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Article from Polish TV Guide about Season 4 - Sherlock Holmes: Big return of a brilliant detective and a charming sociopath

Highlights (some minor spoilers):

  • Mary is described as an ex-spy and a killer
  • John is described as Sherlock’s only (!) friend who can tolerate him and who writes a blog to cope
  • Sherlock is describes as a sociopath *smh*
  • The first episode of S4 takes place some time after S3 and John and Sherlock are back to solving crimes together
  • In this season Sherlock will ask Mrs Hudson to say “Norbury” if he gets too haughty to remind him of his past fuck up. And Sherlock will apparently make some major mistakes in the first episode
  • All rumours that this will be the last season are false
  • Tumblr is mentioned as the favourite site where the fans hang out

Miyavi in the July 2015 issue of +act. magazine.

Code: Realize: King of Cakes Saint Germain 

Also known as the Patron Saint of Cakes. For…obvious…reasons. Similar in style to Lupin’s cake, Saint Germain’s cake is shaped like multiple top hats piled on top of one another from biggest to small. They all look like party hats to me, but I think we all already knew Saint-G is a mad hatter deep down…and mad hare…and the Cheshire cat. Well, at least you’re guaranteed a lovely cup of tea if you join him to eat cake, that’s for sure! 

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Daily Sketches 316-322/Huevember 11-17

Some Pokemon characters in honor of the new games. :>