no i'm not watching the whole thing over again


knight-commander puppy eyes

(sort of a companion piece to this)

I just marathoned the first season of Voltron twice in two days...

I am not kidding. And on top of that, it’s the 3rd time this week.

Monday I wanted some background noise while I worked on a sketch and started Voltron from the beginning again.

Yesterday @soundwaves-and-screams decided she would join me in this insanity, and we watched the whole thing again.

Today another friend came over and we were watching the start of season 2… and what does she say “I should start this show.”

…Welp, we are just on the last episode now.

“What the F*CK” my reaction when Tveit4Ham happened this week. Which coincidentally is the same as Aaron’s…. see gif above.

Don’t Believe me?! Skip to 4:05…  Actually don’t skip … watch the whole damn thing (again, because I know you’ve all watched it 75 times already).

Also, you can see Lin sneakily knock at 1:52 to have him come out. Teehee.

I love watching LaF and Perry. Just like, my queer little self is totes thrilled with the Hollstein “stargazing”, but the whole LaFerry dynamic gets me right in the feels.  

Perry’s all, I hate change but you need me to understand so I’m gonna learn and I’ll be the voice of caution when you need one and I watched over you when you were pod-peopled and I never want to lose you again so if you want to light things on fire I’m gonna be there with an extinguisher and a band aid. 

Laf’s all, I’ll be patient, probably make a joke and if that doesn’t help I’m not going anywhere even if you snap at me and it hurts and I will stitch you up and club soda or burn shit or follow you to hell and back because you’re you and I’m me and that’s just the way it’s meant to be.  

It’s the way it’s been since they were kids.  LaF and Perry.  Both fierce in their own way.  Both having each other’s backs.

That’s love, too.  Whatever way you ship it.