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Trying to Leave Him- Minhyuk and Kihyun [Gang!AU]

Part of Trying to leave him

Part I, Part II, Part III


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; Dean; EXO:Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III; Jay and Jiho

Angst and violent- maybe

Note: This is JUST a reaction. I do not think you should EVER be in a violent relationship. NEVER let yourself get abused by another [mentally or physically]. You’re worth more than that kind of life.

P.S. it’s long. Also, my heart couldn’t take doing both my bias and bias wrecker in one reaction like this…. ughhhh T__T

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1, 3, 12, 13 please :D for Linny

sorry it took a while I was really distracted yesterday ❤️

1. How did they first kiss?

Their first kiss happened after the war. They never kissed in school, although they had both wanted to. Ginny made Luna feel like the Nargles were buzzing in her head when she looked at the girl she thought was wonderful, and the desire to kiss every one of those freckles was almost too much. Now, Ginny had been with Harry at the time, and she loved him, really. But there were moments when Luna smelled like fresh flowers and her lips were soft rose, and Ginny felt like both her face and body were on fire, for her friend looked like she was begging to be kissed. She tried to convince herself it was normal, that close friends often felt like that. Although deep inside she knew it wasn’t true.
After war, Ginny and Harry are still together but neither of them feel like how they used to. Too much like friends, not lovers. So they decide to take some time, figure out what they want in life. Ginny finds herself on Luna’s doorstep with a bottle of rosé. It happens easily, they cook dinner together, talk about life. But something isn’t right, and they both know it. After dinner they sit on the couch, and Ginny gathers all of her Gryffindor courage to tell Luna how she really feels. Luna smiles, says “It’s good you’ve finally come around, Ginny.” Then she leans forward, and presses her lips on hers. Ginny quickly overcomes her shock, puts her hands on Luna’s face and lets their mouths take their time. It’s not innocent, because they’ve both matured, but it is sweet and passionate. It’s right. They felt like the world stopped moving, their bodies were buzzing with energy. They also knew neither of them could ever come back from it. They knew that it was meant to be, and no kiss with anyone else could compare to the heavenly one they share.

3. How did the relationship start?

After the kiss, they went to bed, and made up for all the years they pined for each other. It didn’t feel like they were moving too fast. They were best friends and they loved each other, it was always meant to be. Next day, Ginny stayed over. Luna offered her to stay for longer, and Ginny accepted happily. Just the idea of being away from her kisses, of not being able to touch her, of not going to bed with her at night was too much for Ginny. So of course she stayed, and Luna felt like she could float with how full of pure happiness she was. Ginny stayed for a week. Then she went home for a day, and stayed another week. Ginny only left Luna’s place to get clean clothes and Quidditch practice. Later it become several weeks. After many garden dates and just staying in bed, breathing each other in, they knew that no matter how much time they had, it would never be enough. Luna turned to her girlfriend, and asked her to move in. Ginny said yes, hundred times yes.
Yes forever.

12. Favorite non-sexual activity?

They do lots of things together. Luna loves to go to Quidditch games to support her wife (often very visually). Ginny doesn’t really like to cook, but Luna’s recipes are just so quirky and strange that she often finds herself in the kitchen with her wife, putting blackberries and moss (???) in a cauliflower soup. She’s convinced Luna does something to the soup while she’s not looking because despite the very strange mix of ingredients, it’s always delicious. 
They love watching muggle TV together, especially the very ridiculous reality TV shows. They both find them entertaining, and when trying to escape the bad memories of the war, something as silly as that helps. They also love taking walks in the forest, or have picnics outside, build up their garden together. Ginny’s often busy and travelling with her Quidditch career, but her wife is her whole world and she will always find time for her. 

13. Favorite sexual activity? (nsfw!)

They are both very open to trying new things. Ginny’s extremely adventurous, even in bed, but Luna’s calmer and more patient. Luna likes to take her time with Ginny, often keeping her on the edge for hours. Ginny loves it when Luna softly bites her thighs while going down on her. Something they both love and do often is Luna riding her wife’s face. Ginny’s very good at working her tongue so Luna’s left moaning and shaking, and nothing compares to how beautiful she looks on top of her. Ginny also loves it because Luna’s always very calm and collected, but when she’s riding her she loses all control and gives in to the pleasure. 

Only The Names Change

Yes, it’s another MCU/WtNV crossover fic idea/minific-I-might-mess-with-later. Last one kind of snowballed into its own AU as I was writing it, but it wasn’t the only one I’d had in mind. Still not caught up yet, and I’m probably going to need to brush up on my stuff get it right later.

This one, hopefully, is a lot more focused on crack than anything else […then again, we’ve seen how that’s worked out before, so.]

Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe [movies], Welcome to Night Vale [podcast]

Warnings: unreliable narrator [isn’t that familiar], everything Night Vale-related [Librarian-caliber gore, dystopian themes, cosmic/Lovecraftian horror, etc.], some mental health issues because this is Tony we’re talking about, even if this fic is meant to be pure, self-indulgent crack more than anything else.

In which Tony Stark is a Night Vale Community College alumnus.

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Went back to the house that I extracted those 10-13 thousand bees from last week. Found 5-6 queen peanuts on the two little squares of comb that I left behind on accident.
So apparently a colony can rebuild from nothing but the bees flying around in the air! No idea how they got the queen peanuts made and sealed up so fast, but hey.
I won’t be making that mistake again.

Introducing queens Kalypso Marvella II, III, and IV in succession to Marvella I. Since there’s no easy way to tell which one survives, the new queen will simply be known as Kalypso Marvella II of Logoso.

Guess who slept in today? ME.

Guess who didn’t let that ruin her day? ME.

I’m currently on lunch so I went and got a library card (!!!!) as I wasn’t able to until just recently. I also got a sandwich and read my book for the hour. It was nice.

I’ve also loosely committed to the idea that I would like to see how long I can go without a) drinks containing sugar (exempt are: milk and cold pressed juice because yum) and b) fast food. Going to do my best and update frequently. I’m also aiming for blue dots on my weight watchers app for the next week!

Hello to everyone out there/here. I’m Wynonna, I usually go by Wyn, and I’ve decided to give social media another shot to a degree. I just returned from a trip on Sunday and went right into working this week, feeling all sorts of inspired and I was afraid to slow down for the last few days because I wanted to get all the ideas out. Has that happened to any of you? Who am I kidding, that’s probably pretty common. The weekend is fast approaching so I figured I better take a break and get on here for a bit. How’s your week been? Plans for the weekend?


This summer I got a call from my friend Max (a crazy talented producer and videographer) to spend some time working on a video project. It was fast in and fast out—six videos shot in maybe just one day. Ten recipes total. Yowza. Video is new to me, so I went in super excited to learn and ready to work hard. The team taught me an incredible amount, and ate SO MUCH of the food that I made (apple crumble! sauerkraut! strawberry margaritas! pickles!). Over the next weeks, I’ll be sharing some of those recipes here on the blog (with video components over at HGTV Gardens!). First up: Let’s talk mezcal. And apple cider. And rosemary.

Truth: I had no idea how much my feet could hurt after a 16-hour day on set, but I do know how delicious these cocktails tasted when it was all over. Seeing as this is the first cocktail ever on K&C, you might have gathered I’m not a big drinker. But when I do drink, my liquors of choice are tequila and mezcal.

Read more, watch the video, and get the recipe here!

Thinking It Over

 So I’ve decided to write a mini series of what happened after the mid season finale.

 This is based on several prompts I’ve received after the mid season finale aired.

 Hi Ailing, first off, love your stories! I saw this come up on twitter via Bren‏ @xocaterina “when Amelia arrives to LA —- Charlotte: get back to Seattle and fuck major Hunt” (there was a gif on the post, but I can’t link) – wondering, can you write a story of a possible interaction when Amelia rocks up in LA? Love Amelia and Charlotte. And Addie and everyone. Thank you :)

 So we don’t know what happens to Amelia after she wrote that note or what it really means. But let’s say for this she leaves him and moves back to LA. Could you write a fic of her moving back and maybe Owen eventually chasing her.

 Prompt: “no woman seems to wanna have my child..” Owen.

A very big thank you to Sandra @omeliashipper for helping me to proofread the details! :)


 Owen Hunt’s heart sank as he read the letter that his wife left him.

 Dear Owen,

 First of all, it’s not your fault. Please don’t make this all your fault. I know you, it’s what you do. So please, please don’t do that. It’s me, not you. I just need some time to be alone. I need some time to think things over and reevaluate. Now please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with us. You’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met. We’re amazing together. It’s just that I feel we’ve been moving at such a breakneck speed and I need some time out to think. I need some space to breathe. I don’t know for how long I’ll be gone for. But wait for me patiently ok? One day I’ll be back, better and stronger than ever. Then we’ll have the life that we want. Until then, please be strong. Don’t blame yourself. I love you so much, and it hurts me so much to see you hurting. So please, promise me you’ll go on with life, but wait for me. Remember, we are worth fighting for.

 Love Amelia.

 As Owen reread the letter, he noticed a wet spot in the middle of the letter. It was then he realized that he had let a stray tear roll down his cheek and land on the letter. At the same time, he noticed a dried up spot at the left side of the letter. Apparently, Amelia had let a stray tear roll down her cheeks as well when she was writing the letter.

 Gone. His wife just left like that with a simple letter. He had no idea where she went or how long would she be gone for.

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Ashton: “Miss (Y/L/N)?” you put the magazine down and got up following the nurse back for your checkup. After being weighed and getting your height measured, you sat waiting for the doctor. There was a knock on the door and Dr. Benson came in. “Hi (Y/n), how’re you today?” “I’m good.” “And why are you here today?” “Just time for my checkup.” She nodded her head and tapped on the clipboard. “So just some general questions about your health, have you been having any chest pains?” You nodded your head no. “Back pains?” “Nope.” “How about any headaches or problems breathing?” “No, generally speaking I’ve been feeling great.” “That’s good to hear, now just one more question. When is the last time you had your menstrual cycle?” You thought back, eyes widening when you realized that you were over a week late. “Uh the fifth of last month.” “Is it normal for you to be late?” “A day or two at most, but not nine.” “Have you been stressed lately? I find that in young women that always has an effect.” “A little bit yeah.” “Just calm yourself down, and everything will be fine. Well if you have no more questions for me I will see you again in two years.” You said your goodbyes and paid for your visit and then headed out to your car. You were sitting in traffic and slightly panicking about the fact that your period was late and you hadn’t noticed, you thought about what Dr. Benson had said about being stressed; you had just moved into a new apartment and the whole week leading up to that had been one of the most stressful ones you’d in a while. That week being the reason that you went out almost three weeks ago with Courtney. Shit, that was the night you went home with him. Your heart began beating just at the memory of what happened that night. “Fuck!” you whispered to yourself. “Am I pregnant?”

Michael: “How much did you drink last night? Jesus (Y/n)!” Michael called through the locked bathroom door. “Oh fuck off Mikey! I was your designated driver; you know I didn’t drink anything! Not even a shot of tequila.” “Well then you must’ve ate something bad because why the fuck else do people spend an entire day throwing up.” Your smartass response was interrupted by another wave of bile coming up from your stomach and out of your mouth. This day turned out to be pretty shitty, well not just today but the past week. You had slept with Michael a month ago, being too high and drunk to realize what was happening until you woke up the next morning. You had initially freaked out but Michael calmed you down saying it was just a onetime thing and the both of you just moved on as if nothing had happened. Then about a week after that, Jordan, your ex, called you up and the next thing you knew you were lying naked next to him in the morning. It was a never ending cycle with him because not even 24 hours later you were crying on Michael’s couch about him. You sighed, leaning back against the tub and wiped the corner of your mouth. “Are you still alive in there?” “Shove it up your ass Clifford.” “I’ll leave that to Luke (Y/n).” “Ew, don’t make me throw up again.” It was silent then, but you could hear a faint tapping, assuming that Michael was texting someone, you were wrong however. “Oh! I know! Maybe you have the flu!” “What gives you that idea?” “Google. Well either that or you’re pregnant. Which is ridiculous.” “Yeah, it’s probably just a bug or something.” You managed to get those words past your lips, but your mind was going one hundred miles a minute. One main phrase repeating itself over and over again, ‘Could I be pregnant?’

Calum: You were spending the day with Calum slowly making your way through the house, cleaning room by room. You had both started in the living room, and slowly you left Calum alone, because he started taking too long going through all his old tour keepsakes. “Cal, I’m going upstairs to the bedroom.” “Yea sure.” You laughed at your husband knowing that he had no idea what you just yelled to him. You seemed to be making quick progress through the dressers, but that seemed to stop when you reached the closet and you saw your heating pad just sitting in basket in the corner. Seeing it caused you to stop and think; you started counting back, trying to remember the last time you used it to soothe your cramps. Your heart started racing as the number of days got bigger, you quickly turned and went into the bathroom, looking at the stash of tampons and realizing that you were late. You slumped down onto the floor next to the sink, and starting counting, actually counting how many days it had been. “Babe?” Calum’s voice rang through the house, but you didn’t hear it at all. “Hello? (Y/n)?” You still didn’t notice that Cal was trying to get your attention until you felt his hand on your shoulder, causing you to jump. “Woah, what’s going on? Are you okay?” You nodded your head and looked up at him with wide eye. “I’m late.” He looked at you with a confused expression, “What do you mean ‘late?” “I mean I haven’t needed the heating pad in over a month, and when is the last time I sent you to the store to buy tampons or chocolate?” You watched as his eyes lit up as he realized what you meant. “Are you pregnant?!”

Luke: “Wake up Lukey!” you poked your boyfriends cheek trying to wake him up from his deep slumber. “I just got home last night babe, please just let me sleep.” “But I missed you Lukey.” You heard him grumble and you were going to give up and get up by yourself when the bed shifted and Luke engulfed you in his arms. “I missed you too (Y/n), sorry I’m cranky babe.” “No, I’m sorry, you just got back I should let you catch up on sleep.” He pecked your forehead and held you closer to him. “There are plenty of other things that I would love to catch up on too.” His lips found their way to your neck and you giggled, playfully pushing him away. “Luuuke, you got enough two weeks ago when you surprised me.” “But two weeks without you is long babe.” You bit your lip and an idea popped into your head. “Okay fine, go brush your teeth and I’ll get things ready in here.” You could swear that you’ve never seen him move so fast. You crawled out of the bed and went into the closet where you keep Luke’s favorite outfits. You opened the box and were surprised when you found a little tin packet among the lace and silk. Your eyes bulged when you saw you haven’t taken your birth control in a month. Trying to think about how this could’ve happened you came to the conclusion that you must’ve placed it in there when you were rearranging the closet the other day. “Babe? Are you going to surprise me by coming out of the closet in something sexy again?” “Huh?” you asked walking out of the closet to see Luke sitting on the edge of the bed in his briefs. “What are you holding?” “My birth control.” “Why do you look so confused?” he asked again as you sat down next to him. “I haven’t taken it in a month.” “So can’t you just start taking it again?” “I don’t know, because you definitely weren’t wearing a condom two weeks ago.” His face paled and he looked at you with wide eyes. “Does this mean…?” “I might be pregnant Luke.”

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