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I'm scared that I won't find a Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver because I don't act little enough :(

Listen up!!! every little who doesn’t feel “little enough”!
There is no “right way” to be little, no little isn’t “little enough”
You do NOT have to talk little
You do NOT have to like stuffies/paci/sippy/cartoons/ect.
You do NOT have to call your cg Daddy, mommy, ect.
And you most certainly do NOT have to be physically little
All littles are different, no one is the same
I’m sick of the stereotypes of littles, how we have to be small n petite n out of this world “attractive” And that we have to talk like a kid and we have to like baby stuff. You are still a little even if you just like to be adored. Every little is so precious and unique and that’s what I love about you guys. Be your (little) self and don’t give a flying frick what any meanie butthead says, you are perfect just the way you are😚 keep your head up darling, you’ll find a caregiver that’s just right for you😊💕
Remember, communication little ones🌸

Little Friend Application! 🍦🖍🌟🍼

I did this like 3 years ago on my first little blog, but I sadly never made a best friend out of it. But I’m serious about it. I really need a little bff. Someone that wants to be friends forever, not someone that will just leave me randomly, you know? You can reblog this too if you want littles to send you friend applications! 💖

Answer every question below and send me your answers in the messaging system, not my ask box, please!

Name? (and any nicknames you like to be called by friends)
Preferred pronouns? (I don’t want to to refer to you in the wrong way!)
Are you in any specific age regression community?
Favorite little activities?
Favorite non little activities?
Favorite movies and shows?
Favorite video games? (if you play any)
Do you have a caregiver? And are they a platonic or romantic cg?
Are you able to give good advice and comfort?
Do you like weird memes? (I like friends with a weird sense of humor tbh)
Anything else that you would like me to know?

If we start talking, I’m only available to text on kik! I don’t really like messaging back and forth on tumblr, sowwy! 💕

friendly reminder that I’m going to call my boyfriend daddy all I want and still hate pedophiles with a passion.

friendly reminder that two consenting people that are of-age can do whatever they want behind closed doors, or on the internet, and your view on what they’re doing doesn’t matter.

friendly reminder that people who participate in cgl relationships usually do not support pedophilia in any way.

friendly reminder that healthy kink-fueled relationships usually are based on love, mutual trust and a set of rules, safewords and limits which are there to protect both parties.

friendly reminder that the sub is in control.

friendly reminder that no one has the right to shame you or your kinks as long as they aren’t maliciously harming anyone

friendly reminder that you aren’t the boss of anyone.

Having a little on a budget

As a little I know that it is wonderful to get presents from your caregiver. Unfortunately sometimes it’s hard for them to afford to buy us things! First off, don’t fret. Caregivers, you are still doing amazing, even if you can’t afford gifts all the time. Littles, of course your cg still loves you, they just may not always be able to show it in physical tokens. So I came up with a few ideas of free and cheap rewards/presents!

- give them a massage
- take them to a playground
- color pictures together
- bedtime story
- no bedtime
- paint their nails
- let them do your hair/make up
- take a bike ride
- draw them a bath and help wash them
- visit an shelter and pet the animals
- extra dessert
- go to a dollar store and let them pick out a few items.
- “adopt” a stuffie from a thrift store
- brush their hair
- cook or bake together
- no chores for the day
- go to a free day at the zoo, museum, or aquarium
- go to a free concert for a local band

These are some that I could think of, feel free to add more!
Character Introductions

So, it’s the start of a new 3.5 campaign, and of the eight people in the room (seven players + DM), five of them have never played D&D. So, the DM finishes his opening spiel about some basic history of the land/plot, and then gestures towards us to introduce our characters. Since I have the most experience, and I am also immediately to his left, I go first.

Me (A CG Elven Spellthief):  *introducing my character and explaining my motivations for being in the pub we’re starting in*

Druid (first time player):  Why would you reveal your alignment this early?

Me:  I’m chaotic good, why the fuck do I care?

Age Regression + Get To Know Me Asks

A. What age do you usually regress to?
B. Do you use a bottle?
C. Do you have a caregiver?
D. Do you use diapers?
E. Favorite thing to eat?
F. Favorite fruit?
G. Favorite place to go when you feel little?
H. Something that makes you happy?
I. Favorite ice cream?
J. Favorite juice?
K. Are you a kitten or other pet?
L. Favorite thing about being little?
M. Favorite little space movie?
N. What’s your name?
O. How old are you?
P. Do you use pacifiers?
Q. A habit you wish you could quit?
R. Favorite nursery rhyme?
S. Favorite stuffie?
T. Favorite little space TV show?
U. Something unique about you?
V. Favorite veggie?
W. Where are you from?
X. (The best x word I can think of its xylophone so….) What’s your favorite instrument?
Y. Favorite time of year?
Z. Favorite animal to see at the zoo?

Stop normalizing emotional and mental abuse on caregivers.

I just saw such an unhealthy post. Wtf. It was pretty much a rant at caregivers that said your life should revolve around your little, littles always come first, you should spend all of your free time with them, and if you don’t, you’re a bad CG. It said, “you don’t set rules to make your life easier, you set rules to make their lives easier.” WHY CAN’T IT BE BOTH? And then it pretty much says no matter what you’re doing playing a game, working, EATING, if they want your attention you stop and give it to them.



Just put this in the context of any other relationship!!! It is not healthy to have your world revolve around someone. AND IT IS DISGUSTING TO EXPECT TO BE THE CENTER OF SOMEONE’S UNIVERSE JUST BECAUSE.

You come first. Be you a little or a caregiver or the fucking man on the moon, you come first. Your mental health. Your emotional stability. Your job. Your future. Your happiness.


This is fucking abuse logic.

I am disgusted and appalled. This is why I stopped being a CG before. I am a damn good caregiver, but when you give people standards like this to follow it’s impossible. AND I AM SOMEONE WHO ACTIVELY NEEEEEEDS THIS DYNAMIC. Imagine how someone who just got randomly thrown into this must feel? Like someone who was just dating a person normally, and that person introduced them to cgl. It must feel like they’re drowning.

Seriously. This is gross. This is unhealthy. AND IF SOMEONE TOLD A LITTLE THAT THEIR LIFE SHOULD RELOVE AROUND THEIR CG, THEIR CG SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST, THEY SHOULD ONLY BE LITTLE WHEN THEIR CG ALLOWS IT, we would all tell that little to fucking run. Because it’s fucking bullshit. Because we’d all see it as fucking abuse.

We have the mentality of protecting what is innocent in this community. Caregivers are innocent too. They deserve the same respect and kindness ass littles. Fucking stop normalizing the mental and emotional abuse of caregivers because it’s easy.

  • Daddy: Okay baby, the queen is more powerful but the king is more important.
  • Baby, thinking of where to move: Okay daddy. Hmmmm. Right here!
  • Daddy: No baby, try again. That'll automatically put you in check so you can't do that.
  • Baby: Yes I can.
  • Daddy: No because then your important king will be captured and it'll be game over.
  • Baby: But daddy the -princess- is more important.
  • Daddy: The princess?
  • Baby: Mhm. I'm the princess and I say it doesn't matter if my king gets captured, as long as I don't.
  • Daddy: That's cute honey, but you're not a piece on the board.
  • Baby: Yep! So I win by default! Thank you for teaching me chess, daddy. *muah*
  • Daddy: Silly little girl, what am I ever gonna do with you?
Bedtime without a little...

I always miss having a little the most at bedtime.

Like, tucking someone in, reading them a story, talking to them until they fall asleep… It all seems like it’s for the little. You know, making them feel safe and relaxed, but it does the same for a CG. The homey, close refuge right before falling asleep… It’s like building your own world with someone, like the sun setting creates this perfect place where there’s just you and them in this sweet asylum of love and innocence…

It’s bliss.

DL (Plushie Skit)- Ending Episode 12 CGs (Shu)

Subaru’s Version:

I believe many fans love the final conversations with the boys~

Here is the video in case you do not know what am I talking about:

I love those incorrect sub title pictures!! I have to screen shot them all~

But What if it’s not incorrect sub titles? It’s “incorrect” pictures?

So IDK why, but my brain was like “HEY use this as your skit!”

Well.. The Super Hot Scenes I just ruined with my plushie Shu LOL

Now it’s just funny and cute and like “Oh Yeah Plushie what do you want to do huh?”

And I am doing Subaru’s version now, I’m such a sinful woman…

You can yell at me if I ruin your hot Shu OWO

(Again, if Shu is in his uniform this will be perfect damn it! I should get a uniform Shu!)

(That Smirk on Plushie it’s kinda creepy O.O)

The last picture makes me laugh!! He just like “mommy I want food” *innocent face with watery eyes* 


Good Noodle certificates you can give to your cg or your regressor cx I did make these so reblog if you use! Also in my eyes they’re all gender neutral so you pick the color you want! I’ll also do customization of these templates or I can create custom ones if you’d like!! Hope everyone likes them ☺️


Here are some fake screenshots for a lazytown visual novel idea I had that I like to call “The Laziest Show in Town!”

It would star you, the player, coming to LazyTown! You are Stephanie’s pen pal, and you’ve always wanted to dance live on a stage! So Stephanie invited you over to help make your dream come true!

Each of the main characters would help you get ready in different ways, from song selection to set pieces! It would end with you choosing who in town you want to perform your big dance with!

I do want to make clear that these are fake screenshots for a fun idea I had. I’m a busy kid so unless people are really really interested in this and someone really, really wanted to make sprites for all 9 main characters + bg’s + cg’s for me, this isn’t gonna be a real thing. I just thought the idea was worth sharing!

CG: why do i put up with you

TG: because you love me

CG: why do i love you

TG: because im fucking adorable

merry kringlefuck my dude @pastelaoba, it is i, your secret santa! i give you one (1) gift of davekat, including but not limited to: dave being a fucking dumbass and karkat hating and loving him for it

Another teeny, tiny dating suggestion...

This one is specifically for dating in cglre.

Don’t be in littles space immediately after meeting someone or most of the time after just meeting someone.

It makes it really hard to get to know YOU and for you to get to know the other person. And I know I’m my case, it makes me feel like I’m being used. Like the little isn’t interested in me as a person at all and just wants someone they can be little with.

It also kind of makes things awkward? Like everyone always talks about CGs respecting a little’s boundaries and getting to know them before like calling them pet names, telling them what to do, asking them to be little, etc. But not so much with CGs when it’s the same thing. Like I just met you. I don’t know anything about your little space. You don’t know anything about my big space. It’s just awkward. And it makes me want to end the conversation because I don’t know what’s going on and didn’t really consent to it? Like, slow down? I don’t even know your real name? Wait, do you even know my name???

I’m looking for an entire relationship. Not just the dynamic. I may be alone in this thought, idk. But yeah. Just one caregiver’s thoughts and opinions.

Otoya Repeat Love CGs w/ a sprinkle of the touch voice translations ‘cause sue me

“At that time I was really fulfilled. ‘There’s no replacement for me’… Your words really made me happy.”

“I’m really glad that we didn’t give up on our future. I’m never letting you go!”

“Aah, mou! I’m really glad! I’m really happy to be filled with you.” (N: Your presence of something?)

“I want to make people smile with my songs. If we’re together, I believe we can do it!”

“’I love you’ doesn’t cover it at all! I’ll treasure you properly… Just one more time.” *kiss* (N: NNNNNNNGH)

“With you I feel like a lot of my dreams can come true! The feeling of love gives me power.”

RFA Profile Picture Collection Project

Hey, @zentherainbowunicorn here with another MysMe project ^^

I thought about writing a bit of an intro for this blog, but the tl;dr is that there are a lot of profile pictures used by the characters in Mystic Messenger that never get saved to your album as they are not “full CGs”, and I’d like to collect as many of them here as possible :)

Since the profile pictures change based on route and time of day (and can’t be viewed in the Extras), I need the fandom’s help to collect them all! All you need to do is go into your game and screenshot each member’s current profile picture and submit it to this blog. Ideally you should screenshot it directly from their profile, like so:

This is the highest-resolution version of the picture, which will make it nicer for use as icons and such.

After I collect several of these, I’ll crop them and post them in a photoset for use on your blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever you like. Thanks for all your help!

Submit your screenshots here!

Insanity and Devotion- Leon (NSFW)

A/N:The smut is finally here! I’m really, really sorry for making you wait! Also note, this smut has the main idea of Leon as a vice-minister and MC as the minister thanks to Leon’s substory: If you were a goddess. Thanks @ambitchious for the CG and also @smutmylifeup ​ for the help. (That’s what I was talking about!) Without further ado, here is the smut! Enjoy! ❤

His hands grabbed your hips and pulled you to him. “Do you want me?” Leon brought his face dangerously close to yours, his golden eyes like a labyrinth ; a place in which you can get lost in. 

“…Not just like a vice-minister, but as a man?” You were sceptical about what to say, since you needed to balance your feelings for him as well as your position as the chief minister of wishes. His hands traversed upwards, brushing your breasts and your collarbones but you couldn’t find energy or words to tell him to stop and move away. You…You enjoyed this. You loved every moment with Leon, his words, his attitude….You loved it all. 

“Your silence means your answer is ‘yes’.” Leon smirked, his fingertips vaguely moving down your neck, making a sudden rush of pleasure crash over your body. “H-How do you….know?” You asked, trying to sound absolutely normal. 

“I’ve been with you for a very long time. I know you better than you know yourself.” The confidence in his voice was so convincing, that for a moment you believed that it was all true. “L-Leon…Just- Ahh!” Strong pleasure gripped your entire body, and you felt like your organs were contorting. “…Don’t deny your feelings.” Leon was probably right. What’s the point in denying your feelings when you just keep thinking about him day and night? 

“Give yourself to me. Give way for the desire in you for me to pass through.” His subtle voice rang in your ears, persuading yourself to submit to him. “I ask you again minister, do you want me? If you don’t, I’ll stop myself here.” You savoured his touches, the way his lips moved sensually across your skin… “Leon, don’t stop…” You looked up at his divine face, the one which looked like as if it was controlling itself for a very long time. Your consent was the only thing he needed to hear for all this time. Nothing else. 

“That’s like a good minister.” He pulled off his typical ‘sexy’ and ‘heart throbbing’ smirk, the one which you loved. And almost instantly, his lips crashed upon yours, taking them in a manner which he was passionate about – in the manner he wished he could take you, and today was the day you granted his wish. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and Leon pulled you closer to him, loving your warmth that engulfed his body. 

“Mmnn..” His lips suck on your bottom one ; his muscular and sturdy left arm travelling around your back. Leon’s right hand mingled with your hair, as he licked your bottom lip, his mouth slowly parting from the heated kiss. His mouth glided down to your neck, especially sucking on that one sensitive spot which he succeeded to find in the very first try. “Ahh, damn!” His hands unwrapped themselves from your body and suddenly your form felt cold. Instead, his hands slid off your white and golden blazer, and stripped you off your minister’s uniform in no time. 

“Mmnn, Leon…” He continued his relentless attack on your neck, biting every weak spot of yours he could find. Your body responded very sensitively to his satirising touch, and Leon found it very amusing. It was difficult to tell whether he was using his powers or not – you found the pleasure given in both the cases extremely strong. That was it. You couldn’t take more of his assault on your neck, and immediately you caught hold of wrists and forced them down. Leon looked down in surprise, but he got a hint of what you were trying to instigate. You pushed him in a way such that his back slammed against the wall, the force creating a sound which echoed through the room. Leon knew and understood your behaviour, your badass qualities so like a silent killer, he allowed you to spoil him to your hearts content. 

“Seeing a person with higher authorities getting ordered around by her junior is…” You clutched his blazer and forced it off his body, his shirt and pants following suit. “…Not acceptable.” You smirked, tracing your adept fingers down his masculine and sturdy body. You sure didn’t have the power to give pleasure, but Leon felt his heart beating rapidly at each of your small, simple movements. Power of love and lust. 

“Ahh…” He let a soft sigh of pleasure, as you replaced your fingers with your fingernails, raking them gently but firmly on his built chest, while looking at him directly in his astounding eyes. A spark of insanity ignited in you, suffusing through your whole body like wildfire. His eyes, himself….They were wonderfully compelling which completely made you lose your self-control. You pressed your body hard against his ; arms securing around his neck while pulling his face to collide your lips together for a heated kiss. His lips, warm and soft like marshmallows, felt so good on yours…Moving with pure sync and rhythm. They still didn’t leave the dominance which was usual, but for your case, it was really less. He titled his neck and kissed you back hard, like as if he was trying his hardest to tame the beast inside him. 

“Mmnn..!” You gripped his hair and he pulled you more closer, as your left hand unwrapped itself from his neck and slid down. The intensity of the kiss increased greatly whenever your lips touched, your body instantly giving in to the soft and familiar pleasurable sensation. Your hand travelled southwards, tantalising Leon with every little pressure you applied on the most sensitive of spots. You pulled away from the kiss, your breaths ragged and serrated. Your eyes went down and gazed at the pendant of his necklace that he’s always wearing, and you noticed that the brightness of that orange gem has significantly grown brighter than before. 

But Leon grabbed your chin and titled it upwards, forcing you to tear your eyes away from the beautiful lustre. “This is it? Well, I can endow you with pleasure that has a higher magnitude than yours…” He challenged. 

“That is not it, Leon.” He couldn’t wait to take you in. To mark you as his. To show the entire heavens that you belonged to him and him alone. The patience was slowly driving him lunatic. You left the grip you had on his hand and knelt down. 

“Oh-ho…” He smirked his vicious smirk, looking forward to your next actions. Glancing up at him, you quickly looked down the moment you feel the heat rush to your cheeks. But you already decided that you would discard your mortification. “Leon…” You blissfully sighed his name, as you ran your hands along his thighs. You slid them upwards, until your warm palms came in contact with his rock-hard, directly-erect cock. 

“Fuck, damn…” His hands curled into fists around your soft and sleek hair, pushing your head forward. You caught hold of his cock, keeping it in a firm position before letting your tongue glide down the long rod, enjoying the shivers that ran down his whole body as it tried to resist the pleasure that you were granting him. You sucked on his tip, the remnant of the pre-cum that stayed on it coercing itself in your mouth. You engulfed your fingers around his cock, and instantaneously took it entirely in your mouth. You choked on it for a bit, but your mouth soon adjusted and accommodated his huge size. Low grunts and growls left his throat, the fervency of them multiplying with each shove of his cock into your mouth. 

He took everything of yours to his heart, and a whirlwind of pleasure like never before snatched him from his right mind, leaving it completely empty without any other thoughts except yours. You swiftly pulled his cock away from your mouth, and shoved it inside again, your crevice whining at the absence of it. 

“…Damn.” Every moan of his was like heaven for you, and right now none of your instincts told you to act like a minister. You were just a woman who was deeply in love with Leon. When you fell in love…You fell hard.

You sucked on the sides of his cock, the ‘gentle’ sucks rapidly changing into more fiendish ones. “Oh, fuck!” He growled, tightening his grip on your hair. You bit his tip, and he let out another moan. You plunged Leon’s cock more deeper inside your mouth, your heart refraining to ever stop doing it. You were like Leon’s one and only goddess in the wishes department, who, in the whole universe, is capable to grant the wishes of the ‘wild lion of the heavens’. 

He knows your weaknesses and strengths, things that make you down to things that make you extremely happy…He knows it all. You bent down and took his cock in once more, and his eyes shut down in an ecstatic state ; his head drifting off to a world of pleasure. “…Mercy!” He said, completely out of breath. You continued your unmerciful blitz. You didn’t show any mercy, nor you wanted to. Leon didn’t even ask for it properly. You pumped his hard cock and then expectedly, he came. When his body couldn’t withstand the layers and layers of pleasure building up, he gave up. His semen’s taste faintly reminded you of his personality ; a bit sour and sweet with a hint of bitterness. 

You swallowed his load and stood up, a strand of semen leaking from the corners of your mouth, which Leon licked up. You gazed at him, your eyes hazy and overcasted by lust. Before you knew it, you had your lips deeply pressed up against his, your either hands resting on his built-up chest. 

“Darn it…” You felt his body relax against your touch, easing it with your gentleness in contrast for your rough movements prior to the kiss, caused by your desperation to take him inside your mouth as early as possible. Your tongue traced against his sweet lips ; your languid, sensual movements, sending sparks of gratification coercing inside his body. You broke away from the kiss, as Leon slid his hands down from your neck, passing your breasts, to your pussy. 

Each finger of his gave off an amount of powered-pleasure, trying to tell you that no matter how many times you outranked him during work, he was always the boss in the bedroom. Your body still didn’t digest the fact that he was actually being submissive (rare sight, though) – because he was Leon- A god who never gave a fuck about anything or anyone, until you entered his life. Your eyes burnt with desire for him, and the same was mirrored by his. You brought your lips to suck on his neck, and he titled his face to give you cleared access and a perfect angle to more of his skin. He closed his eyes at the consuming sensation of you leaving red and velvety marks on his flawless form, followed by the frequent licks you gave him which sent a pleasurable vibration down him. 

“A-Ahh!” You could feel his breath caress your cheek, as he wrapped his muscular arms around your waist, pulling you closer towards him. Your mouth sped down to his collarbone and attached itself there, your teeth swiftly drowning into his skin before you ran your tongue on the red flesh, as Leon let out a muffled cry of bliss. Moving further down, your tongue swirled around his erect and hard nipples, before you took it into your warm mouth, sucking on it while your hands traced his cock. 

He clutched your hair, while you pulled away from the nipples and faced him. As if pulled by a force, the distance between your lips shrank, and they connected into a long kiss. Mouths moving in sync, Leon thrusted his tongue into your mouth, which swiped over and intertwined with yours, while his hands slowly slid over your back and unhooked your bra. You felt the cool air hit your breasts, and heard the soft rustle of the piece of cloth hitting the floor. You tilted your head and kissed him deeper, winding your arms around his neck as his left hand squeezed your ass. Leon pulled away from the kiss, in a breathless and flushed state. 

Drops of sweat dripped from his face to his chest, sliding down to his stomach. You stepped back and gazed at him, admiring his one hell of a sexy body. Your flitting gaze came to a stop the moment his erect cock came into view. “…Want it in your mouth again?” He smirked.

“I do…But at the moment I’ve other plans.” You smirked back. Taking a step closer, you stared at him, your mouth curling into a impish smile. Your hand pumped his cock below, bringing him closer to orgasm number two. “Fuck!” For him to make such lusty and such expressions which turned you on was no fair. You were glad that he became yours, a thing you wanted for a long amount of time. Your hand moved at a fast pace but suddenly, it stopped. Leon looked at you like, ‘Are you seriously going to stop at that moment when I was heading to my orgasm?

“…Giving up on taking the lead so easily?” He asked. 

“Nope, I won’t leave you that easily.” 

“Nor will I.” You felt love taking over lust, which you were completely fine with, because both the terms had Leon in them. For one moment there was love between the two of you. It was like as if the universe had stopped and the only thing remaining was you two. 

“Leon…” That name was like a key to heaven, and only you had it. He was yours. Only yours. You had no intention to share him. And for him, you were his. And only his. Leon felt like the luckiest man in the entire universe, because he had you. And you had him. Fates sure worked in his favour. All of a sudden, he laughed out loud. “Oh my god, look how lame my thoughts have become..” 


“All thanks to you, though.” But deep down, these were the most precious, important and the most meaningful thoughts of his life. And neither his brain, nor his heart denied them. 

Suddenly, he picked you up and gently threw you on the bed. “H-Hey!” 

“You won’t shut your mouth now, will you?” He gave off a sarcastic smile, constantly telling himself how adorable and sexy you looked right now. Your eyes locked with his, and while still looking at you, he hovered above your form. “______…” Supporting himself with his either arms, he slowly pressed his body onto yours, allowing you to feel the special feeling of his weight upon yours. His left arm slid underneath your head giving you support, while his right hand traced a finger on your cheeks. 

“Do you have any idea how much I love you?” His breath tickled your ears, as he licked it’s shell, whispering with his sweetest and the most undeniably seductive voice. You felt goosebumps rise on your skin. Leon wrapped his hands around your wrists, trapping them inside the touch of his fingers. Harshly pinning them down, he covered your wet lips with his, and deliberately made a louder noise while pulling away. 

You forced your right hand out of his grasp and lightly slapped his arm, which provoked him to let out a soft chuckle. Leon forced your hand down again, this time, he intertwined his fingers with yours, which made you feel more closer to him. He pressed a kiss on your throat, while his hands guided yours to his waist and left them there ; no longer imprisoning you from touching him. “..Ahh..” A small groan escaped your throat as Leon bit your neck, leaving there a small red mark which proved that you belonged to him. Your free hands gripped his hair as the back of his hand delineated a line from your lips to your stomach, your back arching at this touch of his. 

Two of his fingers hooked into your panties, while his tongue licked your breasts, finally coming to rest at your nipples. “Damn..!” Your left hand grasped the bedsheets, balling your hand into fists until your knuckles turned white. He sucked on it hard. So hard that if it was your normal skin colour, it would definitely leave a mark redder than the mark on your neck. 

“Mmnn..” You discerned the cold orange gem of the necklace on your skin, that made your shoulders jump a little bit. He tugged at your panties before sliding them smoothly out of your legs. He then spread your legs apart by his knees, before swiping his fingers on your clothed pussy. Leon’s fingers suddenly stopped. A smirk appeared on his face. “My, my…Just feel how much wet you’re, madam minister.”

 “…Fuck!” You cursed, your eyes shutting down tight, sending your mind into a state of bliss. He can make you squirm just by the touch of his fingers, can make you roll your eyes out and scream his name just by the touch of his fingers, can make you moan in pleasure and beg for him to be inside you just by the touch of his fingers….You realised the supreme authority he had over you. “No, don’t close your eyes. Look at me when I pleasure you. Your reactions are worth the most exquisite pleasure existing in this world…” 

You couldn’t even feel that your panties were slipped off your body so smoothly, until he caught you off-guard when he suddenly shoved his fingers deep inside you, making you jerk a little on the bed. “Ahh..!” Your mouth was wide open when he effortlessly slid his fingers out of your glistening core, the wetness leaving no room for the presence of friction. 

“Minister, I said, open your eyes.” He verbalised more firmly, and before your mind even had a chance to comprehend the situation, you had already locked eyes with him. His evil smirk was still stuck on to his face, sending your stomach churning and grinding. You didn’t mind being greedy for him. You wanted to touch him…To feel him more. Leon hooked his fingers under your chin and pulled your face upwards. “If you have something to say, say it.” He ordered. “Don’t hold back. Just say the word.” You looked up at him dreamily, your back forming a perfect arch under his touch. Each time his fingers shoved inside your pussy, a lovely scream escaped your lips. 


 “Leon what?” His merciless fingers kept thrusting inside and out of you, not giving you a chance to complete your incomplete sentence. 

“Leon…Let me, Ahhh! Fuck, feel you more!” He gave out a satisfied smile, and slowly removed his fingers from your pussy and brought them to his face.

 “Just look at this…” He said, swiftly licking his fingers clean, making you watch him lick all your juices. 


 “Yes?” You locked your right arm around his neck and pulled him closer to your face. 

“…Nothing. I was just thinking about how much I love kissing you.” He let out a soft chuckle at your words, before you pressed your lips to his, loving the warmth and wetness of his lips, loving how he knew which angle to kiss you as such you will receive the most pleasure, no wonder he’s the god of heavenly pleasure. Leon ran his hand along the left side of your body, lifting your left thigh up and making it wind around his waist. 

“Leon…Please fuck me…” “I never knew our minister was that dirty..” He teased. You gently pushed against his broad and comforting chest. 

“Shut up and just be inside me. I want to feel you to the core.” 

“Beg more. Beg until I’m pleased.” You felt so annoyed, that you weren’t in your right mind. You flipped him over and with him lying underneath you, you lowered your raised hips and at one try, took all of him inside you. “Oh-ho…Look at the guts..” 

“My dearest vice-minister, always remember, every problem has more than one solution.” You started moving with him inside you, your hips occasionally hitting together. You hovered above his godly torso, palm supporting the left side of your body. You looked down at Leon who was looking at you with equal passion as you moved, riding him till your hearts content. 

During the whole time your eyes were passionately locked, both enjoying each others faces of euphoria. Your hair fell on his shoulders, covering the rest of the world away and before your eyes was only one person. Your most precious man, your love and life…Leon. Leaning in closer, you crushed your lips on his, and opening your mouth a little, pushed your tongue into his mouth.

A low grunt escaped his throat, as you increased your pace below, fucking him beyond your physical limits. Leon swiped his tongue over yours, his heart racing at a solid rate as he wrapped his arms around your back. His cock pried open your glistering core, entering inside you with innumerable amount of velocity and force. The feeling of his cock buried deep inside you triggered a sense of completion from within your body, permeating your body with a tremendous amount of pleasure. 

His tongue ran and traced along the line of your lips, while his index finger trailed a line on your cheeks and neck, concentrating on his ability to give pleasure. You detached your lips from his, freeing yourself from being imprisoned by them. You furrowed your brows and looked down, your face twisting sensually as you let out screams of bliss, Leon smirking as he buried his face in your neck, sucking on the skin hard. Your heart cried out for more, and it was the first situation where you put your emotions as your priority. 

The whacking sound of skin against skin, Leon’s sexual grunts mixed with your uncontrollable screams, the sweat that sheened your bodies, the way your body was completed by him, the lingering effects of his hard and fierce kisses, the comfort given to you by his touch…..Everything seemed so surreal. The person whom you love endlessly, kissing you, touching you, fucking you…It felt like a dream come true. Leon gazed at your face with a similar array of emotions, and you felt love taking over lust. 

The pace of your hips slowly but surely started to dissipate, as your felt your body rapidly racing towards the route of orgasm. Leon knocked you over and thrusted inside you, as you sank your teeth into the flesh of his shoulders. “Augh, fuck!” His voice steadily rang in your ears, sending shivers of bliss running down your spine. 

“Tired? You still have a long way to go.” He smirked, pushing himself into you hard, your body exiguously jumping due to the intensity of his shoves. He slammed his cock inside you for the last time as you screamed his name, reaching your long-awaited orgasm. Every organ of your body drastically contorted, your toes curling and your knuckles turning white as you grabbed onto his shoulders, raking your nails down his arm. A split-second later you felt a thick liquid shoot into you, covering your inner thighs and coating your walls.

 His semen and your fluid saturated the bed sheets, as you both heaved a sigh of pleasure. 

Your body came into a relaxing state, as Leon combed your hair softly with his fingers. How you loved that gesture of affection….Suddenly, in a bit ragged and a raspy yet sexy voice he spoke, “I love you.” 

You pressed your lips to his and responded, “I love you too. Now and forever.”

have you showered within the last 3 days?
have you brushed your hair, your teeth and washed your face?
have you put on fresh clothes? changed your underwear and undergarments?
have you ate within the last 6 hours or drank enough water?
i understand life can be hard and you cant to do anything but i promise taking care of yourself even in the smallest degree will make you feel a little better