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I just want to say thank you guys ❤ I know I have not been active lately, I’ve been so busy with school, just trying so hard to make my final high school year enjoyable. And I love checking my activity and seeing you guys being dedicated and liking and re-blogging ❤ you guys really mean the world to me, so thank you so much, I promise you, my blog is not dead, there is more to come ❤ also you guys we’re super close to getting 800!!! HOLY SHIT!!! YALL ARE AMAZING!!! ❤ glad to see people enjoying some zolu, lawlu, frobin, sanami, and some lusan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but seriously guys, once I get a break I will be back. Pinky promise, I love you ❤️💕

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I've read everything I could about accidental space pirate Obi-Wan and it's awesome but there is just something I don't understand . Is he married to Satine And seducing Vader?

Hello Nony! How’s your Sunday going? Good I hope! :D Lily and I are going to get donuts soon!

Nony, Auntie Fishy is a firm believer in multiverses. What is a multiverse, you ask? A multiverse is essentially a collection of universes bound together by complicated physics that I don’t understand but saw on a tv show once and thought it sounded really cool. All of the universes are related in someway and they all run parallel to each other, never quite touching but still connected. For example, all of my fics and @writegowrite‘s fics could be considered a shared multiverse. We share planets, songs, buildings and make references to each other’s fics in our own every now and then.

I like to think that Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan is its own little multiverse. That way everybody can have what they want and feel like they are a part of this great and wonderful collaborative AU.

If you want Satine to have survived Maul and the Mandalorian Civil War then you can have all the glorious Obitine you could ever want! Celebrate that ducal marriage! Oya!

If you want some deeply tragic, mostly-based-on-canon Vaderwan, you go get you some! And take some kleenex with you. And send it to me! I mean, yes, very sad. Super tragic. Where was I?

If you wanted Padme to live (LIVE DAMN YOU!) and escape to roam the Outer Rim as a Pirate Queen in her own right and you want a kind of fractured (but still working) Anidala or ObiAniDala, GO FOR IT!

Or if you just want the hysterical Nonsense Verse where all of this exists all at the same time, and somehow Hondo Ohnaka is officiating some kind of bizarre four-way wedding, you sign yourself up for that cracky delivery system!

I know I’ve written a few things for Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan but it’s not really MY story. I feel that it’s OUR story. Anybody, ANYBODY, is welcome to write, or draw, or craft songs and poems in the happy little multiverse of Illegally Swooshy Hair and Excessive Flirting.

I’m sorry I didn’t give you a definitive answer, Nony, but I don’t really feel like it’s my place to tell other people how to have fun in this sandbox. I know what I like and what I like to share with others but what’s really great about this whole AU is that anybody can join in.

So, basically what I’m saying is, who knows who you’ll find on the Lucky Duchess? You might just find the ship’s namesake and you might just find the terrifying right hand of the Emperor, surprisingly unburnt and not brutally chopped into pieces, reading a story to Bail Organa’s adopted daughter and the adopted son of some moisture farmers from Tatooine! Who knows?

I’m lying on the moon
My dear, I’ll be there soon
It’s a quiet, starry place
Time’s we’re swallowed up
In space we’re here a million miles away

@softshirogane, I was your secret santa for the @voltron-ss secret santa gift exchange! I present to you some sweet, loving Shallura!

I OFFER MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES FOR BEING SO LATE WITH THIS pls accept this and my tears of remorse ;;-;; (seriously though, this is so late, omg bury me rn pls)


CS AU (Merlin Crossover):  Now that the princess and her suitor have themselves sorted, Sir Gwaine needs a new source of entertainment. Issuing a challenge to the new couple not only brings out the fun in the once sour Captain, but it also delays the completion of their official business matters (thus prolonging their stay). Arthur is less than amused. Merlin, of course, gets blamed for everything.

–So not only have you delayed the finalization of a very important trade agreement again, Merlin, but you have shamed Camelot by losing a horse race to a girl and her sweetheart. Just how have you managed to grow even more useless since you’ve been promoted?
–Gwaine is at least half to blame, Sire.

okay but for your consideration: bitty teaching jack to figure skate

I can’t wait until the day I arrive in Paris. I’m going to get off my plane and everything is going to be so surreal. I’ll take the metro to my apartment and meet my landlord for the first time. She’ll hand me the keys and I’ll open the door, astounded that I made it this far. I’ll unpack my suitcase in my cute little Parisian studio and ponder at the world outside of my window. I’ll fall asleep with the sights and sounds of an unfamiliar city and smile at the thought of a quaint adventure. I’ll wake up, prepare for the day, and walk to Shakespeare and Co. for some morning coffee and maybe a croissant, and just bask in the sunlight on the patio. Find a book…okay maybe two…or three books…and read all day long. And when I’m done reading, I’ll walk to The Louvre and ponder over each piece of art I see with no one to rush me along. I’ll head over to shop at the nearby market for dinner and then walk to the Seine to watch the sun set. Paris is all I can think about these days and I have the slightest feeling that I won’t ever want to come back home once I go. Just 69 more days until I leave for Tokyo, Thailand and Germany and only 125 more days until I make my dreams of Paris a reality. 

Inktober Day 11: Pi Mo

How does such a round demon manage dress so sharp?


“Whenever he’s mentioned in the Iliad, Patroclus seems to be defined by his empathy.”

“He became Achilles on the field of war. He died for him there, wearing his armor.” 

“He did. Hiding and revealing identity is a constant theme throughout the Greek epics.”

“As are battle-tested friendships.” 

Team Changes!

Well here’s a bit of seemingly good news!  There’s been a change in Rep for Louis over at CAA.  He is now being repped by Robert Mickelson.  Robert reps a LOT of singer/actors like Joe Jonas, Lennon and Maisey Stella from Nashville, Chord Overstreet from Glee, along with other musicians such as Marilyn Manson, Pete Wentz, and LunchMoney Lewis among others.  

This is actually pretty exciting I think!  The first sign of Harry venturing into the world of acting was him getting his own rep separate from the band.  Here’s to hoping good things come out of this!  Whatever happens, it heavily implies that he’s not just waiting around, not working like was implied on AGT.  He’s actively out there going for things!