no i'm not watching the whole thing over again

someday i’d like to break into jj abram’s house and beat him over the head with a box. then when he asks me who i am and why i’m doing this, i’ll tell him it’s a fucking mystery and then beat him over the head again for the next two years or so

  • <p> <b>Walter:</b> I fired you because I'm in love with you. I've been in love with you since shortly after we met, and i have spent years trying to process how that should be handled. Perhaps it's not something that is supposed to be handled, maybe it's something that just is......and i know you dont feel the same as I do and thats ok, but i just wanted you to know.<p/><b>Paige:</b> Walter, I'm in love with you too.<p/><b>Walter:</b> *takes a moment to be dumbfounded* I don't know what to do with that information.<p/><b>Me:</b> I DO!! GO GET IT ON ALREADY!! DO THE SEXY THINGS!!<p/></p>

knight-commander puppy eyes

(sort of a companion piece to this)

watching haikyuu with my boyfriend


- He will actually understand what I’m talking about when I ramble about Haikyuu.
- I can share something I love with someone I love.
- I have an excuse to watch the whole series all over again.
- Exchanging headcanons.
- Cosplaying couples together!!


- Whenever I’m not looking, he’ll stand behind me and just whisper: “go, go, let’s go, let’s go, datekou” in my ear, which honestly scares the living shit out of me.

“What the F*CK” my reaction when Tveit4Ham happened this week. Which coincidentally is the same as Aaron’s…. see gif above.

Don’t Believe me?! Skip to 4:05…  Actually don’t skip … watch the whole damn thing (again, because I know you’ve all watched it 75 times already).

Also, you can see Lin sneakily knock at 1:52 to have him come out. Teehee.

alright opinions

I just finished s3 of buffy. I’ve had the whole “here’s how to watch buffy and angel simultaneously with the episodes in chronological order” saved for an eternity, but I’m unsure?

should I watch angel y/n? how much does it enhance the overall story and will I enjoy it? bearing in mind that I’m not ooooverly fond of angel as a character? I don’t actively dislike him but he broods too much and I’m just like “dude you need a new hobby”

Whenever Luke comes home from tour, the two of you tended to lock yourself inside of your shared apartment, completely shut away from the world. You’d live in your king-sized bed, ordering take-out that would arrive at your doorstep. Your phones would be turned off, phone calls ignored for the first couple of days. It would just be the two of you. Just you and Luke, finally together again.

These days were always your favorite ones. After being so far away from Luke for so long it always felt amazing to have him by your side again. All to yourself. All of his attention on you, and only you.

“Y/n,” Luke mumbled, his lips brushing over your ear. “Baby, are you awake?”

“Hmm.” You turned around, slowly opening your eyes to reveal a sleepy Luke lying next to you. He leaned himself on his elbows, his bare stomach flat against the bed.

“Morning.” He smiled, a lazy grin playing on his lips.


“Babe,” Luke leaned forward, his lips leaving a few lazy kisses on your collarbones. “It hurts to know that I haven’t been here for so long so that no one could tell you just how beautiful you are every day.”

“Wait, so that guy down the hall doesn’t count then?” you asked, a laugh escaping you as Luke glares up at you.

“Not funny.” Without stopping his glare Luke tried his best to push himself away from you.

“No, hey, I’m sorry,” you grabbed his face in your hands, your palms flat against his cheeks as you pull him in for a kiss. “You’re the only one who gets to call me beautiful, Lu.”

Luke smiled again, his nose bumping into yours as he kissed you back. “I missed you so much.”

“You just missed having someone to cuddle.” You smiled, pushing some hair away from Luke’s forehead.

“That’s not true, I cuddled Calum all the time.”

“Well, I bet he didn’t make you pancakes or shampooed your hair in the bath.”

“He didn’t make me pancakes…”

“Oh, shut up.” As another laugh escaped your lips Luke wrapped his arms around your body.

“I missed everything about you.” He mumbled, his hand softly running down your curves. “I missed your voice, I missed your face, your smile and your lips. I missed your body and your laugh.”

You blushed, your eyes dropping to your chest where Luke now rested his cheek. “I missed you, too.”

Luke’s face exploded in a wide grin again, his lips leaving a trail of sloppy kisses up your neck until he reached your lips. “Let’s never leave this bed, hm?”

“We need breakfast, Lu.” But even as you said the words, your body betrayed you by wrapping your legs around Luke’s waist, holding him closer.

“Princess, the only thing I’m starving for is your lips.”

“Cheesy. Very tempting. But you’re not quite as delicious as scrambled eggs.” You pushed him away, quickly climbing out of the bed, heading for the kitchen.

“Ouch?” Luke whines after you, placing one hand over his heart as if he’s wounded.

“Oh, stop complaining. I’ll bring you food, too,” you laughed from the kitchen. “Then we can watch Netflix and you are welcome to kiss me how much you’d like to.”

“Or,” Luke’s hands suddenly landed on your hips, creeping under his t-shirt that you were wearing as his lips plants a kiss on your shoulder. “I’ll have one of the boys bring breakfast from some diner, and we can go back to bed right away.”

You leaned your head back against Luke’s chest, doing your best to look him in the eye from that position. “I’ll agree to that, as long as we watch a movie.”

“By a movie I hope you mean Tangled…”

“Luke Hemmings, do you not know me at all?” you smacked his chest. “That is always what I mean by a movie..”

“Y/n, you just made me fall in love with you all over again.”

Charlie is so the official spider killer of the house tho, Paige is the official “i’ll just take it outside” person because she doesn’t get it that no, Paige, it’ll just come back with a bigger army, that’s what they do, they’re evil

Johnny is quite openly afraid of spiders and Mike tries to hide it, of course he can’t but they think it’s funnier to watch him holding himself back not to scream when he sees one.Every now and then they ask Mike to kill the spider, his excuses are simply amazing.

Jakes could kill the spider, but honestly he’d rather to watch Johnny and Mike freaking out over it.Last time they asked Paul, he shot it, so they never asked him again, which of course was his intention when he shot it.

In his first weeks in the house Bates asked why killing the spider, and other bug variations, wasn’t simply in the chore wheel.We dabated it,it was a long and tiresome war, we don’t talk about it anymore.

Supernatural 9.11
  • Castiel : Sam, we should call Dean.
  • Cain : I am so, so like Dean. Did I mention that my true love took me from hell, saw the worst in me, and raised me from perdition ?
  • Castiel : People can change. They can like things they thought they would never like. Especially Winchesters.
  • Cain : I am so like Dean. My true love is watching over me. Maybe not right now.
  • Dean : I don't care if my father would be dissapointed if he saw me right now. By the way I'm not really sure about this whole "week-end thing let us never see each over again".
  • Castiel : Did I mention I think we should be with Dean ?

perfectanomaly  asked:

I vaguely remember someone talking about great weekly Glee rewatch this autumn, was that you? Will there be some kind of schedule? I cannot wait to watch the whole thing all over again, in fandom, together.

(i’m sorry for taking forever to answer this!)

Yes, that was me!  The schedule is going to be one episode a week starting in September. (original post here.)

and yayyy I’m glad! :)