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Having random chats with @sanerontheinside, @meabhair, @stonefreeak, @eclipsemidnight, @lilyrose225writes, @kyberpunk, and @maawi as usual and we’re talking about how Yoda’s lineage of Giants. This happened because I had a brilliant idea that Obi-Wan, too, is technically a giant. Ehehehe.


“Hmm?” Obi-Wan looked up from the datapad he’d been scrolling through; checking up on local newsfeeds in the region.

“I may be missing something here but…” Qui-Gon trailed off, looking at the Knight.

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for royalpendragon, winner of zan’s I love this guy award: best overall and my personal favourite who wanted some mermen art. i have this headcanon that Merlin learned a spell that allows him to breathe under water. 

So we finished playing FFXV...

It took us (well, @freyci  to be exact, I was watching and helping her the whole time) 65+ hours to finish (not everything tho) and we have a really strong opinion about the game.

Don’t get me wrong - I love FFXV, I love the characters, I love the story, I love the world they live in and I won’t stop loving and posting and creating - but I’m so utterly disappointed in a few things. 

Feel free to correct me, I would love to talk about it and believe me, I would be the happiest if I were wrong about something!
Beware, it’s gonna be long, though! (Also SPOILER alert)

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Finished this (and Mark’s Deadspace playthroughs) last night! Full-color Virtueplier~

Magpie wings, Alexandrite crystals, and lots of shiny gold bc I always manage to use the stuff ehehehe

((and iridescent hair to match his wings!))

He’s the Virtue of Kindness, and fun fact about Magpies - They’re believed to bring good news in Korea! unless the sources I found were completely wrong in which case I’m so sorry

The way they’d kinda bust open when ya bit ’em, and that syrupy stuff inside, then the cherry. I’d bite off one side a the shell real careful- like, so none a the syrup spilled, then suck all the gooey out, then fish out the cherry with my tongue, then I’d just have the chocolate shell left and I’d nibble on it ’til it was gone….

-Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville

anonymous asked:

HI! Can you explain me this? "the romantic kaisoo headcanon was so strong and the shippers so aggressively passionate about proving that it was real that they made it hard to express a different opinion and find people who think the same way" I'm not native english so I don't understand the sense eheheh I'm sorry!

me neither and i’m not sure what it is exactly that you don’t understand about that but i’ll go step by step. i hope this won’t confuse you even more…

  • most kaisoo shippers ship kaisoo as a romantic(+sexual) couple, that’s the popular headcanon.
  • btw, it’s a headcanon because it’s a “a fan’s personal, idiosyncratic interpretation of the nature of relationships between characters. (in this case, real people)
    “If other fans share this interpretation, it may become fanon.” (in the case of kaisoo, since they’re constantly interacting, it’s a collection of moments and interpretations of them throughout the years instead of the one small event that the following text mentions)
  • shipping is fun, it’s part of fandom culture and having many other people who share the same headcanon is great. people can build rly nice communities and have a good time sharing ideas, being creative, getting some kind of emotional fulfillment from the idea of two people being together. sometimes headcanons stay as a fantasy, they can become canon (aka official/real) and they also might get proven wrong but that doesn’t invalidate any of that. the genuine appreciation people have for an idea that they find interesting is very real and, since it’s just fantasy, there’s no reason to stop doing it if they’re still into it.
  • but the problem is these are real people and the nature of their relationship is not for us to decide. you can play with ideas and possibilities all you want but no matter how much you think you know them and analyze the pairing, you’re a stranger to them and you’re not in their heads to know how they feel. but a lot of kaisoo shippers act like they know them and like their headcanon is undoubtedly real. they spend their time overanalyzing every little movement and reaction, making up stories about them to try and convince themselves and others to ‘believe’ and they end up creating a lot of drama and heartbreak inside their community (for example when they interpret a moment as the couple going through a rough patch and they get genuinely worried and sad for them or when one of them is confirmed to be dating someone else and they go into a collective crisis). the drama often spreads to other ships or the rest of the fandom and something that you thought would be an enjoyable part of fandom becomes a mess. and it’s not just kaisoo shippers, it happens in every fandom, but i only talk about them because this is the only one that’s close to me and i’ve been observing for years.
  • unfortunately, as it happens anywhere else really, a lot of shippers have terrible attitudes and views on relationships, homosexuality, etc.
    i don’t know if it’s a large portion of them or they’re just the loudest but some of them act like they own the ship and if you disagree with their opinions or do what i’m doing now they’ll react negatively, dismiss you as a hater and try to push you away from the ship. this leaves their view as the only option and influences the way newer and probably younger fans joining the fandom and getting interested in the pairing perceive the real people and treat other shippers.
  • and as if that weren’t enough they’ll also harass their own fellow shippers and drive them away
  • the shippers supporting that mentality, whether intentionally or not, are so many and so stubborn that people who don’t ship like them don’t even bother. they might decide not to associate with them because of their bad attitudes or bad reputation or might even start developing a distaste for the ship regardless of how they feel about the real people and abandon it.
    that’s why i say it’s hard to find other kaisoo shippers who ship in a different way.

arimura-rei  asked:

Oh no I'm not sure if my ask sent through properly, i don't think it did... just incase here it is again!❤ Kagami, Midorima, Aomine, Kiyoshi (Teppei) on how they would react to their s/o wanting to move into the boys studio apartment during their college/university years and even wanting to share a bed with the boys straight off the bat! Ehehehe *blush*

ADMIN ARIMURA, GUESS WHO IS FINALLY GETTING TO THIS REQUEST: ME. So sorry for the wait like woW I suck but here ya go! As thanks for all the help with this blog.

– Admin Mizuko

Kagami Taiga: His face would immediately turn a color as crimson as his hair, but he certainly wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. Kagami would make sure it’s what you really wanted though before you actually settled in to live with him. He wouldn’t want you to have any regrets, especially since the two of you would be seeing a lot of each other now. Expect him to do the majority of the cooking and cleaning, and even if you try to take on the house chores he will immediately step in and take over. At times he can be a hassle to live with, especially since he has a habit of taking up the whole bed, using up all of the hot water in the shower, and snoring rather loudly at times. But his home-cooked meals and morning cuddles always make up for it. He had been rather nervous when you first suggested sleeping in the same bed, but it didn’t take long for him to become accustomed to the act and grow to enjoy sleeping by your side very much.

Midorima Shintarō: He immediately rejected your idea of living together, being a rather traditional person who believes living together should wait until marriage. While he can be rather hardheaded, he unfortunately has a habit of giving in to your requests eventually, and that’s how you found yourself living with your boyfriend. It took him awhile to agree to sleeping in the bed with you, however, and took to sleeping on the couch for a couple of weeks. After some time though he missed the comfort of his own room and took to sharing with you, much to his own fluster. He’s a very good sleeping partner though and his slumber is a silent and still one. He is very particular about things though, and will complain if you place any object in the incorrect space or don’t do your share of chores to his liking. There are good points to living with Midorima as well, such as how much more comfortable he’s grown around you and the fact that you get to see his messy, morning bedhead.

Aomine Daiki: He would wonder why you even bothered to ask considering he already pestered you to sleep over at his apartment quite a bit of the time. Not much would be different since it was already like the two of you had been living together in the first place. Unfortunately you’d see a lot more of his grumpy moods and he’d stick you with the majority of the household chores. Aomine would be completely fine with sharing a bed with you, even going as far as insisting that you do. What you’ll be quick to learn is that not only does he often try to initiate intimate things, but he loves to initiate cuddle sessions as well. He has a bit of a snoring problem though and also has the habit of falling asleep in strange places such as the kitchen table. You’ll get to see much deeper sides of Aomine during your time living with him, and he’ll always be up for laying on the couch after you’ve had a stressful day to watch movies and cuddle together.

Kiyoshi Teppei: He would be all for the idea, happy that you cared and trusted him enough to want to live with him. Kiyoshi would help you with moving all your items to his apartment, eager to have you moved in with him as soon as possible. He hated lonely nights at his apartment alone, often wishing he could move back in with his grandparents, but having you living with him would help out a great deal. He wouldn’t mind if you wanted to share a bed and would quickly grow to love falling asleep with you in his arms. He always takes on the house chores and loves cooking dinner for you, especially if you’ve had a particularly stressful day. While living with him, though, you’ll have to help comfort him through the bad days he has as well. He often has pains in his knee which lead him to asking if you could massage or ice it. On the bright side, he always lets you have the bathroom first in the morning and is a very caring roommate who always puts your needs before his own.

Different fandoms

LOL, my dash is such a mess right now.

  • Tom Hiddleston: I love all of you so much, but once in a blue moon I just wish I could buy milk and bread without having my picture taken. Ehehehe, you’re all amazing. I’m so sorry.

    Fandom: *has meltdown, grabs pitchforks and draws up mandatory contract for hiddlestoners to sign*

  • Norman Reedus: Fuck you. Fap, fap, fap *flips you off and licks your face*

    Fandom: Precious bb! *swoons*