no idea what her name was tbh

Pidgance Marvel vs. DC

-Pidge is a DC fan. She loves character complexity of the anti-heroes, how the women have predominant roles (she especially likes Renee Montoya and Big Barda bc of their strength regardless of gender, sexuality, and femininity), and she’s also a true cynic. DC offers a darker atmosphere with colourful anti-heroes that appeal to her cynical side. Her faves are The Question (Renee Montoya) and The Flash (Barry Allen).

-Lance is a Marvel fan. Lance likes the glamorous heroics, strong belief in to do what’s right, and just really loves the strong heroes acting bravely even in the face of adversity. He’s into the more classic stuff with the true good vs the true evil. His absolute favourite hero is Captain America (Steve Rogers), but also really likes Wolverine and Spiderman. He also has a soft spot for Kitty Pryde.

-Eventually they go around to get ppl on their “side” to prove that either company is better.

-Keith immediately agrees with Pidge. In one of the foster homes he stayed in for a while a few of the other kids who lived with him liked batman, so whenever they wanted to get rid of old comics he’d take them. He always liked the robins more than he did batman (mostly Jason Todd), but still picks DC over Marvel.

-Shiro likes the old Spider-Man movies with Tobey MaGuire so he supposes he’s Marvel, but not really sure. He also thinks the x-men are pretty cool… they’re Marvel, right?

-Hunk refuses to get involved. He’s seen this weird flirting/rivalry thing these two have had before and doesn’t want to go through that again. The last argument was between what race on Skyrim was better (Pidge said Khajiit and Lance said that his tiny lady warrior Breton named Katarin de Monette was obviously better than Pidges Khajiit) and that didn’t end well. Hunk secretly really likes the Hulk, but refuses to worser fuel their argument with each other.

-Allura has no idea what they’re talking about but from what Pidge can describe, the company that makes Queen Mera of Atlantis and Princess Diana of Themyscira interests her more.

-In all reality nobody really cares about this competition except for Pidge and Lance. Keith is interested, but nowhere near as invested in the conversation as the other two are. Tbh they all think this is some weird kind of nerd flirting so they prefer to stay out of it.

-Later Lance shamefully admits he really wanted to see the Wonder Woman movie. Ever since voltron they hadn’t had any way to keep up with Earth shows or music, and this leaves him kind of upset that there’s another sense of normalcy gone bc he can’t even go to a movie theatre. Even as hardcore a marvel fan, who wouldn’t want to see the first female superhero movie starring Diana Prince?? It makes him more homesick, and it leaves him subdued from his normal upbeat personality.

-Pidge, with her resourceful tech skills, gets the movie. They watch it together on her computer. Despite his Marvel preference, the two snuggle together and make comments regarding how kickass Diana is. This begins a movie night trend where they both get away from the others and watch superhero movies together.

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Squealling because i love your nyo!prussia?? Like she's so-- fleshed out and real?? And your hc for her. Omg. So much love.

thank youuuuuuuu!!!!! i think she’s growing on me too tbh. i never planned for this but!!! there you have it

Rewatched the “list scene” and I stand by what I said earlier
1) the fact that there are ONLY two spots on the list a clear sign that it includes an idea of RELATIONSHIP, these two spots are for two people having a strong bond together. Maybe it’s not that complicated in real life, but it’s a tv show. Writing the scene this way is a clear way to create a “link” between the two LAST spots
2) Clarke adds Bellamy, Bellarke Theme hits
3) Clarke SMILES, leans to put HER name, because she DOES think of Bellamy, she DOES think of being with him in any way possible. She hesitates, she thinks that if she thinks Bellamy can have a place there, she can too, if he is on that list before her, if he is with her, she CAN add her name.
4) CL theme hits, Clarke gives up, and doesn’t want to add her name: guilt, grieve, sadness, everything. “I bear it so they don’t have to” tbh I’ve seen a meta about the parallel between these scenes, and YES. It’s about Bellamy convincing Clarke to “come inside” with him.
5) Bellamy wakes up, Bellarke theme joins the CL theme, because Bellamy is about them being together, and Clarke is not at that moment
6) Clarke accepts the idea of letting Bellamy write her name: LAST NOTE of the CL theme. “So what now?”
7) “Do you still have hope?” Bellarke theme,
8) Clarke literally MOVES ON from the idea of staying behind because of everything (she leaves the list and the room, therefore, NOT changing it) and Bellarke theme rises and rises again and again.

(btw the “get some sleep” is SO GENTLE)

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Sorry I was just wondering if you could tell me what lexark is? I just got into the fandom and the pain a couple of months ago and I keep stumbling across that term and I have no idea what it refers to?

Hey there! So lexark xD it’s proof of this fandom’s absolute extra-ness. So Alicia C|ark, Alycia’s character on F/TWD — her name is basically a stylised version Alycia Clarke. You replace the actress’s y with an i and cut the last letter of the complementary character’s name. Tbh it sounds more like some Clexa shipper url than an actual character that happened to be attributed to Commander Lexa herself xD so when Lexa died, the fandom thought: if Lexa and Clarke are soulmates, it makes sense that they would’ve met in several universes and times. So in that time, Lexa is Alicia and Clarke is… Elyza Lex. You replace the actress’s i with a y and cut the last letter of the complementary character’s name.
Elyza is a badass Australian, tattooed and basically a sassy, foul-mouthed version of both Lexa and Eliza. It’s like Clarke and Lexa’s roles somehow inverted. She has a motorcycle and pistols and a sword if I remember correctly. She’s the more forward one this time, while Alicia has Clarke’s stubborn impertinence, and Elyza was sent to her soulmate so this time she can save her. Elyza remembers Lexa/Alicia, but Alicia doesn’t remember her, which is tragic and beautiful.
It was a way to make Lexa and Clexa live on in another world, now that we’d been robbed of her existence in the original one. So Elyza Lex and Alicia C|ark’s ship name is… Lexark.


This is how Chapter 2 went right

This is so fucking stupid

Timeline of events because lmao. I honestly don’t know why I’m doing this but here it is; a list of Jeller things in every ep: (NOW UPDATED FOR ERRORS!)

Woe Has Joined (FIRST ep): Jane touches all over Kurt’s face, Jane saves Kurt’s life in the Statue of Liberty. Jane has a mini-panic attack and Kurt holds her through it.

A Stray Howl: Jane is in a car wreck and Kurt flips out, pulling her out of the upside down car.

Eight Slim Grins: Kurt to Jane: “If I lost you.”

Bone May Rot: Jane saves Kurt’s life by taking down the CDC guy.

Split the Law: Jane to Kurt: “You’re my starting point.” ALMOST KISS BUT KURT BAILS OUT. Episode five, lol.

Cede Your Soul: JANE HAD A SEx DREAM AND IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT KURT, NO QUESTION WITHOUT EVEN SEEING A FACE LOL. (oh….shit i just realized she told Borden that, who would have told Shepherd, who would have known exactly how intimate Jane felt about Kurt.)

Sent on Tour: Jane punches Saul Guerrero in the face for threatening to kill Kurt.

Persecute Envoys: Jane thinks Kurt went deaf and then he fucks with her and it’s A REAL ADORABLE MOMENT. Kurt to Jane: “You never stop, do you?”

Authentic Flirt: LMAO DO I EVEN HAVE TO. Jane and Kurt fake married, what a blessing in episode 9 b/c let me tell you I had to wait six seasons for Mulder and Scully to be fake married.

Evil Handmade Instrument: FIRST KISS. Jane to Kurt: “I wanted a moment that was just…us.”


Cease Forcing Enemy: Jane and Kurt hold hands on a plane b/c they think they’re gonna die.

Scientists Hollow Fortune: Kurt shoots a Zipped dude who has a gun pointed at Jane’s head.

Erase Weary Youth: Kurt adamantly refuses to believe Jane is a mole and defends her to EVERYONE.

Rules in Defiance: Jane is threatened with Kurt’s death if she doesn’t do what Sandstorm wants. Because they all know by now thanks to Borden how she feels about Weller.

Older Cutthroat Canyon: Kurt almost dies and Jane leaves him for the first time because she thinks she’s keeping him safe. Winds up rescuing him in the end. Kurt admits he would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed.

Any Wounded Thief: Kurt gives Jane Emma Shaw’s necklace.

Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts: ???????????? Honestly, this one was all about Patterson which is A++++ by me.


In the Comet of Us: Jane and Kurt being badasses together during a school shooting, Jane deciding to betray Oscar and spy on him or w/e. 

Swift Hardhearted Stone: Jane and Kurt trying to figure out how to feed a small child together. Jane: Veggies. Kurt: OREOS. Also, Jane is like “you’ll be a great dad someday” and they look at each other like. You know.


If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render: KISS #2. FUCKING FINALLY.

Why Await Life’s End: OH NO EVERYTHINg IS HORRIBLE. But also Kurt telling Jane before it’s all HORRIBLE that she’s the one he wants to tell everything to. BUT THEN IT’S TERRIBLE do you guys remember how horrible that season finale left us all feeling compared to THIS CURRENT ONE????

In Night So Ransomed Rogue: ALL TERRIBLE. STILL. SUPER TERRIBLE. But also Kurt admits he never wanted Jane to get tortured for three months so there’s that???? Also, Kurt can identify Jane in full military gear laying in a desert from space, lmao.

Heave Fiery Knot: Kurt trusts Jane for like .5 seconds when they keep a plane from exploding.

Hero Fears Imminent Rot: IDK man it’s hard to find anything in this one. STRIKE THAT Kurt tells Jane to trust her instincts.

If Beth: Jane gets flash bombed, Kurt helps her but also there’s Jane to Kurt, something about hurting people you love. I can’t remember the exact quote but it’s in that scene with the little girl trying to shoot them.

Condone Untidiest Thefts: Jane sucks it up and tells Kurt that she thinks he’s going to be a good dad after she saves his baby mama.

Her Spy’s Harmed: Kurt tries to murder the CIA dude by choking him to death after he finds out he tortured Jane.

Resolves Eleven Myths: JANE HAS HER PERFECT LIFE WITH KURT DREAM. Another appearance by shipper extraordinaire, Rich Dot Com.

We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters: Jane and Kurt undercover together! Kurt (via one person’s memory of events) totally 100% jealous of Jane getting hit on.

Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform: Kurt thinks Jane is dead or something after a bomb goes off/he has no idea where she is.

Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron: Kurt literally yells Jane’s name and rushes across the bullpen to wrap her up because she’s alive and safe when he didn’t know wtf happened to her. He believes her without a doubt when she says she didn’t know what Shepherd was planning.

Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord:  ????????????????????

Devil Never Even Lived:  Jane shows up at Kurt’s apartment with his FAVORITE BEER. She can identify teen Kurt from a  yearbook photo in 2 seconds.

Name Not One Man: Kurt is kidnapped by Shepherd but tbh idk if anything shippy happened in this ep.

Borrow or Rob: THE BEST SHIPPER, RICH DOT COM IS BACK. He tells Jane that Kurt is obviously still in love with her.

Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward: IDK dude but we got Roman and Kurt working together and Kurt in glasses and that was certainly a Thing.

Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd I Did Live: Kurt and Jane bond in his baby’s nursery. 


Senile Lines: Mom and dad take their son Roman out into the field for family bonding. Kurt makes Jane insanely happy by letting Roman move in with her. OH, ALSO LOL WE FIND OUT KURT AND JANE APPARENTLY GO OUT FOR BEERS AFTER WORK.

Regard a Mere Mad Rager: Escape room lie detector and ALMOST KISS.

In Words, Drown I: Oh God Kurt is so pissed about this Emma Shaw thing, but LOOK it’s OKAY because he tells Jane that he still trusts her more than anyone.

Mom: Kurt teaching Jane on the fly how to deactivate bombs and A KISS, A GREAT KISS. Kurt: “Jane, I know your heart.”



huntress-earthtwo  asked:

Y'all, i don't if you heard about this post where there is this au where Maria goes to John's house, he's alive of course, and she's like "Stayyyyy" and he just sweats nervously and says, "I'm gay,". So, I kinda got thinking about this au and here's what I can up with: Maria is like 'dude you're gay? Ah, thank god. I’m a lesbian so let’s not make this shit awkward" And John is all like, wtf is happening, and Maria explains the whole thing. 1/??

On why she was doing this, and she explains that she was forced into an arranged marriage when she was young and she married James Reynolds, because of money. And all that shit that he was abusive to her and her daughter. So, John hears this and he is super pissed cause y’all know, cinnamon roll right there. So, he says that she needs to get a divorce and all that. But she can’t get a lawyer cause she has zero money. 2/??

So he says he has this friend, Burr, who is a very badass lawyer and would totally help her out. And the girl is literally crying and she’s overjoyed. So, Laurens leaves the Reynolds, but the next day he comes back to the place, and he talk to her nad tbh just keeps her company cause that girl is sad and she needs some company. And he goes there and meets baby Susan and they become friends and its adorable. 3/??

So, Laurens leaves the Reynolds, but the next day he comes back to the place, and he talk to her nad tbh just keeps her company cause that girl is sad and she needs some company. And he goes there and meets baby Susan and they become friends and its adorable. So some days later, Maria goes to Laurens’ house, as a cover up, and she enters and burr is there with laurens having a drink. and they talk about the case and how they could win it. 4/??

So some days later, Maria goes to Laurens’ house, as a cover up, and she enters and burr is there with laurens having a drink. and they talk about the case and how they could win it. they have some drinks and talk to each other about their lifes and how its being shit and they laugh get a little drunk. And its honestly the best time Maria has for a very long time, since she married James. And that night Maria was so drunk she couldn’t walk so John just puts her in bed and he slept on the couch.

But drunk little Mariah wouldn’t stop rambling to john on how women were so hot and how he was a complete idiot on not finding them atractive, ((its not important but its adorable)) Anyways, two weeks passed and they got on court and its a really tough case, probably because James bribed the judge but tbh i know nothing. But, with the help of Burr the magical BURRito ((you can tell how drunk i am as I am writing this)), they win the case and Maria Reynolds finally became Maria Lewis. 6/??

And, as always, her, Burr and Laurens, went to pub to celebrate. Maria Lewis then, became the first woman lawyer on the United States, fighting for women who can’t speak their mind, sometimes joined by Burr himself. She grew to be the baddest bitch around and didn’t give a crap on what thought of her. She eventually got married, to a incredible woman named Sally Hemmings, a former slave of Thomas Jefferson.

They grew up to be the actual meaning of couple goals. And what about Susan you may ask? Well, Susan became the vise-senator of New York, being the right hand man, or better right hand woman of Phillip Hamilton. ((Tbh sorry about the long ass asks…))

dude you just wrote an entire book  in my ask box lmao
i think this is a rly cool idea for a fanfic!!

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yoooooooooo I'm really glad I'm not the only one who thought Dickon would be good for Sansa. Lol I feel like her mother sometimes, like I'm always on the lookout for a good man who would make her happy. 😂

Yoooo Anon.. Great minds! Hell had I known Dickon looked like that, I would have gone for Dickon x Sansa kinda thingy like way back when I was reading the books LOL 

What would be the ship name though? Dansa? Diansa? Dickansa LOL I have no idea what to call them tbh.

Gosh, I would be so proud of Sansa if she was my daughter. I mean, how could you not, right? She has come so far and I am dead pleased with her character development thus far (still hated S5). But screw that, she IS my daughter and yes I do want her to be happy. Absolutely happy in every regard. And we all know she needs a man who can treat her right and give her what she needs (pssst.. orgasms! and of course lots of babies

Having said that though, I will always hold a torch for Jon to be THAT man for her but this season has been meh tbh and I’m quite put off with this whole ‘Jon Snow becomes a Sock puppet - D@ny & Dragons shit show’ and I’m so close to being done with it. BUT the hopeless trash Jonsa shipper in me says, keep the faith, hold on to it, JonSa is coming - so I guess I’ll stick around.

But oh my, what a pair Dickon and Sansa would make huh? I mean Sophie and Tom Hopper together side by side - daaammmnnnn that looks fine as hell! And he’s taller LMAO!!

Ship Couple Meter

5 Flames out of 5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 - I would ship this !


I know her name was Clara. I know we travelled together. I know that there was an Ice Warrior on a submarine and a mummy on the Orient Express. I know we sat together in the Cloisters and she told me something very important, but I have no idea what she said. Or what she looked like. Or how she talked. Or laughed. There’s nothing there. Just nothing.

volarfinch  asked:

AU idea: When Lup died in that cave that name eludes me, what if Angus's grandfather had been adventuring with and used that regeneration machine to bring her back, but because of Lucretia, she doesn't remember anything after the mindwipe and ends up living with Ango and being the flamboyant (literally) Watson to his smol Sherlock

that’s adorable and I’m 100% here for it

tbh i just want someone to adopt angus and treat him RIGHT, lup please tell ur bro to chill!!!

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Do you have any headcanons for Ribbon Girl and Min Min together? I do ship them as a couple, although any friendship headcanons would be cool too!

Romantic headcanons coming up~

  • Ribbon Girl wants to teach Min Min proper singing techniques because her singing has very good potential. Min Min isn’t too interested, but she humours Ribbon Girl because it makes her happy.
  • In return, Min Min teaches Ribbon Girl some cooking skills, because Ribbon Girl is a minor disaster in the kitchen.
  • They go out together on dates fairly often. Min Min isn’t very fond of PDA, but they do hold hands a lot.
  • One of their favourite things to do together is to watch cheesy romcoms. It’s somewhat of a shared guilty pleasure, but it’s also fun to narrate everything with snarky commentary.


Repost, not reblog! Tag 6 muns you would like to get to know better when done!

Name: Peyton
Nickname: Meme mom, fuckin uhhh idk
Age: 24
Faceclaim: Yoo/sung Ki/m, Tou/jou Kiru/mi, KAITO, V, idk a lot tbh
Pronouns: She/her
Height: 5′7
Birthday: February 5th ! 
Aesthetic: Uhh i have no idea tbh
Last song you listened to: This one right here!

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written: There’s just too many to name tbh

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):
Probably just because of his character in general. Shido’s such a fascinating character to me, I couldn’t help but grow attached to him! His mind set, and his goals behind everything he’s done is so interesting aaa- Plus his overall douchy nature was one of my more favorite parts abt him

What are your favourite aspects of your current muse:
I love how..harsh he can be. Most of the time, Shido basically says whatever’s on his mind, and it’s so fun to write him and to see the muses reaction to whatever the hell he just said straight to their face. I also love how cocky he is! He’s hardly afraid of anything, and even the scariest of situations can hardly phase him

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:
Idk I’m always just in a Shido mood tbh. Just grumpy and tired

Favourite types of threads:
I have way too many to name!

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:
Eh.. The biggest struggle is trying to find ways to interact with him, or making him appear too dickish and standoffish compared to everyone else. Sometimes I feel a little bad for whatever he said, and that whatever I responded with would be taken the wrong way. Idk, It could just be me being a worry wort like I always am.

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OC Progress!


  • First draft!!
  • Tried to keep it simple 
  • Not too happy with the outfit though
  • Try Again!


  • Second Try! 
  • Waaaay too pale tbh
  • Very soft shading
  • Still not happy with the design
  • Try Again! 


  • Third try!
  • Changed a lot of stuff
    • General idea the same 
  • Style more complex 
  • Maybe the final design? Who knows
  • I’m happy with it though!

ps. her name was angie, but I’m thinking of changing that… any suggestions for a name? :’) 

wolfsskull  asked:


From The Arcana

  • Full Name:
    • Hippolyta Nox
  • Gender and Sexuality:
    • Cis Female
    • Pan
  • Pronouns:
    • She/Her
  • Ethnicity/Species:
    • An elf, if that’s a thing they have in this universe. I’m still in the beginning of the game so I have no idea, but….your apprentice has elf ears so??
  • Birthplace and Birthdate:
    • ?? I dunno
  • Guilty Pleasures:
    • Drinking chocolate milk at midnight tbh. She puts on the front that she’s all about that hot, spicy shit, but honestly, nothing beats a cold glass of chocolate milk.
  • Phobias:
    • Spiders
    • Public Speaking
  • What They Would Be Famous For:
    • Her tarot readings? 
  • What They Would Get Arrested For:
    • Aggravated Assault or Theft honestly
  • OC You Ship Them With:
    • None
  • OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
    • Still none
  • Favorite Movie/Book Genre:
    • She’s a sucker for a good mystery book–lucky her, I guess lol.
  • Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche:
    • Romance/Erotica. Too flowery and bleh
  • Talents and/or Powers:
    • Tarot readings
    • Magic~
  • Why Someone Might Love Them:
    • She’s very honest, almost brutally, but she’s also looking out for everyone’s best interest as best she can.
  • Why Someone Might Hate Them:
    • She’s blunt. That tends to hurt feelings.
  • How They Change:
    • Dunno yet
  • Why You Love Them:
    • She cute and I already love her from Mass Effect soo. Also the name I gave her is very Harry Potter-esque.
      • Hippolyta Nox and The Arcana has a nice ring, yeah?

kaltese  asked:

I had a thought. If the kids all had a "theme" for themselves, what would it be? I was wondering about the whole "armor" thing post-Stonemason, and wondering what everyone's might look like. Dipper or Wendy might have trees, given Dipper's name/Zodiac sign, and Wendy's dad being a lumberjack and living in Gravity Falls her whole life. Mabel's might be... bedazzles, actually? Like, her armor is covered in rhinestones, much to the gem's confusion. What do you think?

I do think that they would be zodiac related tbh. Its only fitting seeing as how the zodiac is gonna play a much more prominent role in the sequel, so sure I think that would work (still I’m personally not so sold on the idea everyone getting their own armor post Stonemason (I’m such a sucker for characters wearing their classic outfits) but eh its still something to think about)

Re: chocolate
Nanjou Yoshino
Re: chocolate

The continuation to this nobody asked for.

And on the Love Live end, rehearsals are progressing nicely.

On February 13 and 14, Kusuda-san and Iida-san, the two of them, had an event, it seems. For those who attended that event – was it limited to just the ones who attended on the 14th? – whatsit… Chocolate. In Kussun packaging and Rippi packaging. And on Twitter, Rippi was like, “We’re giving these as presents to those who come on the 14th~” and I was like, “Eh! Gimme, gimme!”

Then Kussun tweeted, “Let’s decide if we should when we consider what your return gift shall be,” so I was like, “If I have to give a return gift, okay, I don’t need any!” (laughing)

The other day, when we met during rehearsal, Kussun gave them to me! Two, even! She said, “I left these in my bag all along ‘cos I thought I’d pass them on to Nan-chan,” (laughing) Still, they looked like my [wrinkly] Alforts (laughing)… Yah, but they were properly, separately… packaged? So I said, “It’s fine.” I received those, little blocks [of chocolate] in there. What a good kid, I thought, and accepted with thanks.

When I was going home, I happened to meet Rippi. I told her, “Ah, Kusuda-san gave me chocolate,” and Rippi was like, “Ehh, she remembered?? Haaa, so mean…”

Afterwards – the conversation was fun, but I thought that’d be the end of it – Iida-san messaged me on LINE. That very night. (imitating Rippi’s tone) … “I’ll give you chocolate, if we meet next time. Are you there…?” (laughing) I responded, “Uuhn! I’ll take it, I’ll take it!”

Such a thing happened. How heartwarming. There’s no punchline to this! (laughing) Because of it, I received chocolate, too. I should prepare to give various return gifts and stuff, on White Day. It’s tough on guys, like, I kinda understand a little how they feel, or do I? That sort of feeling.

Now that we’re at it, eh, please listen to this song here. Eh, her album was released in May, too. Kusuda Aina-san’s (snigger) – eh, First Sweet Wave.

Rippi’s chocolate.


A photo posted by Yoshino Nanjo (@nanjolno)

Iida-san handed over the chocolate gently (laugh) Time-delayed score!

duela-quinzel  asked:

What do you think of this idea for a new super-heroine, Iron Maiden? Her name would be Alex Stark(tbh it's a work-in-progress name) and she'd be the daughter of Tony Stark. I imagine her suit design to be a lot like Pepper Potts' suit in Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, dubbed "Rescue".

It would be a neat idea for the MC2 universe 

However it could also work in 616 as a plot twist that she’s his kid from his various flings throughout the years. That could then be interesting as it brings up issues of public scandal for Stark Enterprises, lead to Tony (who despite it not being true to the character has effectively been turned into a flanderization of RDJ’s Tony with extra emphasis on the playboy aspect which only really pertained to the first movie before he was humbled) to grow up and take a hard look at if not his current attitude to women then confront his womanizing ways in his past. At the same time it could raise Stark to worry about any other kids he has out there and more poignantly get to grips with parenthood in light of his far from great upbringing with his own father.

As for ‘Alex’s’ character herself, giving her the Rescue armour works fine but i think you need to flesh out who she is and her background a bit more. Is she smart like her Dad? Did she grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth or was she dirt poor? Does she have any friends or family and if so who are they? Did she make this armour herself? Does she have anyone she is romantically interested in/who is romantically interested in her? if so how does she feel about that? Where does she live? What does she look like? How does she feel towards her Dad?