whatever. In my opinion they all deserve to rot in Azkaban for the rest of their lives.” Ron’s bulky, broad shouldered auror partner threw the door open. He immediately fixated his eyes on Draco. The blond man was sitting on his bed, quickly trying to wipe away his tears.

“Crying for your mummy already ferret face? Don’t get yourself worked up too much or the dementors won’t have any happiness left to eat!” And he laughed loud and long, like he’d just made the best joke of the century.

“Get a grip on yourself Smith, it’s just a holding cell.” Ron tried not to look Draco in the eye as he walked towards the man and pulled out his prisoner binders, a variation on handcuffs. He could only imagine how awkward it must be for the man to be arrested by his former classmate and house rival. Ron’s attempt was so successful, he didn’t even notice how upset Draco was.

“I really am sorry for this Malfoy. It’s standard procedure when people with a certain history are suspect in a high profile case.” His words were genuine.

“Don’t apologize! He deserves everything that’s coming to him, that filthy…”

“Don’t make me pull rank on you Smith. One more word and you’ll be on desk duty for the next five months.” Ron glared at his partner. It wouldn’t be his first time punishing a lower ranked colleague for behaviour like this. They didn’t seem to grasp the idea that people could change and that not everything was a matter of black or white, good or evil.

Smith grumbled something and got Draco ready to floo to the ministry. Up until that moment the man had been silent, but when Smith pushed him into the green transportation flames he opened his mouth. “Could you tell Harry to think about the planning? Because it doesn’t make sense.”

Ron could hear Draco’s voice was shaking, and looking into his grey eyes he saw the man was terrified. However Draco was swallowed by the floo before Ron could ask him what this cryptic message meant.

He hoped it didn’t matter much, because his shift was nearly over and he wouldn’t be back at work for at least a week. He and Hermione were in dire need of some personal time together.

Before stepping into the floo himself he saw a scrap of parchment on the floor. Curiously he picked it up.

I have told Potter what you did and left it up to him what he will do about it. As I have tried to teach you before, if you misbehave you have to deal with the consequences. It’s only fair.


your father, who raised you to do what is best for the family. Remember what you are.

“Remember what you are?” Ron muttered to himself. What the hell was that supposed to mean? And what had Lucius told Harry?

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The RFA + V and Saeran go outside/ on a walk with their s/o

Maybe some pretty fluffy headcannons to start off this blog?


-This child has been playing so much LOLOL
-Please take him outside he’s practically forgotten what the sun feels like
-Once you’re finally able to drag him outside, you guys stroll around a forest area nearby
-After a bit, he gets super hyped and energetic like a puppy
-“Look, ____! A butterfly!”
-”That looks like a boss I fought yesterday.
-You hold hands after you two almost get lost
-Which happened more than once
-Eventually, you get pumped enough to match his hype
-It’s like the sunny weather is giving you both so much energy and it’s really refreshing
-You start playing tag and you almost tripped and broke your face a couple times
-When Yoosung saw you stumble over a tree root, he would stop running to check on you
-You took the opportunity to tag him and run off with a grin
-After a while you’re both tired from running and avoiding all the tree roots sticking out of the ground, you lay together against a nice looking tree that just blocks the sun
-Comfortable silence fills the air while you both sit, your head on his shoulder
-Yoosung would definitely be open to going on more adventures with you
-He leans his head against yours and just enjoys the fresh air


-Rehearsals have taken up a majority of his time lately
-He’s preparing for a role he’s not really familiar with, which has him a bit stressed
-That, and his costar has been really stubborn and difficult to work with
-When he gets off of rehearsals early one day, you immediately suggest going outside for a walk to clear his head
-He’s honestly pretty tired, but he wouldn’t pass up getting to spend more time with you
-So, you both set out for a public park
-As you walk around, you two talk about anything and everything that comes to mind
-Zen gives you some top notch theater gossip
-“And then the makeup artist used the wrong shade of foundation and they looked like a ghost”
-In exchange, you tell him a few jokes and funny stories to make him laugh
-Thankfully it works (his laugh is heaven omg)
-You find a little shaded picnic area with a few tables
-Zen goes to get some drinks from a vending machine, and you sit at one of the tables to wait for him to return
-Drinking your beverage, you both watch the sun begin to get low in the sky
-Some children scream and play in the background a bit of a distance away, but it doesn’t bother either of you and you continue the conversation
-Overall, your little alone time really helped him get his head back in the game, and you can just tell by his newfound inspiration his performance will be amazing


-Oh god
-Please let her have a break
-You notice how obviously stressed out she’s been, and you decide that she needs to go out and get some fresh air
-When you bring up the idea of taking a walk, she was a bit surprised, but in a good way
-She, of course, agrees
-You lead her to a small park a little ways away from your home
-There’s plenty of benches to relax on, which you make her do so when you notice how tired she is
-You insist that she lays down, and she rests her head on your lap as she talks and vents about her day
-“This guy had me running back and forth all day long without a break”
-Being the supportive partner you are, you listen intently to her whole ordeal even throwing in a few sassy remarks
-“Geez, what a jerk. You deserve so much better.”
-Jaehee falls asleep on your lap without you really realizing it at first
-This girl barely gets any sleep at all so you gladly allow her to nap there. You even get annoyed when loud people pass by you two
-*Death glares at every loud noise*
-You eventually have to wake her up when it starts getting late however
-She nods when you explain that you should be heading back home, considering the time
-”Thank you for taking me outside, ___. It was very relaxing.”
-Mission accomplished


-Stop sitting around and go outside for once
-Seriously, even though this boy doesn’t hack for a living anymore, he still lazes around the house all day everyday
-His unhealthy eating habits make it even worse
-So you force him to go outside with you
-He groans at first and doesn’t really want to go until you convince him
-“Oh. I just wanted to spend time with you, but I guess if you really don’t want to, I’ll just go out by myself…”
-*pouty face*
-Saeyoung is instantly on his feet next to you, holding your hand and leading you to the door
-You walk along the sidewalk of town, going no where particular
-Saeyoung tells you a few stories, cracking a few jokes along with them
-You can’t help but laugh at his exaggerated tales
-The clean air in his lungs makes him feel rejuvenated
-“_____, I’ll race you to that stop sign”
-“Saeyoung, there’s a bunch of other people on the sidewalk-”
-Saeyoung takes off running cheater
-You start sprinting after him
-Who knows, you might’ve had a chance to beat him if he hadn’t gotten a head start and the sidewalk was clear
-You tried your best to keep from bumping into or disturbing anyone walking along
-Saeyoung, however, did not
-He just wanted to beat you so he can rub it in your face later
-You kind of apologized on his behalf to all the people you passed that were giving him dirty looks
-Out of breath, you finally made it to the stop sign
-You start lecturing him on cheating and bumping into people and he just kisses you in the middle of your sentence
-Before you can get grumpy about it, he adds “That’s my prize for winning” while smirking triumphantly


-Jumin had been a bit down lately
-He had ideas for new projects that fell through for one reason or another
-When he came home one day with a frown that wouldn’t go away, you decide to take him out on a walk
-He agrees, unable to say no to you and your cute little puppy eyes
-You walk together in silence for a minute along the road until you ask him about his day
-That’s when he starts opening up and ranting and venting about everything that happened today
-It explains why he’s been frowning so much
-Clean air is always a good way to clear your mind
-You don’t feel trapped like you do indoors
-Jumin realizes this
-After his little rant is over he looks over at you and sighs a bit
-“We really should do this more often. It’s very pleasant.”
-You smile up at him happily, and he can’t help but smile back
-How could he not smile when the love of his life is right beside him
-“Of course!” you assure him, “Anytime you want to take a walk, just let me know!”
-He gently runs his thumb along your hand intertwined with his


-V has been wanting to get new photos
-Some for selling, some for keeping
-It’s a nice excuse to ask you to join him outside
-He takes you out to a lovely forest on a clear, sunny day
-He leads you through despite his poor eyesight while holding your hand tightly but gently
-You ask him where he’s going, but he says it’s a surprise
-You shrug it off and enjoy the scenery a bit before V stops walking
-“We’re here” he announces with an adorable smile
-When you look forward, you see a big meadow filled with rainbows of flowers
-Your mouth opens slightly in shock at the beautiful landscape
-How did you not know this magical place existed??
-“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” V smiled at you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders
-You don’t answer, you just kiss him lightly on the cheek and continue beaming
-V sets up and starts taking photos while you sit beside him and watch
-You’re a bit distracted, watching the wind blow the flowers into a wave-like motion before you hear the camera click again
-You look over at V, and the camera is facing you
-“Sorry,” he says bashfully, “I just wanted to capture the beauty of the love of my life.”


-You’ve been wanting to do something special with Saeran
-He’s been upset lately, and you can tell
-“Hey, Saeran, let’s go outside.”
-Saeran just kind of grunts in response from his spot on the coach, playing a game on a handheld
-“Please? You need to get out of the house a bit more. It can get suffocating, staying inside all the time…”
-You manage to convince him one way or another, so you bring him out to a park
-Guiding him along, you lay down in a field
-He doesn’t join you at first. He just stands there with a grumpy frown until he notices that you’re staring up at the sky
-His eyes drift up to see what you’re looking at
-Fluffy white clouds float peacefully along the bright blue sky
-Saeran gets lost in the sight, and eventually gives in and lays down next to you
-You bring up that he’s seemed a bit off recently
-That’s when he opens up
-He tells you everything that’s been bothering him
-Worry, anger, regret; all of it
-You listen intently, surprised that he’s actually comfortable enough to explain all of this to you
-When he’s done talking, you stay silent. You don’t want to upset him by babying or pitying him too much
-The sky and your presence are enough to calm him down
-The longer you two watch the sky together, the more he can feel the weight lifting off of him
-Now he knows exactly what to do when he feels troubled

Finding Home (2)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of drinking or alcohol? Some angst. Some Tonfoolery. (Get it? Tony + tomfoolery? Lol.)

Author’s Note: Hello, everyone! OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE THE REACTION I GOT FROM THE FIRST PART??? I wanted to say thank you to all of you individually, but I couldn’t keep up with it anymore lol. So, I’ll take this opportunity to say THANK YOU SO FRIGGING MUCH OMG!! I’m so glad to see that so many liked and enjoyed this fanfic, thank you!!!

Lol, moving on: sorry, this took a while. I had to do some Marvel research and fix the backgrounds of all the characters in this AU, mixing their MCU with a bit of the comics + reality checks, and lemme tell you, these are some fucked-up pasts. Not good for a supposedly light series of one-shots. But I’ll do my best to incorporate as well as respect that. Let me know if there are any mistakes! Enjoy!

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin. Part #5: haze.

2: accusation

n. a charge of wrongdoing.

This was a miracle. Arriving early, and to an empty classroom? You gave yourself mental applause as you stepped inside your first period, occupying your usual seat by the window. Looking out and pulling your jacket closer to yourself, you realized the world was quieter in the mornings. It could be that class didn’t start until twenty minutes from now, and most students didn’t arrive until five minutes before, but mostly, it was the gray sky, gloomy and heavy with cotton ball clouds, with winds growing harsh and cold but staying hushed. Others may see it as a darkening world, but for you, it was tranquility.


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fandomlockedfan  asked:

Please please give me some of your favorite top sherlock/bottom john fanfics. I know if its you those fics should be awesome.

Hi Lovley! 


Alright, I’m just going to rec the ones that are actually tagged as such. 


  • Caught In The Act by ShirleyCarlton (E) - This is a series of six scenarios written from the points of view of six different people as they accidentally walk in on Sherlock and John having sex. :) (I’m not sure these all take place in the same universe though, as Sherlock and John would be pretty stupid not to lock their door after the first or second time. :D ) Each of the stories can be read independently.

  • Take My Breath Away by Quesarasara for Cheytea7 (E) - Sherlock opens his eyes and looks at his friend—his best friend—and slowly tips his chin down until his forehead rests softly against John’s. They stay that way for a long moment, lips just a whisper apart, warm puffs of air mingling as each of them struggles to breathe.It’s no wonder they ended up here, really, locked in this breathless moment balanced on the cusp of something new.They’ve spent years taking each other’s breath away…

  • And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild for allonsys_girl, bittergreens - What Sherlock thinks is, On the day I die, be it in a dirty alley at forty or in my bed at eighty, the last thing I will remember is tonight, the way you looked at at me on the snowy pavement, cheeks pink with the cold, breath puffing in frosty white clouds, your heart in your eyes and snowflakes in your hair. I will remember that single perfect moment in my life, that moment I knew I had everything I ever wanted, and whatever happens next, I will die content.What he says is simply, “Marry me.”


  • Caught In The Act by ShirleyCarlton (E) (same one as above)

  • Let the Sun Fade Out by nothingislittle (E) - “He could warm the sun itself, Sherlock thinks, could heat their flat with just his presence, could brighten the room with one dazzling smile or just the sparkling in his eyes. Everything hurts when John looks this beautiful, but it’s a dulcet, aching pain, one that consumes Sherlock from the inside, that sends soft pangs through his abdomen and lodges a lump solidly in his throat. John glows, he glitters, he’s light itself, Sherlock thinks, and doesn’t even bother to scold himself for exaggerating, because he’s not, he’s not, John is everything, he’s beautiful and he shines, he’s everything.”

  • Beg for Mercy (Twice) by Solitary_Endeavor for nondeducible (E) - Sherlock hasn’t left the flat in four days, the itch of impatience beneath his skin too great to allow him to suffer interaction with any human being who isn’t John. This is probably a mercy that goes both ways, as he’s driving even himself mad. Sherlock supposes there is a lesson to be learned here about having himself to blame, but of course he blames Mycroft.

  • The space between by Salambo06 - “It’s for a case,” Sherlock says as soon as John looks down at his computer. John remains silent for a long moment, eyes moving from the screen to Sherlock, before saying, “You don’t have to explain.”His voice is low, too low, and Sherlock looks at the computer, putting the video on pause. “Lestrade asked me-, no, forced me to find out who’s threatening a famous porn star, and the suspect is among his co-stars, so I only need to watch out for any signs from his partners, anything that might show they’re the one sending those threats and I can move to something else.”“Right.”

  • Your Eyes in Darkness Glowing by tamed_untranslatable - Sherlock’s breath hitched as he held himself in John’s gaze, his own eyes falling hooded, unable to meet John’s straight on. John’s breath was coming fast now, and hard, his eyes boring into Sherlock’s and so plainly displaying everything Sherlock had been thinking all day, that tension pulled taut like a bowstring, that need for closeness that had been denied them for such an unbearably long time.Sherlock gets roped into a case in Moscow on his brother’s insistence, but finds that he can’t do it without John.

  • Rumpled by WhimsicalEthnographies - Then, halfway through a documentary on river otters that neither of them was paying attention to–how could John, with a gangly, limp consulting detective practically purring in his lap?–Sherlock suddenly bolted upright, looked at John with a perplexed expression and a crinkle above his nose, and blurted, “Marry me.” Part 4 of Longitudinal Cohort

  • Praise Me by testosterone_tea - In which Sherlock has an interesting physical reaction to compliments and John discovers it.

  • In A Changing Age by allonsys_girl - Sherlock wakes up in the 19th century, with no idea how he got there.

  • In Nomine by Atiki - “Alright?” John asks gently, planting a kiss on Sherlock’s left collar bone, smoothing a hand down his chest and belly until it rests in the soft trail of hair below his belly button. John’s smile is all soft and warm. His hand feels tender and solid and real. A soldier’s hand. A surgeon’s hand. A lover’s hand. Oh. “John”, Sherlock gasps. And that’s where it begins. Written for a prompt on the Kink Meme: The only word Sherlock says during sex is “John”.

  • Abatement by WhimsicalEthnographies - “What’s wrong with you? You love the cottage,” John glances over to the passenger seat, then quickly turns his eyes back to the road. Driving was still not his forte, but considering Sherlock still couldn’t properly bend and lift his new knee enough to press and release the clutch, he had to make do. Not that Sherlock hadn’t tried to argue his way into the driver’s seat.“I love the cottage for a week or two, John. Don’t be deliberately obstuse,” Sherlock grumbles, sinking further in his seat. Well, as best he can with a four-week-old knee replacement. “And that’s all we’re going for, love,” John says out loud. But what he’s thinking is, shit. He knows.

  • State of Flux by Atiki - John’s marriage is over and he is finally back home (i.e. at Baker Street, where he belongs). Sherlock is awfully insecure and John is awfully hesitant, and they’re both awkward idiots, of course, but they figure it out. Many First Times happen.

  • Spoils of War by sweetcupncakes for ScienceofObsession - John brushes his thumb over the gun’s slide, over the rear sight. Sherlock’s mouth feels too wet. He could lick John’s fingers, suck on them, bite down softly on that callus that is a direct result of John’s frequent need to handle the gun at all. Sherlock could do that, John might like it, really. Sherlock has been told his mouth is absolutely lovely.

As I said, I have SO MANY OTHERS but right now these are just the ones tagged on Ao3 that I could quickly dig up. Please shamelessly promo your fics, y’all!! :D

FFXV Scenarios - Ignis/Retainer!Reader (pt. i)

i / ii / iii

I’ve had this idea floating around my head for sometime but I can’t really put it into drabble form atm So I’ll be putting this down with bullet points to make it easier for myself ahaaa ;;; I tried my best to make this as gender-neutral as possible so everyone can enjoy our favorite spectacled chocobro

So here’s how it goes: 

  • You’re one of the many retainers for the Lucis family and your family prides itself with being the best butlers/maids/stewards, etc.. The unfortunate thing is that you are NOTORIOUS for being an absolute CLUTZ. Think Felicia from Fire Emblem Fates, cause she’s the inspiration for this and you’ll see why later on too *wink wonk* 
  • Broken dishes, laundry taking a mysteriously long time to get washed even with the top-notch washing machines and dryers in the Citadel, pots being burnt, it’s just-    it’s kind of amazing and sad
  • It’s mind-boggling to your family and so they’re about to pull you out of working for the royal family but whaaat Prince Noctis wants you to be his personal retainer??? Your Highness, are you sure about that?

  •  Yes, John Cena, I am

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anonymous asked:

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! excited you are also watching yuri on ice! Any chance you would do a crossover prompt???? *puppy eyesx10000000*

Aaaaah!!! I’m excited as well and I have at least 3 ideas at the top of my head but I’ll got with something quick and easy.

(Timelines are a thing I laugh at, so don’t think too much on that!)


Yuuri kept staring at the ceiling, his second week of retirement had not even started and he was restless already.

Unaware of his inner turmoil, Viktor and Makkachin slept peacefully next to him, and Yuuri couldn’t help himself from smiling at the sight.

It was hard to believe Viktor had been his coach for two years, so much had happened in that short period of time, it still felt like he was dreaming sometimes.

With Viktor as his coach, Yuuri had actually reached the Grand Prix podium twice. First for a silver medal and finally just two weeks ago, for a gold one.

And Yuuri was sure that if his knee had not started to give him troubles, they could have done it again. But Viktor had been very clear that he would not coach Yuuri if it meant risking an injury and Yuuri understood, he really did.

He was just… so… bored.

And it wasn’t just him, Viktor was clearly struggling as well. He wanted to continue coaching, but despite having countless of people desperate to hire him, he wasn’t interested in coaching just anybody.

As a result Viktor had become more quiet and prone to stare into the distance with a distracted air. Yuuri knew that if Viktor could just pick a new protege to coach and mentor…

His phone buzzed, and he distractedly reached out to see the message.

‘OMG!!! You have to watch this!’

Phichit, so probably just another funny video.

He muted his phone and clicked the link. His interest level rose a bit when he saw a blond kid take position in the middle of the ice.

His eyes widened when he recognised the routine. It was his routine! The one that had finally got him the Grand Prix gold medal. Slowly Yuuri sat up, eyes widening as he watched the blond skater avidly.

The quality of the video footage was not the greatest, but it was undeniable that the skater not only had raw talent, but that something extra that could turn a performance and give it that something to make it transcend into more.

“History has a funny way of repeating itself, doesn’t it?” an amused voice whispered in his ear.

Startled, Yuuri dropped his phone, but Viktor deftly caught it and started the video again. He idly rested his chin on Yuuri’s shoulder as they both silently watched the video over and over again.

Yuuri finally broke the silence, “Is he actually wearing-”

“Hockey skates? He is.”

“I can’t believe he is managing all the jumps and footwork! Just imagine what he could do with proper skates!”

“I don’t want to imagine it,” Viktor said with a familiar spark on his eyes. “I wanna see it.”

Yuuri smiled excited to see Viktor act like his normal self, “so I guess we are going to America?”

“We are,” said Viktor starting the video again, “I can’t wait for us to meet Eric Bittle!”


Bitty is like 15 here, and has just moved to Madison/stopped figure skating in favour of hockey but Viktor and Yuuri show up and start coaching him and rekindle his passion for it, then they take him to bigger/international competitions while also totally being supportive gay mentors.

And then at 18 Bitty still goes to Samwell for college and they still tag along as his coaches, and the hockey team has to deal with sharing ice space with an Olympic gold winner and his eccentric coaches.

Jack is at first not amused, but then he talks to Bitty and suddenly he is a lot more amicable to the whole thing.

Bitty starts coaching Jack on how to improve his speed, while Jack teaches him how to play hockey. Something Bitty never completely lost interest in.

Viktor and Yuuri are slightly horrified when they finds out Bitty is sneaking off for checking practice with Jack at 4am, but they trust Bitty to take care of himself and not get injured.

Still there’s some overprotective big brother feelings to sooth.

“He is a bad influence! Tell him Viktor!”

“I agree with Yurio, Eric you cannot see this boy anymore.”

“We were just watching a World War II documentary in the living room.”

“I don’t trust that fucker! He is Canadian just like that JJ asshole!”

“And he ate all the pie!”

“Y'all are ridiculous, I can just make another.”

“Oh that’s alright with me then, use protection!”


A Slip of the Tounge

Prompt thing: Phil and Dan come out during a live show, somewhat accidentally. 

Genre: FLUFFITY FLUFF FLUFF. With slight tiny amount of angst. Just barely there. Oh, and mentions of smut, but no actual smut, ya know? 

A/N: Shameless self promo for me and my fave twitter account. Go check ‘em out!

Dan smiled, staring at the little light on his computer that indicated where the built in camera was. He was sitting on the couch in the flat he shared with his best friend - and boyfriend- Phil. Currently in the middle of a live show on the website YouNow, he was dressed in a plain black sweater with a collar like thing and black skinnies, with his dark brown hair swept to the side as it always was. 
“When is your next video going to be up?” Dan read off the screen cheerfully. Looking at the screen he answered with, “Well, the last one was a bit recent, like a /whole/ two days. I’m in the very important filming process of another one, don’t worry. Although, a certain amazing person should’ve uploading tomorrow.” 
He winked in a playfully suggestive way as he said it, hoping the viewers- all five thousand or so of them- got the hint. Apparently, they did, if the “OmG, Phil’s!?1?1!” comments we’re anything to go by.
“I’m not saying exactly who’s,” Dan teased with a smile. He looked at the laptop screen and saw his own face, dimples and all. 
“By the way,” he added, “I would currently like to thank @ConardCaroline and at @mildred_ghost for the drawings they sent into the BBC radio studio, the ones of Phil and I. Also, thanks to…” Dan repeated the mental list of everyone he had wanted to thank for sending in stuff and other various things. After his list was through, however, he realized that he was only halfway into the show and had no idea of what to do next. They had already gone through most of his usual activities, like Guess The Crime. 
Anxiously staring at the screen, he read through several of the comments before reading his favorite out loud: “”Bring out Phil? Please?” Well, if he’s not to busy with ultra lame things like editing or whatever.” Dan smiled to show that he was only joking, and that he took editing seriously and all of that. “I’ll go get him. Don’t go anywhere Danosaurs and Phillions.” 
He set his laptop on the side of the couch. Standing up and stretching (after being in his infamous Internet position for about four hours, who could blame him for taking a second to stretch?), he casually strolled across the flat and through the also infamous kitchen glass door to the hallway where his and Phil’s bedrooms were. Much to the brown eyed boy’s surprise, Phil was already waiting for him. Phil was casually leaning against his doorframe, as if he had known Dan was coming. He was wearing a blue and green plaid shirt that went amazingly with his bright blue eyes. His black hair was pushed to the opposite side of the way Dan parted his as always. Phil smiled as Dan approached, calmly saying, “Hey.”
“I was doing the live show and-” Dan started, his heart beating a bit faster than normal, probably due to Phil’s near presence. 
“I know, I was watching,” Phil admitted, cutting off Dan and looking down and blushing. Bus bangs fell in his eyes. Dan could also feel his cheeks going slightly red. Phil watched his live shows? 
“You were?”
“Well, yeah.” 
Dan gave Phil a little half smile, just enough for a dimple to show. “We shouldn’t keep the, waiting then.” 
“Good idea,” agreed Phil.
Hand in hand, they walked back to the couch where Dan’s laptop was resting. As soon as they were in sight of the camera, Dan dropped Phil’s hand, almost as a reflex. He loved Phil, but he didn’t think he was ready for everyone to know just yet. He and his secret boyfriend sat down, legs intertwined where the camera couldn’t catch sight of it. 
“Back!” Dan grinned at the screen.
“Hi guys!” Phil also spoke to the camera. The two of them spent a few seconds saying hello to various names on the screen before the questions started popping up. 
“So, Phil, are you ready to answer some questions?” Dan asked. As he looked at Phil, he couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of deja vu. Like from the time Phil had asked him that exact question while filming a q and a video. 
Apparently, Phil picked up on it too, because he said in an imitation of Dan, “No-o.” 
The viewers went very crazy.
Questions poured in quickly, though, and the two of the, took turns reading them off the screen and answering. 
“Who’t on top?” Dan read, before bursting into laughter. “Who do you think, ya pervs?” 
“No comment.” Dan could see Phil blushing adorably out of the corner of his brown eye. 
“Do you ship Troyler?” Phil countered, changing the subject. 
Dan paused, momentarily confused. “That’s Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley, right?” 
“Yeah,” Phil replied. 
“O-T-effing-P!” Dan exclaimed, clipping off every word… Er, every letter. 
He and Phil both laughed, hoping Tyler and Troye hadn’t bothered watching the live show. And if they did? Oh well, that’s not Dan’s problem is it? 
“Most recent kiss?” Dan said, reading off the screen. Instantly, he wished he hadn’t and momentarily panicked, praying that Phil would think of something. 
Unfortunately, the black haired boy replied without a moments thought, saying, “Dan of course.” 
Dan watched, slightly in shock, as Phil suddenly came to the realization of what he had just said. His blue eyes were as wide as softballs- Dan’s own eyes were probably just as large- and Phil blinked in surprise. “Oh my god, Dan, I’m so sorry! I really didn’t mean to- it just slipped out and-“
Dan watched again as Phil suddenly shot up, almost knocking the laptop over, and sprinted for his room. Without a seconds thought, Dan followed, all but throwing his laptop to the ground. He reached Phil’s door in seconds, yanking it open. He entered to see Phil sitting cross legged on the bed, his head in his hands. Dan felt a pang of sadness, only for Phil’s sake. He figured Phil was beating himself up for outing them. Dan walked over to him, sitting next to Phil. His boyfriend. And now everyone knew it. 
Upon hearing Dan sit down, and feeling the bed move probably, Phil looked up at Dan. Once again, he started to apologize. “I’m so, so, so sorry, Dan.” 
“Don’t be.” 
“But you didn’t want to tell anyone,” Phil muttered. 
“Well, now they know,” Dan shrugged, feeling strangely calm. He’d been worried about what everyone would think, but now that they all knew, he realized he shouldn’t have been panicking. 
“And you don’t care?” Phil raised an eyebrow. 
“Not as much as I thought I would,” Dan shrugged again, this time pulling his arm up to wrap it around Phil. Phil, in return, leaned into the embrace. 
“Dan, I love you.” 
“I love you, too, Phil.”

so today me and my bf were walking around tuesday morning to look for furniture and i just randomly got hit with the thought of andreil shopping for their new apartment (im trash im truly trash now)

  • it begins when neil realizes that their apartment looks more like a hospital room than a home
  • there are barely any cups, any plates, not enough silverware (all given as housewarming gifts from the other foxes)
  • the only decorations are pictures of the foxes given as (like before) housewarming gifts
  • and ok so i have this really really deep love (and i cant be convince otherwise) that neil suddenly realizes that he doesnt need to live on just necessity anymore?
  • he doesnt have to fit everything in one bag, doesnt have to keep rations, doesnt have to be small, be quiet, dont be noticed
  • and this is his and andrew’s home, like they have cats now, they eat at this rickety table that neil had to shove 8 folded over napkins into a leg to keep it from creaking
  • so he manages to rope andrew into going furniture hunting with him (its not that hard tbh its more on the part that andrew is bored (and neil asked excitedly and fuck him for those stars in his eyes) and just why not

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Evanescence pt.2

Requests: by Anons: (1) Part two for Evanescence!!!!!!!! I love your writing btw ☺️ I’m obsessed. Can you make it that Jordan is the dad? It’s okay if you’ve already made up your mind ☺️☺️(2) Evanescence was so good I hope you do end up doing a follow up part to it! Love all of your writing! (3) WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! I’m so THAT CLIFFHANGER! It was so beautifully written, and love the idea ( not many people write Parrish) and I was so excited and then AHHHH! Update soon (4) OMG please PLEASE do an Evanescence part 2!! It will make having this kidney infection 100000% better!!

(5) by @katethewarrior: are you trying to kill us!?! Evanescene was amazing but that cliffhanger will be the death of me. Love your writing, I’ve read everything on here :p Keep it up ! Oh and Evanescence part 2 wouldn’t be a bad idea ;) (6) by @one-california-dream: so is there gonna be a part 2 to evanescence? #prayingtherewillbe 😫

Word count: 2694

Author’s note: I would also like to tag @okidokibucky for her impatient giddiness she flooded me with, and for her promise to “read the shit out of it”, haha! I love you forever, Pixie :3 I hope everyone will like this part, but as it is to be expected, it’s going to be angsty af! So Cinnamon Rolls, prepare your hearts and handkerchiefs, then sit back and just enjoy! ❤

Your name: submit What is this?

“Come to bed with me,” Jordan murmurs in a low tone, trying to coax me with him with a hand on my hips and a kiss on my skin under my ear, my back pulled flush to his chest, his fingers massaging lazy circles into my pelvis and belly through my silk nightgown. I purse my lips into a thin line, eyes shutting closed as I have to resist bolting out of his hold.

Damn Derek! If he didn’t come back, I could be happy with Jordan now, live a carefree life with him as my fiancée and Diana as our daughter. If only he didn’t knock…

I swallow back my tears as I turn in Jordan’s hold, cupping his cheeks in my hands and taking his lips in a languid kiss. My heart wants to split open when, closing my eyes, my mind flashes back to my very first kiss with Derek, remembering how he held me meekly, like I’m too precious to him, like he wanted to protect me from every harm of the world, like he feared to break me to small pieces because I’m too fragile compared to him, like… like I was the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life.

I can’t. I can’t make love to Jordan now, no matter how much I would like to assure him I love him. Not with Derek on my mind all the time. I’m incapable of doing it, I feel like a hypocrite, I feel like the cheapest, dirtiest trash of the Universe.

I can’t be playing around with his feelings. He deserves better. He deserves a wife who won’t be thinking of another man when they are being intimate. Jordan is a great person, a kind and reliable man, and I should be a wife who can live up to being equally genuine, selfless and nice.

I pull back from him to offer him a small smile.

“I’m tired now, honey,” I say, making sure my voice won’t break on the name I address him with. I’ve never been able to call him ‘baby’ or ‘puppy’ – I used to call Derek that, and I just… can’t give those away to Jordan. Those are Derek’s names, and will be forever, and no one can take them away from my Puppy.


He nods, like the understanding guy he is, and ushers me to the bed, switching off the lamp when both of us are laying and he covered me with the blanket nicely. I nestle myself into his hold, head resting on his chest and arm slung around his bust, his hand holding me close, legs tangling together. He presses an affectionate kiss to my forehead, whispering, “I love you.”

This is torture. I have to say to him I love him too, but will it sound as honest as always? Will I be able to lie to him? It wouldn’t be an entire lie, because I do feel the same way about him, it’s just… I feel that way about someone else, too.

“Me, too,” I manage in the end, adjusting my head on his pectoral.

He doesn’t say anything else, and eventually, I fall into the dark, infinite abyss of unconsciousness.

I wake up several hours later to crying. Jordan is rubbing his eyes in an attempt to awake himself, but I kiss his cheek as I whisper to him, “It’s okay, I got this.”

He mumbles a “Thanks” to me before I leave the bed and make my way over to Diana’s room on slightly wobbly legs. I close the door to let Jordan sleep, then approach her bed and sit on its edge. I stroke her forehead to soothe her.

“What has happened, sweetheart? A bad dream?”

She shakes her head, sobbing into her plush wolf, sitting up fast and taking a hold of my gown, balling up a fistful of it like it was her final lifeline. It makes my heart contract painfully in my chest to see my daughter so scared and desperate. I wrap my arms around her little body protectively, peppering kisses on the top of her head.

“It’s okay, sweetie, just talk to me,” I say. “I’m here. Mommy’s here.”

“Will Mr. D’rek come b’ck?” she slurs, voice muffled. My heart skips a beat, breath hitching in my throat. This can’t be happening. Diana can’t be asking for Derek.

“I don’t know, baby,” I coo. “But Jordan will play with you when he’s back from work tomorrow, will that be good?” She shakes her head furiously.

“No! I want Mr. Derek!” I bite my lip – how does one tell their young child they can’t see someone because their history is complicated with that person? Besides, if she’s Jordan’s child in reality… “Please, mommy, call him back.”

“Okay,” I say, albeit having no idea how to contact him. Is his number still the same? I was sappy enough not to be able to delete him from my contact list for three years. “Now sleep, princess, okay? It’s important that you do.”

“Okay,” she hiccups, but doesn’t let go of my gown. “Stay with me, mommy.”

“I will,” I promise, scooting under the blanket with her. I allow Diana to curl up into a ball against my stomach, her head resting against my chest and over my heart as the bundle of muscles is beating away wildly in my ribcage. I won’t be able to fall asleep again, I’m sure about that.

. o O o .

In the morning, I help Jordan get ready for his shift. I make him breakfast while he’s busy getting rid of his five o’clock shadow and putting on his uniform. Diana is still asleep, but I pour out a glass of orange juice for her – she usually gets up not long after Jordan left.

He eats his breakfast, cleans his teeth, then comes back to jump in his shoes and leave for the station. I kiss him goodbye, long and thorough, leaving him gasping and wanting more – I want him to know I still love him. I need him to know that. He waves to me with a smile before I close the door behind him, waiting by the door until the growling of the engine gradually dies out as he drives away, my back against the wood and for the first time in long hours, I allow my tears to escape from my eyes, flowing down on my cheeks and wetting the gown I’m wearing.

I sink down and pull my legs up against my chest, snaking my arms around them and letting myself cry quietly. What did I do wrong? Why am I so helpless now? How could I get out of this Hell of a situation? How can I forget about Derek?

I take a deep, steadying breath to ground myself. Enough. I’m not a lost little girl, not any more – I’m an adult, who has to get her crap together and get a hold of her emotions at last. I have responsibilities now, both as a parent and as a fiancée. I must take care of not only myself, but my family as well. I won’t let them down, not ever. They both deserve a caring mother and a strong wife.

I stand and make a beeline for the bathroom to wash my face with ice cold water. I stare at my reflection in the mirror for a long time, fingers curling tightly around the edge of the sink, steeling myself and jaw clenching. I’m not powerless. I can do this. I can bare life. I can endure. I can love.

I slide into the matching silk robe to my nightgown – the set is pale pink like the Japanese cherry blossoms, with black lace adorning its edges over the cleavage. I tie the belt around my waist and migrate back to the kitchen to put everything into the washing machine. I’m wiping the counter clean when Diana comes in, yawning, plush wolf being dragged after her on the ground. I smile at her as I cower to welcome her in my warm embrace.

“How did you sleep, princess?” I ask, placing a kiss over her temple. She mumbles a “Good” before weakly returning my hug, still riddled with sleep and dizzy with dreams. I scoop her up and go to sit her in her high chair. She squeezes the wolf, clutching it to her small body as I proceed to prepare her breakfast.

. o O o .

Several hours later, Diana is playing in the living-room, while I’m preparing dinner, knowing Jordan will be home soon. I’ve already taken a shower and dressed up into my nightgown again – I want to surprise him tonight, and I figured this would be the best I can offer him.

There’s a knock on the door then, puzzling me – I wouldn’t have thought Jordan would come off-duty so early today. I hurry over to let him in, but when I see who it is, the bitter feeling of deja vu engulfs me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, deliberately failing to greet him or ask him how he is.

“I…” he starts, chewing the inside of his cheek. “I came to see you.”

His eyes involuntarily give me a once-over, urging me to instinctively pull my robe tighter around myself as his mouth falls open a bit. I’m not his, not any more. I shouldn’t feel this fuzzy hotness spreading in my chest as his gaze roams over my figure, burning my skin in its wake. Neither should I be shivering under his intense sight.

“Derek, you should…” I cut myself off as soon as I remember Diana’s plead from last night. I can’t be so selfish to send Derek away while I know my daughter wants to see him so badly. I bite my lip as I inhale a long breath. I cock my head to the side, inviting him in as I step aside. “Come in.”

A small smile tugs at the corners of Derek’s mouth, which eventually widens into a huge grin as he enters. When he’s busy taking off his shoes, Diana comes in running, presumably because she heard me calling him by his name.

“Mr. Derek!” she exclaims, jumping into his neck. Derek shouldn’t know that Diana wanted to see him again. He shouldn’t. He shouldn’t even be here, he shouldn’t be holding my daughter like she was his, holding her so meekly, so protectively, her small body fitting into his palms so neatly and perfectly…

I make a small noise at the back of my throat, suppressing my feelings that want to barge up desperately at the sight before me. Initially, that’s what I wanted – I’ve always imagined myself being parents with Derek, welcoming him home just so, just like it happened now. It hurts so much to simultaneously have and don’t have my desires.

“Come, play w’th me!” Diana sings, taking Derek’s hand and pulling him towards the living-room. He looks at me, a mute question in his eyes. I nod towards the living-room.

“Aren’t you going? Princess wants to play with you,” is all that I say. His face lights up as I let him go with her, following the girl back to her playthings cheerfully, giddily. I watch him as he settles next to the coffee table, sitting cross-legged and taking a building block in his hand, a dopey smile on his face that bliss put there.

I ignore my heart as it clenches painfully in my chest before I make a beeline for the kitchen to keep preparing the dinner. I glance at the clock briefly, taking the chicken out of the oven and kicking its door shut with my heel gently. I don’t even realize how fast time is passing until Derek steps next to me, warm palm on the small of my back, startling me. I cut myself with the knife, so I take the tip of my finger into my mouth as I arch a brow at him.

“Diana fell asleep,” he informs me.

“Yeah, that was to be expected,” I say. Originally, my plan for Jordan included Diana falling asleep before he arrives home. The fact that he still hasn’t let go of me registers, but I can’t find it in me to tell him to take his hand away, or for me to take a step back. Derek stares at my finger in my mouth for a while, then he takes a cloth, runs warm water over it and grabs my hand to squeeze the wet texture over the wound.

“Sorry for scaring you,” he apologizes quietly. I shake my head as I croak out an “It’s okay.” Derek keeps avoiding my gaze as he says, “I checked the envelope.”

A lump forms in my throat, suffocating me all of a sudden. I have hardship staying upright, so I take a hold of the counter. “Yeah?”

“You haven’t seen it, have you?” he asks, only now glancing up. I shake my head, lips pursed and massively fighting my tears back that are welling up in my eyes, making them gleaming. I don’t want to hear it – ignorance protects me. Ignorance protects me from having to be a hypocrite with Jordan if Diana is not his daughter – it protects me from having to endure being left all alone with a child again.

If she’s Jordan’s, then it’s okay if I hear it, because then I won’t have to be forcing myself to look him in the eye.

If she’s Derek’s, however, then I’m better off not knowing about it. Otherwise, I will have to leave Jordan, because one thing I know about myself is that I won’t be able to live a lie with him. He deserves better, so much better than a liar fiancée.

“(Y/N), I read it, and it said –”

“Don’t,” I interrupt warningly. “Don’t be selfish again, Derek.” His eyes reflect sadness and pain as soon as the words leave my mouth, but with bold courage and self-preservation, I continue. “Think about the repercussions it will have on me. I didn’t give it to you to come back and tell me about it. I gave it to you so that I will get rid of the temptation. Do you understand what I’m talking about, Derek?”

Heavy silence settles around us, eating us away. That is, until the front door opens and clicks shut. I jerk my hand away from Derek’s hold.

“Honey?” comes Jordan’s voice from the lobby.

“I’m here,” I answer, already on my way to the entrance of the kitchen to welcome him. We meet at the threshold.

“Hey,” he murmurs, arm snaking around my waist to pull me flush to his body, kissing me deeply. “Shall we continue what we started in the morning?” he asks with a playful half-smile, but I shake my head, making him arch a brow. Only then does he recognize we’re not alone. “I didn’t know we were expecting a guest.”

“You weren’t,” Derek answers. “I just came by.”

Jordan acknowledges that reply with a hum. “I’m sure you already have to leave,” he says pointedly. My fingers flex against his chest as they ball up a fistful of his uniform – that was rude, even though he’s right that Derek shouldn’t be here at this hour.

“I’ll see him to the door,” I offer, but Jordan presses a kiss to my temple and cheek, murmuring to me, “I’ll take care of it, darling. I don’t want you to catch a cold in this short dress of yours.” He massages my skin over my clothes before letting go completely, wordlessly ushering Derek towards the hall with a cock of his head.

Derek obeys. I proceed to set the table for two, but I catch Jordan’s voice as he’s speaking in a low voice. I inch closer to them to be able to hear him clearly. The next time he talks, I can make out every single word that’s said, threatening.

“And leave my family alone, or you’ll regret coming back.”

Then the lock is clicked shut.

Dancing with Smoking Guns

Link on AO3: here
Chapters: ½
Fandom: One Punch Man
Pairing: Bandit Saitama x Saloon Gal / Bandit Genos
Author’s Note: Inspired by @empanadadooblez & @fluffyfireflyart western!au (btw read their tags on both their posts cause omg) and ho boy. I had to write it as soon as I saw it. It’s so cute and charming, and dear god I didn’t know I needed it till I saw it. I am making a whole bunch of guesses on how it all works, but I hope it’s okay and does both of your beautiful ideas justice! There’s more to come in the next chapter.

Their meeting had been entirely accidental.

Eyes meeting between the bandit smirking at the bar and the dressed up cyborg dancing up on stage with the other saloon girls.

The attraction had been instant.

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The Couch

set in @dexondefense​‘s monster au, this is a little fic about bitty and the couch. 

It was a Friday. Bitty had somehow managed to finagle his classes this semester so that it gave him Friday off. Living in the Haus, though, meant that he was rarely ever alone on these glorious Friday vacations. Usually it was Shitty who joined him. “It’s just Statistics,” he’d shrug over Bitty’s waffles (warm contentment mixed with a tad ambition to get him to work).

“Why are you taking Statistics?”

“I wish I knew, man.”

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