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“Scaramouch the Merciless! The Pied-Piper of Ruination, the Crooner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, the Eradicator of All, baby! Also known as… Aku’s most favourite assassin, babe.”

Yet another request over on the SJ amino. I was a little experimental with this drawing.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Yuuri Katsuki spent the entire series with intense anxiety about losing Victor, yet when he was faced with the decision to selflessly send victor away in a time of crisis he didn't even hesitate to put victors needs first. After this courageous act of love and faith he was greeted again with Victor running back to him and telling him he wants to be with him and see him skate forever, completely wiping away all of Yuuri's fears of being abandoned, and strengthening their relationship in a healthy and loving way

he’s so beautiful (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

I’m seriously not over how Viktor needs to let his guard down

Yūri probably has No Fucking Clue™ why Viktor is interested in him at all. He thinks Viktor is out of his league. Recall how he spent like *a decade* idolizing this guy—posters, moves, dog breeds, etc. And Yūri probably still sees himself like this:

while Viktor is this:

Which is only reinforced by the people around him.

Yes, they are wearing rings. But they haven’t yet had the Conversation. Yūri tempers his expectations by calling the ring a good luck charm, a thank you gift, whatever it’s all bullshit. [Edit: It has been brought to my attention that “good luck charm” is a poor localization of “omamori”, the charms one would buy at a shrine which do indeed hold some superstitious power. Yūri says he has always wanted one. And without access to a shrine, he subs in … a wedding band? Which. Is like. So tragic? I can’t get a little folded charm with string so I’ll give him. This thing that symbolizes eternity? Honey. I mean it’s a pretty good reason to buy a ring, as a thank you omamori. But you’re still just hiding and FUCK is it sadder than I thought. There’s a comic that *for my life* I cannot find again that is the best translation of Yūri’s feelings at the moment he gives Viktor the ring, were he self-aware enough to be so clear voiced in his rationalization process. I think it was in dark red ink? SOMEONE HELP]

So Phichit Motherfucking Chulanont Says the Words before either of them. Then Viktor—playfully—Says the Words, but Yūri does not. He just devolves into embarrassment because this is where the banquet reveal occurs, and it’s a handy excuse not to call it what it is because anxiety is a force of chronic mislabeling. And playful comes across as teasing anyway, so what the fuck does Yūri know?

And then this happens:

I LOVE YOU JJ BUT. GOD. DAMN IT. YOU. ASS. HOLE. So here we have further confirmation that Yūri isn’t good enough to have or keep Viktor, like he hasn’t “earned” him. What is that based on, subjective plainness? Inability to win a gold medal in *international competition*? Jeezus Yūri.

Meanwhile, back in Reality, this face:

happened in response to this:

sweaty and wasted and at his lowest, his most vulnerable, so honestly achievement/lack thereof and looks and body and poledancing had nothing to do with it. It’s just that somebody took Viktor down off the pedestal, treated him as an equal, and simply requested his company. That is what Viktor wants, and Yūri still doesn’t know that.

As an anxious person, you are not rational. You then spend all your time rationalizing. This person who’s too good for you, you’ll give them outs at every opportunity, or cut them off at the pass, or just generally fucking sabotage the good things you have, because it’s easier to destroy them than await an end you feel is coming and which is out of your control.

VIKTOR. MY DUDE. You have to tell the truth. You have to show your weakness, prove that you are also human, and Say the Words Damn It.

This whole thing falls apart otherwise.

i still can’t believe how easily tarjei transforms into his characters like. he looks so blatantly uncomfortable in front of the camera when he’s himself but when he turns into his characters he just??? it’s like he’s a completely different person with absolutely no problem and a newfound confidence and this kid is such a great actor i don’t care what you tell me; when it’s this easy for someone to step into the mindset of a character, so much so that the camera’s easy to look into and yet easy to forget, you know they’re going places and my baby boy is going places


Some attempt at drawing Ford also sloppy coloring.

Click for captions because these doodles are unrelated.

I don’t think Michonne gets enough credit for being such a STRONG women and I’m not talking about “the badass chick with a sword” it’s something much deeper. She watched Rick get emasculated REPEATEDLY like being dragged ( literally) by Negan, that moment when carl almost got his arm chopped off and everyone just being a dick to him. She seen Rick in his lowest point , yet something about him she’s still loves(probably them curls) even when she got frustrated she never blamed or took it out on him. She’s gives him unconditional love which he probably isn’t used too. I even loved the fact that in 7x4 they were on different terms but they still SLEPT in the SAME bed together. They reached a level of relationship goals that are out of this world in such a short time. That ICONIC speech in the cell sealed the friggin deal for me. She’s such a dynamic character and it drives me CRAZY when people don’t see that. Rick and Michonne have a connection unlike any couple I’ve EVER seen on Television. Ugh I’m so in love with this SHIP.

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Thought you’d be with your friend… aren’t you going to ask me how he’s doing?”

When heroes are human & what comes with growth

Trying to get some of my feelings down on this chapter so I want to take a moment to look a little deeper in the imagery used for this panel in particular.

Its really such a chilling panel in its use of shadows and white space, wherein Toshinori is leaving Izuku as the shadows he leaves behind gradually creep up on him, not quite touching him yet but slowly drawing in on him.

These shadows he creates have taken someone else though.

Clear parallels are being made throughout this arc about Nighteye and Izuku, most prominently felt when Toshinori uses the word fan: 

  • admiring the same qualities about All Might
  • wrapped up in his ideals, wanting to be like him
  • breaking the barrier of admirer, aspiring to be worthy of his respect & confidence
  • having deep affection & concern for his well-being
  • and are shocked with the reality of who he is

Not in the way you find out someone you admire is just terrible but just that the person who you admire is flawed in a real way.

This is what I took most from this: All Might, the great and shining hero who left everyone in awe, is very much a flawed human who has hurt those closest to him with his choices and he understands he has but he can’t turn back because that would mean doing something worse, leaving people in fear and what his master gave him was put in the wrong hands.

All Might can’t let go because that’d mean he was wrong, the decision to make sure everyone feels safe and they have this security was not deserved. He can’t back off and let these ideals lose their meaning because that’d mean Toshinori the quirkless kid, who was given a chance by his hero, was a poor choice.

He lives for the all while ignoring the one: himself and those who are close and care for him in a personal way. its the flip side of what is good and righteous, so selfless and in keeping with their ideals they won’t take a step back for themselves. Thats what Izuku is touching on right now, the ideals that seemed so dazzling he missed what it implicates. 

Toshinori has pushed through personal pain and concern for his wellbeing for responsibilities and duties he feels for a whole. He has to keep the peace, he has to provide society with security, its whats held him together for so many years but he’s just a frail man and its scary and sad for Izuku to see this and not fully understand. He thought he knew All Might by now, he thought no matter what All Might had everything together. 

He even thought he knew All Might’s weaknesses except it runs deeper than physical problems.

Toshinori disregards what he has accomplished and done for thoughts of what he can still do, what it is he has to keep doing. These are the shadows he casts over Nighteye, choosing societies security over his own.

Its the truth you come to realize about people, they aren’t perfect, they make mistakes and sometimes what they do will not always agree with you in the end. Its what you get when you get older, the person in your life you accepted would always be right has cracks and those cracks can be scary because it means uncertainty and it means theres not going to be a clean cut answer to all problems, the grey areas start to show. 

All Might wanted to continue being there for the public, putting up a facade, while Sir just wanted him to lead a fulfilling life without understanding Toshinori had given all that up for his career. He could no longer be an average man because everything he’s put himself through has been for the purpose of being that all encompassing hero.

Toshinori knew this was coming. This was the time Izuku was growing past his more childish attitude and was asserting himself, acting every bit the developing teen he is. He’s coming into his own and that means facing something difficult he may not take well. (Sidenote: Toshinori has never given Izuku his real name before, getting that information from Gran Torino, always referring to himself as All Might as though maintaining that image for both their benefits)

Toshinori asks Izuku himself if he’s ready, giving him the chance to go back and be the kid who doesn’t need to know about his demons, he wants to keep him as innocent for as long as he can. This is something he’s put someone in a similar situation through and he regrets it, he doesn’t want to put that pain, disappointment and the weight of who he is on another kid who looks up to him. He didn’t want to let someone else down with who Toshinori is, trying to spare him the shadows he never meant to cast over Nighteye.

But he can’t keep Izuku where he can manage his growth himself, Izuku is impatient and young. The stakes keep going up and more people surrounding him are getting caught in it. He wants results and he wants to be able to accomplish things instead of having more failures, leaving more people in pain thanks to his inexperience.

Izuku has grown so much from the shy, hesitant person he was before who’d give into discouragement and be content with what he has. Izuku is no longer that kid who used to burst with admiration, he’s growing up and part of that is removing the lens you wear when you look at adults/parental figures you admire. Whatever made them perfect in your eyes isn’t the same anymore, seeing them for who they are and knowing there’s something about them that doesn’t fit with what you thought before. 

You have to take the good and the bad with the progress made.

Izuku, for his part, is growing past relying on All Might’s words to carry him, he’s growing into his own and building the confidence and drive to make shit happen. That means holding his own when he’s told he’s not good enough when he would have felt uncertain before.

 And not shying away from conflict when there’s something insidious going on. All Might not telling him this information himself put Izuku’s absolute faith into doubt, he’s learning All Might may not have everything together.

Izuku’s made strides but it means opening up for something less certain. He isn’t disheartened anymore but that doesn’t mean he’ll be told what he does is right, its the first step to learning just how harsh this work really is and his naive beliefs could lead to a worse outcome.

Reality is harsh and his dream is very open to harsher consequence. He has to overcome his naiveté, to adapt and think on his own, what is right and wrong for him and what has to be done. He’s learned he has to come into his own without relying on the image of All Might. But now he has to wonder: ‘whats under that image?’ Its scary to think All Might doesn’t know what he’s doing, your hero might not have a complete handle on life and what he does to himself is self-destructive.

Sir is still stuck on this himself. The shadows that have engulfed Sir Nighteye, the pain Toshinori puts himself through with his lack of self-preservation, are slowly touching on izuku. He starting to know thats who All Might really is, Toshinori the person who has put his image and ideals above himself.

Toshinori says he’s sorry but its not just for the heavy information he’s shared or choosing Midoriya based on chance, its for everything he really is and everything he couldn’t live as. He’s sorry for not ‘truly’ being the man Izuku had looked up to. Toshinori is sorry for the weaknesses he possess and the people who’ve had to carry the burdens he’s put on them. For being the man who, even after losing half his organs, still pushes himself despite knowing he’ll never last and could die in a horrible way in a foreseeable future. He still knows he could die sadly but pushes through that, not wanting to face himself.

He’s sorry for putting Nighteye through his selfishness and letting Izuku know of it; he’s sorry for not ‘successfully’ embodying the ideals he set out for himself.

Its desolate and nerve-racking and it tears away at him, even if he understands whats best. He’ll never be content and rest on his laurels even after being the first OfA successor to land a considerable blow to AfO. He’ll still keep fighting a never ending battle and may never get the peace he deserves, all because he’ll be anxious if he’s not the one to carry it. Never quite accepting his limits.

He can’t turn back, he has to keep going for himself, its his egotism. Its all he can do is to say he’s sorry and keep going forward because he knows what he’s doing will never reach an end. Thats been his flaw, he can’t stop himself from living this life because its the only one he’s accustomed to.

Everything he’s done was in service to be relied on, it makes him feel lost when he’s the one protected. He has to throw himself into the next labor just to have a goal to shoot for in the greater good (getting Shigaraki out of being a villain). If not, it means facing all he’s denied himself to be that symbol.

All Might may have accomplished more than any hero has before and done everything he could for the world but Toshinori will never be content.

It’s important to have these characters highlighted during this flashback. They’ve gone through what All Might has, they’ve witnessed what he has been through and they’ve had to shoulder through the sometimes troubling choices he’s pushed on himself. 

During the sports fest, All Might couldn’t reprimand Izuku because Izuku was berating his own inadequacy for the situation, he sees far too much of himself in Izuku. Izuku had to learn he couldn’t keep breaking his own body to make sure help was given, he had to learn this himself through failure and troubling those around him, knowing he’s not the only one being affected by his reckless actions.

Chiyo had done her best to nip that behaviour in the bud before it got to All Might levels of troubling, she doesn’t want to continue down the same path they’ve gone down before.

All Might may have been the symbol of peace in society but he’s still Toshinori the man who is frail and can only do so much before he’s worn himself thin but he keeps going regardless of protests. And they are the ones who’ve decided to watch over him since they can’t control what he does, guide and advice but still lack what can set him at ease, giving him the peace he needs. 

They were there then and they’ll continue being there for him the best they can.

And thats the drawback of losing your mentor, they’ll always be the perfect hero in your eyes while never learning their shortcomings.

Toshinori will always aspire and never meet his ideals because he’ll believe Nana could have, she’s peerless in his eyes. He’ll never quite meet her faults in the same way Izuku and Sir have and perhaps he’ll never realize this about himself.

In the end, Izuku is left unsettled by all of this coming from his hero.

The shadows All Might leaves behind have enveloped Sir Nighteye and are slowly finding their way to Izuku.

She sat and watched him in the silence he had allowed to take over. Nothing seemed to matter at that one very moment, but the longer she sat there, the more she felt like she was dying. “So,” She said, taking a moment to pause. “What are we then?” His eyes seemed to glisten with several different yet deep and meaningful emotions. They held sadness, fear, his aniexty; yet he knew what to say. “We’re lovers who can’t be together right now. I love you, and you’re my world, but right now, here - I can’t love you because it won’t work. I’ll hurt you and hurt you and you’ll just keep coming back. I don’t want to kill you so emotionally and horribly that you can barely breathe or be yourself around me. We’ll be ghosts. But no matter what, I’ll still love you.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#55)

niall’s been so modest yet so appreciative of everything that’s happened these past few days, like he’s out here genuinely thanking everyone on planet earth over 10x a day for even listening to the song, he’s so amazingly talented and he’s finally getting all the love and appreciation he’s always deserved, wow i love niall and i wish him all the best, he doesn’t deserve anything less :’)

TFW Preference - After Glow


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Even though you’ve both finally caught your breaths, Sam doesn’t pull away just yet. You cradle him with your arms wrapped loosely around his shoulders as he nuzzles to your neck, peeking his warm tongue over the dark marks he had made along your throat. You could feel his hot breath and his lips curl up into a soft smile when you shivered underneath him, still sensitive to his little touches. His weight wasn’t uncomfortable at all. It’s warm, safe, shielding. 

There’s a soft ache of soreness on the spots where your thighs connect to your hips, but it feels good. One of Sam’s arms moves to support his weight as his other tenderly moves down the curve of your breast, over the line of your waist and gently massaging and pressing all over to ease your still trembling muscles. He always takes care of you.

After another long moment, Sam finally shifts to your side. You snuggle close, tangling your legs with his, and cupping his face to kiss his swollen lips. You run your fingers through each other’s hair, breathing at the same rhythm. He tells you to rest, that he’ll be right there right beside you when you wake like he always is.


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Dean eases you down from your high with heavy kisses as he moves to spoon you. His firm chest is pressed to your back and an arm is tucked under yours when he pulls your body close. His hand is just over your heart and he chuckles that it’s still beating rapidly.

He kisses the curve of your shoulder and you can feel the little butterfly kisses of his long eyelashes on your soft skin before he nuzzles to your hair. A giggle escapes your lips when he kisses the little spot behind your ear and then the ticklish spot on your neck. He just smiles, squishing you closer to his body and keeps making you laugh for the rest of the night.


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Cas is smiling, his eyes are closed, and you stare at the soft lines of his face and his dark eyelashes as he traces slow circles on your back. His eyes slowly open when he hears you hum and whisper a verse, lips pressing against his cheek, and you’re smiling. He closes his eyes again when you move your arm underneath his head and your hand runs though his dark hair.

I’m finding it hard to believe, we’re in heaven,” Cas just continues on, voice a little hoarse. He’s heard the song only come from you, almost like tradition in these quiet, sweet times. You have told him once before that it is a popular song, and yet the only version he wants to hear is the one spilling out of your soft lips when it’s lyrics as true as those.

A/N: For @meangreenlimabean, hope you like it! I’m trying to get back into writing, and I know I haven’t done these in aaagggeeesss, but yet here it is. This has been collecting dust in my drafts since forever, time to dust it off, am I right???


Have I posted enough about Bones and his eyes? No?? Okay here’s more.



Oliver Queen admitting his feelings for you and kissing you after a near death experience.
••• Requested by Anon •••

Your fingers gently ran over the irritated skin surrounding the arrow wound that shot right through Oliver’s shoulder. It had been sewn shut, but by the way that he flinched at your touch told you that it still bothered him.

“I’m surprised you aren’t dead yet.” You said, gingerly moving the fabric of his hoody away as to get a better look. “It’s not like this is the first time you’ve been bested by one of those league arseholes.”

“She caught me by surprise.”

Biting you lip, you stopped yourself from throwing him a particularly nasty insult. Instead, you merely dabbed away the last of the wet blood from his shoulder before dumping the soaked tissues. You avoided his gaze as you tidied up the medical supplies you had laid out before he had stumbled to your aid, including the fresh needle and thread you had out.

“I’m sorry.”

You perked up at the words and turned towards him again, your breath getting could in your throat when you saw the genuinely apologetic look he was giving you. “What was that?”

Oliver rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry I was reckless,” he said, “and I’m sorry that I risk my life every night and I’m sorry that you have to patch me up.”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“Don’t be difficult, (Y/N).”

He suddenly jumped of off the bench. That was when you found yourself cornered between the shelves and Oliver’s body. The hoody he was wearing was hanging off of his shoulder, revealing most of his bare chest and toned muscles. Your eyes dragged over his body in one swoop before coming up to his face. He was looking down at you with an almost predatory gaze, but his eyes weren’t looking into yours. They were far to focused on your lips.

“Are you going to kiss me, Mr. Queen?” You asked him, the corners of your mouth quirking upwards.


So I’m at that scene in book 2 when Neil is going off on Andrew at Exites for not caring about himself or wanting to save himself, you know, right before The Moment of Intense UST? Anyway that triggered the memory of Andrew’s ‘this could be a problem’ moment from Nora’s extra content so I went to look for it and this is what it says: “The first time Andrew saw Neil without his medication blurring his judgment, he thought, This could be a problem, but he did not take it seriously then.” And so I had my normal reaction to it (nioce, nioce) until I realized something. I’ve assumed this whole time she meant this at the start of Kings Men but it says 'THE FIRST TIME Andrew saw Neil without his medication…’ The FIRST time. Do you guys know when that was? Chapter 2. Of The Foxhole Court. Book 1. I want you to imagine Andrew Minyard waiting in that airport for Neil and seeing him for only the SECOND TIME and thinking 'this could be a problem’ Just think about the level of frustration he felt being attracted to this mysterious guy while also being incredibly suspicious of him. P L E A S E THINK ABOUT HOW NEIL WAS INTERESTING TO HIM WHEN ON THE MEDICATION AS WELL. So what I’m saying is, Andrew wanted Neil wether on the drugs or not, he found him endlessly frustrating and incredibly stupid and he liked him oh so very much and he really hated that. He never stood a chance.

Headcanon based on Nora’s little tidbits about A&N’s future teams (the Literal Worst):

• Andrew’s second pro team has a bunch of ex-Ravens, so they get on much better than his previous one, except for that Andrew gets along with like three people in the entire world and even then only sort of?
• And yet, somehow he manages to accidentally make friends with these crazy Exy-obsessed people who are all at least six inches taller than him
• Not just in that they respect him as a player and he almost kind of respects them, but they actually consider Andrew as a friend
• Even though he never socialises with them ever off the court
• And barely talks to them, and basically never smiles, and is sometimes downright rude and also violent
• This is Raven Friendship™, where the fact that he’s instrumental in them winning games makes them Friends
• They also have no idea about Neil because when Neil visits they never see him (they aren’t privy to Neil in Andrew’s bed and in his kitchen and sitting cross-legged right up against the railing on the balcony in the apartment so he can look straight down)
• So when the media starts to portray Neil and Andrew as rivals (probably because of some straight-faced terrible joke/not joke that Kevin told some journalists.  Fucking thanks Kevin), obviously they side with Andrew
• Andrew looks bored when his teammates mention that they’re on his side, and smirks when they slag off Neil and his current team (who are pretty bad.  Better to be the worst on a good team than the best on a shit one, Neil tells him tiredly over the phone)
• So when Neil is traded onto their team, the others are horrified?  Like, their tiny angry goalkeeper is going to have to work with someone who he hates, and who they all now hate out of blind and stupid loyalty (Raven Friends™)
• Their coach, who is much less oblivious and who actually noticed when Andrew kept leaving to visit places where Neil Josten also happened to be, despairs a little bit but says nothing other than reminding them that they are adults.  Adults who would benefit from having a striker of Neil’s calibre on the court with them, adults who are professionals?  
• Neil and Andrew do absolutely nothing to dispel the idea that they hate each other, constantly mocking each other from opposite ends of the court, snarling and rough with each other in scrimmage and constantly speaking in a variety of mean-sounding languages during games
• (German and Russian are not like French – they don’t sound pretty at loud volumes, they always sound angry.  Even when Neil says something sweet or congratulatory it sounds rude.  Andrew still mostly tells him to shut the fuck up anyway)
• Though by god do they elevate each other on the court, Neil as fast and fierce as lightning and Andrew going harder and harder to thwart the opposing teams in goal
• There are threats?  Some worse than others but nothing to put Andrew’s back up when Neil tells him about them, not least because Neil laughs a little at them in private and secretly likes that the others care about Andrew
• There are thinly-veiled comments made to the media about whether Neil is really good enough for their Winning Team.  Andrew can’t be reached for comment ever
• Also, they trip Neil on court until Andrew starts retaliating by hitting them with balls.  They figure that Andrew just doesn’t want an injury on the line so early in the season probably
• This goes on for weeks, until their teammates realise that despite everything, Andrew hasn’t actually committed body harm on Neil yet (which is surprising, because a few of them have imagined doing it themselves just to shut Neil’s infuriating fucking mouth) they start to think that maybe he’s…not completely terrible?
• Also, they’re winning in part because of him
• So they start trying to socialise with him in their very socially maladjusted ways.  Invitations with a bit of stalking mostly (Raven Friends™)
• In short, this is how a few of them wrangle an invitation to Neil’s apartment, only to find that he and Andrew share it
• Neil never lets any of them ever forget it for the entire rest of the time he spends on the team
• They like to say back that Andrew did effectively let them be horrible to him for ages without saying anything, which makes him a shit boyfriend.  Neil tells them he knew that anyway, though it’s obvious he’s lying.  Andrew rolls his eyes and tells them this is why he hates Neil
22 Unforgettable Shipper Moments of 2016
From ‘Gilmore Girls,’ to ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ we rounded up TV’s best shipper moments from 2016

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#4. Jess Isn’t Over Rory, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

For the majority of the Gilmore Girls revival, it seemed like only one of Rory’s exes had a chance at a future with her: Logan, whom she was sleeping with despite the fact that he was engaged. And yet, in the end, another ex stepped forward as a possibility. After Luke asked Jess if he was “over” Rory, Jess assured his uncle that he was … only to stay one moment longer on Rory’s front porch so that he could gaze upon her longingly. And for Team Jess, that moment means hope for the future, even if we don’t get to see it. —Samantha Highfill

Hard To Say Goodbye

Summary: Johnny’s extended family is successfully trying to pull him away from his jailed father, which means away from the New Moon Theater crew, as well.

Johnny sighed and ran a hand over the piano keys one last time. His hand fell to his side and he walked downstairs to the rehearsal rooms, stopping only when he saw Ash plucking out a lonesome melody on her guitar. She was unusually quiet. “Ash?”

The porcupine looked up, then turned back to her music, spines drooping. “Do you have to go?” She chuckled sadly. “It’s usually considered bad luck to break up the band.”

Johnny sighed and sat next to her. “I can’t exactly keep living in an abandoned gas station. I’ll come back eventually.”

Silence fell between them like a fog – they both knew that was a lie. Johnny’s extended family didn’t want him anywhere near his father, not even in the same state.

“Don’t tell me I’m what’s got you so down,” Johnny fairly plead. “I’m not going to forget you, Ash. None of you.”

Ash stood on the box and reached behind her to pull out a spine. “Here.” She offered the striped quill to Johnny, and when he didn’t move, she skillfully threaded it through his leather jacket. “For luck.” She sat back down and started playing.

Sensing her dismissal, Johnny walked to the door, then paused, turning back. After a moment of indecision, he walked back and gently pressed his lips to her forehead. “Luck,” he said simply.

Ash gave a sad smile.

Johnny grinned encouragingly. “Maybe I’ll see you.” With that, he turned and walked out of the theater.

Ash turned to her guitar and started to sing.

How do I say goodbye to what we had?
The good times that made us laugh, outweighed the bad
I thought we’d get to see forever, but forever has blown away
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

I don’t know where this road is gonna lead to
All I know is where we’ve been and what we’ve been through
If it gets me to tomorrow, I hope it’s worth all the pain
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

And I’ll take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

Disclaimer: Sing and its characters are the property of Illumination Entertainment. It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday is the property of Boyz II Men. The author is not making any money off of this.

A/N: I tried to write this so it could be read as platonic or something more. Personally, I ship these two so hard, but I understand not everybody does. (*glares at my sister*) I hope you enjoyed.