no i will not make an audio post

So, this was an early draft I saved, but it’s not the one I wanted to post cause I lost everything cause it crashed when I was trying to fix an audio problem (you can probably hear it midway in lmao). But yeah I don’t feel like redoing it and making it longer, so hereee. 

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i just don’t know how to save video with the audio in it….
Am I gonna have to make a YouTube account to post it here?????


there’s a telescope on the new horizon lunar colony map, with voicelines specific for each hero when they interact with it

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Iggy's stolen specs pt. 1
Final Fantasy XV
Iggy's stolen specs pt. 1


Ignis: *muffled grunt* Noct!! 

Noctis: What’s wrong? You okay?  Σ(・Д・)

Ignis: *heaves* It’s not me! It’s my spectacles!  (3` Д 3´)

Noctis: Your glasses? Well, how come they’re not on your face? (・д・`o)

Ignis: I was making ready to leave camp, when a black chocobo saddled up, snatched my specs from over my nose, and bolted.  (33´)

Noctis: *laughs* Awww man. That’s hilarious! (ᗒᗨᗕ)

Ignis: This is no laughing matter. We must retrieve them at once!  (3`Д 3´)

Noctis: “At once”? Like right now?  (゚ー゚;)


Heya everyone~

Thanks again to everyone that meet us over at Shutocon!  While there, we showed off a small chunk of our next video, Hellbent.  In it, things were a bit different in that the audio, well.. had AUDIO other than the lone music track playing.  To help us with this sound design, we brought in a specialist.

Strelok (@tehstrelok)

He did an awesome job giving us the exact kind of sound design we were looking for in the intro section of Hellbent and did it in a small window of time to get the video ready for Shutocon.

The video in this link is more of his work.  This time, as a test, he took a sliver from Freaking Out and added sound effects to see what would happen.  I wanted to link to this video as a way of publicly crediting him for the work he’s done for us and to link to his channel in general, which I advise you all to look around in. 

Here is his Youtube channel-

And here’s another sample of his sound design work-

It may be a little ways away from posting Hellbent, so I wanted to make sure I let everyone know Strelok was the one behind the audio as we work to get the final video out!

caw to you too
Final Fantasy XV
caw to you too

Kenny Crow: CAW KIDS, IT’S KENNY CROW!  (⊙ヮ⊙)

Noctis: Caw to you too… UWAH?! Σ( ) 

 …… thanks for the mouthful… 

FFXV Week Day 3 - Favorite Quote 


Day 1Day 2Day 3 


This May or May Not Be the Full Audio Recording of Yuri on Festival Drama

Not my recording, (obviously, I wasn’t even in Japan,) but since months have passed the person said I could lol. If you share, please post this tumblr link and not the youtube to make it less likely to be taken down. Actually I don’t care just don’t be sharing it in a way where it could be taken down pls

I’m not subbing all of this, but if someone wants to hmu

Segments that are subtitled can be found [here]

Let's Play: Minecraft – Episode 249
  • *Jeremy kisses Gavin for luck*
  • Gavin: I really didn't expect that. That's like the first pretend gay thing you've ever done to me.
  • Jeremy: It's true, probably in my life.
  • Gavin: Now we're gonna be written about on tumbloid.
  • Ryan: Do you think you're not now?
  • Gavin: Me and Jeremy? I haven't checked Tumblr in three years.
  • Jeremy: I can guarantee we've fucked on Tumblr.
  • Gavin: And I bet I'm receiving.
  • Jeremy: Oh yeah, there's no doubt about that.
  • Ryan: I can guarantee that it's gone both ways.
  • Michael: Ryan knows because he wrote it.
  • Geoff: I definitely see Gavin taking it from Jeremy. And I think Jeremy would be hard and fast.
  • Jack: The question is, who do you see Gavin giving it to?
  • *silence*
  • Jack: That was the correct answer.