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Let’s face it, we bookworms tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, when it comes to our reading, because we’re weird like that, but in a good way. And, the truth is that reading should always be fun. Guilt free. ALL THE FUN SO MUCH OF THE FUN BECAUSE WORDS ON PAGES *insert screech* You know what I’m talking about. So I thought that compiling a list of the reasons that bookworms feel guilty and why they should just stop would be a great idea

  1. Not reaching our Goodreads challenge/lowering our goal for the year

In the past few years, the Goodreads challenge has become a staple of measuring achievement when it comes to reading. It has become insanely popular and it’s honestly such a good tool to keep track of everything you’re reading. But it also adds an immense amount of pressure. I’ve been there. When December rolls around and you see that you’re to the Goodreads challenge what Pluto is to being a planet in the Solar System (a.k.a. not even close; also VIVA LA PLUTO because Pluto deserved better smh), the panic sets in. You’re left with two options: lowering your goal or not finishing the challenge. Both make you feel like crap. But honestly, life makes us feel like crap far too many times, thank you very much, so let’s not let reading add to the ever growing pile of crap, am I right?

There’s no reason to feel guilty. If you read one book that year, you’re still a bookworm and it’s still a HUGE achievement. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t reach your challenge. It’s just a stupid tracking tool on the internet, it’s not something to measure your worth as a reader or as a person. You’re still awesome, even if you read just a page. Even one page counts. We’re busy, school and work get in the way 99% of the times. Unexpected life events occur. Shit happens. It’s normal and it’s expected, because life is fun and all that jazz.

Also, may I suggest a great idea: set your goal to one book for the year. Boom! Pressure off. You’ll still be able to see what books you read, how many pages and all that jazz, with the bonus that you don’t feel like hyperventilating every time you open your Goodreads account

  2. Not finishing books (the dreaded DNF)

Let me tell you something right off the bat: life is too short to waste on books that you’re not enjoying. Yes, I know, if you’re like me, you die a little on the inside every time you are at that point where you want to scream at the book you’re reading: BUT WHY ARE YOU NOT GOOD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME WHO DID I OFFEND IN A PREVIOUS LIFE FML FML. It’s a reality. But let’s face it: you’re not going to enjoy every single book you pick up. It’s just not written in the stars. Which is why it’s perfectly acceptable to just…stop reading it. Put it down. Hug a kitten. Contemplate the universe. Leave it be. Maybe pick it up at a later time, maybe not. But don’t feel guilty. You didn’t disappoint the book, yourself, the book gods or literature as a whole. It just wasn’t meant to be and you should never force yourself to read a book you’re not enjoying. In my case, every time I force myself to keep going with a book I’m not enjoying, I tent to end up in The-Thing-That-Should-Not-Be-Named a.k.a. the Book Slump™. Just…no.

  3. Not reading classics

80% of the classics I’ve read have bored me to tears. I mean. I want me some dragons, magic and lost princesses. There are no such things in most classics (a huge oversight on the part of the writers, but I’m not pointing fingers). I’ve stumbled upon some that I really enjoyed, but too few to really make me actively pursue reading classics. The trouble is that a lot of people cringe so badly when you tell them that you don’t read classics.

“So yeah, I don’t really read or like classics”
“Um, I just..don’t really enjoy them/relate to the stories/want to live while I’m reading them”

Whenever people react like this, it puts me off reading classics even more, because I hate judgy people. But I digress. My point is, the amount of classics that you read or don’t read doesn’t indicate how “good” of a reader you are (fyi, there are no good or bad readers imo). It’s just indicative of the genres you enjoy reading. That is all. People who read classics aren’t THE BEST BOOKWORMS™. They’re just people. Like you.

  4. Rereading books

I will shout this from the rooftops: I LOVE REREADING BOOKS. It’s something so refreshing and comfortable to go back to a book universe you fell in love with. To revisit favourite characters and go on adventures with them again. I reread at least a few books every year. Last year, I actively tried to reread at least one book each month. It was so much fun!

Rereading books can get you out of The Slump™. Rereading books is an excellent alternative for when you can’t afford to buy new books because stupid life costs money booooo. Rereading can be so insightful, because you notice so many things you missed on your first (or second, or third or…you get my drift) read. Rereading can be a whole new experience years after reading that book for the first time. Rereading a certain book can be the best for you at a certain time, because everything is familiar and safe. Rereading is absolutely no reason to feel guilty – people usually say they’re wasting time when they’re rereading (um, no), missing out on new releases (they’ll still be there a week later when you finish rereading your favourite book thank you very much), they fear not liking it as much the second time around (fine, I’ll give you this, it’s a possibility, BUT I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE). Long story short: reread more books 2k17.

  5. Neglecting books because life

We’re bookworms, yes. But we’re also People Who Need To Live and Function in Society. What does this mean? That we sometimes don’t have that much time to read (I know, it’s just so rude). Days may pass when we don’t read at all. Weeks. Sometimes months. Years? (all my college years were spent reading almost academic books exclusively; it was a dark time in my life). But that’s okay. There’s no reason to feel guilty for doing our best to live out lives. Doing that sometimes implies giving up certain things, because we simply don’t have the time or energy to do them. That doesn’t make us bad people or bad readers. Your books will still be waiting for you when you have the time to devote them your full attention. Books don’t judge.

Surprisingly or not, this is just part one. I have many feelings about this particular topic, because I really really want people to read books guilt free. And live the bookworm life to the fullest

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these points. And if there was ever a time you felt guilty for something book related

Happy reading, bookish people <3


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cham please help a squirrel out I'm looking for like an ancient photo of namjin doing like the finger circle pose in front of some rocks??? this is a really vague description but that pic makes me giggle and I can't find it anywhere thank you love you


Q: Were you happy with the way the series ended?
David Duchovny: I always wanted Hank to die. That would have been my way of ending it.

Q: Why would you have ended it with Hank’s death?
David Duchovny: Everything had to catch up with him. You can’t drink and smoke like that and get away with it for too long. I wanted it to be complete. I wanted Hank to get married to Karen right before he died. That was my idea. Tom [Kapinos] and I would talk about, but it was never actually an option that was discussed with any kind of reality.

Originally posted by aftertherushhour

Q: Somebody wrote a guidebook last year called Becoming Hank Moody. What advice would you give someone who wanted to live the Hank Moody lifestyle?

David Duchovny: I’d say, “Don’t!” [Laughs] I don’t think it would make for a very easy life. That’s why I wanted him to die. I wanted that to be the lesson.


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I had an idea last night about talking with contactSH, what if we ask him about that "new show" premiering on March 8th? We can frame it like a bunch of us are receiving pictures of bloody knives in the mail or something and we don''t know if it is viral marketing or if the show is fake lol

ooooh I like this theory!

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Any chance at some more hetalia au? I love the idea that the nations are public, what about the Graham Norton show or Valentines Day? Perhaps St. Patrick's day? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

So I’m not sure what your asking.  I understand where talking about my public AU but are you asking if I have done a post about the Graham Norton Show? Or if I’m going to do more posts with the Graham Norton Show? Because I have a post about the Graham Norton, and no I don’t think I will have any more posts about it (Norton’s background set colors hurt my soul and I rather not draw them lol.) I did have an idea for Valentines Day but  I don’t know if it’s good enough idea to put in hours to draw it out so I’m going to put in into the maybe column.  I got nothing for St. Patrick's Day sorry :( 

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REAL TALK THOUGH IM SCARED ive known so many Deans in my life n god im just, afraid, dean's gonna lay into Jonas n blame him for "causing trouble" by bringing mitch over aND,,,,, fuck, just, save my sweet boys,

YEAH THAT’S ANOTHER THING I’M SUPER WORRIED ABOUT. Most likely, we’re not going to see the aftermath of what happens next which is REALLY PUTTING ME ON EDGE

Like… AUGH, I know that Dean won’t do anything Too Crazy but just the idea of him yelling and lecturing Jo is enough to have me wanting to cry and pull my hair out. This also leads to interesting conflict of the future, like if Mitch is banned from the Wagner house and AUGHGH

ok but when john moves back into 221b along with rosie and one night john fell asleep on the couch and sherlock can hear john having nightmares and screaming and shouting in distress and sherlock wakes him up and john just stares at him in panic and it took him a while before he finally came to 

“why did you do that sherlock? why did you make me WATCH?”

“John you were having a nightmare, what are you talking about–”

“You made me watch you fall to your death. And even though i know it was all a lie and you are alive and safe, but every night  always see you fall. Every night, i see you bleeding on the pavement. Do you have ANY idea what you’ve put me through?!”

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Ok but let's talk about how anyone is talking about any of the stuff happened on Sherlock like no interview no comments at all Amanda was buzzing at the idea of Mary she loves the show and yet she's so silent like everyone else. I'm used with every other show when actors actually sat and say what they thought what they hope it could pass but here.. nothing. And yes, Sherlock is not like any other show, but is still weird??? I guess???

their continued silence is, as ever, damning. especially mark’s, considering he wrote an entire poem to tell someone to shove it after TST aired and got a bad review likening it to a james bond-esque thriller

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Hi there I have a question about education career fairs. Honestly I just have no idea what to do or talk about or how to even break the ice. I'm getting ready for one tomorrow and realized I have NO idea what I'm doing. Any advice?

I have never taken part in one. Anyone else want to chime in????

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So, if you were a casual fan of Sherlock and didn't really pick up on anything related to Johnlock, you would have NO idea about tea being code. Yet Billy in Series 4 brings up tea being code, and seriously if that's not the most blatant indication that the creators cater to the TJLC fandom, I don't know what is

Yeah ikr..

secret moriel?

Since this topic came up recently… and I wrote a thing… (and since I said that the idea should be a separate post) I wanted to talk about Mor & Az potentially having a secret relationship in the current timeline. Because I’m actually not that into it.

I can understand the draw - we want them to be together so much that we are willing to take anything at this point. And I can see how this would be something that it seems like Az might do. Being all secretive and spy-like. But it’s not really what Mor would do. Not when she has worked really hard to live her life as she pleases.

There aren’t really any good reasons for them to need to hide a relationship, to me. None that would make sense for them to keep it from their best friends, who are essentially family.

Also, the idea that they need to hide their relationship to spare the feelings of Rhys and Cassian would make those two (R&C) very, very emotionally immature. If that were the case, which I don’t think it is. Like they wouldn’t be able to handle the idea of their friends being together and happy? Yeah they had some drama, but that was forever ago; and let’s be honest, it is nothing like the other traumas they have experienced in their lives. And them hiding this relationship from their friends seems more hurtful than sharing it with them and creating temporary drama.

(But Leslie, you just wrote the thing… yeah, well, I also wrote malide, but I’m not too invested in that, either.)

What I do think is possible is that they have been together in the past. They still care for each other deeply. And they will be together again. Maybe they put things on hold for various reasons that we can’t know (right now, at least), but… there is no way in hell that they have not talked about what they feel for each other. It would just be unrealistic. Especially since I’ve been having some Azriel Thoughts and I think it would be very unlike him and Mor to pretend they don’t have all the Feelings for each other. If we know anything about them, we know that they are capable of handling traumatic and challenging situations, and surviving. They know how to deal with their emotions, so I don’t see them brushing them off or repressing this.

With all that said… if they do have a Secret Thing going on, I wouldn’t mind. It might make me sad that I will never get to see the moment when it starts (or starts again, as it were), I will basically be happy with any canon moriel interaction, smooches, sex, whatever.

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I'm the anon who joked that your ShikaSai fic would hit 10+ chapters back when it was first posted. Well, I was right, but how did the story expand *200%?!* That's a lot of expansion (maybe even for you?). Was it that there was more plot than you expected, you had some new ideas about twists? More romance and Sai's ridiculous, yet endearing flirting? SakuIno fluff? Not asking for spoilers, but what kind of content exploded on you so much? (And Hell yeah, Jashinists, Sai and Ino! I'm excited!)

^^” I suppose I shouldn’t remind you that Stormborn was supposed to be 20k? Um. 

Apparently I badly overestimated my ability to be concise, because I was looking at plot notes and the second chapter’s were like “talk to people, find jashinists, fight, go back to konoha, confrontation with shika??” And…yeah. 2 out of 5 in almost 5k, congratulation Kat, you’re dumb. 

So! Since the main point of this fic is Uchiha!Sai, it’s going to have to get to the point where that becomes a plot. And…that’s probably not going to be for another few chapters, because what is conciseness?? 

ACOWAR Headcanon

I know we all expect Nesta to be furious with Feyre when they see her again but I have this idea

What if after like a few months with Feyre in the Spring court, the dream team talk with Nesta and Elain and they become more connected and they tell them all about what has happened and everything Feyre did. And then Feyre finally comes back and just

Feyre stood in the foyer of the house of wind. She felt as if it had been years since she’d seen it, but here she was home. And there, across the room was her family. But her eyes immediately met with her two sister’s. “Nesta… Elain. I am so sorry-” before she could get the words out Nesta was in front of her. Feyre waited. Waited for the yelling, for the horrible words that her elder sister had spat at her for years. But they never came. Instead, Feyre found herself in the arms of Nesta. They were warm and caring, a feeling she had never truly associated with her sister.

“ I am glad you are okay ”

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((Wonka is forming a ghost army, it appears. I assume he will eventually lead them into battle against a green skull monster?))

I h onestly have no idea what you are talking about.  Random dead kids just started talking to me a few days ago and I don’t know how they keep finding me.  Honestly, it’s a little disturbing.  Did somebody sign me up to lead some stupid undead bookclub I don’t know about?  

Goddammit, @mini-laffytaffy, did you do this?!  ?  I TOLD YOU I DON’T NEED OR WANT ANYMORE FRIENDS.  MUTUAL DEATH IS NOT A THING TO BOND OVER. 

So a while ago @minigenos and I started watching Maid Dragon and we’ve talked a bit about it with the esper kids in place and– Her idea was super adorable so I made some doodles to it.. yeah
This is one of them. I hope you like Maid Dragon!Teru :)

Please check out her dragon au and what the esper kids would like as dragons!! It’s wonderful ♥

I had a very interesting conversation on twitter last night and I got talking to someone who came up with a theory about Mary that I hadn’t thought of before. What if Mary is only working with the BMoL to bring them down from the inside? Gain their trust, learn their secrets so that she, Sam and Dean and whoever joins them knows what they are facing. I like that idea more than Mary willingly working with those who tortured her youngest son. 

Then Dean gets to use his grenade launcher on those who hurt Sam.