no i won't make that joke

brandon we’re gonna have to start taking pickup trucks to the bookstore if you keep making these books longer!! please!! i can only lift so much!!

Iconic Yoonjin Quotes

J:To Suga… Suga, everything is good. You don’t use your cell phone while we eat, sometimes you make some lame jokes, and you even clean the house, which is all good…but please do the dishesㅠㅠ I’ve never seen you do the dishes.ㅠㅠ I love you, Suga” (x)

S:Slave!” *claps*
J: “Are you calling for me, Master? Everyone, please clap for him!”
S:Slave! Go away!”
J:Yes, I’m so sorry.” (x)
J: If I can have a day off, I want to have a servant. I would order Suga around.”
S: Daaaebak, wahh. Daebak. He’s too scary, I can’t be with him.” (x)

J: “When Suga and I are lying down and trying to rest, we’re always talking about how we can make them quiet down.” (x)

J: “You’re my one and only roommate, the only one in the world” (x)

S: Aish, you look like a flower.” (x)

S: ”P is neutral.”
J: “N is neutral, idiot.” (x)

J:Don’t interrupt me while I’m speaking.” (x)
J: Was I not talking?”
J:Was I or not?
S:You were.
J:Did you do good or bad?
S: *stuffs mouth* (x)

J:I rap just like…Jay-Z!”

J: *flower petals*
S:Why are you acting cute…” (x)

Fan: What’s the hardest part about sharing a room with Yoongi?
J: He never plays with me because he’s working
Fan: If you could share a room with another member who would it be?
J: Yoongi (x)

J: “Mango! Mango! Only mango, okay!” (x)

S: “Jin hyung is my roommate in the dormitory. Instead of saying I need him, he makes me feel at ease when he’s around. He doesn’t need to do anything, just being there makes me feel at ease. When we have overseas schedules, we stay in the same room too, it’s quiet and it makes me feel calm.” (x)

J: Yoongi-chi~
S: W-Why are you calling me Yoongi-chi all of a sudden?
J: Alright, love you.”
S: Yeah, see you soon.”
J: Ah.” (x)

S: “We talk with our eyes.” (x)

J: I watched a famous animation『Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2』but it feels like it’s a bit too childish. I can refresh the films when I watch it before going to bed. Let’s watch it together next time.
S: Together… You’re saying that we should put the PC on the bedside and watch it while lying down side by side? This sounds like a conspiracy!?
J: I’m not going to attack you so relax.♥
S: I will reject politely (laughs). (x)
J: He always asks, ‘Let’s watch movies’ and whenever that happens I think, ‘Um, I’m really tired but I can watch a movie for him. […] But next to me I hear ‘ZZZZZ’” (x)


J: My favorite song is [Let Me Know/Heungtan Sonyeondan/Fallen Leaves].”
S: “Ah, thank you.

J: Suga told me not to be too daring.” (x)

“To Suga,

You’re always the cool guy, who pretends to be strong and also a joker, I really respect you a lot. For the showcase today, you’re in a condition where it’s almost impossible for you to stand on stage. However, for the fans to enjoy the showcase, you perform on this stage without showing any sign of weakness. Owing to that fact, I think you’re really amazing. If I were to possibly be in your shoes, I’m not convinced that I would be able to stand on stage.That is why you are Bangtan’s pride.

Suga, it’s fine to show off your weak side sometimes, the members would always be there to support you. In the future, let’s work hard together, for all the people that has cheered us on. Let’s make a legend, together with the members and fans. I believe that we can absolutely achieve that, since we are us after all. Lets work hard together till the end.

From Jin.” (x)

Anybody self dx’d: *jokes about their symptoms in order to cope, makes a light-hearted text post about it, is proud of something about their illness, basically does anything that isn’t what a Neurotypical-Approved Mentally Ill™ is “supposed” to do*

Anti self dxers: excuse me :// obviously you’re faking :// you anti self dxers are making REAL mentally ill people look bad ://

Adam becoming completely comfortable with himself in the future though. making those “hahaha can you believe I used to think I was straight” jokes, being able to casually talk about his boyfriend, the angry Irish farmer, with his college friends. Adam waking up one night out of the blue and being all “holy shit, I used to have a crush on Gansey – Ronan I was totally bi from the start, Ronan listen to me” and Ronan just groaning into his pillow and being all “everybody in this family has had a crush on Gansey, you’re not special, shut the fuck up and let me sleep”

Exclusive picture of Papyrus

Tiny Soriel.

Because you can’t stop me. No one can.

Wish I wasn’t so fucking sensitive haha

I joked about this at first but just ended up deciding making it an actual thing after @creampuff1x1s​ encourage me about it lol anyway, here I present you the slow roleplayers network. This is for roleplayers that take weeks, months to even possibly a year to reply to threads. Whether it be that they can’t because they have personal problems or they just can’t find their muse or just sometimes can’t reply for any reason, this it’ll be a place for them.

R U L E S:

  • You have to be following us for updates.
  • Reblog this post! (likes don’t count)
  • And send us an ask with your name/pro-nouns/age/timezone and which Face Claim you desire as a mascot and that’s it! (Obligatory)

What I’m looking for:

  • Friendly people to follow.
  • Be a roleplayer, it doesn’t matter what type of blog are you (rph/rp inspo/indie/rpt/fandom/multi-fandom) as long as you’re a roleplayer, you can join!

What you’ll get:

  • More people that understand whatever it is that you’re going through and won’t pressure you for replies.
  • New friends!
  • A tag for anything that you like to post like, plots ideas, find new partners, promo for your rp, a place where you can post your selfies or just for you to meet new people!
  • The tag will be #slowroleplayersnet

When accepted:


  • I don’t expect a lot of people to join but I’m hopeful!
  • If have any doubt, don’t hesitate to message us!
  • No-Hate will be tolerated. This is a safe place for everyone.
  • And yes, you can claim a face claim as your mascot even if it’s already being use! We don’t mind!

What do you guys will happen next for Stiles and Lydia?

Let me know, I want to hear your theories

The stuff I’ve been seeing about Club Penguin lately has reminded me of when I used to play it when I was 11/12. I have so many memories of that site and the tween internet communities surrounding it. There were channels on youtube dedicated to making club penguin music videos, (CPMVs) and I had one too. (I deleted it though, don’t try to find it LOL) I’m laughing to myself as I write this, remembering all the little tween arguments I used to get into on youtube back then. I was a dumbass 12 year old. There were these popular CPMV makers who would always have “parties” (aka standing around in an igloo and typing things that would mostly be blocked by the chat filter) and I got into arguments with a few of them. One of them really hated me, hahahah. I remember there was also this site called Pengspace, a myspace-like community for CP players. There was this one person on there who would stalk my accounts, make accounts pretending to be me, (apparently I was well known enough for that???) and steal my art. I got them banned until they gave up. There was also this guy I got ‘pedophile-pretending-to-be-young-boy’ vibes from who tried talking to me. What a website. Fun times.


(✿ꈍ。 ꈍ✿) - A normal Pewdieken day….with a gnome gardener  shipper


“Booper dooper !i’m your gnome shipper !”

(Warning : Don’t feed him after midnight !//winky wonk// )

(⁎˃ᆺ˂) How to make a lame joke super funny?  LET S MAKE IT A RUNNING GAG!    8A8 

( ≧Д≦) Also. No seriously ,i was rly not pleased with this joke at all. Haha. that was rly lame. I should not even tag Jack in this. Sounds like he should not see that. But well..


 Anyway !At this point ,let’s say Jack is our St.patron of the Pewdieken OTP ! Take care of them and don’t roast Felix in his sleep plz.   (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄