no i'm not from the kkk or something

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I'm nor sure I completely agree with your anon (I don't know the original argument). There are a lot of closets to come out of. You can experience that fear even if you're not lgbt+. Like "Hey mum. I'm dating a black dude. Did the KKK rally go well?"

Do me a favour and please re-read what you’ve just written.

Oh God where do I even start? Why are white people like this? 

As a heterosexual white person, who I’m assuming this offspring of the KKK is in this scenario, having a black partner is not something that you have to “come out” for. It just means that all the people around you are fucking racist. You do not inherit secondhand oppression from someone and if you are white and you say that to someone who isn’t white, such as myself it, is extremely offensive. 

I would say that I have experienced very minimal racism in my life because, as some of my less tactful friends put it, I “look white” and I “don’t seem not-white”. Which just means that I get to sit there listening to people’s ignorant bullshit and watch them dig a hole until I start asking them more about their position and once I’ve gotten them to admit that they are indeed racist I say, “Oh by the way, did you know that I’m half [none of ya damn business]?” To watch a grown man fishmouth and backtrack at a rate of 100 miles per second is truly something to behold. 

Did you also celebrate Hetero Pride Day? Because you are arguing an almost identical position to those people. A Lady Gaga fan account put it best:

Same goes for being white. All lives matter but not all lives are created equal and until they are people are going to fight for their right to love whoever they want and to not be ashamed of the colour of their skin. 

Please go find a sharpie and write “HETEROSEXUAL WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT OPPRESSED” on your hand and stare at it all weekend. 

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FAs are calling themselves "Minorities" now. As a Black Woman, I'm livid. All they have to do is eat less, move more. I can't change my race just like that. They might not be able to get a cute top, but I have to worry about racists, the KKK, and crooked cops. The fuck. And what is with this "curvy" nonsense. Why are they taking words from thicker (as in muscle and real curves) and using it to describe cottage cheese?

Wow. That’s such bullshit. Also the fact that they claim to feel oppression when there are black people and trans people out there being fucking murdered because of something that they can’t change about themselves. Fat people can change. They don’t have to be fat.