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do you have any advice about getting infantilised as a disabled adult? i turned 20 this year but my mother still treats me like a child, especially in comparison to my younger sister

Ah, I’m gonna have to open this up to followers, both mods are still minors!!


let’s be real, i was always all in for “the more gay, the better” in tv shows, sometimes even when it’s only my imagination (well, hello my beautiful sterek and hello millions of fans with imagination similar to mine), but I HAD NO IDEA. NO FREAKIN CLUE, that i’ll end up so invested in philkas after one day of binge watching. same with mateusz and charlie (and let me say that, mateusz andrzejewski? polish guy in love with his alien prince boyfriend? SIGN ME UP) in class. LIKE HOW?

how am i supposed to deal with my grad studies when all i think about is their gay dramas and which fanfiction should i read next?

I refuse to accept that Mike would be anywhere but the hospital waiting room during Ginny’s MRI

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Hey, why do you think Ray wanted to impersonate that Special Agent instead of Nate? I, personally, think it was to protect his puppy ;-)

Honestly anon, I think it’s because Nate and Ray both have hero complexes the size of Pluto ahahahaha. This whole episode was about them being the point person for the mission, whether it was to save Eliot Nes, or to bring in Capone. Sara called it “sibling rivalry” but I have a brother, and when we were at the stage, we were not NEARLY as congenial as Nate and Ray were this episode. Basically, I think Ray’s trying to prove that he can be the perfect hero while Nate’s watching while Nate already thinks he’s Ray’s hero so there’s no need for Ray to try so hard when Nate can just protect him. Not really sure why they’re trying so hard to look cool in front of each other when they already are totally OVER THE MOON for one another and the whole team can freaking tell but hey, hero complexes. And it was perfect that Mick pointed out that they were supposed to be partners, so DUH, they can both be the hero where appropriate and then we got the adorable bro hug. Honestly, the sweetness between these two is going to give me cavities. 

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I hope a baby nephilim isn't going to be a thing. We already had a baby growing up as plot point last season. I'm guessing/hoping Kech will kill Kelly and get rid of the whole demon baby or abortion debate that's looming

I’m not keen on that plot point at all, either. But it’s obvious they’re gonna do something with it because otherwise they wouldn’t have made it such a big deal in their midseason finale.

I’m really iffy about SPN tackling abortion etc. and especially do NOT want bucklemming anywhere near that topic.That being said I also can’t say I would enjoy seeing pregnant Kelly get killed cause, well, she’s still pregnant and that would disturb me a lot….I like Kelly, I think she’s a sympathetic character and I would like the show to find a way to A) let her live, and B) not make her into an evil spawn of satan mother. I can just imagine her going all darkside because of the baby’s evil influence and ugh do not want…

By the way, all this plot about a woman being unwittingly impregnated by someone whom she thought was her lover/husband but turned out to be the devil, becoming pregnant with the devil’s child and deciding to keep it even after finding out what it is?

Have the writers & showrunners been watching Rosemary’s Baby??

i miss Mark so much.

When I was a kid, I used to drive my parents up the walls with my serial fixation on certain songs, which I would latch onto like a starving leech and insist on playing on Repeat so that for days (or weeks…) on end, when you got into the car all you would get to hear was Puff the Magic Dragon or The Battle of New Orleans or Run Samson Run. (My mother is a fan of 60s music, and I didn’t start listening to anything non-classical that wasn’t from her collection until I was 14, hence the weird choices). (How I never managed to burn a hole in those CDs is still a mystery to me). –And then I got my own Personal Devices With Earphones, which must have come as a colossal relief to them, LOL. I’ve never gotten over these fixations, of course, but at least nobody else has to suffer for my taste now. Unless they’re in my car… 

Are you more of a playlist person, or do you tend to repeat one particular song twenty times in a row? What was the last piece of music you obsessed over?


It’s Friday I’m lonely and I’ve had two drinks, you know what that means! My face and my filthy ducking apartmeny. Also, duck of autocorrect you know damn well I’m not talking about ducks. You’ll ducking know when I’m talking about ducks ya butt.

From “The Greek Interpreter”

My, the looks on both of them when Holmes mentions the word “romance” O_O

and how he avoids locking eyes with Watson.

I get that a lot of people end up in relationships w people similar to them but personally I can’t imagine dating another quiet shy person like I think I’d need someone who’s kind of the opposite or else we’ll never do or say anything plus it’s just kinda boring I like being around diff people