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Yuuri just moved in Victor's apartment and was helping clean it out once and found a hidden closet with Yuuri Katsuki merch and found out Victor is a lowkey fan and just pretended the whole I-didn't-know-you-before-the-GPF coz he was trying to play it cool lmao Victor was embarrassed and started freaking out a little when Yuuri silently grabbed a suitcase (or two) and opened it revealing years worth of Victor merch. While Victor was shocked into silence, Yuuri whispered "your merch game is WEAK"

victor discovering how weak his merch game is compared to yuuri lmao:


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Actor Victor who is just starting to get famous and get big roles, and does a movie in which he kisses another guy. The internet goes wild (both good and bad) and some asshole tweets something like "I guess it's ok. It's his job and getting paid for it" and Victor answer with "Usually, I do it for free" and the internet explodes even more. Meanwhile, fan Yuuri is freaking out.

yuuri probably:

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I now ship White Knight because of you... And by White Knight, I mean Jaune/the summon knight because that picture may be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!!

I’m not sorry, and you shouldn’t be either

Ice Skating⛸

Sweet Pea x Reader

Word count: 775

Y/F - your/friend

Note: Hi guys, another imagine🌻 I cannot thank you all enough for the love on my first one!! It may look like a bit of a theme so far but I can’t help it, the snow inspired me😂 But I promise my next one will be different. Hope you enjoy it💖


Sweet Pea was on his way over to get me and I was standing in the middle of my room looking at the mess of clothes that were scattered all over the floor. I had no idea what to wear! This was our first ‘official’ date. We’d been seeing each other for a while but we hadn’t ever been on a real date, and now we were. I had no reason to be nervous but I was. He also wouldn’t tell me where we were going but I trusted him.

I picked up my phone and clicked Y/F’s name thinking she could help me decide. “Hey!” She said excitedly, Y/F knew all about the date with Sweet Pea. “Are you out yet?” She asked. “No,” I replied. “He’s on his way over and I don’t know what to wear!” I was starting to freak out. “Calm down. Okay, it’s kinda cold out so put on jeans, no shorts no skirts. Oh! What about your blue jeans with the embroidery?” I nodded to myself. “Okay, yeah.. What top?” I put her on speaker as I pulled my jeans on. “Umm.. What about the grey one with the flowers on it and you can wear your black boots and coat?” I grabbed the top she was talking about and pulled it on. “You life saver! Y/F, thank you!” I heard the engine of a motorbike and looked out the window, it was Sweet Pea.

“Sounds like your date is here.” Y/F said. I smiled. “Yeah. Thank you again! Okay, I’ll text you after. Bye!” I said while pulling my boots on. “Have fun!” She replied before hanging up. The door went and I walked down stairs to answer it. “Hi.” I smiled, letting him in. “Hey.” He smiled back. “You look good.” I blushed slightly. “Thanks, not too bad yourself.” He smirked. I pulled my coat on and gave myself one last check in the mirror before we left.

“So, where are we going?” I asked. A cheeky grin spread across Pea’s face. “You’ll see when we get there.” He replied and I huffed making him laugh. “Be patient, it’s a surprise.” I nodded and took the helmet he was handing me and got on the bike behind him.

I had no idea where we were going, we went in the direction towards Greendale but not as far, I had no idea where we were til we got there. We were at an ice skating rink. Sweet Pea took my hand and we walked in. “Just to let you know.” I said, tying my laces. “I am horrific at ice skating.” He laughed at me and shook his head, “Nah, I bet you’re not that bad.” “Okay then, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

We walked over to the rink and Pea stepped on before me, taking my hand and helping me on. “You better be good at this because no way in hell am I falling in public.” He chuckled and began to glide along the ice. I stepped on cautiously and gripped his hand. I was unsteady and I tried to keep my balance as I shuffled across the ice, holding Sweet Pea’s hand and the barrier on the other side of me.

Sweet Pea was hysterically laughing at me as I tried my hardest to stay standing. When I finally managed to let go of the railing, Pea wrapped his arm round my waist to help me. I eventually got the hang of it and managed to pull away from him and move on my own, just holding his hand. “See! There you go!” He said, feeding my confidence and I smiled.

We were doing laps of the rink in no time then Pea tried to twirl me round and I squealed and fell into him laughing. I looked up at him and smiled. I could get lost in those big, dark eyes. He grinned at me and brought one hand up to my cheek. I sighed at the warmth against my cold skin and leaned into it. Then he kissed me and our cold noses bumped. I giggled and laced our fingers together, both of us still smiling.

We skated to the edge of the rink and came off the ice. “Hey tough guy, you can be sweet and romantic when you want to huh?” I teased, putting emphasis on the ‘sweet’ and Pea rolled his eyes but he was still smiling. He really was a huge softie once you got by the tough exterior..