no idea what this thing actually is im sorry


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 

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4, 10, 14, 28, 37. Sorry if that's a lot! D:

  • 4. What do you love about yourself? already answered <3
  • 10. How do you spend your free time? usually drawing or writing or watching ghost compilation videos
  • 14. Favorite game? The entire Legend of Zelda franchise boiii
  • 28. Is there good in everyone? yes, and no. People have different ideas of what good is. Take the 1950′s for example, how many people were extremely racist and shit was their idea of good, todays racism is viewed as bad. not saying any type of racism is good im just saying tha everyone has different ideas and philosophies of what good is whether its actually good or actually bad (if that makes sense lmao sorry)
  • 37. Describe, personality-wise, what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like? since im bi lmao: can talk things out yknow like if we have a fight or disagreement we can talk it out like rational beings. is open minded and has a sense of humor, can let loose and shit yknow real simple jazz!!

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I saw a lot of bigger blogs mentioning you in posts and answering messages from you so I went to your profile because I had no idea who you were and wanted to understand why everyone loves you so much. Your gifs are mediocre, you're fake nice to everyone, the only thing you really have going for you is your actual appearance and you've joked about it yourself that you post about it too often. So is that all I need for people in the Skam fandom to notice me? Dye my hair blond? Interesting

lmao idek what to say to this nonnie u seem very set in ur opinion of me and im sorry u dont like me. regardless, i hope u have a good day.

(p.s. blondes have more fun) xoxoxo

“Want to know the saddest part? She told me that my idea was stupid! I know kids are mean, but how can they say such hurtful things? I just want my puppy farm, alright? Not to do anything bad, just to actually play with puppies all day. For the rest of my life. That sounds like actual happiness,” she sighed. “But… No. A five year old thinks my idea was stupid.” 

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tips for drawing both of the baes' hair? those silver wings are tricky as hell and phoenix's hair is just impossible

sure !! havent used my tablet for a bit so excuse the less than stellar headshots buT here’s my general way of drawing their hair 


edgeworth (i have… no idea how to explain his actual bangs im so sorry it was just a lot of trial and error on my end to get them to something I liked)

I have a ridiculously stylized way of drawing them both, but !! that’s what I do !! I also have another drawing question thing regarding edgeworth from a few months ago over here 

i fucking hate my life so much guys im so upset. my moms car broke down, our only car and we dont have the money to fix it. we’re in debt and i have braces that need to be payed for, which is like $5000 dollars alone. i want to tell my mom to start a gofundme or something but we have no way to share it without me telling her i have a tumblr and the wifi password, which im not actually allowed to have.

im so lost. i have no idea what to do. i might have to take a hiatus again and just figure shit out, since we might have to turn off the wifi to afford things.

im sorry

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what other merch ideas do you have??? :o

Someone actually asking me a thing!! hello!! okay well oh my god where do i even start - i have a lot of merch ideas for tons of cartoons because when i get bored i end up imagining all this stuff (this post is gonna be super long oops sorry). this is a collaborative post with my friend @koodlz and i’m going to put her ideas below mine!! okay so we had my rift snow globe from gravity falls but here is a list of some of my other ideas that i have organised:

Gravity falls

  • interdimensional rift snow globe
  • pop funko figures for all of the characters in gravity falls would be so cool!! i would buy them all 
  • a physical copy of the gravity falls soundtrack because the music is so beautiful and i would listen to it all day if i could 
  • i really want mabel’s floppy disk shirt that she wears as pajamas, it would just be a really cute thing to have
  • a perfume line inspired by mabel. idk why but i think it would be amazing and just completely wild and something i would 100% buy 
  • basically everything in the mystery shack
  • and now an idea i made all the way back in March, which partially came true: a gravity falls 3DS game where you can design your own character and play on either adventure or story mode and explore the town, solve mysteries, decipher codes, have your own journals and unlock special items seen in the show such as the human sized hamster ball and presidents key. you could also connect with friends and do cool things like switch bodies on the carpet from carpet diem. 

We Bare Bears

  • grizz, panda and ice bear tsum tsum’s (if you dont know what tsum tsum’s are they’re like these little plush toys that you can stack on top of each other)

Star vs the Forces of Evil

  • star’s hairbands because i adore those (especially the cactus ones)
  •  a music box that plays the blood moon ball waltz music with little figures of star and marco twirling around that dance when you open it (and the key to open the music box is shaped like star’s wand)

Over the Garden Wall

  • a music box with a similar style to the svtfoe one would also be really cool!! (i love music boxes haha)

Steven Universe

  • those glowing orb night light things but instead of white they’re pink like steven’s bubble

Now for @koodlz‘s ideas, she has a ton of really good ones!!:

Gravity Falls:

  • the light up unicorn toy that mabel has in ‘the last mabelcorn’
  • a waddles piggy bank
  •  a portal night light with mabel floating away from the button (and the portal is the light)
  • a replica of mabel’s scrapbook
  • all of mabel’s sweaters

Steven Universe:

  • garnet lava lamp (because she can swim in lava and the colours would be so pretty)
  • lapis lazuli water speakers

Rick and Morty:

  • book stoppers of rick and morty portals with rick and morty going through (if you look up book stoppers on google you’ll get the idea) 


  • charm bracelets and these can have charms from a range of different cartoons. like for gravity falls it would be the cipher wheel symbols as charms, for steven universe it would be the gems and you could have one in the shape of star’s wand for svtfoe!!