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Please help me draw alphys! She is the only one I can't draw and I swear I won't plagerize you, I just need a basic process. Please just post a picture of a quick four step process thingy or something... I'm desperate :, (

Anon, I’ve pulled a bunch of different examples of Alphys just from my tumblr favorites to hopefully help illustrate a point. You see how these examples are in vastly different styles, but you can still immediately tell all of them are Alphys? That’s because every artist approaches their art differently, comes from different influences, and has a different process for how they finish their art. I can’t really give you any satisfactory answer with my process because it’s not gonna apply to you! I don’t follow any step-by-step process that I can teach over an ask, I just approach Alphys the same way I do any character or background or such. And that’s what you need to do, too! Don’t draw Alphys the way I would draw them, draw them the way you approach any other character, with your own personal style! It might take you a bunch of tries before you get something you like, but you’ll be much more satisfied with the result, believe me. 

I know it might not be the answer you want, but I hope it helps you!

And because sourcing is good, here’s the artists for the above pics, please go visit them:

1 - Projectendo

2 - Jeneco

3 - Plaidcushion

4 - Lilaira

5 - Ovopack