no i will not do your cg

when i’m in little space …

🌸 engage with me and give me your attention.

🌸 ask me what im doing & be genuinely curious with a blatant desire to be involved.

🌸 have me count things around me like how many pictures i’ve colored so far or tell you the colors of the crayons i have sprawled out.

🌸 talk in a caring & warm voice that holds amusement, interest, and love.

🌸 treat me like you’d treat any child. be sweet with me, be gentle with me.

🌸 tell me you love me. remind me you’re my cg & that you’re here to care for me.

🌸 call me endearing names. ones you always call me when im little, or ones you don’t use as often. little one/girl/boy, princess/prince babygirl/boy, angel, honey, sweetness, love.

🌸 be close to me. be near me. ask if you can join me in whatever im doing, be it coloring, singing, dancing, having a tea party with stuffies, playing with toys, watching tv, playing a game, doing a puzzle. show me you want to interact with me and support me while i am in this headspace.

🌸 hold my hand because you want me to stay where you can see me, buckle me into the car to keep me safe because im precious, order for me because im too little to do it, offer to take me out places where you know i love to go or take me as a surprise.

🌸 pet my hair. give me kisses on the cheek, nose, forehead. smile at me. tell me im good, that you’re proud of me, that im allowed to be soft and vulnerable, that it’s okay to be little.

🌸 tell me how cute i am when im little. compliment my outfit or my hair or my makeup or literally anything.

🌸 baby talk, talk in third person, use the same tone you’d use with a small child.

🌸 ask me to go fetch my favorite paci, or my sippy cup so you can fill it with juice, or a stuffed animal you know im fond of. know all their names for good measure.

🌸 praise me, love me, just show me you care.

how to cheer up your little when they’re sad!

🐻talk to them about what’s bothering them! you should aaaalways do this (if your little wants to talk about it, don’t force them to!) sometimes, you just need to get it out!!

🐻pull them into your lap and bounce them! daddy calls it “horsie” cause it feels like i’m riding a horse! it’ll make your baby giggle sooo fast

🐻bounce them while holding them! it’s like a real baby (not that we aren’t all real babies!!) it’s so soothing and soemtimes i fall asleep when daddy does it 😪

🐻tickle them! if your little is comfortable with it, tickling them is always a fast way to cheer your baby up!

🐻wrap them in their favourite blankie! soft blankies = eternal happiness

🐻make the voices for their stuffies! my daddy does this sometimes: hold their stuffies up to them or near them, and make the stuffie talk to them! have your little answer questions and give their stuffie hugs, too!

🐻cuddle them! this one is kind of a no-brainer, but i thought i’d add it anyway—cuddles always make me feel better 😇

🐻give them a bath! if you and your little are comfortable with it, baths are always super soothing. let them play with bath toys while you wash their hair and scrub their back! pro tip: tell them you’re washing the sadness away, that honestly works for me…i don’t know why

🐻play with them! tag, hide n seek, dollies, cars, colour..anything! it’ll definitely make your baby smile!

🐻sippies, pacis… prepare them a drink in their sippy cup or their favourite cup, pop a paci in their mouth or your thumb, and (if they use them) put them in their coziest diapers! then, to top it all off, put them in a onesie or your clothes! super comforting! sometimes i put baby lotion on on top of all this, it always makes me feel soooo little 😍

🐻play peek-a-boo or patty cake! it’ll make your baby feel too little to be sad hehe

🐻play their favourite song or video! there’s this one video/song called MitchiriNeko March that ALWAYS works. it’s also a great way to put me into littlespace 💗

🐻talk to them in your carer voice & baby talk them! i speak from experience, it literally always works when my daddy does this. he says things like “who’s daddy’s little girl?” and “hi baby!!!” (little me likes it when daddy is excited to see her) and “tell daddy what’s bothering you.” (in which he pulls me into his lap and cradles me)

🐻put them down for a nap! sometimes all we need is some sleep to feel better💗

🐻put on their favourite movie or show, or watch a new one with them! distracting them from what’s bothering them is sometimes the only thing that will work.

🐻play their favourite video game with them! once again, distraction = key

When your CG is good at CGing 🐛✨
  • Me: *in big space stressed tf out* I feel so anxious. When is this due? OMG, financial aid! Where's my transcript???
  • Daddy: Okay, button, you need a break. *daddy voice*
  • Me: No, there's too much to do.
  • Daddy: *taking away all the papers* Come color me a picture, princess. You're too little for all this.
  • Me: Wait... My work... *staring from the pile of papers to the crayons and coloring books*
  • Daddy: Where's your binkie, button? Did you lose it again?
  • Me: Noooo, Daddy! It's wif Daddy Fox 'n my blankie!

That chuckle

You know…that little chuckle your CG makes when you do something they find cute/endearing and they can’t help but laugh. You can hear their fondness in that little laugh.

Sometimes they shake their head playfully and you’ll see a little proud smirk on their face because they remember that you’re all theirs and they’re all yours.

If you’re lucky, they’ll have cuteness overload and the only thing they can do is hug and/or kiss you and gush about how cute you are.

And once again you can just see and feel how fond they are of you and it’s so great and everyone is just so happy in that moment.

Sometimes it’s the other way around for littles/pets! We can’t help but be all giggly when CG does something cute too. Hehe


Little things like that is what I live for

Edit:(Forgot to put on this banner. Wasn’t thinking. Oops 😅)

Edit:SFW INTERACTION ONLY! (It seems like some people can’t see the banner so)


🌸 Breathing exercises!

🌸 Communicate with someone like your caregiver; talk about why you’re stressed! Don’t bottle up your feelings. 

🌸 Maybe practice yoga or do some exercise.

🌸 Listen to music that makes you feel little, relaxed, &/or happy!

🌸 Go on a walk. 

🌸 Pet animals! Go to a pet store that lets you interact with the animals, play with a pet of your own, go to a dog park, etc. (If this isn’t an option, you can just look at videos of cute animals, or something!)

🌸 Put on comfy clothes, or something that you feel super cute and little in!

🌸 Take a nice, warm bubble bath. Maybe light some candles, or use a wax warmer!

🌸 If you’re stressed about something school related, maybe study or prepare, or try to get some of the work done if you’re behind with stuff.

🌸 Laugh! Watch funny videos on YouTube, perhaps.

🌸 Play a game with your caregiver, or ask for a cute little task to complete for them! (Coloring a picture, baking something, etc.)

🌸 Get out the things that make you feel little, like your favorite sippy filled with your favorite drink, a favorite snack, fluffy socks or cute thigh-highs, a onesie or pajamas, and whatever else.

🌸 Turn on one of your favorite cartoons or movies! 

🌸 Snuggle up with lots of warm blankets and maybe browse your tumblr feed or look at things that calm you down/make you feel little. 

🌸 Read a book, or have your caregiver read to you!

🌸 Just cuddling or being around your caregiver can make you feel lots better.

🌸 Plan ahead for things that you’re worried about!

🌸 Make a list of goals or chores to get done for the week so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

🌸 Make sure you’re going to bed on time, and are on a good, healthy sleeping schedule!

🌸 Do certain things in moderation, like TV, games, etc. Make sure you’re not doing one thing the whole day! 

🌸 Get our your coloring book or scrap paper and whatever tools you use (crayons, colored pencils, etc) and draw or color! 

🌸 Play dress-up!

🌸 Have tea-time with your caregiver and/or stuffies!

🌸 Clean up your room really nice! I find that being in a clean, fresh-feeling environment makes me feel much calmer. 

🌸 Do something cute with your hair, or maybe something you haven’t tried before! 

🌸 Organize your stuffies, or other things.

🌸 Take a nap! A lot of the time, you might just be cranky or stressed because you’re tired! Cuddle up with your caregiver or some stuffies and get your paci, if you use one!

Feel free to re-blog with things that you do to help you cope with stress!

cute dates and activities to do with your little!

don’t interact if n/s/f/w (slightly n/s/f/w included)!


💒go on a picnic! it’s super cost-effective, and it’s a great way to spend time with your little!!

💒go to the park! you could watch your little play, or you could play with them! (i love it when daddy plays hide n seek and tag with me💗)

💒play dress up with them! my daddy never lets me, but i allllllways want to put makeup on him 😂

💒go to a pet store and look at all the cute animals! me and daddy actually did that today!! we looked at the kittens and i got to hold a bunny and 3 birds!! and one of the employees let us go in the back to pet the rescue dogs, my heart melted 😍

💒go rafting! i’m not sure how common it is in other places, but where i live, people go rafting on lakes and rivers all the time!! it would be a great chance to get outdoors with your little, while still having the privacy to treat them like the little baby they are 💗

💒go on adventure across your city/town! me and daddy did this on our one year anniversary. we took the train and bus all over the place!!! this can be both free or you can spend a little bit of money. me and daddy ended up spending $50 at a candy store but….hopefully those reading this will be smarter with their money 😂😂

💒finger paint together! your little can paint allllll the pretty pictures for you!!

💒go sight-seeing! educate your baby on all the mountains, monuments, rivers, and other scenery in your area!! (pro tip: if they like it, ask them to pronounce things like ‘mountain’ for you, that always makes me feel so smalllll)

💒go to a library and read a book to them! free books + reading to your little = a very happy, giggly baby💕

💒during the winter, take them to a park with a hill and go sledding! this is, of course, if you live in a place where it snows. if not, it can be substituted with rolling down the hill!


🍧go see a kid’s movie! seeing “kids” movies (i still watch them when i’m big) always makes me feel like daddy’s lil baby!!!

🍧go to a carnival/fair! something about them will always make a little go into littlespace…idk why

🍧the zoo! asking your baby to tell you what sounds the animals make or what animal they are will definitely make them feel suuuper little!!

🍧go to an arcade! these are sooooo fun, and you can basically pick your own price for them!

🍧go to a pottery…place? i don’t actually know what they’re called (i forgot) but you can make your own pottery stuffs and then paint them! it’s so much fun!!!!

🍧toy store! bring your little to a toy store and let them pick a toy(s) out!

🍧candy store! you’re not wasting money if you’re spending it on foooood….:3

🍧go get ice cream! see the above description :3

Things CGs need to hear:

I see these for littles all the time. There are things CGs love and need to hear, too! Here’s my list! Feel free to add to it ♥ Do not interact if you believe little space is inherently a kink! ♥

“It’s okay to take time for yourself.”

“I know you love me.”

“You’re not a bad person.”

“You’re not too needy.”

“You’re a great Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver!”

“I love your big space.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“You make me feel safe.”

“I’m okay!”

“Stop worrying!”

“Thank you.”

“I love you.”

Character Analysis: Holly Blue Agate

Anonymous said:
what were your thoughts on holly blue?

I’ll keep the introduction short for this post. Holly Blue is the second Homeworld character introduced affiliated with Homeworld and a specific Diamond. The first character was Peridot. While the Rubies openly talk about their service to Yellow Diamond, they don’t share the deep investment that Holly Blue and Peridot have shown in the story.

It’s interesting looking at her character knowing what we do about Peridot now. So let’s get right into it!

1. Gem Placement

Anonymous said:
What do you suppose Holly Blue Agate’s gem placement (the back of her head, at the base of her skull) symbolizes?

Going by anatomy, the back of the skull is where the occipital lobe of the brain is located. The occipital lobe functions not necessarily to let us see, but to help us make sense of what we’re seeing. That is, the occipital lobe helps us interpret and comprehend the images that our eyes are looking at.

And to me, there’s something interesting about every single moment we get to see Holly Blue’s gem in Gem Heist, when she’s first introduced. In those moments, she sees the CGs just as they’re doing something they’re not supposed to do, and each time, she misinterprets what happens and they don’t get caught.

The very first time we see her gem is when the CGs just arrive and try to convince the Amethysts of their credibility. That Sapphire isn’t a “disgraced” Homeworld defector and that she’s the leader of the entire operation bringing a new human for Blue Diamond’s Zoo. Holly Blue buys into this narrative completely and leads them exactly where they want to go.

The second time is immediately after Pearl is ordered to open the first door. Pearl makes a very un-Pearl face at Holly, who, with back turned, ignores it unknowingly, saving Pearl and Sapphire what could have been a heated questioning.

The third time, she and Sapphire walk in on the other CGs trying to destroy the door. And they look so obviously guilty, but Holly blames it on the Amethysts instead. 

Close to the end of the episode, we have one more shot of her gem as the Amethysts take Steven away and he’s very loudly resisting. We know that’s a sign of the upturn that Steven causes later on, but Holly interprets it as a sign that things are running smoothly and going to be fine.

Note that none of these circumstances immediately signal to Holly that things are going wrong. The Zoo is a far off outpost that has been very low-key. Working there must be very quiet, save the occasional visit from BD. Holly wouldn’t be expecting trouble and that tinges the way she processes what goes on around her.

I’d say on a normal day, the Famethyst pulls a few pranks, Holly makes them clean up and then they train for a while. Holly goes around inspecting everything. And it’s boring. So when a noble gem shows up, Holly wants things to be the best they can be.

It’s a point in how our contexts tinge how we interpret what our senses tell us. In experiencing the world, there is definitely going to be an element of subjectivity. No two people experience the same scenario the same way because just from a physical standpoint, they’re never really in the same place at the same time.

I think this is especially true for Holly. Her gem, which I’ve mentioned before gives us an idea of how gems interact with the world, is behind her. That means she wants to be on top of everything, but she doesn’t face things directly when interacting with them. She’s always just a little bit behind on what’s going on.

Additionally, we’ve already seen a discrepancy between what she sees and what she makes of it. It implies that she’s out of touch with what’s happening on the ground. Extending it further, she’s a bit out of touch with herself. Functioning at her best, I’d say she’d be very perceptive. But that “gut feeling” has to be cultivated.

And being out of touch is a very real phenomenon. Holly is in the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t get to interact with a lot of gems and the gems she does interact with are ones she’s been with for thousands of years from very early on in their lives.

I’d say that she’s amazing at telling what the Famethyst are up to. She’s always suspicious of them, and that’s maybe because they’ve given her a reason to believe something is always brewing. If the mischievous character of our own Amethyst is anything to go by, poking fun at Holly’s uptight nature is something they’d be doing very frequently, even before the CGs came. 

Holly can probably tell what the Famethyst are plotting even at a glance. She’s attuned to them, whether she wants to be or not. And that leads to the next point.

2. Position on Homeworld

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Daddy Tip #5

As an experienced daddy dom I’ve had the chance to get close to quite a few littles, and unfortunately have heard a lot of examples of ways they should NOT have ever been treated from past daddies.

The Dd/lg bond is a very special one that needs to be handled differently than most relationships. Many littles are quite sensitive and the small things you do (or don’t do) can have a very big impact on their feelings. The best daddies will do everything they can to lift their littles up wherever they can (and I don’t just mean physically!) so I wanted to put this out there and share my experiences with others.

In this series I cover many tips I think that every daddy should know, and it’d also be great if other daddies could share theirs with me as well. Some of the things I share might seem obvious, but this is only a sign that you’re likely already a pretty good daddy yourself.

Littles are also encouraged to share these tips with their daddies or simply reblog them to spread more awareness, hopefully resulting in more happy littles and couples!

Finally, regardless of the pronouns and titles I use, most of these tips will apply to all Cg/L relationships.

So without further ado, here’s tip #5:

Daddy Tip #5: Know When To Say No

Being a good Daddy isn’t about letting your little get whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Your role is a Daddy is to do what’s in her best interests, even when it’s against what she wants at that very moment.

She was cranky from being tired today? Don’t allow her to stay up late.

She gets upset because she doesn’t want to accept your punishment? Don’t give in and lessen it.

She missed you and wants extra cuddles? Alright, you can give in this time…

Here’s my point. Littles can be manipulative little things. Puppy dog eyes, butt wiggles or little pouts can get to you and you may find yourself thinking “I can ease up just this one time…”

Don’t. Once they know what strings to pull they’re going to keep doing it, and that’s not their fault.

Remember that littles need this structure in their life. They need a dom. They need someone to say no to them, even when they don’t want to hear it.

Even if it feels wrong, it’s usually part of being a good Daddy. And if you end up taking it too far and becoming too strict, encourage your little to talk with you about it.

Having a little on a budget

As a little I know that it is wonderful to get presents from your caregiver. Unfortunately sometimes it’s hard for them to afford to buy us things! First off, don’t fret. Caregivers, you are still doing amazing, even if you can’t afford gifts all the time. Littles, of course your cg still loves you, they just may not always be able to show it in physical tokens. So I came up with a few ideas of free and cheap rewards/presents!

- give them a massage
- take them to a playground
- color pictures together
- bedtime story
- no bedtime
- paint their nails
- let them do your hair/make up
- take a bike ride
- draw them a bath and help wash them
- visit an shelter and pet the animals
- extra dessert
- go to a dollar store and let them pick out a few items.
- “adopt” a stuffie from a thrift store
- brush their hair
- cook or bake together
- no chores for the day
- go to a free day at the zoo, museum, or aquarium
- go to a free concert for a local band

These are some that I could think of, feel free to add more!

And here comes “Tides”, a visual poem co-directed with the one and only @simon-duong. It was supposed to be a CG exercice at school, but we decided to do something else. We put so much love and work into this… I truly hope you will like it. Put your headphones on, press play and enjoy! Don’t forget the subtitles if you don’t understand French.

Loosing himself between memories and fantasies from his childhood, a sailor remembered his encounter, friendship and love with the sea.

“I first saw them from the top of the cliff
Some days I watched them sliding on the sand
Coming and leaving as the days went by
The wind carrying their scent on my face
We were good friends back then
I observed them in silence
Behind the barrier of sand
One of them pulled me into her run
She was fiery and fast
The other, peaceful
Unveiled her treasures in the sunrise
You never stopped calling my name
Carrying my body on your swell, pulling me away from the shores
I’m sailing today come hell or high water on this sea with two faces”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm kinda new to the community and you seem really nice, I was hoping you could give me some basics 😊

Age regression + little space starter guide

What is age regression?
Age regression the act of mentally regressing to an age younger than your own due to trauma, mental illness, stress relief, or sometimes just for fun. It can be voluntary or involuntary. It is nonsexual.

What is age play?
Age play is the act of pretending to be an age younger. It is often used in kink as a form of power exchange in BDSM. It can also be used as a form of stress relief. It is 100% voluntary. Safe to say that age play is unsafe for minors due to it being very big in the kink community.

What is a little?
Little is a diverse term. It’s frequently used in age play, the Little being the submissive partner in a dominant-submissive relationship. In regression terms, the Little is the age regressor.

What is a caregiver?
In age play terms the caregiver (CG) is the dominant in the dom-sub relationship. In regression terms, the CG takes care of the age regressor while they are regressed and unable to take care of themselves. Caregivers can go by any number of titles but the two most common are Mommy and Daddy.

If I’m a minor can I still be involved in age play? No. Not only will you be bashed and drug to hell for being a minor in kink by both the regression and kink community, it is genuinely unsafe. There’s a high amount of ‘fake cgs’ who will look for a young vulnerable little and use their ignorance and young age to their advantage. On top of that, sex can be risky if you’re underage, kinky sex can be even riskier because it adds lots of risks. Not knowing the difference between consented power exchange or impact play and abuse can get you into a lot of really bad situations that you might not realise are actually extremely unsafe and unhealthy. You will turn 18 eventually. Wait it out, mature a little, do your research, and stay safe in the meantime.

Where do I find a little/caregiver?
I give the same advice to everyone. Avoid match blogs, don’t look for a partner that is specially a caregiver or little. Look for a partner that you have things in common with first, establish trust and love, and introduce a caregiver/little dynamic after you’ve established a relationship. Be it with age play or age regression, this is in my opinion the absolute best way to go about it. Side note: if you’re a minor, don’t go out of your way to look for a partner and definitely don’t go out of your way to look for a cg or little. Specifically a CG. Even in regression communities, there will be fake caregivers, and they’ll take you being desperate as a sign for vulnerability. If it happens, cool, but don’t go looking for it I promise you have better things to do and if you think you NEED a partner, that’s all the more reason to learn to enjoy your own company first.

Different communities:

CGL- stands for caregiver/little. variants include ddlg, mdlg, cglg(dlg), cglb(dlb), ddlb, mdlb, ddl, mdl. This is generally a kink community and therefore not safe for minors, but adults in this community are free to define “cgl” however they’d like. Uses terms like “little” “mommy” “daddy” “little space”

CGLRE- stands Caregiver Little Regression. Uses terms like “little” “little space” “caregiver” “daddy” “mommy”. This is an age regression community that is safe for minors, but lots of controversy surrounds it due to antis and kinksters (and some other age regression communities) claiming that because there are terms that crossover between cgl and cglre, it is unfit for minors. However this is completely untrue and it all depends on how a person defines the words and phrases they’re using. In CGLRE there are no set rules, no official page, and no specific founders.

Teenietot- this is an exclusive age regression community that does. It allow cross tagging or crossover members from other communities. They are very strict about the terms you use and who they allow you to interact with. They require you so fill out and submit an application before joining and they keep a list of all community members on their official blog. They do not call themselves littles and believes terms used by CGLRE members are inherently kink. This is a nonsexual and minor friendly community.

Gummy friends- very new age regression community. Currently CGLRE/little friendly, but is subject to change. They do not call themselves littles, but allow little interaction and crosstagging/dual labels between communities. This is a nonsexual and minor friendly community.

Tiny royals- age regression community that doesn’t use terms such as “little” “little space” “caregiver” but leave it up to each specific member to decide who they do and don’t allow interaction with. This is also a nonsexual and minor friendly community.

CHIRE- The term stands for child regression; they’re an age regression community. They tend to hate the CGLRE community even more than the antis. They don’t allow cross tagging and are very strict. They are safe for minors.

Kidhearts- An age regression community recently created by ex-cglre members. Their founders believe cgl is inherently a kink community, but a lot of its members don’t.

Liltot- An age regression community similar to CGLRE, very loose with their terms and tagging. Very loving and supportive, very involved official blog. I would highly recommend them to anyone uncomfortable with being in CGLRE. They are 100% minor friendly and sfw.

Keep in mind lots of these communities don’t allow kink/NSFW interaction as they are meant to be minor friendly. Some of these communities are anti-kink, but it really depends on the specific members.

What community are you in?
I’m not. I identify independently although if I were to identify with any specific community, it would be CGLRE or liltot.

And finally, blog recommendations:


Congratulations if you read this far!! Welcome to the tumblr regression communities!

Making Daddy Blushy

Me : I loved you just as much with your long hair as I do with your short hair now…well…that’s not entirely true

Daddy : What?….

Me : I can’t love you as much now as I did when your hair was long, if I love more every day

Daddy : *silence*

Me : Hun? *grins* Hun did you hear me?

Daddy : *curls up in a ball* Yis

Me : Hun are you blushy?

Daddy : *mumbles* Mmpphff

Me : You got blushy! Was it good? Was my thing good?

Daddy : *mumbles and turns over* Mmpff…yis

Me : Awwee yay! *evil laughter*

~No nsfw/18+/porn interaction!~

My CG has gone back to his country (Canada) last week to do interviews and land himself a job and I really need money for dinner (I haven’t eaten in 2 days) so I’ll draw your Little for $10, fully colored and lined. 

Please PM me if you’re interested or at least reblog so someone who is can find this. Thank you. ☆

Caregiver 101: Rewards and Punishments (NonSexual Ver)

I am still debating whether I should do something that adds sexual stuff to it as I am a safe place for all littles. Maybe you guys can reply to this and tell me if you think that is acceptable.

Welcome to my new CG 101. I am TonberryKitten and while I am not a CG I do research things. I do talk to other people and get what they have to say too. This will be a list of rewards and punishments along with some things that might be rewarded or punished for. These will be nonsexual! If you would like to add to this you can reblog, send an ask, reply, or message me and I can make edits.


Honestly, I am a big fan of earning points and chore charts/wheels for prizes or extra privileges. Positive reinforcement and incentives always help me to do better. However you can also reward your little for just being especially good one day…or maybe they did something like getting good grades…the possibilities are endless.

Reasons for rewards:

-Good grades

-Does Chores

-Having a good day

- Accomplished a good deed

- Accomplished a goal or milestone

-Good habits (eating healthy, drinking water, ect)

- Healthy hobbies (Gardening, art, ect but in moderation)

- Limiting unhealthy habits (Obsessive things, too many sweets, ECT)

- Sometimes it is good to just give rewards just cause!


Here are various ideas that you can use to keep track of good and bad behaviors. These are really good if you are using a point like awards system.

-Bullet Journals, Diaries, ECT- I personally have a bullet journal that I track my good and bad habits in and also my moods. I also have a points tracker in it so that I can keep track of my rewards

- Chore Charts, Sticker charts, Chore wheels - All good ways of keeping track of what they do. Let your little do the filling in and praise them after they do and they will quickly fall into a good routine.

- Monies! or as big people might call them…fake money, real money, or coupons. You can make your own Little Bucks that they can trade for various reward prizes.

- Fill the Jar - Use Marbles, Beads, candy, fake coins, ect to fill a jar. Kind of like a swear jar only for good things instead of bad. This is good double as a punishment too as you can take things out when they are bad.


Small - small toys, stickers, hugs, kisses, praises, trips to the park or ice cream shop. Something that isn’t going to break your bank and will be a quick reward for your little. Maybe have a few bought already and in a drawer or box and let them pick from it. Maybe even give them a set time that they can pick what you guys do together, pens and paper/notebook, coloring book, markers, crayons, blind bags or boxes

Medium - These will be a little bit more pricey and hard to get. Small stuffies, gift cards, Sets of things (Coloring book and crayons, new movie and popcorn), I am going to add more sweets in here while they won’t cost much you want to make sure they work for them since it not good for them to have too many sweets. Let them pick an activity like going to the movies or restaurant, a new game. Nice priced toys.

Large: Stuffies, new outfits, new play gear (if they are a pet), more expensive priced toys, something they want badly (Like I want a camera) 

Of course, there are still things like extending privileges, adding time to a bedtime. Adding more time on the phone, ect.


Bleh! Nobody likes these :( however if you talk about the good you have to talk about the bad. Let’s give some ideas of reasons to punish, punishments, and what to not punish for and what shouldn’t be used as punishment.


I know I know some of these are obvious but I am trying to give ideas here. So here are some common reasons I think Littles are punished for.

- Bratty behavior or bad behavior

-Not listening

-Failing to do a chore several times or not doing it when asked

-Lying or hiding things

-Too much of a bad thing (Sweet sneaking)

-Failing to do self care out of laziness


- Depression, anxiety, self-harm, illness:  if they don’t get a homework assignment or chore done because they were too depressed to get out of bed. Punishing them will only make it worse!

- Not accomplishing something due to conflict with time. If that final paper is half of their grade and they have to stay up and finish it that is fine. Not having time to accomplish a chore due to work or school is also fine but they should provide proof of this. Weigh what is more important.


-Scolding or warnings 

- Taking away a privilage (Phone, internet, ect)

- Taking away reward tracker

- Limiting time with CG (never ever remove time completely this is a really harsh punishment)

- Taking away of toys (Never their saftey item)

- Time out, Corner sitting

-Line writing

- Hand sitting, kneeling on rice, ect (These can be a bit painful)


- Soap, Hot sauce, Yuckies in mouth

For a few more details of a list you can visit my post here: [LINK]


 - Do not take away a security item (blanket, stuffy, paci, toy)

- Do not threaten to leave

- Do not hit them anywhere but the butt and only open hand on butt

- Do not remove yourself for an extended period of time.

- Insulting or Cussing at a little is no way to get your point across. No mental abuse.

- Cutting or physical abuse in any way

- Doing anything that can cause a phobia. EX: Locking them in a tight space, dunking them under water, ect

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember the importance of aftercare.

This is about all I can think of for right now. If you want to add to the list of have suggestions I am always open to hearing them! Send them in messages, asks, or replies to this post! I use the tag TonberryKitten101s for any of these that I do.

💖 Friendly reminder that c/g/l might be a gender neutral term for d/d/l/g but cglre does not equal c/g/l.

💖 Friendly reminder that just because cglre uses terms like littlespace and little it is not related to the k!nk side of d/d/l/g. 

💖 Friendly reminder that cglre is not specifically a gender neutral term. It is a term used to describe a platonic and sfw nonk!ink related relationship/partnership between a caregiver and a little who age regresses. 

💖 Friendly reminder that one can age regress and have a caregiver and it not be k!nk related. 

💖 Friendly reminder that excluding cglre from your safe space makes you part of the problem and not part of the solution.

💖 Friendly reminder that the people I have met in the cglre community are the sweetest kindest people I have ever met.

💖 Friendly reminder that cglre do not want hate and do not spread hate unnecessarily so please do not come at us with your anger.

💖 Friendly reminder to please have a good day and always be kind to others and treat them how you would like someone to treat you.

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little-kayla-deactivated2017030  asked:

hi!! do you have any tips for long distance bedtime routines?

Sure! I’m assuming you’ve already read my bedtime tips post! So, this post will just build upon all of that!

Bedtime Tips for LDR CGLRE!


If you want to speak to your caregiver until you fall asleep, it’s best to do it with audio only. Screens have blue lighting in them that halts melatonin production, which keeps you from falling asleep, etc, etc. Not only that, but light in general will keep your brain from getting sleepy. In the natural world, when the sun goes down, that’s it. There’s no more light. We evolved to sleep when the sun went down, when there was no light. So, use your phone, preferable on speaker. Or cover your laptop with some heavy material. I know you may want to sleep “with them” but it’s bad for your sleepy schedule and theirs!

2. To the CGs: Set up a routine!

This is the exact same as my other post. Have your little on a schedule before bedtime. Remind them to do their nightly things. Make sure they don’t do anything that will prevent them from falling asleep easily, like eating sugar before bed or hot baths. THEN REWARD THEM with a nice long bedtime story to wind down. 


I know it may seem hard to make this a habit, but it’s really one of the best ways to spend time with your little at bedtime. THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE if you’re both super busy and don’t have much time to spend time together in general. Storytime sets aside time every day for them to be little and for you to interact with them in their little headspace. Not only is this good for the two of you, it’s good for them. It relieves stress and helps send them off with sweet dreams. 

4. To the CGs: The three questions!

This is just something I personally like to do with my long distance littles. Like, especially if I’ve been really busy. After storytime, ask them these three things: What was your favorite part of the day? What was your least favorite part of the day? What are you looking forward to tomorrow? This AGAIN gives you two some time together at the end of the day, it gives them time to be littles, and it’s a good way to wind down after a story. 

5. To the littles: Don’t do the guilt trip!

I know you may want one more story. I know you may not want to go to bed. I know you may want to spend as much time with your CG as possible. But sleeping is important. For the both of you. A little bit of playing and wanting more is okay, but there’s a line. And if you cross it too many times, you may make bedtime a less enjoyable occurrence for your CG. Please try to be fair, especially if they have something important the next day like work or school. 

I hope this is helpful! Best wishes! If you need more, just send me another ask! And IF YOU NEED ADVICE ABOUT LDR CGLRE RELATIONSHIPS, don’t be afraid to ask! I consider myself a professional :D