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anonymous asked:

why do you think cockles is real?

let me try to narrow this answer down to like 10 things bcoz woahhh

1) cockles ring that jensen gave to misha (x)

2) cockles matching bracelet

3) the blowjob motion which WASNT suppose to be on gagreel

(if friends fooling around then whats the big deal in this huh right?)

4) jensen dying of laughter even when misha isnt funny that at all

5) the hug from behind when they thought noone was looking + the intimate hug during the con + the entire jibcon like srsly

6) jensen’s typical heart eye looking at misha

7)  jensen making the same face while talking about misha as he makes while talking about danneel

8) the fact that they fight over stupid things and use jared as tie breakers like old married couples

9) jensen’s voice feels like home to misha and jensen releasing angeles on sep 18th

10) the fact that they go to dinner and lunches together/ arrive at cons together/ spend all day together like in vegas/italy etc/make each other laugh/stop production when one is sick/visit set when jensen was directing for the first time even tho misha wasnt in epi and jensen visitng misha during 4x20 shoot even tho jensen had no scene to shoot/had personal space issues since day 1/ jensen welcoming every new guest star warmly except for misha bcoz there was something about misha