no ice!


Yuri!!! on Museum props for the Kiss & Cry photography fans corner! 

Otabear! Chris’s bull! Phichit’s hamster head! Victor’s Shiny Eyes glasses! 

(With a close up on the last! Also, what looks like Yuuri’s Onigiri, one piece of Tamago sushi, and one other animal, we can’t quite see the whole of between Otabear and the Tamago.) 

something something yakov pov i have nothing but a bunch of scribbles

and a joke about how much Yurio hates Minami, for some reason?

The rink seems very empty without Vitya. Knowing that one day, Vitya would no longer skate is a lot different than facing the reality of the ice without him. It’s a jar every time he comes in to the rink. Yakov always takes a deep breath in, ready to scold Vitya for being there already - but the rink is empty, every time.

Every since Vitya had been a very small child, Yakov had thought, vaguely, that one day Vitya would take over coaching for him. Yakov didn’t have children, besides his skaters, and Vitya was his first and brightest. Not right away, of course. A few seasons doing serious choreography, a few years assisting Yakov – and then he would be thirty-five or so. Married, maybe. Possibly with a baby to further Russia’s glory, for Yakov to teach. Then. Perhaps. Perhaps.


Yakov had always thought that if anybody was going to be a fairy luring someone alway into the underworld, it would be Vitya – but it was Vitya who left, following after dark eyes and a sweet mouth, enticed by a dance and a promise.

“Absurd,” he says.

“What the hell,” says Yura.

“Nothing!” says Yakov, whirling around. “Go practice your step sequence! That’s what is absurd! You think you can win over Katsuki dancing like that? You look like an elephant in a ballroom!”

Yura scowls. “Shut up, old man!”

Yura was lured away too, but he came back. Yakov must be careful of this Katsuki.


The first time Yakov really pays attention to Katsuki - besides the attention he pays to every skater that competes or will compete against his stable - is when Katsuki is being hauled off by Celestino, sodden to the gills.

Vitya stares after him and says, “I’m going to marry that boy.” Yakov has a single moment to hope that Vitya isn’t serious, before Vitya looks at him with all the terrified joy that Yakov remembers from when he first saw the most beautiful girl in the world dance the Dying Swan. “Yakov, I’m going to marry that boy.”

There’s an appalled silence before little Yura saves Yakov the trouble and screeches, “Are you fucking with me?

Vitya’s eyes are blown wide, pools of black with just a thin ring of electric blue around them. He looks alive. He hasn’t looked this alive in a very long time. “I have to get his number,” he babbles. “I have to –”

“And what will you court him with?” cuts in Yakov, before Vitya can go really maniac. “Another gold medal? Stupid boy!”

Vitya looks taken aback. “I –”

“Do you expect the boy to fall into your arms and weep with gratitude to be there?” says Yakov, ruthless. “Perhaps you think he wants to look up at you from the silver podium. A nice way to treat a competitor!” He clicks his tongue. “Go ask Lilia Baranovskaya how much she cared for my medals!” He cuffs Vitya like he’s fifteen again, and wearing that awful black thing. “You don’t catch a dancer with that.” Someone who moved like that, like Lilia Baranoskaya, would never condescend to be caught. A creature like that was like the Firebird, coming to you only of its own will, and only as long as it chose.


It’s hard not to resent Katsuki, but Yakov can’t find it in himself to hate him, either.


Yakov wonders how he could have ever looked at Katsuki and not seen a boy. Just a lonely boy, who misses his lover. Yakov takes off his coat and drops it on Katsuki’s shoulders. It’s warm enough in here for him, and from what he’s heard about Katsuki’s home town, he’s probably freezing.

“That idiot will yell my ear off if he thinks you caught a cold,” he says.


The Yuri!!! on Ice X Chacott collaboration continues to bring us more!

First, a display with Victor’s Stammi Vicino free skate costume and skates and Yuuri’s On Love: Eros men’s short program costume. 

Second, Yuuri’s free skate Yuri on Ice costume with skates, as well as images for the background, wall images on Victor’s Stammi Vicino free skate costume making, and a midway mannequin and images on Chris’ so-far-unamed short program costume.