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molliarty au:❝It was very hard to find a pressure point on you, James Moriarty.❞

Everyone has pressure points, and not even James Moriarty can hide his. It was his game, the one he made up years ago and forced countless people to play along. The rules were set: two pills, one gun; and of course, none of those who played, made it out alive. But the last thing even he had ever expected, was for the tides to be turned against him and be forced into the game. Even worse, to find his pathologist and pressure point — Dr Molly Hooper — pulled into the mess as well.

can you imagine if mid ever came out and it was like ran or med and we waited all this time for a game with a terrible plot and shallow characters asjfg would y'all lose it?

So I'm reading "Awake" and I couldn't help but think of this scenario...
  • Optimus: And so... for the sake of our peace treaty, and for our own well-being, it is probably best that Autobots and Decepticons steer clear of each other... for the time being.
  • Everyone: [murmuring, unsure]
  • Starscream: PFFT! Frag that.
  • Optimus: I... excuse me?
  • Starscream: You're glitched if you think I'm gonna abide by that.
  • Wheeljack: You lookin' to start something, flight-frame?
  • Starscream: [snorts] Hardly! It's unrealistic to continue keeping Autobots and Decepticons apart. We should be learning how to cooperate with each other, and the Neutrals. Besides, anyone who's got a personal score to settle would probably disobey that order anyway.
  • Rumble: He's got a point.
  • Frenzy: Yeahhh, who else would know better than Starscream about disobeying orders?
  • Everyone: [some more murmurs, chuckling]
  • Starscream: Quiet, you! The point is we're ALL going to live on this planet, whether we like it or not.
  • Optimus: I have considered this, Starscream. But what can be done? Tensions between our factions are still very high...
  • Starscream: Well I know what I'M gonna do...
  • [Starscream marches over to Skyfire. His confidence is a total bluff, but the grounders don't know that]
  • Starscream: Skyfire... would you... like to accompany me to... that bar? Over there.
  • [He points to one of the few establishments available]
  • Skyfire: Starscream, I don't think--
  • Starscream: Wait, wait a klik. No tricks. No stupid war stuff. Just you, me, my trine, and a couple of friends you wanna bring along. Whatever. I don't care. What do you say?
  • Skyfire: I...
  • [Meanwhile, Starscream's stiff posture has his trine worried. He doesn't really take public rejection well... and it seems like this behavior is taking every ounce of confidence he can muster. He's really putting himself put there on this.]
  • Skyfire: [looks to his comrades]... Percy? Wheeljack? You wanna come too?
  • Wheeljack: HELL N--
  • Perceptor: Sure, why not.
  • Wheeljack: [sputters] You CAN'T be serious.
  • Perceptor: Mm... let's just see where this goes.
  • Wheeljack: [rolls optics] Fine. But I don't have to like it...
  • [Group starts to move up the block towards the bar. Ratchet begins to follow.]
  • Optimus: You too, old friend?
  • Ratchet: I'm not going for them. I'm going 'cause I've got spare credits and I've got nothing better to do...
  • Optimus: Mhm.
  • Ratchet: Plus, if this gets ugly for any reason I'll be right there. Doesn't that make you feel better?
  • Optimus: Why are you REALLY going, Ratchet?
  • Ratchet: To be honest-- Autobots... Decepticons... hanging out already?-- I need a drink.

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Okay so most trans books I'm finding on Amazon are about mtfs and I've got nothing wrong with trans women but I'm looking for something I can relate to and the only ftm book I could find he wasn't the main character I mean he was the love interest so that's better than nothing but do you have anything a trans guy could relate to?

Yup! Here are 6 books with trans guy MCs: and there’s some overlap between that post and this one, but this post adds four more:

In addition, here are some YAs with trans guy MCs:

  • Spy Stuff by Matthew J. Metzger*
  • The Unintentional Time Traveler by Everett Maroon*
  • When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore
  • Not Your Villain by CB Lee (upcoming next month)
  • Jaya and Rasa by Sonia Patel (upcoming in two weeks)
  • Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

*Author is also a trans guy

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Okay, so what about a student at EU who has a really boring life ahead of her and came just wanting to get her degree. But then she hears about people getting taken by the Fae, and how mysterious it is, so she just thinks, "I've got nothing better to do, no one will miss me, there's nothing here for me, taKE ME BITCHES." And just stops wearing iron and carrying salt. But for some reason the Fae don't want her so it's just her being like "come on take me already!" While all the Fae avoid her

To be honest a good number would probably think it was hilarious to watch her grow increasingly frustrated and skeptical of the whole affair. Eventually, though, one would answer her, if for no other reason than she was one final exam away from spelunking into the wyrm’s cave her own damn self, and if she’s so determined they may as well make something out of the situation.

Keaton Henson sentence starters
  • "Do you know who you are?"
  • "Do you know your lip shakes when you're mad?"
  • "You don't like to be touched, let alone kissed."
  • "Does his love make your head spin?"
  • "It seems as though I'm on my own."
  • "I'm losing friends."
  • "I know that there's friction between me and you."
  • "I know that you're uncomfortable."
  • "I know it's hard for you to tell me the truth, but while we are doing so... I love you."
  • "You love to argue, you can't play guitar, but still, let me tell you that I love who you are."
  • "Love, I hope you are well."
  • "At least we now both have a story to tell."
  • "I feel you know me better than most."
  • "In spite of real distance, we'll always be close."
  • "I walked through the rain for you, you said to go home."
  • "Miss you terribly already."
  • "I hope for your life, you forget about mine."
  • "Please forget me, you were right, dear. I am cold and self-involved."
  • "I'll write my loneliness in poems, if I can just think how to start."
  • "I still worry more about you."
  • "I am rude and unkind."
  • "It's been four years and it does not end."
  • "I still felt alone, but I knew that you'd be there."
  • "I loved her more than I love myself."
  • "She is with another guy."
  • "I won't dance 'til you hold me."
  • "Please, don't leave me."
  • "I'm sorry, can't make your party."
  • "I'm afraid I'd kill your lover while your back was turned."
  • "So this is where you wanted to be, and it's a goddamn shame that you're not here with me."
  • "I see pictures now of the two of you and it makes me sick."
  • "Damn, I love you."
  • "Here's to you, you miserable fuck."
  • "Drink up, so we can both finally die."
  • "She's as stubborn as winter and as kind as the sun."
  • "Why was she listening to someone like me?"
  • "I know I'm awful, I can't even cry."
  • "You're my best friend, I'll love you til one of us dies."
  • "Teach me how to love you."
  • "I'll learn not to look at you with scorn."
  • "Don't expect me to change."
  • "I never loved you enough."
  • "This feels right and I'm letting it."
  • "I will not tire of you."
  • "Turns out that nothing is fair."
  • "You can leave me if you wish, but I'm not going anywhere."
  • "I am a fragile one."
  • "Please do not break my heart, I think it's had enough pain to last the rest of my life."
  • "You don't have to make any promises."
  • "If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part."
  • "I can see in your eyes that you mean it."
  • "All of these years you've been lonely."
  • "You are right, I've been looking as well, babe, I'm not looking for you."
  • "I'm just as damn disappointed as you."
  • "I'm truly alone and I like it."
  • "Though we're young, I feel eighty years old."
  • "Your arms around me are keeping me warm, but baby, I'm still feeling cold."
  • "You're kind and you're beautiful, too."
  • "I feel in some way I do love you but babe, I'm not in love with you."
  • "You seem to look through me, I wonder what you see."
  • "I wish I could stay with you."
  • "I wish I could wake at dawn to see you without make up on."
  • "You look the best today."
  • "I've been right here waiting for you to wake up."
  • "You think you're better than them."
  • "I hope you end up missing me."
  • "Your friends will always just be in your way."
  • "I'm just getting started, let me offend."
  • "The devil's got nothing on me, my friend."
  • "All I want is to be left alone."
  • "Sweetheart, what have you done to us?"
  • "Oh please, just come here, don't fight with me."
  • "Baby, please don't look at me like that."
  • "I will see you in the morning."
  • "Don't think of me like that, just picture me leaving and not coming back."
  • "This is your home now so don't you forget."
  • "I did it all for you."
  • "I'll do my best to teach you to fly."
  • "Come on baby, make me fall in love with you."
  • "I guess we can make it all the way."
  • "Turns out we don't belong after all."
  • "This feels different than it felt before."
  • "Guess that you were just expecting more, come on, you knew me, what'd you do that for?"
  • "I am selfish to my very core."
  • "I'm so damn scared of dying without you."
  • "Don't lie, I know we're fixing to die."
  • "I'll smile and pretend and won't show to the crowd."
  • "No, I won't be the damnedest bit fucking surprised."
  • "I won't give up, not until I'm holding you."
  • "Don't let go of my hand."

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My boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me. We shared an apartment, a dog, a cat, a life. I thought we had a future together. I had to quit my job and move to another state to live with my parents. I got left with nothing. I've never been depressed. I've never felt suicidal. But I honestly cannot take this physical and emotional pain I'm feeling. He's just over me and I'm still in love with him. Do you have any advice?

Oh wow, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t even imagine how awful and confusing that must be, but things will get better. Keep yourself busy - read a book, start a new TV show, go out with friends, go on adventures with your dog. You could always consider therapy or anti-depressants to help too. Just remember that things will get better eventually and you’ll come out the other end stronger! 

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So i've just stumbled upon altertale and I was just would if af Asgore treats his Tori the same way uf Papyrus treats his sans

Hell no. AFtori would not put up with that shit. The most he can do to her is scream at/insult her and occasionally try to fight her. But she on the other hand will often not take orders from anyone and is perfectly fine with doing whatever she wants, when she wants. So on those rare occasions she does feel like helping out her bro, its because she’s literally got nothing better to do. However, she still has enough respect for him to call him ‘boss’ since she knows how much that title means to him.

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After a year of living at home doing nothing, I went outside, got a hobby and a job and made new friends. I almost immediately felt better about myself and got better social skills, online interactions mean almost nothing to me now, and I've dropped tumblr almost completely, I only visit this blog every few days. Moral of the story, GO OUTSIDE

I’ve got nothing better to do with my time and not much to add to the fandom, so here…

I ran Koller through the FaceApp thingy with the best pic of his face I could find…


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I think Twelve's arc in this series is about people changing for the better with the necessary support & effort. That's one of the reasons he took such care with Bill and a big reason why he worked so hard with Missy. But at the end of his penultimate episode, from his POV, all of that effort was for nothing. He thinks Bill is dead and Missy chose self-preservation over standing by him. So what is the point? Why should he change she didn't? What good does change do?


How could you not tell me you were engaged?

  • Aries: “It's better to burn than to fade away- It's better to leave than to be replaced” - Nicotine
  • Taurus: “There's nothing wrong with just a taste of what you've paid for” - Ballad of the Mona Lisa
  • Gemini: “Everything I do is bittersweet- You could tell me secrets that I'll probably repeat. I’m not trying to hurt you, I just love to speak” - Bittersweet
  • Cancer: “And maybe if I continue watching I'll lose the traits that worry me” - New Perspective
  • Leo: “I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me” - Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
  • Virgo: “And with the way you’ve been talking, every word gets you a step closer to Hell” - Nails for Breakfast Tacks for Snacks
  • Libra: “He-eyy- Where will you be waking up tomorrow morning? He-eyy- Out the back door, goddamn! But I love her anyway” - Miss Jackson
  • Scorpio: “I'm wrecking this evening already and loving every minute of it” - There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven't Thought of It Yet
  • Sagittarius: “Your eyes are the size of the moon- You could 'cause you can so you do” - Nine in the Afternoon
  • Capricorn: “I'll stay awake 'til I trade my mistakes or they fade away” - Trade Mistakes
  • Aquarius: “No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality” - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
  • Pisces: “And you miss 'em like you miss no other, and being blue is better than being over it (over it)” - Hallelujah

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Hello (。´∀`)ノ i've got a DL question but it it doesn't look like you've answered this yet? Anyway my queation is: how would the sakamaki bros give their "sex talk" to their daughter and son?

Sex talk, Shu and Yui edition:

Shu: You see, when a woman gets perverted urges, sometimes a man has to help—
Yui: Ahhhhh!!! Shu-san, what are you saying!? It has nothing to do with that!
Shu: Are you saying you don’t get those urges?
Yui: …Ah… No, well… But… Surely there’s a better way to explain! You’re making it sound awfully one-sided.
Shu: Fine. When a man gets perverted urges, he has to push his woman dow—
Shu: …Tch. How troublesome… Why don’t you just explain it, then?

Sex talk, Reiji and Yui edition:

Reiji: In order for a baby to be formed, a sperm and an egg must combine. This happens through intercourse.
Yui: Reiji-san, that is…a rather dry explanation.
Reiji: Did I say anything wrong?
Yui: Well, no. But that’s not the point!
Reiji: …Heh. I see. Listen, child, when two people love each other very very much, sometimes they need to communicate this in a way that uses no words…
Yui: !!
Reiji: Oh dear. Your mother’s face is turning quite red… I wonder what she could be thinking of?
Yui: (This is embarrassing in a whole different way!!)

Sex talk, Laito and Yui edition:

Laito: You mustn’t be afraid of fucking someone or being fucked. Sex is a gift that should be bestowed upon—
Yui: Laito-kun!! Just what do you think you’re saying to an impressionable child!?
Laito: Nfu~ I’m telling them something very important for their future happiness.
Yui: I’m not sure I would have wanted to hear this sort of talk as a child…
Laito: Incidentally, how did your father tell you about sex?
Yui: …Well, I was told that it’s a sin to lay with a man before you’re married…
Laito: Oh my! That makes you quite the sinner, then, Bitch-chan!
Yui: …Sheesh. I won’t be that close-minded at this late hour, but can you at least explain things in a different way?
Laito: Okay~! So look here. Women have three holes that you can use to—

Sex talk, Kanato and Yui edition:

Yui: …and so I was hoping that you might explain to our child…since you’re their father.
Kanato: Fufu, you were right to ask me to do this. I can only imagine how terribly you’d muck things up if you tried it yourself.
Yui: …Yes.
Kanato: You see, sex is something you do with someone whom you want to stay with you forever.
Yui: (Th-that’s an uncharacteristically romantic thought…)
Kanato:—Once you bind them with the chains of pleasure, they will be yours in mind and body. You’ll be free to do with them what you wish…carve out eternity into their bones… Ah, the blood and the cries of pain are…

Sex talk, Ayato and Yui edition:

Ayato: Hah? “Sex talk”? Chichinashi, I didn’t think I’d ever hear such daring words from you.
Yui: Th-that’s just what we humans call it! It’s not what you’re thinking, Ayato-kun! It’s just…you know, since our child is coming of age, perhaps you need to explain to them about all this…
Ayato: Explain? Sex?
Yui: Yes…
Ayato: How the hell do you explain something like that? If they want to have sex, they should just have sex!
Yui: A-Ayato-kun!
Ayato: What’s the big deal? Vampires live forever, so they should be able to live it up as much as they want.
Yui: Does that mean…you’re all right with unscrupulous men laying a hand on our daughter?
Ayato: ……Oi, daughter. If you wanna have sex with anyone, you better bring them home and let me give them a once-over, first!! It’s non-negotiable!!!

Sex talk, Subaru and Yui edition:

Subaru: Why the hell do I have to talk to them about this?
Yui: Well, you’re their father, after all.
Subaru: And you’re just going to sit back and make me do all the talking? Don’t mess around with me!
Yui: But… I’m too embarrassed. I was raised pretty conservatively, so I’m not quite sure what to say. …Please?
Subaru: …Tch. Fine!! But it’s not because you asked me or anything, got it!? I just happen to be in a talking mood!
Yui: (Subaru-kun is so kind…)
Subaru: Look here, kid. When a man lo—…
Yui: (Subaru-kun…!)
Subaru: When…a man……
Yui: ……?

Howl's Moving Castle {Sentence Starters}
  • "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't torment my friend."
  • "They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst."
  • "I feel terrible, like there's a weight on my chest."
  • "Your hair looks just like starlight. It's beautiful."
  • "I have this weird feeling you're going to leave. Tell me what's going on! Please."
  • "I specifically ordered you not to get carried away!"
  • "A heart's a heavy burden."
  • "Yeah, but no-one really believes that. Come on, let's be honest."
  • "I just organized things. Nothing's ruined."
  • "Lets run! Don't fight them, ____!"
  • "There you are sweetheart, sorry I'm late."
  • "You sabotaged me! Look! Look at what you've done to my hair!"
  • "I saw him do this once before when a girl dumped him!"
  • "Sorry, I've had enough of running away. Now I've got something I want to protect. It's you."
  • "I give up. I see no point in living if I can't be beautiful."
  • "Here's another curse for you - may all your bacon burn."
  • "Well, the nice thing about being old is you've got nothing much to lose."
  • "It looks like your true love is in love with someone else!"
  • "Whatever you don't want me to clean, better hide it now!"
  • "I know I can be of help to you, even though I'm not pretty and all I'm good at is cleaning."
  • "Why'd you make me come here if you were coming yourself?"
  • "Knowing you'd be there gave me the courage to show up."
  • "Don't be alarmed, but I'm being followed. Act normal."
  • "It's so strange. I've never felt so peaceful before."
  • "So that did happen. It wasn't a dream."
  • "Sorry, it looks like you're involved."