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This is how Chapter 2 went right

This is so fucking stupid

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hi! i saw the list of fics you just posted and i was wondering if you had any fic recs yourself? i just really really want a (WELL WRITTEN) complete not-OOC canon/canon divergence zutara fic but i'm new to zutara fic and i have no idea where to start

Hello there!!

First of all, welcome to our ship and to our community! I hope your time with us is amazing (^___^)

I’m not sure if I’m going to be of any help because what I consider not-OOC might be very OOC for you, mainly  b/c I have a very romanticized view of these two.  Also, because I’m very old school with my fics and tbh RL keeps me from reading most new fics out there. So if you can’t find anything you like in my list, be sure to browse our  fanfic tag.

My go-to-for-a-quick-fix are these short yet sweet, straight to the dynamics of what I picture their relationship/interaction to be- fics are: 

Love Story || by: lynny17 (drabble collection->parts: 1-25| 26-50 | 51-75 |76-82) Do yourself a favor and go read it. Right.Now.

We are caught between “thank you” and “goodbye” || by: Rabidline 

In The Same Candlelight | by: Like A Dove

In the Winter Light  by ManonLeChat

some head-cannon drabbles: 01 

The rest of my rec list is here. You can find chapter fics there. I haven’t read some of those in a while tho so don’t judge me too harshly! 

Other rec list can be found in the Directory 


Hey guys! @andsowewalkalone had again the great idea that it’s time for a new Emily Kinney Appreciation Week.So here we go.
The week will start on Monday, December 12th 2016 and end on Sunday, December 18th 2016.
You can create what you want(gifs,edits,graphics,videos etc.)!And don’t forget to tag your creations with ekweek16.

  • Day 1 [December 12th] : Favourite Movie/TV Role
  • Day 2 [December 13th] : Favourite Photoshoot/Look
  • Day 3 [December 14th] : Favourite Music Video/Song
  • Day 4 [December 15th] : Favourite Friendship
  • Day 5 [December 16th] : Favourite Interview/Quote
  • Day 6 [December 17th] : Favourite Onscreene Partner
  • Day 7 [December 18th] : Anything you like

Time for some Emily Love and a lot of fun ❤

Um... hello!

“Jeez… I can’t ever really be sure if these things work right or not… A-anyway, my name is Koichi Hirose, I hope we can all get along well!”

[Hey everyone I’ve been lurking the community for almost a year now and I’ve finally decided to join in! I have 0 idea what I’m gonna do with this blog, but I’d love to interact with all of you!]


All his friends die from demon summoning related mishaps.
They have every right to be upset.

Based on this post :’D

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hello lowah!! it's silly but i'm curious so... in your military au, what's engraved on the paladins' dog tags? ^^;; also wanted to say i really love your art (and especially the au!)

Hi anon! That’s a good question heheh and tbh i didn’t really give it a lot of thought before now. The paladins use code names because despite being a rather secretive group, the Voltron Force is infamous and high profile to their enemies. So preserving their identities is the best way to ensure the safety of their family and loved ones. Therefore their dog tags only carry their codename, and their blood type. 

An idea i also juggled with: because they have to preserve as much personal information as possible, the paladins have the freedom to engrave whatever they wanted on their tags. Such as a personal mantra or proverb. 

Anonymous said to gamzeeismyboyfriend: Daddy gam and his babies??? :0 or bring your child to work day?????

i have no idea what mine and gam’s jobs would be in the AU tbh so here’s this

+ with eli which i blame @quearest​ for

oli isnt included because he’s probably in his room playing animal crossing :^\


I’m stuck in a never ending circle of redesigning my own redesigns… Anyway, Fury (again). Tbh no idea how titty armor works here. I call it magic. Same with floaty hair and the whip. I kinda wanted to give her that heavy-ish looking armor, just like War and Death’s, but without making her look too bulky.

The other is Banshee/Blind Rage - Fury’s special form which basically is a screaming flying mummy with it’s eyes covered. No legs, just more chains under the wrappings. Uses two heavy spiked chains with hooks attached to the ends. Banshee’s scream has a high chance to paralyze enemies within a certain rage.

Well, here’s that. ( •́ .̫ •̀ )