no i'm joking we do really haha

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What... magic... is this? It doesn't match to any known logic we seen/know, nor the brand... What could possibly be making it... and how? I haven't seen ANY tobacco plants, plus, I don't think they would be able to grow in Snowdin... haha, snow. But in the case OF magic, they don't seem to exhibit any special properties besides a normal cigerate. Except... the bones not turning yellow. I'm not sure at all how it works. Also, what could/would even light it? Do they carry lighters? And what brand?

This is where the weed comes from [???]

Just joking lol. I don’t really know. And yes, Sans carries a lighter with him.

How I(NFP) know that I'm not an ENFP
  • INFP: *laughing out loud at joke in head*
  • ENFP: What's funny?
  • INFP: Oh, um nothing, sorry...
  • ENFP: Tell meeee.
  • INFP: Ok... *insert weird shit*, haha it's only funny in my head, stupid really, I'm so weird...
  • ENFP: OMG, what an amazing thought! Imagine a story about that, no, a book! There could be a whole series, gaaah this is the best idea ever! We so have to do this, you can write the music to the coming films based off of these books-
  • INFP: That we haven't written yet...
  • ENFP: -And we can totally illustrate this long book series, create a spinoff musical and live in an eco farm house as writers together with all of our friends in the future, saving the world!!!
  • INFP: That sounds great, we'll just have to build a time machine to have time with this and the other five million projects that you have suggested this week.
  • ENFP, INFP: *laugh*
  • ENFP: I'm serious though, it's a good idea.
  • INFP: ... Huh?
  • ENFP: What are you thinking about now?
  • INFP: Oh, um nothing.
  • ENFP: Tell me, tell me, tell me!
  • INFP: *Too tired to deal with this much enthusiasm but also enchanted by ENFPs unbridled enthusiasm and appreciation amongst the cynical masses* Ok...

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I was too retarded to find the ask box on the winner scenarios blog hahaha...okay, so, How would each of the Winner members be as a father? Gosh, I'm starting to feel like YG was trolling us about their debut haha

omg haha ><, wait is it hard to find? i will fix that later^^  (um yes i feel you. he better debut them soon T.T but all we can do is wait patiently and keep supporting Winner^^)


Seunghoon: he would be a really fun dad, always making time to play around with his kids, but of course not forgetting about you. constantly taking them outside and on little adventures. and of course throwing dad jokes all over the place making your kids laugh till their little stomach hurt. when you child is a baby, he would be wanting to help you with anything you needed help with like all the changing and what not.  

Seungyoon: he would be a caring father. he would be the kind of person to take his kids to all different places and make sure they are trying new things so they can find things they truly love to do, then he would support their hobbies and dreams till the end of the world. i see him sitting in bed with you and your child at night as he reads a story to your little one until he/she falls asleep. 

Jinwoo: when you first have your baby i think he will be slightly nervous, well who isn’t nervous when they have their first child. he would really just be worried that the child doesn’t like him, so he would do all the sweetest things for them and always be around whenever they need, so they know as the grow older that hes always going to be there for them. he would be as sweet and caring of a husband and father.

Mino: you’ll probably have to take you child away from him tbh. you’ll be in the kitchen making dinner for your little family and all of a sudden you hear this bust of laughter coming from another room and when you walk in minho would be making all different types of faces at your baby making them laugh. because seeing his child laugh and smile (because it looks also like your) would really be a highlight of being a father to him.

Taehyun: out of all the boys i see Taehyun being the typical father figure. being by your side to help with the baby/child. not being grossed out by all the not so pleasant things that come along with having a baby. taking you and your child on walks down the street sometime, and sitting on a bench and pointing out all the different birds to your baby. stuff like that you know?

- Admin J

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I know it's all about America today but what is going on in German politics that you're afraid?

Have you heard of AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, english: Alternative for Germany)? It’s a right-wing populistic party in Germany and they’re jumping on the bandwaggon and taking the fears Germans have (e.g. taking in too many refugees) and they just do propaganda with it.

Many people here are scared that it gets out of control. Also, they don’t really trust Merkel anymore. In Germany, the chancellor can get elected more than two times and it would be her fourth time and many people think that her time’s over. I do think so too, in some parts. But on the other hand, we don’t really have any other option. 

Let’s get back to our lovely not lovely AfD:

In the latest state elections, there was a rising tendency towards them. In Baden-Württemberg, the state I live in, 15.1% of votes were given to a right-wing populistic party. The highest percentage of votes were given in the state elections of Saxony-Anhalt where they reached 24.3% of votes.

In both those states, AfD is now part of the Landtagsparlament (I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s an English word for that). There are other states where AfD reached the Landtag (due to our 5-% hurdle, only parties that achieve more than 5% of votes get in there): Berlin (14.2%), Brandenburg (12.2%), Bremen (5.5%), Hamburg (6.1%), Rhineland-Palatinate (12.6%), Saxony (9.7%), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (20.8%) and Thuringia (10.6%), which leads us to a total of 10 out of 16 states where a right-wing populistic party has seats in the Landtag.

They also have seats in the Bundestag, as they got more than 5% in 7 out of 16 states.

I hope it won’t be a bother but I’ll list the main point out of the election program of the AfD that really bothers me below.

I am going to try and subdivide (these are only the ones that seemed important to me personally, for any further information please click here.)

Family and “Gender Mainstreaming”

  • arch conservative-anti feminist positions in their gender politics
  • no equality between men and women
  • traditional family, speaking of husband and wife (and best, the wife belongs in the kitchen)
  • they don’t want an equality quote for women in higher positions
  • they don’t want you to decide over your own gender identity
  • stop gender research
  • they don’t want early sexualization as in teaching people that their body is their own
  • no gender neutral changes in german language (as in der Professor, die Professorin, that would be das Professor, I guess)


  • increase study requirements (we don’t have high tuition fees on state universities, but it’s already really tough to actually get an university place in a field you want to work in later on if you don’t have a good Abitur)
  • no inclusion “at any price” - keep special schools for disabled people

Religions politics (focusing on Islam)

  • Islam is not a part of Germany
  • prohibition for minaret, call to prayer of the muezzin and full-face veil
  • prohibition to wear hijabs in public service jobs and prohibition to wear burkas or niqabs

AfD also is trying to keep the “traditional family” (mother, father, child) and against adoption by same-sex couples. 

Besides that, a german politician (AfD, of course…) said that homosexuals should be imprisoned if they live their homosexuality openly (he later tried to convince people that he was only joking, haha haven’t we laughed). We are not in 1950 anymore, and we’ve come too far of a way to let this happen all over again.

I’m sorry if this is messed up, but I’m not the most eloquent expert on politics in Germany as we really do have many parties and many election programs and stuff.

If you have any further question, please just ask. I’ll always try to help out in any way.

Event :

Byakuya pushed the door leading to the control room open and stopped for a second upon seeing that everyone was already gathered there.

*enters the room and close the door behind him* What is happening here?

What the hell, you don’t know either?


It seems like we were all called here for unknown reasons…

I don’t like this at all…!

If this is a joke, it’s not funny !


Wait? No one know why we are here? Seriously?

It looks like it’s the case. Makoto, do you know anything? *turns toward Makoto*

Upupupu. It looks like something despairingly interesting is happening here!

(M!A : Talent swap, Makoto becomes the SHSL Despair for the next 24h

Congratulations @foolbio, you’re the winner -and the only who guessed correctly haha- so you can now send me the name of who you want to see wake up next !

-mod lili)

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On a lighter note for your inbox, I've been watching you since before you had 12,000 subscribers. I'm honestly so proud of how far you've come and your audience getting so big. You and Rosie make me so happy and I really appreciate you both. Thankyou 😊xxx

That’s incredible! :) I love making videos, it’s never ever felt like a chore. I just can’t believe people like them so much when I feel like all we do is dick around and tease each other haha :) 

For me it’s like when you have a joke that you really want to share with someone just so you can laugh at it again and enjoy it a second time - that’s literally what YouTube is to me. I didn’t realise when I first started out just how much I’d enjoy doing it! I feel like it brought Rosie and I much closer together - I even feel like it’s helped us during the hardest times.

I’m just so happy that people seem to like watching! I’m just enjoying having so much fun! :)

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This is something i'm really curious about and I know you'll probably have so many messages right now and you might not even see this and i'm not even sure you'll know the answer to be able to help but whilst liam and harry had separate interviews together do you know if the other 1d lads were in the room? because harry (and liam) were looking off camera a lot laughing and joking in recent interviews.. sorry if that doesn't even make sense haha

Hello, I’m not entirely sure to be honest because we weren’t in the room when they had their other interviews, we just came in for our own one. But from what I understand they were all being interviewed by different outlets at the same time. However, there were quite a few other people around - assistants, HJPR, camera men etc. so maybe it was with them? 

In our interview you can see when Liam looks off camera, I’m pretty sure that was to their PR Xxx