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Tumblr has a real problem with understanding and implementing very basic ideas, and the most recent (linked) examples are, “You can be friends with people that you disagree with” and “Guilt by association is wrong.”

Those two statements are very true. I’m someone that’s on the political Left. I’m also staunchly pro-choice. But I have friends that are on the political Right. I even have friends that are staunchly pro-life. 

The thing is, I can be friends with those people because, even though we disagree, none of us are hateful to each other. None of us are so angrily stuck in our positions that we demonise and write abuse about the other side.

For example: I couldn’t be friends with someone that said, “I’m your friend, but I hate all Leftists. You’re all extreme, you’re all lazy, you all want to steal my money and the only reason that you’re Leftists is because you’re both stupid and ignorant. But for some random reason, I’ve decided that you’re different. You’re still a bad person for being a Leftist, but I’m going to only ignore it when it comes to you because you don’t tell me that I’m wrong for demonising you and others for that label. You’re cool, all the others aren’t.”

I also couldn’t be friends with someone pro-life that said, “I’m your friend, but I hate all pro-choicers. You’re all desperate to murder children and have no morals. You’re sick and twisted and monstrous. But for some random reason, I’ve decided that you’re different. You’re still a bad person for being pro-choice, but I’m going to only ignore it when it comes to you because you don’t tell me that I’m wrong for demonising you and others for that label. You’re cool, all the others aren’t.”

It wouldn’t work the other way around, either, if I treated my Right-leaning friends or my pro-life friends like everyone else apart from them with that label are all evil, disgusting people. 

And this is where the message gets lost, because there is a huge difference between being friends with someone with a different point of view and then being friends with someone who is openly out-and-out bigoted.

You see, although I disagree with political beliefs and policies of the Right, and although I disagree with pro-life arguments, I tolerate and accept that they’re valid positions to hold. They’re not hateful and not “bad” beliefs. They’re beliefs that I personally disagree with. They’re beliefs that I don’t hold myself. But I understand why my friends have them, and I know that they’re good people. They’re not extremists, they’re not awful, they’re just good people with different thoughts and perspectives. There’s no “guilt by association” because there’s nothing to be guilty of from either point of view. 

As an aside, I’ve also said that I’ll accept followers and messages from absolutely anyone, even if they’re of the extreme Right or the extreme Left because I’m glad that they are at least willing to hear a more nuanced and non-extreme view. 

But actual friendship is entirely different from that common, polite courtesy to a stranger. If you’re actually friends with someone that is openly, genuinely and extremely bigoted, then you’re treating them like I treat my pro-life friends. You’re saying that, sure, you disagree with them, but their point of view is valid. You’re saying that it’s fine to agree to disagree on genuine bigotry. And that’s where the guilt by association does come in. Because, whether it’s true or not, if you’re seen to happily and constantly associate with people that are openly, genuinely and extremely bigoted, then others see you as condoning that bigotry, that you don’t think that the bigotry shown is a big deal. That you’re fine to see and hear it because you can easily dismiss and ignore it. And if you say that you’re against that bigotry, then you’ll be seen as nothing but a hypocrite, because if you condemn others but give your friends a free pass, then your stance ends up being seen as utterly laughable.

And this is the bottom line. Agreeing to disagree over topics is absolutely anyone’s choice. Accepting differences of opinion, especially when it comes to things like basic politics, is absolutely a good thing that should be encouraged. But if you decide that you’re content to lie with genuine bigots, then others are going to presume that you share their fleas. And you can’t then sit back up and look confused when others see you associating with the worst of people happily and then refuse to accept your acceptance of them.

It’s a choice you make. And I think that it’s disingenuous for parts of Tumblr to claim that a moderate being friends with a Nazi or a far-Leftist is comparable to a general Left-winger being friends with a general Right-winger, because it’s absolutely not the same at all.


Hey hey! I’ll be going to Anime Expo again, so here’s my cosplay lineup for this year’s!

  • July 2: Shigeo Kageyama (with Ritsu and Reigen)
  • July 3: APH Japan (Red Tracksuit ver.)
  • July 4: Trial Captain Ilima (reversed hair because of a mistake haha-)

It would be really cool to meet some of you! Maybe we can talk for a bit or even draw, just let me know (remember to please ask before pictures or anything). I’ll also be at the Mob Psycho 100 Meetup on July 2 and Hetalia Meetup on July 3 as well !

Hope to see you there !! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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We need to come up on how to draw all of the Boneheads fused altogether. It's gonna be very hard.

That fusion would consist of 8 different skeletons combine into one, so yeah. But, as I’ve said before, this isn’t something that’s going to be added to the boneheads comics, and for the most part, I have no interest in drawing it.

Three Minutes

Rules are: write a title, set a timer for three minutes, and write like mad! Post whatever you come up with, whether it’s turned into a story or not. Feel free to join! (And to tweak a few sentences once the timer runs out. No judgement! It’s just for fun.)


They gather on the walls, flock to the paths, to the road, to the dry dust outside our compound. Crows. They are black as coal, as burnt ash, as dead embers, and I try not to look at them. We shot the first few that came, one after the other, until their feathers littered the ground, but now there are too many, and we’re running low on ammunition.
So we sit still. We sit still, and we watch them come. From the south, from the west. Some already with blood on their wings, on their beaks. Some so hungry that I catch them eyeing me. I shoot these, because they are the most dangerous, the ones that will start the frenzy. If it starts. If we aren’t as lucky as last time.
They have ravens are with them. Ravens, crows, rooks, vultures. All the scavengers. Only scavengers survive on these plains, in these deserts. Nothing else. Everything else dies, everything else is picked clean. Even us.


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


Full set of concept art for Kageyama and Hinata’s fancy togas!

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