no i'm not watching it for the 100000 time


riley matthews in every episode ☆ girl meets world [1x01] 

how long do i have to live in my father’s world?

One of the best things about getting interested in all of this Revolutionary War/Founding Fathers stuff is that I’m learning new things everyday

Like, I’m super interested in history, but as an Australian, I learnt NONE of this in school

All of the stuff I knew before was really vague stuff I had heard on American TV


Washington was a president and so was Jefferson. There was a war. There was a Declaration of Independence

I had never heard of Alexander Hamilton (actually I might have heard the name “Hamilton” once or twice, but I had no idea who he was)

Thanks Lin for getting me interested in a new area of history


I finally finished my present for dettsu for the Samumenco Secret Santa!!

*whew* I’m so glad i finished it in time! ♥ I hope you like it!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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"You're the little spoon." "I am and I like being the little spoon" I've watched at least 50 times now I'm 100000% sure that's what he said.

I can roll with this

i’m probably the only one but i feel so happy knowing that the number of hearts knk receives increases almost each time they do a v app broadcast because it kinda shows that their fandom is growing and people are starting to recognize them since theyre from an underrated company and they just debuted and i just :’)