no i will not refer to us as mush

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Harry is perched on the floor, long legs crossed over one another. Louis is sitting opposite of him, in the exact same position. In between, them is a little boy, utterly confused, looking quickly between the two. "Come on, Ernie, Mangoe," Harry coos, holding a slice up to his lips. "Crisps, Ernie, yummy," Louis interrupts, waving a few to grab his little brothers attention. "Lou," Harry scolds lightly, his full lip pouting out. "Hazza, you're not turning me brother into a hippie, like you."

“Mangoes are hipster food,” Harry shakes his head fondly, but focuses on the task at hand, brushing the mango against his little lips. Louis crinkles the bag of crisps, trying to distract him. Harry ruffles his curls against Ernie’s cheek, making him squeal, but lean into him. Louis huffs, fondly, of course, when he sees his brother open his mouth and bite into the slice of mango. Harry raising an eyebrow at him. “Good boy, who’s your favourtie?” Harry coos, hoisting him up into his arms.

Louis, sneakily, snatches a piece of mango, and mushed it into Harry’s cheek. Ernest laughing out of control as Harry tries to looks put off, but instead giggles himself. And leans in, rubbing his cheeks against Louis’ stubbly one, spreading the mush. And life couldn’t get any better. His two favorite boys.


Um, first of all rude. 

Second of all, I was like ‘wtfuck is this person talking about?’ because I use Queue+ which let’s you queue an unlimited amount of posts so I have like 16,000 in a queue and it’s a surprise every hour what’s going to pop up and so I just went through my posts and realised you were referring to this post of Harry feeding Ernest a mango.

Playing devil’s advocate I was like, “Well maybe it’s Louis…” But that fool has very distinctive hands and fingernails (like his husband);

I love science, but my favourite thing about that post is this:

“Look you didn’t have to do all this to prove its Harry. Literally who else would feed a toddler a mango?” - @sfylinson 

“I don’t see color” when referring to race is not good. You shouldn’t mush all races and ethnicities together in a big blurry ball. You should acknowledge their differences. Acknowledge that poc face unique problems. Acknowledge white privilege. Acknowledge that the US oppresses poc. “I don’t see color” doesn’t mean you’re not racist, it means you’re ignorant.


I want to be your bijuu… be my jinchuuriki? Oh… you silly foxy…

Ha ha! xD

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(I used some naruto anime/manga reference)

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Enjoy yourself, Watson.
I’ll try, Holmes.

The end scene of 3.19 is such a sweet little interaction between Sherlock and Joan. That teasing smile she gives him as she calls him “Holmes” is priceless. It made me wonder what she thinks about his use of her surname. Has she ever asked him to call her Joan like Marcus did in The Female of the Species? By now, of course, she’s accepted it as common place, something practically only he uses to refer to her, almost taking on the aspects of a nickname or an endearment.

So when she calls him “Holmes” is she making light of the fact that he, her self-avowed friend, still calls her by her surname or is she mimicking his use of her surname as almost a term of endearment: “thank you for caring, I care about you just as much.”

Yeah I got mushy. Sorry. Operating on little sleep. But I stand by that pile of mush.