no i'm dd

Maybe I’m the only one dumb enough to not figure it out but the revealing of the Phantom in Dual Destinies had me SHOOK. I had no idea. Like it was such a big shock for me that I still refuse to post spoilers that big because if people new to the games somehow manage to avoid that huge spoiler before playing DD I’d be totally ruining it for them. It was one of the only times while playing through AA that I didn’t see something coming/hadn’t been previously spoiled. 

Like legit I think I yelled. I felt so betrayed. They were so likeable, they were in your face for the entire game, and yet I had no idea. I was so sad. :( I TRUSTED THEM.


!!certain route/ending spoilers!!

did they listen to my chemical romance in the victorian era?

that’s…my son’s room. you know how the rebellious teenage years are,

damien bloodmarch vs mcr references

(that’s when i forgot that my dadsona’s name is damien’s son rip)

Papa’s home!!

the “unrealistic but makes you smile anyway” au where phoenix and miles adopt siblings trucy and apollo, miles is fiNE, phoenix doesn’t lose his badge, and papa miles is welcomed back from his important overseas lawyering by the sound of their children’s laughter - sit down shut up and let them be happy

i’d like to bring to your attention Brian May holding Mikey’s hand as they walk off stage together

When Daddy says "no"

Me: Daddy!
Daddy: yes, princess?
Me: *looks down at untied shoes*
Daddy: …..
Me: Pwetty Pwease?
Daddy: No. You’re a big girl, you can do it yourself.
Me: *stands there in shock*
Daddy: …….
Me: *starts to tear up*
Daddy: ………fine. Come here, little one.

I hate that I met you.

I hate that I’m staring at my phone waiting for you to reply.

I hate that I think you’re the most perfect person I’ve ever seen.

I hate that you can always make me laugh and smile.

I hate that I’m sitting here crying over you and you probably don’t even care.

But most importantly, I hate that I fell for you.