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since all of the boys got emotional today during wings tour final can you talk about how to comfort them when they're sad 🤧

i’m gonna focus on our three crybabies of the night, if that’s okay ;;


  • our virgo moon boy
  • virgos are such selfless people, to the core
  • they want to feel needed. they need to know that they’ve helped others in order to feel happy
  • his moon in the 6th (a house ruled by virgo) adds to this. he’s not happy if he doesn’t feel “useful” in a way 
  • remind him of how much an impact he’s had not only on the industry but also on his fans
  • you did it min. your music has touched millions of people all over the world and changed their lives for the better. you’re so important to so many people, including me.
  • virgos are quite self-critical, always thinking they’re not good enough and need to improve 
  • remind him that he’s perfect just the way he is
  • i wouldn’t change a thing about you.“ 


  • he has a taurus moon, what a soft placement
  • taureans are very in tune with their senses. they’re a hands on kinda sign
  • his moon being in the 1st house (the house of our physical being) heightens this
  • comfort him through physical touch
  • hold him, hug him, and be patient as he clings to you
  • be that stability that he needs
  • the 1st house rules the head; play with his hair softly, run your fingers through it
  • cheek kisses, nose kisses, eyelid kisses
  • praise him for his perseverance and what he’s accomplished. tauruses have the determination of a bull and want to be recognized for it
  • you’re so, so strong hobi. all of your hard work has paid off. you’ve come so far and i know you’ll go even farther.


  • his moon in the 11th finds comfort around his friends and second family (in his case, bts)
  • leo moons when they’re sad, honestly need a lil ego boost 
  • they act always act so loud and proud, but deep down they’re often insecure in themselves and their talents
  • shower him in compliments. yeah he’s told he’s handsome and talented every day, but it means so much more when it comes from someone special
  • remind him of how amazing he is, of how proud he makes you
  • tell him that he deserves all the applause he’s gotten and every single award he’s received 
  • be genuine, be sincere, be there for him because he really needs it
  • i’m so proud of you kookie. you did amazing out there tonight. you’re a star, my star.

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Sundays (Part 4)

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Ok, guys- we’re getting close to the end. One part left! Tell me your predictions- I love to hear them. All the love. xx - L

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 2,318

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Cold-Hearted (m.) |pt. 1

;pairing — jungkook x reader

;warnings — smut | some namecalling | angst? (not really, though..just an angry jungkook)

;summary — why is it that whenever you’re around Jeon Jungkook, you’re a hot mess? And when you’re a hot mess, his heart turns cold as stone. When a drunken night forces you to spend a dark morning at the BTS frat house, Jungkook develops an avid hate for you which can only lead to worse things

;word count — 7,757

“Water,” you managed to let out in a raspy voice.You felt around in your bed, looking for your phone to light up the darkness in the room. You sat up and read the time in white; 3:44AM. You sat up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, grateful you had somehow managed to get the contacts out before collapsing on your bed out of exhaustion the night before. You could feel the familiar ache in your head of being hungover and knew you were already going to dread the day ahead of you.

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Competition // Steve Harrington

Summary: A family dinner brings up pain Nancy has been hiding since you were both little. Twins that couldn’t be more distanced you see each other differently and when your boyfriend Steve comes for dinner, Nancy’s jealously builds too much. A little peep show Nancy watches between Steve and you is the catalyst to her quiet crush.

Characters: Steve Harrington x Reader, twin!Nancy Wheeler x twin!Reader, Ted Wheeler, Karen Wheeler, Holly Wheeler, Mike Wheeler and Eleven (mentioned)

Words: 3425

Disclaimer: I do not own Stranger Things or the characters involved. I only own the Reader and her plot. I also do not own any gifs or images that may appear in this either. The desktop theme provides the owner of the gifs.

Warnings: Swearing, jealously, violence, fluff, angst and smut.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: Heads up, some of our blogs fics have adult themes of sexual content and while we can’t control what you choose to read know that it was your choice to read smut and if you are younger than eighteen we are not responsible for your actions.

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You never really understood the things that people did in their lives, from bullying and abusing others to letting that abuse dictate your life. It made you sound terrible but knowing how Billy’s dad treated him did open your eyes to life. The abuse that Billy faced wasn’t excused because it was something he had always known because it he could have taken it and ran with it in a more positive way.

You didn’t have the greatest life either. You and Nancy were twin sisters that shared everything until high school began. You were casual friends with Jonathan Byers in a sense but you were a little more popular than your sister. In freshmen year you had broadened your horizons with trying to find your place in the school, were you a sports girl or a loner or even the cliques in between.

Nancy however became obsessed in a sense of getting good enough grades because in your teens you started to compete against each other. Nancy more so than you. Soon you were enveloped into a group of friends with Steve Harrington and the clingy Carol who self proclaimed herself as your best friend. You definitely did not like Carol or Tommy H.

Soon enough Steve was picking you up and going on hangouts that some would call dates but you truly detested the expected relationship standards America had demanded. That’s how Nancy discovered the boy with great hair who was a year older and when boys are older than you, it’s desired. She kept it a secret and pined for him until that one night when her crush exploded in her face.

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Married to A Winchester Prologue- Dean x Reader

Married to A Winchester Prologue

Summary: You fell in love with Dean Winchester on a fated hunting trip. He fell in love with you the moment he knew you. Now you will be a family but being a Winchester is hard. Being with a Winchester is harder. Will you stay together or will things fall apart? 
Warnings: Future parts will have strong sexual content, language, and graphic violence.  

AN: So this is a direct sequel to my story The Virgin and The Sex God.  While I am going to write this in enough detail that it’s not necessarily a need to read it.  I would suggest that you do.   I’ve been told it’s good. haha.   Chapter one will be up by the 15th.  @dragonchica​  Thank you for being my friend.  LOL

It’s my goal for this story to be 40 chapters long with around 4,000 words per chapter.  IF you like it please leave feedback or be mean to me if you hate it.  I’m a needy bitch who loves attention. :)  

TAGS are OPEN.   Please send me an ASK.  I will take the first 100 people.  After that I will close the tag list.  Thank you.  <3

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You fascinated me
Cloaked in shadows and secrecy
The beauty of a broken angel
I ventured carefully
Afraid of what you thought I’d be
But pretty soon I was entangled
Warrior By Beth Crowley

The swarm of women that came piling out of the old farmhouse was the least to say overwhelming.   Dean watched as they checked you from head to toe before wrapping you in a group hug.  They laughed and cried as they figured out that you were in fact ok.  He chuckled at the memory of you slipping the engagement ring off your finger and sticking it in your pocket.  You had told him that you weren’t quite ready to tell the screaming group of girls about your news.  They hadn’t even been introduced to him as your boyfriend yet despite the nagging.  You didn’t want to have your ears bleeding from the screeches that would come out of their mouths with rest of the news.

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Sharing the Season

Summary: Sam overhears your wish for the holiday season and decides to take action.

warnings: fluff, Sam crushing on the reader, cute and slightly awkward Sam

word count: ~2150

Holiday Fics 2017 - Holiday Fics 2016

Sam was walking down the hall of the bunker, heading for the kitchen to get a glass of water to drink before bed.  His footsteps were silent with his socks on the bare floor, his pajama pants hanging low on his hips.  He ran a hand through his hair as he yawned deeply.

When he rounded the corner and passed the door to the library, he heard soft talking.  He stopped, wondering what you were doing up so late and who you were talking to.  He peeked his head around the door, seeing you sitting at the table with your back to him.  You had your cell phone to your ear, the act explaining immediately who you were talking to.

Sam didn’t mean to intrude, but he couldn’t help but be entranced by the way your hair was pulled up messily into a bun, looking awfully cute, or the way your sleep shirt had fallen off one shoulder in a way that wasn’t meant to be sexy, but definitely was appealing to Sam.  He thought you looked perfect, all ready for bed and comfortable in the bunker, but he couldn’t admit that to you.  He was keeping his distance, he didn’t want you to get hurt because of a relationship with him.

“I know, Bess…”

Bess, Sam thought.  Garth’s Bess?  Sam and Dean had introduced you to the werewolf couple a few months back and you had gotten along great with Bess right off the bat, but he didn’t realize that you were still in touch.  As much as Sam didn’t want to intrude on your girl talk…

“Sam just doesn’t see me that way,” you said, making Sam’s mind stop wandering and zero in on your words. You were talking about him, on the phone late at night, to Bess.  Why?

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The Mobster’s Wife

Summary: Hemlock Grove Mobster AU set in the roaring 20s. Despite your best efforts, you find yourself falling for Mobster Kingpin, Roman Godfrey.  Growing up in a town run by the mafia, you know how difficult the life of a mobster’s wife can be. Is it better to live a quiet life without love or to life a life of fearful adventure with the one you love? 

Words: 1270

Paring: Gangster! Roman Godfrey x Reader

Warnings: Destruction of property. Very flirty Roman. Smut, language and violence in future chapters. 

I am SO excited for this series. This started out as a one shot but I had too many ideas. As with anything good I write, the plot was hatched by the ridiculously talented @supersoldierslover. This series is dedicated to her. 

There will be smut and violence in future chapters. Also, in this AU, Roman is not Upir. There will be a bit of mobster action in this, but as with all my stories, expect like, 90% fluff and romance. My version of Roman is also perhaps a bit too sweet, but hey, a girl can dream, right? 

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Who do you think has the most romantic relationship out of all the characters, minor or main? Also, what do you think is the most romantic quote in any of the books?

[pounds fists on table]


[flips table]


Like, they’re by no means perfect people, but damn they are so perfect for each other and they have STAYING POWER DESPITE ALL THE ODDS AND EVEN THEIR OWN SELVES. They wish they could move on, but they can’t. Every other main Austen couple, no matter how great, draws a curtain at the point of reconciliation and marriage. My point is that Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth are beyond that. By several years. Theirs is the story of what comes next, what is worth holding on to, and the struggle to let go, or to even know when to let go–or the question of if letting go is even possible.

For romantic quotes, Wentworth’s letter to Anne is the kind of desperate cry from the heart which could only be written, not spoken. There’s a reason he doesn’t just catch her hand and tug her to one side to declare himself, again. He can’t bear it. He can only strive for some cover of calm as he scrawls out something on a sheet of paper with trembling hands, surrounded by people who have no idea what Anne ever meant to him, or what she means to him now. With no idea if he means anything to Anne, anymore. All he has is his hope and his fear, and sees this as his one final chance. So he pours everything into that letter. There is no time for pages of explanations or details as in Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth, only a few spare minutes where he can feverishly break everything down to the basic facts of his deepest feelings, no more, no less:

He is hers, and always was, and always will be.

“I can listen no longer in silence. I must speak to you by such means as are within my reach. You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever. I offer myself to you again with a heart even more your own than when you almost broke it, eight  years and a half ago. Dare not say that man forgets sooner than woman, that his love has an earlier death. I have loved none but you. Unjust I may have been, weak and resentful I have been, but never inconstant. You alone have brought me to Bath. For you alone I think and plan. Have you not seen this? Can you fail to have understood my wishes? I had not waited even these ten days, could I have read your feelings, as I think you must have penetrated mine. I can hardly write. I am every instant hearing something which overpowers me. You sink your voice, but I can distinguish the tones of that voice when they would be lost on others. Too good, too excellent creature! You do us justice, indeed. You do believe that there is true attachment and constancy among men. Believe it to be most fervent, most undeviating, in

    F. W.”    

  “I must go, uncertain of my fate; but I shall return hither, or follow your party, as soon as possible. A word, a look will be enough to decide whether I enter your father’s house this evening or never.”

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You Belong To Me / Youngjae x Reader (SMUT)

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This is a continuation of my GOT7 Mafia AU reaction. Read it here!

According to the rules of the Mafia, the wife belonged to her husband. After repeatedly catching you in the company of guys who seemed to follow you wherever you went, Youngjae felt like he needed to remind you of this rule.

Pairing: Mafia AU!Youngjae x Reader

Warnings: smut + possessive and jealous youngjae

Words: 3.6k


please do a continuation of the arranged marriage mafia w youngjae pls✨ 

A Youngjae mafia scenario pleaseee        

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“I made your eggnog snickerdoodle cookies! Amazing flavor and texture. Now to take them over to my buddy’s house for the Army Navy Game Party. GO ARMY!”

WOW they look amazing!! So glad you tried them!! x

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What are your favorite hp house couple dynamics?

uh, do you mean like specific characters, or just shipping based on houses?

slytherin/ravenclaw is just, such a fucking power couple, they would rule the world

slytherin/gryffindor is the battle couple, going in where others fear to tread and actually surviving

slytherin/hufflepuff is a personal fave, really, like i love how their ideologies are so opposed so making it work would be hilarious and great.

hufflepuff/gryffindor is sickeningly sweet and fluffly, but also ends in loud dramatic breakups

hufflepuff/ravenclaw is just the most functional from the beginning, they’re the slow burn friends to lovers who don’t even realize they’re dating until they’re practically already married

ravenclaw/gryffindor absolutely have big blow up fights three times a week, but are making out an hour later

this isn’t even me trying to be shady but like so many girls i know just talk to a guy for a day or two through social media and then meet up at their house??? ALONE?? that shit freaks me out 

happy birthday, daniel!

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prompt: it’s daniel’s birthday but he’s nowhere to be found.

note: happy birthday to the sun of my life, the moon of my night, and the star of my heart! daniel has made this year worthwhile for me and i’m just so thankful to be the fan of such an amazing individual. as you all know, this blog’s url is deepdickdaniel, and i was actually planning on making it a daniel only scenario blog. that may be why half of my works are about him…alas, it grew to be for all of wanna one, but we all know where my heart truly is: with kang daniel. ❤️

Daniel woke up on the morning of December 10th feeling more alive than he had in a while. Not only did he have the day off from his busy schedule, but he couldn’t wait to see what you and the rest of the day had in store for him.

After he got ready, he picked up his phone to call and ask where you were. But before he could press your contact info, a picture of your mom and him together flashed on his screen, signaling that she was calling him. He blushed a bit at her contact name (mom-in-law) before picking up,


“Happy birthday, Daniel!” Your mom croaked out into the phone, coughing loudly as she spoke the last syllable of his name, “Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished in your life so far! You’ve grown up to be such a—” she coughed again, “—handsome young man! I’m so lucky to have you as my son-in-law!”

He blushed as your mother continued to praise him - he had been dating you for less than two years, but she declared him her son-in-law after the first three months. He smiled fondly at the memory of what she told him that day, “If you were able to tolerate my child for three whole months, you’re stuck for life.”

However, Daniel was shaken out of his memories by more of your mother’s coughing blasting through the phone, “Wait, are you okay? Are you sick?”

“Ah, just a slight cold. Don’t tell my kid. I don’t want to go deaf, too!” Your mom laughed, every giggle a little raspier than the last as her throat became more sore. He continued to talk to her for a little bit before she decided that he should go out and have fun on his birthday.

After hanging up, Daniel put on his shoes and ran out the door towards your parents’ house. As if he’d actually listen to your mom after that call.

You had been looking for your boyfriend for almost two hours, driving his mom and cats around since you picked them up from the train station for his birthday surprise. He wasn’t picking up calls from either of you and it was already noon.

After checking his dorm, practice rooms, and even the studio, you were still unable to locate him. Rooney and Peter were getting antsy in their carriers at the backseat of your car, even as Daniel’s mother tried to calm them down with her voice. You sighed as you continued to call through your list of his friends, Wanna One members, and other people the two of you knew in common.

Where could the birthday boy have gone?

Suddenly, your phone rang as you were driving. His mom happily exclaimed, “It’s Daniel!” and you pressed the answer button on your steering wheel’s bluetooth connection. But instead of your beloved boyfriend’s voice seeping through your car’s speakers, it was that of your own mother.

“Hi honey!”

“…Mom? Why are you calling from Daniel’s phone?”

“Ah, the poor thing is at my house! He heard that I was sick when I called him this morning and he hasn’t left me alone since! I kept hearing his phone ring, but he’s making me tea right now so he hasn’t been able to answer it. You really got a good one!” Your mom continued to laugh through the soreness of her throat as you simply shook your head at the road in disbelief,

“Wait, you’re sick??? Should I bring anything?”

“No need! He already brought a care package when he came here. All you need to bring is yourself!”

You shared a sneaky smile with Daniel’s mom, “Oh, I’ll be bringing more than just myself.”

When you arrived at your childhood home, you parked in the driveway. You took out your keys and motioned for Daniel’s mom to keep quiet and stay outside as you unlocked your parents’ front door.

Daniel’s mom smiled excitedly as she carried Rooney and Peter in their carriers, waiting from behind a hiding spot. You opened the door, closed it, and called out for your mom, feigning ignorance of Daniel’s presence, “Mom? Are you feeling better?”

You heard a gasp and a quiet curse from the kitchen, followed by mutters of a “I can’t believe I forgot to send a text!” over and over again, then you heard your mom giggle. You saw Daniel rush from around a corner to greet you,

“Babe! What a surprise!”

“Uhh, hi? Why are you here?” 

“Ahh, your mom called to tell me ‘happy birthday’ but I heard that she was sick so I decided to come and take care of her…” he paused, biting his lip and smiling at you apologetically, “I’m sorry, I know that you were supposed to surprise me today with birthday plans but I just forgot to text you and—”

“It’s your birthday?!” You squeaked out, trying not to laugh as you watched his face go from apologetic to shocked. You held your giggles in for a solid three seconds before you couldn’t resist his pouty face anymore,

“I’m kidding! How could I forget the love of my life’s birthday?” 

He smiled bashfully as you pulled him in for a soft kiss, letting go of your face only to bring you in for a warm hug, “You scared me, kid. I thought you really forgot for a second.” He continued to bask in your warmth, nuzzling his nose into your neck as you laughed at his cuteness.


You guys pulled away to see your mother with her hair in its bird’s nest glory, giving you guys a knowing smile, “Okay, okay. Let me see my kid.” She teased Daniel, referencing his affectionate nickname for you while petting your head, “I don’t want to get too close. You might get sick and then you guys won’t be able to kiss!”

“Mom, please…!”

“I’m kidding! Now, what’s your surprise for Daniel?”

You gasped, suddenly remembering that you left Mama Kang outside. You told Daniel to follow you to the front door and he did, your own mother trailing behind him. 

You grinned happily at him as he stared at the still-closed door, “You ready?”


“1…2…3!” And at the last number, you swung the door open to reveal Daniel’s mom. She was holding Rooney and Peter in her arms, their carriers somewhere on the ground. Daniel started to hop excitedly at the sight of three of the most important beings in his life,

“Oh my God!” he exclaimed, scooping up Rooney in one hand and hugging his mother and Peter in the other, “You’re all here! This is so perfect!”

You closed the door as Daniel waddled with his precious ladies in his arms towards the dining room, refusing to let go of them even for a second. You and your mom exchanged laughter at the sight, and you were simply ecstatic to be able to make him this happy.

When you entered the dining room, you were amazed to see a bouquet of flowers in a vase, three containers of soup, and a bunch of cold medicine laid out on the table, “Whoa, Daniel, what’s this?”

Said boy finally let go of his favorite gals, letting Rooney and Peter hop onto the floor and explore your house, “Ah…I just wanted to take care of your mom for a bit…” He smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. His own mother smiled in pride as she rubbed his head,

“My son is really the best!”

Your mom nodded her head in agreement then she rushed to give Mama Kang an air hug, “I haven’t seen you in forever!!! I’m happy I got sick, because that led you here instead!” 

“Don’t say that! But I’m happy to be here, too! Now you can help me cook!”

The two moms wanted to cook a relatively large feast, and luckily you and Mama Kang had stopped by a grocery store earlier to pick up ingredients. After rushing out to your car to get them and the cake, the three of you quickly made the best meal possible.

Daniel watched the three of you from the dining table, as happy as ever, simply cuddling Rooney and Peter on his lap. He played with them happily, even falling to the floor so that they’d have room to jump on him and walk across his body.

Every once in a while, whenever the moms would start talking within their own little world, you would watch your boyfriend just relax and have fun. You were so happy that you could bring the smallest amount of joy into his life, even if it was just for today. Despite knowing that he’d have to return to his busy schedule within the next few days, you knew that today would give him enough motivation to last a year.

When the food was finally ready, the three of you chefs placed it on the dining table. Daniel ran hysterically to the seat next to you, kissing your cheek before sitting down. 

“Awww!” Your moms chorused, looking like they were tearing up at the sight of such sweetness. 

“Ah,” your mom began, “I really can’t wait until Daniel’s officially my son-in-law! You truly raised a wonderful child.”

“Don’t act so humble! Your kid is equally as amazing.”

Daniel and you laughed and quietly started to eat as the two mothers argued over which child-in-law was better. Eventually, the “argument” ended and the four of you were sharing funny stories, especially about childhood.

“Did you know that Daniel brought home Rooney practically crying because he felt so bad for her?!”

Daniel blushed and hid his face in his hands as his mom started to expose him. While you were laughing, your own mother decided that you couldn’t lose this embarrassing battle,

“Well, did your kid trip over a shoelace and fall facedown on the street? I know mine did!”


When dinner finished, you made Daniel close his eyes. You then took a birthday cake seemingly out of nowhere, placing it in front of him on the dining table, “Okay, now open them!”

When he did, he saw a vanilla cake decorated with little gummy candies in the shape of cute cats. The candle was shaped like the Wanna One lightstick, and the cake read, “Happy birthday, Daniel!”

Daniel clapped along happily as you sung the happy birthday song to him, even taking Peter’s paws into his hands and making her clap along, too. He made a wish, smiling his bunny smile while doing so, and then blew out the candle. 

After eating the cake, he got up and hugged his mom, kissing both her cheeks, whispering words of gratitude for making the journey from Busan for his birthday, and thanking her for giving birth to and raising him. Then, he hugged your mom despite her protests that he’d get sick, and thanked her for accepting him like her own son.

Finally, he came back to pick you up from your seat and spin you around. After a few giggles and twirls, he set you back down on the floor and stabilized you by the waist since you were dizzy. He kissed you sweetly and pulled away to hug you tightly, whispering into your ear, “Thank you for making this the best birthday ever. All of my favorite people in the same room for such a relaxing day made me the happiest person alive.”

You could hear your moms awww-ing in the background before they pushed the two of you out of the dining room, insisting that they’d clean up and give you alone time.

You and Daniel smiled at each other and escaped into the living room, allowing your moms to reconnect and bond as well. He brought you to the bigger couch, the smaller one occupied by a large fluffy blanket that you didn’t recognize.

“Wait, did you get her that blanket too?”

“Hmm?” he mumbled as he cuddled his head into your lap, and you pointed at the other couch, “Oh. Yeah, I thought she could use another fluffy blanket.” 

You couldn’t believe how cute he was. You bent down to kiss his nose, causing him to open his eyes and look up at you, “What is it?” You shook your head and moved your next kiss to his lips instead,

“Nothing. I’m just so thankful to have you in my life. Happy birthday, Daniel. Thank you for being the most wonderful blessing that I’ve ever received. I fall in love with you more with every passing day, and I don’t know how I got this lucky.”

You muttered these words as you hung your face above his. At that angle, you could also watch as Daniel’s mouth bloomed into the most beautiful grin and how his eyes lit up lovingly as he shook his head, “I’m the lucky one. You’ve given me the best birthday with the best company. I love you.”

And with those words, he leaned up and stole yet another birthday kiss.

De-escalate the Situation--Billy Hargrove

Written By @rune-of-a-writer / @hellimagines ( Masterlist )

Request: “Could i get a billy? instead of max drugging him unconcious after he attacks steve, the reader talks him out of it. theres still tension between everyone, but when the demodogs attack, billy is there. one of the dogs gets on her and he just rips it off of her and flings it into a wall. just lots of post fear fluff between them!!”

Summary: Billy brings you along to find his sister, and when his anger gets the best of him, you’re the only one able to calm him down. But then a demodog attacks, and you get hurt.

Warnings: cussing, descriptions of violence

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x fem!reader

Word Count: 2,445

A/N: I changed this up a little bit, I hope you don’t mind! Also, I’m pretty sure we’ve used this gif 1093295730328 times, but oh wellll 

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Sweet Tooth: Part Eight

A/N: Look who finally updated. And I come baring gifts(cough, smut, cough) Enjoy my babies!

Word Count: 6k

Warnings: NSFW, smut, Oral(male receiving), cursing, mentions of pedophelia and violence.

Summary: Lance Tucker has come back to his hometown with his ego bruised and his look on life more tainted then ever. When he runs into Y/N; a vibrant plus size woman he went to high school with at her bakery ‘Cake Faced’, he leaves the shop with the taste of sugar on his lips and a hunger that has nothing to do with the cupcakes.


You’re still not over your shock.

Not when you grab Lance by his wrist and wrench him inside. Definitely not when you sit him down on one of the couches in the living room and spring for the kitchen, grabbing an ice pack from the fridge and insisting that he put it on his eye because it was swelling at a nasty alarming rate.

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dating dylan o’brien would include...

Requested: no


  • Being introduced to one another through mutual friends
  • Your heart going a million miles an hour when you are formally introduced
  • He’d probably be a gentleman and make the whole thing awkward by shaking you hand, but you’d look back on the memory later and smile
  • Being shy/nervous around him for the first few weeks of meeting him, because let’s be real, he’s Dylan O’fucking Brien
  • Slowly but surely coming out of your shells together

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Note: Ah this is a super cute request! Also I have altered it a little and have chosen seperate scenarios for each of the members since tehre is a lot happening in one day. Hope that is okey :)

BTS as parents on christmas Day/eve - several scenarios


He would be excited. He wants to be the kind of dad that his kids look up to so he will try to impress them by decorating the roof of the house. Problem is that he is very clumsy so it ends with him accidently kicking the ladder down so now his kids are on the ground crying because they want their dad to come from the roof but he is stuck. He will try to get them to stop crying but fails so your neighbour notices and helps him from the roof. From that day forward he has decided to never decorate the roof again.

“Aish, don`t cry, daddy won`t be going on that roof again. Ever. I promise.”


Being the amazing cook he is he would want to bake christmas cookies with his children. He would be very gentle and patient with them and would show them how to do things. He would also be very proud of his kids when they manage to do something. Probably gets covered in flour at some point because his son wants to have a “snowball” fight which the other kids promptly join in on. You`d be able to hear his windshield laugh though out the whole house. The proudest dad when his daughter would show him one of the finished cookies she made.

“Oh wow, that is a very pretty cookie! Is that for me?”


Even though Suga is the lazy type he`d want his kids to have fun, especially on christmas day. He`d ask what they want to do and when they ask to go sledging he`d kinda groan inwardly, because that is so much activity. But once outside in the snow he`d be the first one on the top of the hill. His cute gummy smile would be showing none stop as he`d chase his kids around and play in the snow. After a few hours when he and his kids would be exhausted I can see them all falling asleep on the sofa infront of the fireplace with the kids clinging onto him. 

“Run or else the snowmonster will catch you!”


He is the hype all play and fun kind of dad and this would show throughout the whole day. On the actual evening when it was time to open christmas presents he`d be dressed as Santa Claus, though his kids would look rigth through the disguise. He would have the brightest smile on his face when he watched his kids unwrap all the presents he had bought and when they came up to him with a present they had made for him a few tears of joy would be cascading down his cheeks. 

“This is the best christmas present I have ever gotten, thank you so much little ones.”


He would be such a gentle and warm dad so I can see him taking his kids to go ice skating. He`d be tying their shoes and hold their hands in his as he`d slide them around on the ice. Once they have become accustomed to the ice he`d slide a little away from them and open his arms for them to slide into. As he`d cheer them on one of his kids would fall and start crying but Jimin would have them in his arms in no time soothing them and tell them not to give up. The type of dad to swirl his kids around in his arms when they succeeded and fall on his butt. Lots of laughter.

“Looks like daddy isn`t as good in this as I thought I was.”


Did somebody say Christmas eve? He`d most likely be awake before his kids and wake them up with christmas music. He would have a series of activities planned for the day, both outside and inside. Building a snowman, hot chocolate, snowball fights, christmas movies and anything else his kids would want to do. But the best part of the day would be when his kids would sit under the christmas tree, eyes almost as big as his own. He would have bought a ton of presents, ignoring your comments on that it may be a little too much, partly because he wants to spoil his kids and partly because if he buys this for his kids he can play with it too. Which is exactly what would happen after the gifting was finished.

“Next year we should buy even more presents!”


He would be excited yet nervous because after all this is christmas and he wanted this day to be as magical as possible for his kids. He`d have the idea to build an igloo with his kids. So once dressed warmly he`d head outside and pile together a huge amount of snow while his kids padded the snow firmly together. When he decided the pile was big enough, which was at the point where half the frontyard was freed of snow, he set out to start digging. However his kids had a different idea as they were now jumping into the snow instead, causing some of it to hit his face. As a “revenge” he`d swirl them around before throwing them into the snow which would cause them to laugh and scream for him to do it again. After a few minutes he`d be exhausted and lay down into the snow, but the break wouldn`t last long as his kids were now jumping around him wanting to “fly” again.

“Don`t you ever get tired?”

The Last Five Years - Remus Lupin

requested by: @annaslifeasiknowit

prompt:  Heyy, it’s me again! Is it okay to request stuff without prompts? Becauuse I was wondering if you could write something with Remus who notices a girl from a different house in class and like tries to get her attention and fluff ensues? Idk if that’s something you’d be into writing but I thought I’d ask :) x


a/n: i really really like this and i hope you all do too omg. originally i was going to put the character in a specific house but just decided to let you guys decide for yourself as you read. i love remus and definitely love him all fluffy and cute like this. like and reblog if you’d like :) im tagging @yourslytherinprincess and @siriuslyimmoony because i’ve been talking about this since i started writing it earlier today!

It had started during your first year. During the sorting ceremony. You had caught Remus’ eye, and when he heard McGonagall say your name so effortlessly he vowed he would never forget it.

You were sorted into a different house than him, and he watched, disappointed, as you joined the table, never even acknowledging his existence.

Over the years at Hogwarts, he had tried desperately to get you to notice him.

Once, during your second year, he had picked your books up when you tripped trying to get off one of the moving staircases.

Third year, he had offered you one of his extra ingredients in Potions when you had ran out.

The next year, his best friends had actually encouraged him enough to where he waved to you during breakfast one morning from the Gryffindor table.

You had looked away too quick, though, and had not noticed him. He was gutted and Sirius had tried not to laugh too much before coddling his friends bruised ego.

After five long years, he had almost given up on you. You just didn’t seem to take notice and there was no use in it anymore.

Only almost, though.

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I can’t believe this. The only way I was okay with this was because I was under the impression that it was Chandler’s decision, and that he wanted to move on to do music. 

Considering he had just bought a house in Senoia, that wasn’t the case. 

Not just that, but Gimple told him during filming of episode six. EPISODE SIX. Chandler had what, a few weeks to process that? When he’d been on the show since season one? The disrespect is daunting. I am livid

And not only that, but of course they cliffhanger-ed his fate. We know he’s not going to make it - he’s bitten, and Chandler has confirmed this is the end of Carl’s story - but we’ll have to tune in in February to get to see him say goodbye to the people he loves! Because of course, of course AMC wants to milk this devastation and heartbreak for all it’s “worth.” 

Chandler deserved better. Carl deserved better.