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Past and Soulmate

Michonne’s speech is the most beautiful moment of the cell’s scene. Even more beautiful that the kiss itself (maybe because the room is too dark).
I look at this again and can’t prevent me from seeing all the symbolism of her past. It’s maybe something in her gestures, her non-verbal, the fear she seems to have of not convincing Rick…

We could talk about the fact that Rick approaches her so slowly as if he was afraid she might escape. We see in his eyes that he would like to tell her so many things but that he doesn’t know where to start …

Then, in the absence of words, he holds her in his arms, as if to tell her that the only thing that counts is that she’s there, safe and sound and that he’s just relieved to see her, that he missed her. We could also talk about this gesture.

But let’s talk about the speed at which she puts an end to their embrace and that she faces him … As if she had prepared her speech and that the safety of Rick’s arms could make her lose the thread of her thoughts…

And he also felt it when he took a step back to better capture her expression, to better anticipate what she is about to tell him.
He has this worried look because she has this look full of doubts, as if she was afraid to say what she probably repeated throughout her return to Alexandria.

And it’s at this point that we remember that she probably already had a similar conversation with Mike … A conversation where there was talk of not giving up even if everything seemed lost, words that probably sayed that they had to fight for Andre … Yeah, different contexts, different love but same fear of loosing everything. Except that Mike didn’t listen to her …

But Rick isn’t Mike, he understands what she’s trying to tell him, he understands that he has to get into the battle.
Of course this acceptance probably began when Aaron was beaten or when Negan boasted of killing two innocent people … But it’s her own words that give him the strength to stand up and fight in their own way , as they have always done for their children, for their family, for their safety.

No she doesn’t repeat the same pattern, she will not lose her family again. Unlike Mike, Rick will not become the shadow of himself. All he did was to protect them …
The man who stands before her has tried to follow the rules to PROTECT them and now he will fight to PROTECT them.
And that look of relief when she understands that he is still with her, that he’ll try for her, says a lot about the love she has for him.

He became a part of her and she became a part of him. They are one and this is what makes them say our way instead of my way.

When you find your soulmate, you tell him that you could find a way by yourself but that you don’t want it because, it’s only with him next to you that it’s worth fighting … Because from the beginning, you crossed everything together.
When you find your soulmate, you kiss her to tell her that you don’t abandon her, that you will always be there for her, that she can continue to trust in you.

You kiss her to reassure her as she did to reassure you.

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People need to understand sending hate to a ship and his fandom will not made people sip a lighter ship. It will just push them to a darker one.

People have left the Storpilot and FinnRey ship because of very violent hate and turn to Kylux and Reylo (even if Reylo has shipper before). With hate they will not come back to Stormpilot and FinnRey, They will fall in the darkest side of the shipping. If Snoke x Finn or Snoke x Rey became the most popular ship, Tumblr (and ao3 users) could only blame themselves. And I will say “I told you so” and eat popcorn.

I’m serious. Pushing people to the dark side is not a joke. It’s dangerous. They became Anakin Skywalker. They want to stop corruption, slavery and save their loved one and end killing children. They will not became Luke or Leia.

I have see similar thing before. With the rise of Voldemort/Ginny or Voldemort/Harry in the Harry Potter fandom. But now some people try to  justify the houself slavery, or push the “ Dumbledore is worse than Voldemort” theory. The dark side is really a terrifying thing.

Remember this quote from Yoda : “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

It’s funny how films (or books) about a theme as simple as “hate is bad, love save everyone” manage to have a fandom full of hate.  I should say full of Palpatine.


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

The pictures dont really do Jules’s shimmer much justice, because its not just “oh hey green would'ja look at that.” Its more like..

the monster never stops lurking under the bed. 

there are some nights when it feels gone, you finally feel alone and free and gone from the childhood memories of terror but it all comes back when the lights go out and you’re jumping at the slightest sounds and you know it’s fake but you can’t help yourself even now; you are too old for fairy tales but this is a tale you can never outgrow. 

there is a vault in the back of your mind guarded and locked, sealed shut and this is where horror lurks but somehow, somehow in the dead of night, it can pick the locks and open its coffin where you left it for dead, but it is not dead, no, it is living and breathing down your neck and this what it’s like to be afraid.

  • taehyung: do you think darkness ever feels lonely
  • jungkook: ...what
  • taehyung: i mean people don't really like it or are afraid of it oh my god what if it has self hatred issues because of this what if it thinks that it's its fault omg no can you imagine-(╥﹏╥)
  • jungkook: what

Characters:  Dean, Sam, Demon, Reader

Summary:  Guys, I’m so sorry.  I don’t even know how to explain this one.  It’s for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night Challenge.  My movie was SE7EN.  If you’ve seen the movie, I’m sorry.  If you haven’t, I’m sorry.

Word Count:  1244

Warnings:  VERY VERY DARK AND ANGSTY. I can’t emphasise this enough. Also, language. Death.

Tags at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. 

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Everything is wound tighter than a spring. We are out in the middle of nowhere, desert, flatland, nothing but open spaces and big blue sky but the tension is pressing in around me, hard. Like I‘m being pushed down against the earth, gravity has gone sideways. I feel like I can’t breathe. That fucking demon, he’s on his knees in the devil’s trap while Sammy paces back and forth. It’s just the three of us. Well, the three of us and that box.

God, I don’t want to see what’s in that box. Even more, I don’t want Sammy to see what’s in it. I’ve never felt this afraid for my brother. Afraid of what he might do after he opens that fucking box. Even after everything he’s been through, I don’t think he’s coming back from this one. Hell, being soulless would look like a cakewalk compared to this.

I’m afraid to move, afraid to speak, afraid, afraid, afraid. It’s not something I like to admit, but this shit has got me fucked, deep in my gut. Truth is, there’ something Sammy doesn’t know. Something worse than what we might find in that box.  

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I try to shine a light in every dim corner, just in case there’s someone hiding there who wants another to search the shadows for them. I offer my hand. Sometimes they push it away as if contaminated and tell me to take the light back as it hurts their eyes. I respect their wishes, but let them know I’ll be nearby should they find they need the meager light I can offer.
—  But other times, the one in the dark corner is me, needing a light but too afraid to ask

Warning: Creepy/”Dark”/”Gory”/Flashing Images ahead! 
If you have a hard time looking at such images you should better not look at the fifth gif!
Beeing honest, actually I wanted to post some animated Halloween Strips Himaruya made last year but I wasn’t able to finish them until Halloween// shot. So I had to think about something else which doesn’t take me a few months and tadaa here it is~ (it took me long enough though.. .) I’m pretty sure you will hate me even more now //shot. This is extremly inspired by the Hetalia 23.5 Creepypasta (but I can’t really say it “is” an animation of Hetalia 23.5 because of two big mistakes you probably already noticed: 1. the style is wrong because I can’t draw in the old style //sorry 2. the clothes are wrong because the style is wrong //shot) But maybe you can forgive me that I’m not used to draw in the old Hetalia Style and believe it or not this was actually requested.