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Then he is invading Kuramochi’s space, staring in admiration at the arm closest to him, which is Kuramochi’s right one. A cheetah is wrapped around this arm, accompanied by fine lines of windswept clouds. He allows Sawamura to also get a closer look at his other arm, which is a tiger, head to tail going down from shoulder to elbow, prowling through curling fog. He can’t help but flex his arms a little to show off the meticulous detail and vivid colors.
“…Hey, why are you rubbing my arm, it’s not like it’ll come off! Let go! You owe me another five games!” -Weak for Sweets, part 2

Sketch from my sweets shop AU, where Kuramochi is a tattoo artist and Eijun’s neighbor.


Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai by Yoneda Kou - CHAPTER 12

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Matt chose Karen by telling her the truth. By destroying one of the walls built by secrets that seperated them, the reason it didn’t work out at first between them. I do think it was the most significant thing ever happened on the show.

i’ve had Barakamon vol 6 on my desk since i first read it because i’ve meant to talk about my favorite bits, but i can’t remember what, exactly, i meant to say, except that i love sensei’s parents, but…. one thing is DO remember is…

it is CANON that hiro has (at least one) picture(s) of sensei on his phone.

he is ‘texting buddies’ with kousuke, and kousuke sent him pictures of sensei eating.  whether he saves them or not is uncertain, but…

hiro has sensei’s picture on his phone.