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nateisbritish  asked:

So, I really want to start working out again, I used to work out all the time in high school. But I just don't have the motivation anymore. I don't have a lot of friends to work out with and my cousin who wants to work out with me wants me to get a gym membership, but i don't make enough money for that. How do I get motivated? I work and go to school and by the time I get home, I'm exhausted. Please help.

Okay @nateisbritish Motivation is Fleeting and unreliable the majority of the time and it comes in spirts. You need to focus on building
Discipline and CONSISTENCY.

Now think about why you personally want your fitness goals. Literally write them down. Also I want you to remember this, once you begin to quit, it becomes easier and easier to keep quitting.

Now I apologize in advance for a lil bit of language but its how my friend really got the memo through to me and how I stopped being so soft in areas of my life that need me to be strong, So I’ll pass it on.

When you quit, It becomes a habit, becoming a BITCH is habit forming (and thats not the derogatory term for women im using.)

Let me give you an example,

You say

i want to workout“ but you spend all night awake so you sleep in and skip your morning workout, then you push it till noon, then push it till the evening and then you bitch out on it.

Then you start bitching out on other things like “I could eat this clean healthy meal from all the health food I have at home But these brownies and cake look tasty so ill wait till tomorrow.”

So this is how my Good friend got the point across to me. Last year or was it early this year I was being really wimpy and whiny about something and my buddy had enough of it and said “Jordan stop being a little bitch” and I was so sensitive at the time I was like “why would you even call me that when i-” and my friend then STRAIGHT Decked me in the face like fuckin Kamina 

and knocked me down and said these words that I’ve never forgotten 

“Jordan WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU, You’re letting yourself get so fuckin soft. You’re actin like this one thing DID that much. thats not the badass I used to know, you’re becoming pathetic and I as your Good friend will not allow it. You’re stronger than you fuckin know and if you ever let yourself think about bein a weak little bitch again I’ll slug ya because I love you Bro and I know you’re better than that” 

and that really just helped me realize yeah wow i was becoming a wimpy whiner about a lot of things and that wasnt going to help me with anything. It was the TOUGH LOVE WAKEUP CALL I NEEDED. Its GOOD to have friends call you on your shit haha so I always thank him for that

I try not to quit anything anymore. I literally bitched out on getting my shoulder healed because i was lazy and bitched out on workouts till I looked in the mirror and straight called myself out on it and fixed it. then you keep building bitch habits you will bitch out on big areas of your life. Dont Do that, The times you dont wanna workout or say you cant, Is bullshit because a 1 hour workout is 4% of your day.You have time and those are times you must not quit. Build strong habits that build integrity, and self confidence and MOST Importantly Stay Consistent and Stay disciplined. Will power is like any other muscle it has to be trained

if you keep forming bitch habits then thats what you will be. Sorry for the swearin but Honestly I’ved found tough love is the best one that will get you back on track. Now don’t go find your Motivation find how you can stay disciplined and consistent whatever it is, and Don’t quit it, Don’t bitch out and you can overcome anything life puts in your way.

“Don’t you want Miyuki-senpai to be a bit more this and that?”
“Nah, Miyuki-senpai being himself is the best!”

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