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Shit Abled People Say #287

“” If you KNOW that it’s a delusion then you’re faking it and it can’t be real “”

<sarcasm>oh thanks, didn’t realize you were a therapist / doctor.</sarcasm>

There’s a problem in the Phandom that people need to be aware of (opinion)

Listen, before you get any wrong ideas about what this is about because of the title, I spent five minutes trying to come up with one and that’s what came out.

I do not have a problem with the fandom, there’s a problem in it. Respect each other and their opinions. Not everyone in the phandom has to ship phan, okay? (I do, but listen, I speak wisdom). People have their own opinions, respect them. 

Phan proof. I hate it, it just reminds me of 2012 every time I see a “phan proof” video on YouTube (there is a difference between videos like “phan moments” and “phan proof”, the moments I don’t mind I mean I’ve seen every video). I wasn’t in the phandom in 2012, but I have binged their videos and noticed the change, not to mention I know what happened because I’ve seen it everywhere.

If you don’t know what happened in 2012, here’s an explanation:

In 2012 Dan and Phil became uncomfortable about people shipping phan. I can see why, it was getting intense. Phan proof popped up constantly, and the year was labelled as “No Homo Howell” year. This affected both of them, but the change in Dan was more clear. They had become slightly uncomfortable around each other, Dan was less happy and Phil did as well. There is a noticeable change in 2012, and please, we don’t want it to repeat. 

Dan and Phil are two human beings who are best friends. I ship phan (a lot I mean come on look at my page), but that doesn’t mean they have to be together. Friends can do things like share clothes and give each other gifts, that doesn’t mean they have to be together. The amount of “phan proof” videos have definitely decreased and a lot of people tell the others off for it.

I mean, yes I will squeal and screenshot when they make eye contact or if one of them smile at the other or if one glances down at their lips or watch “phan moments” videos because damn it I’m a phan shipper and I can. But, there’s a difference between shipping it and..well..SHIPPING IT. Some people will attempt to force them into a relationship and hate on them when they hang out with other friends. I hate it when one of them post a picture with their friends and all of the comments are: “where’s Phil?” “Um..I don’t see Dan here.” and so on.

THEY ARE HUMAN. I mean, seriously, they can have other friends, and they aren’t destined to be together. If they say they are straight, let them be straight unless they come out as otherwise. Make fan fiction, fan art, I love that stuff, but just..don’t try to actually force them into it. They have feelings and that can really affect them.

I love the phandom and I love Dan and Phil, so I really don’t want them to be hurt like in 2012.

I just really felt like ranting and please, don’t take offense to this, I’m speaking my mind and I felt like others should hear it.

Love at first note

So I had this idea about a drarry fic… (that’s just an experimentive title …)

•Harry wanted to get rid of the cycle of stillness and silence that his life was slowly turning into.
•Except the time when his friends come over, he seemed to do nothing other than watching time pass
•It was Luna’s idea really, to learn something new.
•She had suggested several activities like languages, painting, martial arts (no thanks, enough violence for a lifetime) and music amongst other things (things which didn’t include her creatures)
•Music seemed to strike a chord though…
•With some help from an elated Hermoine, he found and joined a music class called The Magic of Music (creative -_-) which boasted of an impressive number of instruments taught
•He could have chosen any of the instruments that people regularly played like Guitars or drums or something but no…
•He didn’t really dislike these instruments or anything it but it just seemed common to him 
•He wanted to do what seldom people did so he chose the Harp because he had noticed that there were just about 6 or 7 people learning this instrument
•So only 6 or 7 people staring at him. He could deal with that.
•And that was how he found himself sitting before Mrs. Twune and listening to her explain the most basic things about the harp
•Usually such lectures would bore him to death but the way she explained the notes and all, she made it sound like flying on broom in spring in a cloudless sky
•She said that today they would just be practising the basic of the basic things like which string to be plucked by which finger, how softly or strongly do you pluck it… and so on
•Harry decided that he really liked this because the music coming from the harp did something to him
•It was like it was not his ears that were listening to the harp but his heart
•So everyday he came to the classes right on time, mind, and left as soon as his session was done
•He was always so eager to go and practice the new things he had learnt 
•And for two whole months he was perfectly content with the knowledge that he was doing something new and wonderful with his life until Harry saw or rather heard HIM
•That day Harry had stayed back a bit more and played a bit longer than he ever had 
•It was so late that the entire place was almost empty and his friends had already left (yes he had made friends with the other harp players. They were nice once they got over the Saviour image and saw that he was not that perfect after all)
•And so he had been packing up, ready to leave when he heard the beautiful melody of a violin
•The tune it was playing was so sad and lonely that Harry didn’t know if he should comfort the violinist or break down himself
•he decided to do neither and instead look for the source of this heart wrenching tune
•He followed the sound till he reached the attic where all the music supplies were kept
•There he found none other than Draco Malfoy 
•Mrs. Twune was there too but he paid no attention to her, Harry’s eyes fixed on nothing but the sight before him
•And what a sight it was! Malfoy was so lost in the music, so engrossed that he was swaying with it
•It was as if the music had possessed him and that he wanted to be possessed…
•Malfoy looked breath taking…
•The pale skin of his arms and face was shining with a layer of sweat (and were those tears on his cheeks?)
•His expression was full of so much peace and melancholy that Harry was lost
•Lost in the music
•Lost in the melancholy of the song
•Lost in the expression of Malfoy’s face 
•Lost in Draco Malfoy himself
•As Malfoy reached the crescendo indicating the end of the song Harry realized that this is what they meant by magic of music
•This was magic in one of it’s truest forms
•Magic that spoke directly to your heart
•He also realized that though he was lost in Draco Malfoy he didn’t ever want to be found.


Do you want me to go on??


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Hello there 👋 I'm new to Saezuru and I'm not sure if this has been talked about elsewhere, but do you happen to know the meaning behind the title? Why is it called Twittering Birds Don't Fly?

I know anon asked me this awhile ago and I’m sorry I’m just getting to this now. In all the time I’ve been here I’ve never seen anything definitive about the meaning of the title? If someone knows please share with the rest of the class I’m just as curious as anon here.

Nobody else knows

Summary: Dan and Phil are in a relationship, but also a ddlb relationship. Phil slips into little space during school and Dan helps him and says sweet things to him.

Tags: Ddlb, punk!dan, pastel!phil

A/N: Also, I have no idea about the title. I’m terrible at those. Anyways enjoy.


Dan was the typically ‘punk’ of the school. His fringe was dyed red, he had piercings and a few tattoos. He however didn’t live to the stereotype of his attitude. He was a fairly respectful person, he did have a temper when anyone made him mad. That temper flared when someone dared to mess with his baby, Phil.

Phil was the polar opposite of Dan. He liked pastel coloured things. He always was wearing white skinny jeans and an oversized jumper. On top of his head, there was always a flower crown placed gently in the middle. The only thing he had in common with Dan was his piercing, which was his septum ring.


Dan has noticed all day how Phil was becoming anxious, which meant one thing. He was slipping into little space. Dan and Phil were in a ddlb relationship and Dan loved it. It always made his heart melt to see Phil so happy and excited when he was little.

“Phil, you alright baby?” Dan gently asked Phil as they stood at his locker.

“Mhm!” He looked at Dan, his eyes were laced with the innocent tone they had when he was little.

Usually Dan didn’t worry when Phil was little. But, they were in school with one class left and no one else knew of this. Phil was always afraid to tell his friends on account of what they may say.

Dan noticed how Phil started to jump a bit as they stood at his locker. Phil always did this cute little thing when he got excited so easily and he would start to bounce up and down.

Once the bell rang the two made it to their last class. Art. Dan’s arm was snaked around Phil as they entered the room and went and sat in their seats in the back.

“Good afternoon everyone,” Mr. Sukan, the art teacher, announced as he walked in the room, “today is going to be an easy laid back kind of day. I want you all to draw me a picture of the characters of a cartoon you loved when you were, oh let’s say 5.”

Dan could hear people groan around him. He focused on Phil who had the biggest smile on his face.

“Whatcha gonna draw baby?” Dan asked smiling. He took Phil’s flower crown off his head and placed it on his own, which caused Phil to giggle.

“Ima draw Pooh Dadd- Dan.” Phil said looking up then back down. Phil never called him Dan in little space.

“Hey Dan.” PJ said as he sat down at the table with the two. Phil must have seen them coming and thought they would have heard him.

Dan and PJ were talking as Phil was carefully drawing the outline of Winnie The Pooh. Dan noticed how Phil’s tongue poked out of his mouth when he was extremely concentrated.

“That looks so good baby boy,” Dan leans over and whispers in Phil’s ear. Leaning into Dan Phil mumbles a small ‘thank you’.

“Baby, it’s okay. No one is gonna hear us,” Dan whispered and as he did PJ said goodbye and left the table, going back to sit with his boyfriend, Chris.

“Little one,” Dan watched as Phil’s cheeks turned a crimson shade of red. They always did when Dan called him that, “PJ left. You gonna talk now baby?”

Phil placed his finger on his chin for a moment as if he was deep in thought and shook his head.

“No?” Dan smirked and Phil’s eyes widen. Phil knew what was gonna happen.

Dan started to poke and tickle his side, asking him if he still wasn’t going to.

“Y-yes! I’ll tawk,” the little laughed, Dan stopped and watched him for a moment. “Onwy if you don tickwe me daddy.”

“Okay, okay, okay, I promise.”

Phil went back on working on his drawing and Dan sat fondly watching Phil.

“My little prince,” Dan mumbles kissing the top of Phil’s head gently,“ you’re so good! Pooh bear looks amazing.”

Phil’s face lit up in a huge smile and he quickly kissed Dan and went back to drawing. His tongue poked out of his mouth again as he coloured in the drawing.

Dan was telling Phil how proud of him he was and how good of a drawer he was when Phil looked at him. “Daddy m done.”

Dan picked the drawing up and looked at it now that it was finished. Phil had drawn a messy tree in the background and Pooh in front of it. “It’s amazing baby boy.” Dan kissed his cheek.

With a half hour of class Phil was bored and started to get antsy. He was squirming and couldn’t sit still. A few people turned heads and gave him strange looks.

“Love, we still have a half hour left. If you be a good boy, daddy will have a surprise for you later when we get home yeah?” Phil broke out into another smile and buried his face into Dan’s chest.

“I’m so proud of you,” Dan spoke, absentmindedly tracing patterns on Phil’s back, “You’re being such a good boy while we’re here.”

“I am?” He mumbles into Dan’s chest.

“Who’s my good little boy then?”

“Is, is it me?” Phil’s eyes were laced with even more innocence. His eyes had more swirls of green and yellow it looked like whenever he was little. That’s how Dan always knew, even if Phil tried to hide it.

“Yes! It is you!!” Dan poked his side and Phil giggled again.

Poking his lip ring gently, Phil had found himself entertained for a minute. Dan moved Phil’s hand from his lip and kissed him gently, not caring that he was getting strange looks and could hear PJ whistling.

The bell rang and scared Phil causing him to almost fall out of his seat.

“Come on baby. Daddy owes you that surprise now.”

Gin, Dresses and Mobsters: Ch1

1920′s Gangster AU.

Robin Locksley is the leader of a notorious New York gang, ruthless and charming in equal measures. But when a mystery woman hires his services for a hefty reward, the boys of The Lion’s Den may come to realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. 

Thank you to @lillie-grey who listened to me ramble about ideas (and came up with this brilliant title) and to @storiesseldomtold for reading through (and being an all round fabulous person, always). 
I have a good feeling about this verse, so hopefully I’ll carry it on lol. I’d really like to know people’s thoughts!

Words: 1.7k

The low canopy of trees cast shadows across the path, leaves swaying back and forth in the brisk winds of winter as Robin leaned against the side of his building. The Sherwood was hidden in plain sight. So easy to walk straight into that nobody ever did. Even so, Robin had his office on the top floor; the main reason being to keep every man and his dog who worked in admin from knocking on his door every five minutes, rather than the thought of a rival stumbling in.

His right hand rested on his cane, where an elegantly carved silver lions head sat at the top of the black varnished wood. The forward tilt of his head meant his eyes were cast in darkness from the brim of his fedora and the rain dripped in rivulets down his exposed neck.

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Alright, so I may be finding a pattern for the sake of a loose theory.

I found this, the titles in every other video since his Portal co-op with Bob.

The idea about something happening on Jack’s birthday is going around and these titles only add to that notion, especially if he has a house party….

Again, it could be a coincidence but dammit, the Anti train keeps on chugging
and I don’t think any of us are coming off soon!


‘maybe you can’t become a hero without succumbing to the darkness even a little bit, but you were able to defeat Darhk by giving the city its hope back’


How to Work Through an Arabic Text (or, How I get Through My Readings):

1. Grab a few different color highlighters, a pen/pencil, your text, Google translate, and/or Hans Wehr

2. Hopefully you have an idea what the text is about. If not, skim the title/author, first paragraph, subheadings, and any footnotes so you can get a gist of the text. This step will help you out when you’re a few sentences in and have no idea what’s going on (three years in and this is still an all-too-common part of my Arabic experience). 

3. I use three different highlighter colors (feel free to switch this up to fit your study needs):

-Blue: verbs. Highlighting verbs will help you in class discussions so you can practice discussing key points in the text using the same verbs. It can also help you find where different points and thoughts begin.

-Orange: Aduwat alrubt (ادوات الربط). Like verbs, highlighting transition words helps you talk about the fluidity of ideas in a text. Also, learning the connectors in any language and using them well is a reliable way to elevate your level.

-Pink: Key points. Sometimes I also use a yellow highlighter to highlight headings. 

4. Words you don’t know: use sheikh Google IF AND ONLY IF you are a somewhat advanced Arabic student. We all know that it’s wrong more often than not, but if you know how to use it and can recognize when it’s wrong, go for it. Sometimes it’s easier to type in the trilateral root of the word and derive its meaning manually through grammar when using Google. Otherwise, use Hans Wehr or your Arabic dictionary of choice to look words up. Try to do this as little as possible. Also, as a challenge, try writing the definition of the word in Arabic instead of English. 

5. Write key points/key words on the edge of each paragraph so you can reference the text more easily during class. 

This is the way I usually do it! How do you guys get through Arabic texts?

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fic title idea: "what about what we left behind?"

Owyn!!!!! Writing wife!!!!!!!!!

“What about what we left behind” has got me feeling kinda angsty ( hahahaha angst queen)
But I have the perfectly SAD IDEA FOR THIS

I know I’ve been on a Mileven hook for these asks but I think this time I would do it for Joyce and Hopper starting with the kinda implied relationship they had in highschool, but it being super casual and never going anywhere real, so they both agree to abandon it. But then it’s him watching her meet Lonnie and get pregnant with Jonathan and how he wishes he could reach out to her, only then things start taking off for his career and he goes to the big city. He never gives much thought to Joyce being happily married and with Sarah in his life but one night after Sarah dies he gets this strong urge to call her, wanting to hear her voice again. He doesn’t know how to deal with it so he just gets drunk and the urge never comes back. Later he moves back to Hawkins and sees her around, but he’s busy as the chief, ya know? All she is Lonnie’s wife- and then she’s Lonnie’s ex. Of course then it would follow Will going missing and him coming to believe her and trust her and thinking that he loves this crazy tiny woman who would walk through hell for her son but then later he chalks it up to adrenaline. Then he watches her date Sean astin’s character 💔 (@ the Suffer Bros how long is that gonna last? Love me some Sean astin but kinda want my jopper back) and distracts himself by burying those hakwins conspiracies™ (and hopefully finding one eggo loving lost kiddo?) A couple years later hop and Joyce are out on the Byers porch smoking cigarettes on the night of will’s anniversary and joyce is musing about whatever “this is” and hop says “it can be whatever we left behind. In highschool. But real this time.”

It’s sweet really romantic moment with a 1975 song vibe until Will yells from behind the window “IS HOPPER GONNA BE MY NEW DAD” and they can hear Jonathan and Eleven inside losing it.

So yeah. Sad premise with a happy ending. Cause hop deserves one.

Send me a fic title and I’ll tell you what I would write about!

[Closed] Drink it all away

Jekyll noticed that he was being stared at by another Assassin. Even though they shared the same class they hadn’t spoken much. The only time they had seen each other more than usual was when they were training. Still, no words were exchanged. The curious eyes made him feel slightly uncomfortable so he decided to break the silence. 

“Can I help you?” 


Ideas - Niall/Pyrocynical x Reader

A/N: I wrote this a little while ago, I’m pretty sure it was the first Pyro related thing I ever wrote that wasn’t a joke :3 Also I had no idea what to call it so sorry about the title. I hope you enjoy it! ~ Admin Sunny

After a short visit to a friend, you came home to find Niall sitting at the computer watching some kind of terrible rap between two man-children. He look very immersed in the video, elbows on the computer desk and cheeks in his palms. You tiptoed quickly and sat down next to him. He either didn’t notice you, or was ignoring you. You decided to find out by poking him in his shoulder, causing him to fall off the chair in surprise.

“Oh god, (Y/N). I think you just scarred the last remaining bit of my soul out my body.” He remarked.

You giggled and helped him up, feeling his warm, soft hand touch your cold, stiff one. Niall frowned.

“You’re really cold (Y/N). Sit down and watch some cancer with me.” He smiled.

You sat side-on in his lap, pressing your freezing body against his rather heated one. You cuddled into his side and turned your head around to continue watching whatever he was.

“Now you see this video is great, it has gigantic man-children in it having a rap battle about horror movies or something, I don’t know. Not to mention the fact the one of them has a minecraft sword in his hand, but that’s about it. I can’t really say a lot about the video because honestly their rapping is just really mediocre.” Niall explained.
“You forgot to mention the fact that there’s a my little pony doll collection in the background of the bedroom they’re filming in. And that guy’s man-bun is so tight you can see the shape of the skull through his skin.” You added.
Niall laughed. “You’re really good (Y/N), I’ve got to write that down.”

You smiled and continued to watch and absorb his heat. The two of you watched a few other videos, and you continued with adding from what Niall had said. Once he’d picked out his video and you’d helped him figure out most of what he was going to say, you left him be to record while you went and go a snack.

“Hey (Y/N)?” Niall called out.
“Hm?” You replied.
“Er, could you come here for a minuet?” He asked.
“Of course I can.” You said.

Once you were in the room with him he looked and you and his eyes instantly lit up, yours automatically doing the same in return.

“What’s up?” You asked.
“Did you uh, did you want to be in this video? I can’t just take all the credit for those things you said, I want everyone to know they came from you.” Niall answered shyly, rubbing the back of his neck slightly.

You didn’t want to say no to him, but you were worried about his fans. You didn’t feel ready to let them know who you were, even though there was a bit of speculation after one of Roman’s fuck ups in one of the CS:GO montages, that he stupidly included in. You were extremely shy about it all.

“I don’t know.” You said quietly.
“Look, I know you’re worried about what they’ll think but you shouldn’t. You’re fucking funny (Y/N), and if they take time to listen to you, they’ll love you. Any ‘fan’ that doesn’t respect you is no fan of mine,” Niall pulled you in for a hug. “I understand if you don’t want to be in it, but I’d enjoy recording it a lot more if you were.”

You felt really touched by his words, and therefor agreed. He seamed really, really happy about it and hugged you again.

“Thank you so much (Y/N), this will be brilliant.”
You grinned and sat next to him, re going over what you had suggested so you could now say it for yourself.

Once Niall had finished editing the video, you finally got to see what he’s done with it. He refused to let you see it until it was fully uploaded, so you tried your best to wait patiently for what seamed like for ever. You scooted over next to him, only to have him pick you up out of the chair and sit your looking straightforward on his lap.

'Cringey Man-Child Rap Battle (feat. My Girlfriend)’

He let you do the honours of pressing the play button. You happily watched while his arms were wrapped around your waist and his head rested on your shoulder. He kissed your cheek and buried his head into the back of your shoulder as the video started, a bit worried about what you’d think of it.

“Today I’d like to introduce all to the writer of about 95% of my dialog in my videos, that would be my girlfriend, (Y/N).”

You grinned after watching through the whole video and turned around to give Niall a deep kiss. He smiled, a little surprised by the gesture.

“Thanks for upping my confidence a bit,” You smiled. “Never thought I’d do that in a million years.”
Niall delicately placed his hand on your cheek and kissed you once more. “It’s alright.”

You had a pretty good night after that, listening to Niall already pitch in future video ideas staring you. You rolled your eyes.

“Calm down, I just made my debut..” You laughed.
“I can’t help it, Jesus. Filming and editing hasn’t been that fun in ages.” Niall looked down, and then looked back up at you. “I love doing things with you, just anything. Because I love you.”
“I love you too.” You placed a kiss on his forehead and laid his head down in your lap for a calm night of movie watching.

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 this is kinda fun so rules: enter your answers then tag 10 people! use the first letter of your name to answer each question. real answers only. if the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. you cannot use the same word twice.

  • name: agustina
  • a four letter word: amor (this doesnt say which language i have to use heh)
  • a boy’s name: adan
  • an occupation: arquero?
  • something you can wear: arma? lmao
  • a food: ananá
  • something you find in a bathroom: alfombra
  • a place: argentina lol
  • a reason for being late: andar boludeando
  • something you shout: AAAAAA
  • a movie title: avatar the last airbender
  • something you drink: agua
  • an animal: águila
  • a type of car: A car (i literally have no idea about cars)
  • title of a song: Adicto a ti - walter olmos

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Voltron Force
  • The Good: The Lion Riders, in fact most of the characters, the plot, genuinely creative ideas about Voltron and the "defender of the universe" title and a good universe to build in, fun despite it's -MANY- faults.
  • The Bad: Allura doesn't do much, the s1 cliffhanger, the dated language of a series trying to be cool, Keith having 1 (one) setting through majority of the show, Lotor's design and the typical villain of the week struggles
  • The Ugly: The animation... whoever told mid 00's Nickelodeon that bad CGi plus choppy animation was gonna be the new wave was a fool.

a story about you // a mix for wakaba, flourishing

“but there was a time, one day, one single day, in which it was only one story” 

[ listen ]

my best friend is you - kate nash / wallflower - priscilla ahn / ten cent blues - eisley / not your year - the weepies / measuring cups - andrew bird /  margaret vs pauline - neko case / you belong with me (rive remix) - coyote kisses / wannabe - far east mention mannequin / you could have it so much better - franz ferdinand / are you satisfied? - marina and the diamonds / gentouchouga juuroku seiki (magic lantern, butterfly, moth, sixteenth century) - j.a. seazer / sidekick - lisa mitchell / short movie - laura marling

It’s pouring outside and the rain is making a wonderful sound on the roof above my studio. It’s been raining a lot these days, which I really love despite getting pretty wet each time I leave my house. (I know I should just spend the $15 and get an umbrella, but as soon as I do I will probably leave it on the bus or I simply won’t need it anymore.) The rain makes for a good thinking atmosphere, it can create focus, which is exactly what I need as I figure out the last details of my thesis exhibition. As of now, I’m planning to show two sculptures and an animation. My conversations with professors are about clarifying ideas, confirming titles, and figuring out the best way to display the work without yet knowing exactly where it will be in the gallery. I’m getting very close to the point of confidence in the work, a place in which I feel deeply ready to reveal it. 

In other news, I leave for my travel award trip tomorrow after having to postpone it in January due to weather. I head south in the morning to visit the Carrizo Plain National Monument and Pinnacles National Park, and the weather is looking good in both places.

I turned in the “official” copies of my thesis book for signatures by my thesis professor and my main advisor. Once signed, a copy will be added to the collection at the CCA Graduate Center and another to the Simpson Library. 

Finally, I showed Walking in San Francisco in a group textiles show, Text Tales, at the CCA College Avenue Galleries and got a lovely professional photo taken of it. See above shot. 

Thanks for reading.