no i wont calm down!

Some padawan Mira sketches. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I know someone people are upset about the lack of Klance this season (me cause I trusted you jeremyekjrhej) but since Keith is gonna be the leader and Lance seems like he’s gonna be on edge then I think S3 would be the perfect time for some Lance and Keith bonding! 

my brain just keeps repeating “what’s so wrong with being gay that they wont let him say it even now, even in such an obvious scene”

whats so wrong with it what what what

Matt- feeling better?

Tom- as close as ‘better’ is going to get right now.

Tom- thank you, Matt.

Matt- no problem, I understand what youre going through. 

Matt- there’s one thing I need to know-

Tom- well… no?

Tom- remember when Edd turned into that super hero and there was that monster destroying the town?

Tom- that was me…. but this is different.

Tom- The teeth, the eyes, the horns, the tail- this is all new. its like the monster is still inside of me, but weaker. so I’m only half-transforming…

Tom- you’re not afraid of me, right?

Matt- of course not-!

Edd- MATT? TOM? you guys are in here, right? can we talk?

Tom- th-that’s Edd!

Tom- Matt. Edd can not find out. Don’t let him know.

Matt- Thomas. calm down, and take a seat. I wont let Edd in. I can already feel your heart rate increasing.

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okay so im gonna talk ab my boyfriend really quick. my god is he so so sweet. like i'll message him about how im having a breakdown or something and he'll facetime me and talk to me to get me to calm down, then after ( i wont show my face while im a mess bc fuck no ) im relaxed, he'll go "can i see your beautiful face now?" and it melts my heart everytime like oh my god. hes everything ive ever wanted or hoped to have.

yesyesyes!! honestly these positive relationship vibes is what i’m h e r e f o r. i’m glad he’s such a wonderful person (bc he sounds like it omg) and i’m glad you hav someone so nice to help you when you’re feeling down!!

send me asks for sleepover friday!!

fly; a mix of touching and inspiring instrumentals [listen] 

prologue (james netwon howard) | the living statues of pemberley (dario marianelli) | from western woods to beaversdam (harry gregson-williams) | to the stars (tyler bates) | of one heart and of one mind (james horner) | the vikings have their tea (john powell) | soft trees break the fall (trent reznor & atticus ross) | writing poems (ludovico einaudi) | friends (yoko kanno) | to the cottages (rachel portman) | glasgow (craig armstrong) | in the jest or earnest (dario marianelli) | fly (ludovico einaudi) | we had today (rachel portman) | rose garden (adrian johnston) | walkaway (thomas newman) | now that’s love (joe hisaishi) | will you help me (james newton howard) | the ludlows (james horner) | life and death (michael giacchino) | the wardrobe (harry gregson-williams) | family (joe hisaishi) | i believe her | alan silvestri | my time is running out (murray gold) | home again (mark snow)

honestly i’d probably care more about star wars if it weren’t so popular? and not in a “i hate it because its mainstream” hipster way just, 

its fucking everywhere and the people who like it are so fucking die hard and wont calm down about it. i find it a little hard to approach and difficult to try to experience it as a new thing when pop culture is so heavily saturated in it? and since it is everywhere i never felt the desire to be like “oh man i gotta check it out” idk

Get better Michael!❤️😭

OMG I’m so upset everyone keeps telling me to calm down NO I WONT MICHAEL IS MY EVERYTHING and to the people talking about his hair and making jokes fuck off ok we don’t need you dickheads in our fandom I don’t care what Michael looks like when his bandages are off and nobody better say how different he look if he had a burn or anything because he can’t help it we all need to keep comments like that away from him we don’t need Michael to be more insecure we love him for him and he needs to know that