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Gabi your thought on Q3 made me thinking what if the end was on the anniversary of not anymore simon and that's why he went from the arena? Sorry English is not my first language!

WOW that was … four days ago and Angela @lapelosa had a great point about Another Man because it was probably done/written weeks before so H had to stay vague, but anon you might be onto something!!!!!

I remember they already started very publicly rebelling at the BEATS interview, then the Apple Music Festival - and then the London shows.

Could be anon, very well could be.

I am literally terrified about this year’s election. I have plans to hang out with people and watch the debates as they happen, but when it comes to election day, I don’t know if I want to be around people or to be alone in case the absolute worst happens.

What a weird feeling. What an overwhelming sensation of vague dread. How do people survive this? 

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Your top 10 most unpopular/unusual opinions about BtVS and/or AtS

  1. Amy Madison is amazing and deserved more screentime
  2. Faimy
  3. The back half/third of AtS Season 5 was a betrayal of AtS central themes 
  4. Spike didn’t belong in Season 5 of Angel
  5. Connor is a likeable character, in many ways
  6. Buffy was in the wrong, largely, in Empty Places
  7. Tara isn’t Perfect/Flawless and wouldn’t have somehow magically solved all the problems of Season 7 had she been still alive or even close.
  8. Kennedy and Kennedy x Willow is just fine
  9. Weslah > Fresley
  10. Radison

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Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Symmetra and Reinhardt

[Submission by @drunken-pilot ]

It’s clunky, it’s crazy, but Symmetra doesn’t hate all the armour. It keeps her safe. 

And we all know how much Reinhardt loves his armour - but I think he’d really enjoy wearing something that breathes a little better. It’s the eccentricity in him. 

Thank you for the submission! 

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“Maybe that’s why it went for her. Think about it. That knocking, it went all the way round the bus ‘till it found her. And she was the most scared, out of all of us. Maybe that’s what it needed. That’s how it got in.”

don’t get me wrong I am SO ENAMOURED with the increase in LGBTQA+ characters that I’ve seen over the past few years (bury your gays trope notwithstanding…).

BUT I am still waiting on a show that is brave enough to have, for example, a male protagonist who is not shown to be gay/bi/queer from the start - but who is not described as straight, either. I want this protagonist to have a close relationship with another male character, whose sexuality is similarly unexplored. both of them are assumed to be straight by the majority of viewers, and only “those crazy shippers” will look at the relationship and see another dimension.

and then one day, they kiss. one of them asks the other on a date. they hold hands. in some undeniable way, the relationship goes canon.

I love the LGBTQA+ relationships that we have, but it seems to me that all the characters are very clearly demarcated as queer early on, usually through an established relationship. I want a show where sexuality doesn’t come up, until suddenly it does. I want a character in the danger zone of assumed straightness to be proven queer.

and damn it, I want “those crazy shippers” to be proven right, for once in our goddamn lives.