no i'm not an artist

hey hey kids just a reminder that inconsistent artsyles are a really really good thing to have as amateur artists because that’s how you allow yourself to explore different looks and thus develop a better artsyle. Just make sure you practice frequently! Find details that you like and keep them, but don’t focus so hard on setting one consistent look for your characters yet.

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Hi! you've mentioned the Japanese fandom in a few of your answers/posts and I was wondering where the Japanese fandom is? Like what forums (instagram/twitter/etc ?) if that makes sense. I'm currently learning Japanese and I think seeing the language more in my every day life would help, but I don't know where to start looking since I only really use tumblr and I've found very few blogs that post in Japanese here (ps, love your art and your AUs and I started watching BNHA bc of your art)

they are everywhere really, just using different tags (although tumblr is not a very common choice).

Twitter seems to be more popular but you can also go to pixiv and other japanese sites to find more artists.

honestly every single brightshine familiar so far has been looking better and cooler and cuter than the light sprite? the elemental, the goblin, even the bear! and now the spirit bunny! beautiful, all of them! light sprite who?! \o/

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Dude. Dude dude dude so a buddy of mine is starting a little blog for aspiring artists and whatsit and all you gotta ask them for details lol But! Do you want in? Just asking haha (they just asked me earlier and I think you might want to join)

sounds fun! I’ll need a few more details to know if I can actually be of use on said blog but jo hit me up with those details!

I really don’t understand why it’s so damn hard for some people to credit the artist when reposting shit like it’s honestly the easiest thing. holy fuck.