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Gaming set up???

Well first things first all you hardcore gamers will cringe: i use a 1080p 60FPS TV for a monitor.

My PC has an I5, 2TB HDD, 8GB RAM, a GTX 970… thats it really x3 It’s nothing too fancy but it gets the job done pretty damn well

Help Gallus Buy A New Computer... By Buying Their Old One!

So, I do pretty much all of my writing/emails/bill-paying etc. out of my old Toshiba and its… literally falling apart at the seams.  They keyboard is currently held on with duct-tape.  But that’s not the computer I’m selling!  I also have This Bad Boy:

Which I originally purchased for Art Purposes but unfortunately, due to a shoulder injury, drawing with a tablet and working with this screen gives me migraines like you wouldn’t believe.  So it can be yours! and go towards the purchase of my next computer! So you also get more sweet, sweet Gallus content!

This is a 2012 iMac with the following features:

  • 21.5 inch screen (diagonal)
  • Intel core I5 quad core
  • Terabyte hard drive
  • 2.7 Ghz processor
  • latest copy of Windows For Mac
  • mouse and keyboard
  • professionally refurbished by university tech team
  • It’s in perfect working order, I just have shoulder issues.

I’m selling it for $700+shipping, or best offer.  I take paypal.  If you’re interested, please send me an ask, and if you’re not, maybe reblog this for a friend?  (Posting on 6/18/17 just so this doesn’t get reblogged for 400 years).

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I'm planning to buy a laptop for uni. Which one should I get? I'm thinking of a MacBook. Is that a good idea? My budget is around $2500

Short answer: that’s a very big budget for a laptop lol buy anything

Long answer: $2500 will pretty much buy you a high-end top-performing laptop in any brand except for Apple. Apple is not value for money if that’s what you’re looking for. If you want a smooth OS and own an iPhone or other Apple paraphernalia then it works really well if you buy a Macbook, because it integrates well as a family (or if you look at it another way, it locks you into buying only from Apple because of the charger types). 

In my University Series Part 2 Getting to Class, I talk about what to consider when buying a laptop in brief. To add a few more points, it’d be good if you can get:

  • Solid State Drive or SDD for fast bootup
  • At least 4GB of RAM in this day and age
  • Ultrabooks are good for uni, but just be care if you’re buying one with a Quad HD display, because that will suck the battery life away
  • Good battery life - if it says that it lasts for around 6 hours, you’re looking at 3-4 hours real life usage. Try to buy something that advertises around 10 hours. 
  • Something not too heavy - less than 1.5kg is the goal. 
  • You might also want to consider the storage - 256GB or greater would be good. 
  • If purchasing non-Macbook, go for an Intel Processor i5 (or i7 since you have the money) or any equivalent. 

Here are some good choices for students in general. I’ve just linked Australian websites so the prices are a lot higher than US prices (even when you correct for the AUD > USD conversion). 

These are not all-in-one laptops (which you can probably go for considering your budget), but they’re good for students, and can last you for years. 

  • Dell XPS 13 (on sale at the moment!)
    • all have 8GB RAM with 256GB SSD
    • you can choose between i5 and i7
    • also super light and portable - great for uni students
  • ASUS Zenbook Series
    • Fanless versions available with Intel Core M
    • Less high-end compared to Dell XPS 13
    • Super nice design - brushed aluminium finish
    • Battery much improved compared 
  • HP Spectre x360
    • Apparently has issues with heating according to some reviews I’ve read?
    • Otherwise, super sleek and amazing design
    • Flip the screen anyway you want
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X Series
    • Realllllllly good value for money - they have massive sales occasionally. 
    • Designs are sometimes a little bad, but battery life is good!

Anyway, I’m not in the market for a laptop anymore, so some new ones might have come out in the mean time. Shop around, or if you’re not bothered to do that, just get the Macbook Pro lol

Hope that helps! ^___^

Software teacher straight up told me I need to buy a better laptop. My current one just isn’t good enough to reliably run the programs we use.

I need at least 8Gb RAM and an i5 processor or higher. Mine has 4Gb and an i3.


Not-doing-too-good emeto sentence starters A-J

Based on this post X  

Choose up to 3! Send me a pairing + who’s sick & who’s caring 


A. Good old basics: 

A1. “Are you okay? You look pale." 

A2. "Can you make it to the toilet?" 

A3. "Did that sound come from your stomach?" 

A4. "I think I’m going to be sick." 

 A5. "I’m suddenly not feeling so hot." 

A6. "I think I need the toilet." 

B. Drunker than they should be: 

B1. "I think you’ve had enough." 

B2. "You should sit down before you fall over." 

B3. "Just how many drinks have you had?" 

B4. "I’m not that drunk." 

B5. "Is the room spinning or is that just me?" 

B6. "I’m not some lightweight!" 

C. Over did it a little: 

C1. "Maybe you should take it easy." 

C2. "Why do you always insist on acting tough?" 

C3. "You seem kind of out of it do you want to sit down?" 

C4. "I didn’t think it was anything to worry about." 

C5. "It’s happened before and I’ve always been fine." 

C6. "I guess I should have taken better care of myself…" 

D. Our favorite gluttons: 

D1. "You’re going to make yourself sick if you eat that much." 

D2. "There’s no way you can eat all that." 

D3. "That’s your last one, then I’m cutting you off." 

D4. "Are you going to finish that?" 

D5. "Maybe I should have stopped after that last one…" 

D6. "I ate way too much." 

E. Poor thing got hurt: 

E1. "You fell pretty hard, you should sit down." 

E2. "You look like you’re about to pass out." 

E3. "You should see a nurse. You might have a concussion." 

E4. "I feel a bit light headed." 

E5. "I’m fine really I just need a moment." 

E6. "It’s starting to hurt a bit more now…" 

F. I thought that tasted funny: 

F1. "You’re really going to eat that…?" 

F2. "I told you you should have cooked it longer." 

F3. "Next time, I’m picking the restaurant." 

F4. "That’s the last time I buy food from a place with wheels." 

F5. "Maybe the meat in my food was bad or something…" 

F6. "And I don’t even like seafood!" 

G. Stop the car: 

G1. "Do you need to pull over?”  

G2. “It’s okay if you want to open a window." 

G3. "Are you sure you want to go on the ride again?" 

G4. "Can we pull over at the next stop?" 

G5. "Could you try to drive a bit more smoothly…?" 

G6. "I don’t get car sick so I’m sure I won’t get sick on a ride." 

H. Fluff fluff and more fluff: 

H1. "Would it help if I rubbed your stomach?" 

H2. "Lay your head on my lap." 

H3. "Everything will be fine I promise." 

H4. "I’ve got a stomach ache… can you make it better?" 

H5. "I just want to lay in bed until it goes away." 

H6. "Can you turn off the light…? It’s too bright." 

*A little more hardcore: 

I. Call 911: 

I1. "Why didn’t you tell me you were this sick?" 

I2. "That’s it. I’m taking you to the hospital." 

I3. "If you can’t keep this down I won’t have any choice but to get help." 

I4. "I can’t stop throwing up." 

I5. "My stomach is killing me." 

I6. "I think something’s really wrong." 

J. You can’t eat that: J1. "Those are poisonous!” J2. “Which cabinet did you find that in?" 

J3. "Drink this, it will make you throw up." 

J4. "I think I took too many." 

J5. "My throat feels funny…" 

J6. "I thought the red ones were safe." 

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oregon is so beautiful and lush, every time i’m driving down i5 i get emotional bc this state is so green and the clouds have their contour drawn on perfectly

TalesFromRetail: They were going to charge £400?

Sorry for formatting on mobile. So me will be me Customer will be Cust

I work in retail in a uk electronics retailer and this tale takes place today and yesterday.

So a customer comes up to me looking for a new laptop, I show him around a few of the laptops and he states he needs something portable but powerful, of course these two things usually mean a 13 inch laptop with an i5 or i7.

Me: so what do you need it for?

Cust: “well the laptop has to be powerful but I need it to be lightweight as I’m an international student.”

Me: “right okay well here’s a few laptops we have that fit this description”

Note about these laptops they’re usually around £600-£1000 depending on brand and specifications

Now I notice the customer is carrying a laptop in a carrier bag and ask him about that one, just being a bit nosey but also making conversation as I show him around the laptops.

Me: “So what’s wrong with that laptop”

Cust: “oh the battery has blown up and doesn’t power on anymore”

Me: “right okay, can I have a look?” So he takes it out of the bag and I notice it’s a MacBook Air, being the stores Apple person I ask if I can have a look.

Now I notice that it has another computer shops sticker on the top of it so I ask about that.

Me: “I see you’ve taken it to the other computer store (part of an apple style chain with a shop literally down the road that people mistake for an actual Apple Store) down the road, what did they say is wrong with it”

Cust: “they didn’t open it up but they said it would be £400 for the problem I told them I thought it was”

Me: (internally) “they’ve quoted this and haven’t even had a look at it. No surprises there”

So I took the mac from the customer and walked him down to the apple counter of our small store, I plug it into our mac charger and notice it’s lighting up green but not switching to amber which it would do. So just out of habit I perform an SMC reset (basically a hard reset to tell the mac to get it together) on the MacBook and it turns on.

Cust: “ oh my gosh you’ve got it working”

Me: “yeah I just want to run some diagnostics to make sure this isn’t a fluke”

I got the customer to change the language from his native to English and got to diagnostics. The tests came back fine and the battery reported fine.

Me: “it’s in good working order with no problems it just needed this reset and now it’s fine however your charger is toast so you’ll need an new one of those”

Cust: “that’s amazing thank you so much, my dissertation was on there and I would have to start it again”

Now I’ve just completed my dissertation so completely understand the situation and the stresses of university life.

Cust: “how much will it be for the fix?”

Me: “nothing, it was a fast 2 minute fix no need to worry”

To this the customer becomes all thankful and happy and tells me he wants to pay for dinner and I insist it’s okay and just part of my job. So he’s on his way with his mac in working order and a warning not to use the charger and use an extra form of storage to backup his work.

Today he came back in to purchase the new charger and was looking specifically for me in the store. He had gone out and bought me a cake and macarons from a high end cake shop. At first I said I couldn’t accept (was thinking of work and the cake obviously costing a lot of money) but after much insistence I did accept and the customer left happy and I left work later in the evening with a cake in town and a smile on my face.

Not all customers are difficult and it left me with so much joy at the end of the work day.

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Could you let us know what you're putting into your custom build? Did you get a case in the shape of Scooby doo's head? Maybe a mobo in that shape?

Wait, are you psychic?!

…buuuuuut in all seriousness, sure, here’s the lowdown on the parts – plus helpful* explanations for all the non-techies out there!

*helpful explanations may not be entirely factual

1. Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz

  • What a computer uses to do its regular, boring stuff, like managing 100 billion instructions per second
  • Just barely not powerful enough to trigger an AI uprising

2 . ARCTIC Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler

  • Makes computer substantially less likely to burst into flames, which most experts agree is a good thing
  • Source of many “I have a lot of fans” and “wow, this is so cool” jokes

3. Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H Motherboard

  • The thing you stick most of the other parts onto
  • Has ports to plug basically anything in, excluding hairdryers

4. Acer GN246HL 24.0" 144Hz Monitor

  • You really ought to know what a monitor is… I mean, come on, now
  • Can display images super quickly, which is useful for both games and videos of cheetahs

5. EVGA 430W 80+ Certified Power Supply

  • I don’t know what it’s certified for, but it has been, 80 or more times
  • Ranked #2 on the list of Parts to Not Stick Your Fingers Into

6. G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB Memory

  • Unnecessarily-cool name, despite being just two sticks of fancy metal
  • Colored red, which makes it run faster

7. Crucial MX300 275GB Solid State Drive

  • Makes computers restart faster than (insert some sort of scathing political joke here)
  • Small-enough storage size to make nerds laugh at me… until they realize I currently have 6 terabytes sitting on my desk

8. MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GAMING Video Card

  • Has “gaming” in its title in all caps, in case you thought people buy  $300+ graphics cards for browsing Pinterest
  • Also colored red, which makes it run faster

9. Deepcool Tesseract Mid Tower Case

  • Is super vain because it looks all cool and expensive, but doesn’t tell its friends that it actually cost $32 after rebate
  • Glows blue, which is probably the only thing you’ll remember about this build 5 minutes from now

10. MIONIX NAOS 7000 Ergonomic Optical Mouse

  • Actually fits hands as big as mine, by some ludicrous miracle
  • Made by a Swedish company, so that’s probably why its title looks like the Latin name for a newly-discovered insect

…dang, I should have been a Computer Science teacher. I’m the best at explaining stuff.