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Something Just Like This

Summary: AU. This is the story of an ordinary couple with an extraordinary love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,652 (without lyrics)

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, pregnancy, mentions of bullying, illness, and death, song fic style

A/N: This is my oneshot submission for the poetic noble land mermaid @whothehellisbella and her Bella’s Cool Time Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge. My song prompt was Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers, Coldplay. I hope you approve and enjoy!

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The Adventures of Spidey-Prom!

Seriously it’s probably not healthy how much I love Spiderman!Prompto! I didn’t know I needed it until @destiny-islanders drew the freaking CUTEST art for it. Please check it out. It’s good for the soul, trust me.

Anyway, enjoy this little bit inspired by their art! :D HOPE YOU ENJOY!

This is your costume?”

Ignis’ voice rang almost shrilly in the small apartment complex, but Prompto was far too busy checking out the newest wounds to his body to pay much attention to what the man was saying - instead, he puffed out his chest and propped his hands on his hips, admiring the new slim and toned muscles that stood out starkly in the bad lighting.

“It sure is!” Prompto replied boldly, eyes squinting as pride welled in his chest.

So what if those thugs had landed a few hits and made him look like a bruised potato - he’d totally won in the end.

“It’s a cotton sweatshirt.” Ignis replied flatly, his widened eyes were evidence of his complete horror of the aspect as he held up the tattered garment of clothing.

“It’s not just a sweatshirt,” The blond replied, a small pout forming on his face as spun on his feet to swipe away the bloody clothes. “It’s my identity. Every superhero needs one.” He explained readily, ruffling out the sweater to examine the newest tears and ruffles. “It’s a part of me now.” He dramatically hugged the cloth to his chest, a small smirk forming on the edge of his lips as he thought about his most recent venture -

…that…hadn’t gone…exactly as planned…

But he’d still won!

Prompto could visibly see Ignis roll his eyes from the side, the older man reaching up a hand to adjust his glasses in an exasperated show of exhaustion. “Prompto, do you believe the police simply roll out of bed in the morning and seek out the local gangs in a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt? Their attire consists of at least some sort of protection - a bullet proof vest -”

“Pah -” Prompto interrupted with a scoff, waving a hand in front of him. “Last time I checked, cops can’t climb up freaking walls and lift a car without breakin’ a sweat.” The blond propped his hands on his hips and shot Ignis a wink, which the man returned with a twitch of his eyebrow that Prompto had quickly come to realize was onset to a migraine. “‘Sides,” he waved a hand as he tossed back the article of clothing, “I need my costume to be flexible, ya know - gotta make way for these babies.”

Another eye twitch followed when Prompto flexed his arms in the white tank top he was now donning, though he let out a sharp hiss of pain as he grabbed at his newly bandaged arm.

“How formidable.” Ignis replied dully, shaking his head as he stared down at the sweater.

“So are ya gonna sew it or not? I’m probably gonna need it by tomorrow. Duty calls, ya know.”

Ignis’s hands flopped down in front of him as he stared deadpan at the younger man. “You’re not seriously going to do this again -” Ignis cut himself off as he slapped a hand to his forehead before scrubbing it dramatically down his face. “Prompto - you’ve barely a grasp on your abilities, why on earth you are so eager to get yourself killed!?”

“‘Cause a superhero’s work is never done! It’s like Cor said -” He cleared his throat and straightened up to mimic the man, “With great power comes great responsibility. And uh - I’ve got great power now - so might as well be greatly responsible with it and kick some bad guy butt!”

The sound of the buzzing cars outside the tiny apartment complex was the only sound audible as Ignis’s green eyes bore holes into Prompto’s own, and the young man couldn’t help but fidget nervously under the gaze.

After a moment a long, very Ignis-y sigh escaped from the older man’s mouth, the glasses on his face sliding down slightly as he once again stared at the sweater that might as well have been a piece of trash for all the way that he regarded it.

“I cannot believe you’ve worn this for the last three months and survived.” Green-eyes flashed up to Prompto as he held up the sweater. “You’re either brilliant and sufficient, or incredibly stupid and lucky. My bet is on the ladder.” Almond lips pressed together as he made his way over to the small dresser drawer that held various needles and thread.

“Orrr - just super awesome -”

“Or perhaps an utter moron -”

“Could a moron do this!?

“Do - WHA -”

Ignis’s voice was immediately cut off when Prompto skipped over to where he was and effortlessly braced a hand under his back and on his thighs, effortlessly pushing against them to  lift the man above his head with a loud laugh.

“Howd’ya like that - eh, Ignis!?”

PROMPTO! Put me down this INSTANT!” Was his friend’s immediate retort, the struggle that he was giving against him making Prompto’s arms quiver slightly - but not nearly enough to undo his hold.

Prompto barked out another laugh, keeping his arms locked even as Ignis squirmed above him. “Not such a moron now, huh?”

“Prompto Argentum, I swear to the Astrals if you do not set me down in two seconds -!”

“Alright, alright -”

Prompto heard Ignis yelp slightly when the younger man released his grip entirely, stepping back just enough so that he could catch Ignis in his waiting arms, dodging a swipe to his head before he set the man back down on his feet.

“You ever do such a thing again…” Ignis huffed, shooting him a vicious glare as he straightened out his ruffled sleeves.

The blond chuckled, stepping his way back over to the mirror, “So how’s about it - gonna help me? Wanna be my sidekick?” Prompto chippered as if he hadn’t just lifted the taller, more muscular man like a dumbbell. He rubbed his arm slightly as the slight strain had flared the ache in his bruised muscles.

A scoff followed the remark, “I’ll have to pass, thank you.” Ignis replied with a knowing glare in his direction, but, regardless, proceeded to pick up the needle and thread that was situated on the dresser.

“Whelp - position is open if you ever wanna apply!” Prompto replied with a happy smile, turning back to face the mirror.

He wish he could say that the muscles that he now admired in the mirror before him were from the months of hard work, and to be honest, he had been working hard to improve himself for a while now, but this type of improvement wasn’t exactly his doing.

Three months ago was when everything changed. Everything.

He’d been a scrawny kid three months ago - lacking confidence to approach anyone…especially a certain prince-like classmate of his that he’d admired since grade school. It’s not as though they hadn’t known about each other, and Prompto had managed to muster the courage to say hello and introduce himself on the first day of high school, but it was only recently that he’d felt that they’d made significant strides in their relationship when Prompto finally gained the confidence to make it a point to become his friend - and it was going very well.

Prompto was suddenly very glad that Ignis was focused on sewing the sweatshirt as a noticeable flush crawled up the blond’s neck and face - no wait - his entire body.

He’d decided to return the favor the gods had, for some reason, chosen to give him and fight evil in the world in repayment for this new life he was living - and well…yeah that part needed some work, but he was doing his best! Just tonight he’d managed to stop a robbery of a sweet older lady. The thugs hadn’t seen him coming at all - but, unfortunately, Prompto was still a bit shabby when it came to the fighting…so he’d taken home a few bruises and cuts as souvenirs, but he’d still beat their asses, called the cops, and saved the day.

Though, if it wasn’t for Ignis he probably would be in way worse shape - the man was pretty good at dressing his wounds. Ignis had found out about a week ago who he truly was…how the man was able to see through him he’d never know. Prompto still wasn’t sure he believed Ignis’s reasoning of “you’ve been behaving oddly. It seemed the most likely conclusion” - it was like he just knew. Maybe Ignis had his own spidey-sense - either way, despite that, tonight was the first night that Ignis had seen his outfit -

Psh. Who cared what he thought. His outfit was awesome. And…yeah no one would know that was him…right?

If he kept up like this, trained himself a bit - he was certain he’d become an awesome comic book superhero in no time - how hard could it be?

He shook his head, smiling to himself.

He couldn’t believe he was actually having these thoughts.

Three months ago…yeah - everything had changed.


Three months ago:

Prompto’s hands clasped behind his back as he stared at the large city around him, eyes squinting slightly at the morning sun that shone brightly down upon the research facility. The group of his high school classmates milled around the entrance to the building, waiting for instruction from their teacher, Mr. Weskham, to allow them in to begin the tour of the arachnid center they were about to visit.

To be honest, he didn’t really care too much about that, he was just hoping that a certain friend of his didn’t over sleep the field trip today.

He adjusted his glasses with his hand as he looked around, bouncing excitedly on his feet as the anticipation to get inside chewed at him.

He loved this stuff. He didn’t like spiders too much…but the tech inside was going to blow his mind - he could feel it. Maybe he’d even get a chance to browse one of their computers - maybe log away a few notes for the one that he was currently building himself.

Psh. Noct was right. He really was a technophile.

Ah, speak of the devil.

Prompto chuckled to himself as he briefly saw what must have been a knowing exchange between him and his father as they talked behind the windows of the flashy car, and a second later the door opened and out stepped Noct - also known as the Prince of Insomnia Inc. He saw the young man toss his dad a look over his shoulder as he straightened out his backpack, and it was with a roll of his eyes that he turned back to make his way up the stairs and away from the car.

Prompto was satisfied to see Noct’s face noticeably morph into something softer and - well - less annoyed as he trotted up the stairs. Prompto tossed him a happy wave which Noct returned with a nod.

“Heyaz!” The blond piped cheerily, his heart thudding in a familiar sense of excitement at the sight of the handsome face.

“Hey.” Noct responded with an easy smile, the typical mellowness of his tone somehow sending another spike of adrenaline through his heart.

“Ready to check out some creepy crawlies?” Prompto wiggled his fingers at the dark-haired teen’s face before he adjusted the camera strap around his neck, falling into a steady pace beside Noct as they walked up the stairs.

“I’m more ready to take a nap.”

“Dude, the lecture hasn’t even started yet.”

Noct let out a loud yawn, stretching his arms out on either side of him. “Exactly.”

Prompto chuckled, pausing slightly as he lifted the camera up to his face to snap a picture of the large building.

Field trip day was always interesting, especially when it involved checking out the nastiest things on earth - Prompto hated bugs, hated them. But he couldn’t deny that he was somewhat fascinated by them as well. Just because they were ugly didn’t mean they couldn’t be interesting, and besides, he was more interested in the technology they were bound to see in the research facility.


“Dude…this is the most advanced electron microscope on the Eastern Seaboard…” Prompto’s voice dripped with awe as he stared wide-eyed at the giant device in front of him, his hands fumbling with the camera to snap a few pictures.

“Wow.” Noct mumbled from beside him, clearly disinterested as they followed the voice of the woman ahead of them.

“For example, the delena spider, family sparassidae, has the ability to jump to catch its prey.”

“Eww…” Noct whispered, though his disgust clearly gave way to his curiosity as he leaned forward to observe the spider that the woman was talking about, head tilting as he noticed the little bug do exactly what she described as it jumped from one small twig to the next in its cage.

Prompto chuckled, though he stepped up next to Noct and lifted his camera to his face.

“For the school paper?” Prompto asked, eyes questioning as he looked up at the lecturer.

She offered him a side smile and nodded in permission.

He angled the camera so that he was able to zoom in on the little arachnid - but he grunted when he felt himself shoved from behind, the picture he was about to take snapped a lovely, blurry picture of the small hide instead of the spider.

Prompto furrowed his brows as he looked behind him, noting the obviously satisfied sneer of the blond that stood behind him.


“Leave him alone.” Noct snarled, glaring vehemently at the other blond.

“Or what?” One of Loqi’s lackeys lip curled in challenge.

“Or his father will fire your father.” Loqi sneered, shoving Noct slightly as he got into his face. “What’s daddy gonna do - sue me?”

Prompto almost jumped forward when he noticed Noct’s fist twitch at his side - but he was saved the trouble of holding him back when the dirty-blond was suddenly grabbed by the arm as Mr. Weskham pulled him back, shooting the both of them a harsh glare.

What is going on?” He hissed, glaring at all four of them. When no one answered, his voice darkened in seriousness. “The next person who talks will fail this course. Understood?”  

The four remained silent, but Prompto’s heart skipped a beat when Noct reached behind him and grabbed his arm, pulling him forward and away from the small scene.

“Tsch.” The dark-haired teen scoffed, releasing Prompto’s arm as they made their way around the shelves.

“Those guys are jerks.” Prompto mumbled from beside him, earning a very Noct-like smile in return.

He loved those smiles.

“Yeah.” He mumbled, taking a breath as he looked around them.

Prompto watched as Noct milled around in front of him, bending slightly to look at the small collection of spiders that were neatly stacked in the plastic caging. “Yuuuucckkk…”

Prompto chuckled at the noise, but lifted his camera regardless. “Hey -”

Noct turned to face him, eyebrow quirking when he noticed the camera.

“I need one with a student in it.” Violet-blue eyes sparkled when Noct smiled, making a show of adjusting his tie.

“Don’t make me look ugly.” Noct said, eyes half-lidded with a small smirk as he propped an arm up on the small shelf.

Prompto could feel the heat bloom in his cheeks as he chuckled smally, looking shyly down at his camera as he readied it. “Oh, that’s impossible.” He almost hoped Noct hadn’t heard him, but the smile that his friend gave was evidence enough that he had. “Alrighty…” The blond stepped back slightly, angling the camera by his blushing face so that he captured a good view of the microscope and various arachnids with Noct by the side.

Prompto chuckled as Noct smiled easily for the shot, and he clicked the camera several times to snap the picture. “Alriiigghhhttt -” The blond’s face lit up in another bright smile as Noct posed again, pointing to the various spiders next to him. He knew the pictures he was taking now weren’t necessarily of the spiders or microscope…

Heh. These ones didn’t necessarily have to be in the school paper…

“Argentum! Caelum!”

Prompto and Noct’s head whipped over to where Weshkham stood, arms folded against his chest. They could see the rest of the class a good distance ahead of them.

Noct shot Prompto a look before he reluctantly moved ahead, and Prompto rapidly scrambled to put the cover back on the lens before he made to follow -


The liquid fire pain that shot through Prompto’s hand in that instant was enough to send him stumbling back as his hand whipped back from the sudden, intense pain that tore through it. His face contorted into shock as he grasped at his hand, looking down to see a red circle surrounding white, blotchy skin - with two small dots in the center. His heart beat rapidly as he looked down at the ground - just in time to see a tiny spot of an oddly colored spider scramble away underneath a nearby shelf.

“Shit…” He breathed, brows pinching as the pain circling the bite mark dulled to something hot and numb.

“Chop, chop, Prompto!”

The blond’s head whipped up as he saw Noct a small ways away from him, waving him over with a patient smile.

He waved his hand once, hoping that it would alleviate some of the pain, but Noct’s smile was drawing him forward, and he donned an easy smile as he skipped his way towards his friend -

Doing his very best to ignore the sickening feeling pooling in his stomach and the small pain that was trickling up his arm.

Little did he know that from that moment on, his destiny had completely changed.

Hope you guys enjoyed! I LOVED WRITING THIS! SO MUCH FUN - thank you again to @destiny-islanders for making such awesome art - really made my day. :D

Stay tuned for more adventures with Spidey-Prom! :D

can i have this dance? | jeon jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: fluff with a sprinkle of shy!kook ; high school!au (light swearing)

Word count: 2,547 words

Prompt: It takes a team of six to help Jungkook to ask you out for prom. 

A/N: requested by @nehaperry​ (thank you for requesting ◕‿◕✿)

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Second Chances (Zach Dempsey X Reader X Jeff Atkins)

- You and Zach had gotten into an argument, later on he ended up cheating on you. Jeff helped you through the breakup which led to you getting feelings for him, but still having feelings for Zach.
— — — — — — — — — — — — —

You and Zach had been dating for a little over a year now, but you guys kept getting distant by the day. The reason for that was because you guys had gotten into a huge argument about a week ago.

He said that you would always flirt with other guys and he called you horrible names like slut and whore. Which led to you slapping him. Although you didn’t break up with him and he didn’t break up with you, you didn’t know what the situation was at this point.

You hated being distant with him, you guys used to be so close. You went to his house, you needed to fix this you just couldn’t take it anymore. You got to his house and you knew his parents weren’t home so you took out the spare key he gave you. You walked in and like you expected everything was quiet except you heard people talking upstairs, you could hear Zachs voice. You stopped in front of his door. You then heard a females voice. The door swung open, you just stared at the girl wide eyed, she was beautiful but you’ve never seen her before.

“Y/N what are you doing here?!” Zach said while quickly putting on a shirt. You noticed a hickey on his neck and one on hers as well. Tears filled your eyes and you just ran out the door. He chased after you calling your name but you ignored him. He grabbed your wrist.

“Let go of me!” You yelled at him. You could see a hint of sadness in his eyes but soon that left.

“Fuck you Dempsey, I knew something was up, you were acting more distant and seemed like you didn’t have an interest in me anymore.” You said. He scoffed,

“I loved you so much up until you started flirting with all the guys especially Jeff! Then you became a slut!” He yelled back at you. You and Jeff had been best friends forever, but Zach always thought you two had a thing.

“I never flirted with any of them Zach, because I was yours! I would never do such a thing!” You yelled back tears streaming down your cheeks.

“But now I’m not so goodbye.” You said walking away, he didn’t chase after you this time.

You got home ran to your room and texted Jeff to come over with your favorite snacks and movies. He said he’ll be there in 5.

Jeff arrived and he walked in like always and opened your rooms door to see you crying. He rushed to you.

“What’s wron—” you didn’t let him finish his sentence you just hugged him.

“He cheated on me.” You said in between sobs. You noticed his fist clench.

“That fucking asshole!” He hugged you even tighter. Jeff wanted so badly to go and beat him up but he didn’t want to leave you alone. For a couple of weeks that’s all you guys did. You dreaded school but luckily you rarely saw Zach and Jeff was always with you.

As you and Jeff were laying down watching movies one day he just randomly stated,

“Prom is tonight we should go you need to get out of this room, love.” Jeff said you shook your head.

“No I look horrible and Zach is gonna be there.” You said.

“You look beautiful, he’s gonna see how great you’re doing without him so c'mon let’s gooooo.” Jeff said while picking you up. You squealed while telling him to put you down.

“I’ll put you down if you promise to go.” He said while smiling. You sighed.

“Ugh fine I’ll go now put me down Atkins.” He threw you to your bed.

“Okay great I’ll go back to my house to get ready I’ll pick you up in the evening.” He said, you just agreed and smiled.

He soon left and you decided that you should shower, you already had your prom dress seeing as you were going to go to prom with Zach before the incident. It was a beautiful long dress, which was a nice shade of baby pink. People always told you that color went with your skin.

You showered got dressed and did your makeup. You actually looked decent and not dead. The doorbell rang and you walked down the stairs where your parents had already let Jeff in. Your mom gasped which made everyone follow her gaze. They all looked at you and Jeff was the first to speak up.

“You look so beautiful.” He said. Your parents agreed and your mom took out her camera. She took like 100 photos of you guys and you found it quite funny. Once she was done with her little photo shoot you and Jeff walked toward his car, you were about to open the door when he opened it first.

“I always open the door for you princess.” He said you got in and buckled up. The drive just consisted of you guys singing songs that were playing on the radio.

You guys arrived and you and Jeff linked elbows before walking in. You got some compliments from people telling you that you look beautiful, you thanked them and complimented them as well. Clay walked towards you guys and greeted you and Jeff.

“Y/N, you look absolutely stunning.” Clay said to you.

“Damn right she does!” Jeff said eying you up and down. You just giggled and thanked them. From the corner of your eye you can feel someone staring at you. You turned to see who it was and it was the boy who broke your heart into a million pieces. You still missed him but he broke you. But you wanted so badly to connect your lips to his.

“Wanna dance?” Jeff asked looking at you. You nodded and tried figuring out what song was playing. You smiled once you remembered it, Jeff would always sing this song to you. As you guys were dancing you could hear Jeff whispering the lyrics into your ear. (The song is You’re always loved by Golden)

“I will never hurt you, no.
I will never desert you.
There’s a lot of girls in this world
Though they have nothing on you.” He sang, his voice barely audible. You smiled, this song brought back so many memories.

“I will be there… I’ll be there…
When the words just come out wrong, And you’re sick of the love songs. I will be there… I’ll be there…
When your strength is now all gone, And you need someone to lean on. Even when you stop loving yourself, I’ll be there to help.
And when you’re giving up,
Just know you’re always loved.” These lyrics were so true, Jeff was always there for you when Zach did something wrong. Jeff would never hurt you, which is why you had kinda sorta started falling for him.

The song finished and you and Jeff just smiled at each other.

“Let’s go show Zach how much better you’re doing without him.” He smirked. You laughed and agreed. You two stayed on the dance floor laughing like crazy and dancing like weirdos. Soon you two calmed down and you were quiet thirsty so you went to go get a drink. Zach was there as well, you ignored the fact that he was there and grabbed your drinks.

“You look beautiful.” Zach said, gosh you missed him so much. You just wanted to kiss him but you had to play it off as if you were doing just fine so you just looked at him and rolled your eyes.

“Can we talk outside.” Zach said, he looked so sad. You agreed knowing you were going to regret this. You two got outside and he spoke first,

“You look stunning.” He said while looking at you.

“Thanks, it’s the best I’ve looked these past days. It was Jeff’s idea to go out so I had to look my best.” You said.

“So you’re dating him now?” He asked, sadness in his voice.

“No he’s still my best friend.” You said, although you had started getting feelings for him, but you still had feeling for Zach. Zach’s eyes filled with hope.

“So what did you want to talk about?” You asked, it felt awkward and maybe Jeff was looking for you back inside.

“Can you give me a second chance?” Zach asked.
— — — — — — — — — — — — —
Part two is now up! :)

150 (so far...) reasons to ship McDanno

Hi! Today I bring a gift to the McDanno fandom, courtesy of a lovely fan I met on twitter, @elsitaa, who asked me for a little help on a very nice project she had: watch every episode of Hawaii Five-0 and write of a list of all the reasons to ship McDanno. Season after season, she sent me a list and, believe me, after seven season the list was VERY long, but we managed to sort-out all the reasons and pick those that seemed more important to us. Now the list counts 150 reasons to ship McDanno, but this is most of all a wish for the show to make this list much, much longer.Now, I’m posting the list for you, and you are absolutely welcome to comment on it, add your reasons to ship McDanno, if you don’t find them in the list, pick your favorite reasons on the list or even, if you have the skills, make a video about it: feel free to use the list. It’s really just a way to celebrate this wonderful story of love and wish it the best, happiest evolution.

REASONS TO SHIP MCDANNO (150, so far… here’s to many more!)

1. The first meeting: sparks flying immediately and, most of all, the fact that fate brought them to each other in the worst time of their lives to give each other a reason to be happy again. 

2. Steve starting Five-0 because he found something, or better someone, in that garage: Danny Williams. 

3. Carguments (lovers’ quarrels) since day one. 

4. “Book’em, Danno”, a term of endearment. 

5. Steve’s gift to Danny and Grace to spend some quality time together: three nights at the Kahala Hotel. Just the first of many gifts that show how much they care for each other. 

6. “We are partners”. 

7. Grace telling Steve her dad talks a lot about him. Steve being delighted about it. 

8. Steve talking to the Governor to help Danny when Rachel threatened to bring Danny to court to change the custody deal so Danny couldn’t spend time with Grace. 

9. “Maybe you are not as alone here as you think, Danno”. 

10. “How long you two been married?”, something they have been asked a lot throughout the years. 

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wedding: impossible (pt.2)


michelle jones/peter parker - college/future fic (wip)

Against his better judgement, Peter has agreed to be MJ’s fake date to a wedding so she can usurp the bride, or something. Considering how much he’d like to be her not-fake date, he’s not really looking forward to it.

Despite all her apparent indifference to them both - and, really, most of her peers - MJ had become a close friend to Ned and himself. So much so that he freely told her his big, spider-themed secret. (She’s actually the only person he’s deliberately told, which is a milestone he’s not keen on analyzing too deeply.) 

She’d reacted pretty calmly, actually, only hitting him with a medium-sized Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche novel, rather than the special edition hardcover that was also in reaching distance.

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friends to lovers!ten

prompt: how about a scenario in which the reader enters a convenience store, late night, wearing super fancy clothes and ten works in this store and they talk and sparks fly and there’s a little bit of angst but lots of fluff?

Originally posted by sunnyten0227

  • okay well so this request immediately made me think of that ten gif where he is wearing those pajama pants nd the black sweater
  • y'all KNOW the one
  • i found it and added it ^^
  • but that outfit comes in a lot later in this scenario so we’ll skip it for now
  • okay so the setting is prom
  • nd the most popular boy in school asked you so you bought this super fancy dress and wore your nicest heals and jewelry
  • you even wore fake eyelashes like you wanted to look n i c e
  • bc you’re not very popular in school and you thought your senior year would’ve gone unnoticed by everyone
  • but the cutest (*´꒳`*) boy in school asked YOU out and so ofc you accepted
  • but :(((

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Prom Night

Character(s): Kim Mingyu

Genre: Fluff?? Fluff! High School!AU!!!

Word Count: 2,493

Summary: Prom is coming up, and everyone plans on going this year. Except you, prom is pretty lame you think. I guess you don’t really have a choice though. Your best friend is making you go!

Request:  yo, yo, yo! hello there, i was wondering if you could a scenario with mingyu or vernon i dont really mind in which the reader and him are childhood friends and they love each other more than that =, but there both shy about it but then he asks her to prom and really cute and fluffy if possible? please… much love (Thank you very much for requesting! I went with Mingyu!)

A/N: I wasn’t sure who to go with so I relied on at least three different things that would randomize the choosing! :P They all picked Mingyu so I guess we’ll have to shine some light on him for now! Ah… I’m sorry for my cringey writing ;;;; I did include Vernon as a wingman though!! I hope you got my references too!

Originally posted by dkyeom

“Sorry, I’m not going to prom.” You’ve repeated that same phrase at least 20 times this whole week. You weren’t exactly that popular, but you were friends with a popular group of girls and boys, which was most likely the reason for the attention this time of year.

“Another suitor?” An arm slung around your shoulders and you groaned tiredly in response.

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God Save The Prom Queen. (Otayuri Mafia Au)

⚠⚠⚠ Warning! This story is gonna have some adult like moments and language, so if you’re uncomfortable with that then I don’t suggest you come here! ⚠⚠⚠

Prom Queen, they called the youngest son of the most dangerous Mafia man in the world, Prom Queen.

Otabek couldn’t imagine being so bold.

But he could see it as he looked over at the boy, biting his lip. He had the perfect. body, all long and lean, pale white skin and his hair was bleached blonde.

He also dressed like one, the boy seemed to flip one elegant finger at gender roles and binaries and wore whatever he liked, which tonight was a black shorts and a black lace top he’d stolen from Mila, topped off with pink lipgloss and dark pink eyeshadow.

“I’d stop staring Atlin, Yakov is very protective of his youngest boy, even if he does let him go out and get high as fuck at three in the morning at the club.”

Otabek jumped as he turned around to see Phichit Chaulount standing behind him, sipping on a glass of something bright purple while his date watched over him protectively and slightly possessively.

“I-I wasn’t staring at him, I was just looking at a girl…” Otabek mumbled into his drink as the Thai pimp walked closer, laughing as he hugged Otabek.

“Oh Otabear, you were staring at that boy like Ciao-Ciao stares at me, like you were starving.” Phichit teased him as Otabek’s cheeks burned in shame.

“No need to be ashamed Otabear! It’s good to see you taking interest in someone, I was close to setting you up with one of my boys.” Otabek choked on his whiskey and Coke.

Phichit truly had no shame, offering up one of his prized sugar babies, a contract with one could cost you somewhere around a million dollars. “Uh-uh, thank you Phichit but I wouldn’t have accepted, not my kind of thing.” Otabek stuttered, eyes snapping back over to Yurio as he stood up.

“I have to go.” He cut Phichit off as he started to follow the boy, he was off for cigarette from what Otabek could see he pulled a pack of menthols out of his Chanel purse and fumbled with his lighter out on an open balcony. Perfect chance for Otabek to step in.

“Need a light?” Yurio jumped a little as he stepped forward and offered his lighter. “Yeah, thanks.” Yurio took his lighter and lit his cigarette, handing it back.

“No problem, I’m Otabek, and you?” Otabek lit his own cigarette and leaned back on the railing. Even out here he could feel the heat and energy of the club. “Yuri Plisteky.” Yuri answered back sighing as he tilted his head back, exposing a pale neck interrupted only by a void black choker with a silver ring with two silver chains that disappeared into his shirt.

“I like your choker, what’s it connected to?” Yuri smirked and leaned forward conspiratorially, Otabek felt himself still.

Chanel No.5, Dove soap, raw vodka and cigarette was Yuri’s smell and it envoloped Otabek as the boy whispered in his ear: “They’re connected to my nipple piercings.” There was a rush of warmth to Otabek’s groin and he had to suppress a groan.

“And your father let you leave the house like that?” Yuri scoffed. “My old as fuck father was about six inches deep in a Russian Victoria’s Secret model, and besides it’s my birthday.”

“Oh?” Otabek felt his heart rate speed up a little, because really he wanted the boy to be legal, then woo him with his muscles and motorcycle before whisking him off to his hotel room to bang him through the weekend. “And how old is the birthday boy turning today?”

“18.” Otabek groaned then when the beat dropped on a song that could cover it. So this beautiful little fairy was legal? Otabek was going to have a stroke and love it.

“At least papa isn’t stupid, he filled my purse with everything a birthday boy could need.” He showed Otabek the contents of his purse, sniggering.

Inside was lube, about 20 condoms, the plan B pill, a bottle of Vicodin, a wad of cash and his phone along with another phone. Well beyond stocked for a one night birthday stand.

“But papa expects me to use this on a girl, but…” Otabek actually said ‘eep’ as one slender hand reached across the space between them and toyed with his zipper.

“You’ve been eyeing me all night Atlin, I’ve seen you, got everything I ever needed to know about you twenty minutes ago and I know that under all leather and linen you’re ripped and fuckin hung.”

Otabek groaned out loud then, as he unzipped his pants and a pale, slim hand darted in to toy with him through his boxers.

“Take me to your hotel room Atlin, and then fuck me until the sun comes up and don’t stop until we both pass out” Yuri whispered in his ear, Otabek blushing hard as he was groped by Yuri. For a virgin he was talented with those slim fingers.

“Listen here you little hellcat.” Otabek growled at him, wrenching Yuri’s hand out his pants and spinning around, pinning him to the wall, Yuri groaning. “I ought to take you to the back alley and teach you some damn manners, but.”

Otabek tugged on those blonde locks making Yuri groan and whine. “I’ll take you to my hotel and really show you what respect and manners mean you little brat.”

Phichit was wide eyed as Otabek dragged Yuri through the club, tugging lovingly on his chains, quickly turning Yuri in a moaning mess.

“He works quick…” Celestiano yelled over the music, Phichit nodding in agreement.

Victor wasn’t going to like it one bit that he’d let his baby brother go off with total stranger but he knew the two of needed a night of mindless passionate sex. “Enjoy yourself you horndog!” Phichit yelled to Otabek who flipped him off before he disappeared out the door with Yuri.

He smirked into his drink and raised it up. “God Save The Prom Queen!”


Otabek didn’t know how he even made it to his hotel room, it was a blur of strawberry flavored kisses and purple neon lights.

‘God this boy is gorgeous.’ Otabek thought with a happy groan as he effortlessly ripped his shirt off, loving how Yuri mewled in surprise and squirmed.

But what really made him come undone was when Yuri wrapped legs that seemingly went on for miles around his waist and moaned: “Fuck me please sir!” His head was thrown back, skin flushed cotton candy pink and his emerald eyes wide in lust and Otabek was hooked.

He went at Yuri for hours, the sheets soon becoming mess from orgasm after orgasm, lube, sweat and by four am overwhelmed tears.

Only when Otabek could feel the scratch marks burning on his back and those handprints on Yuri’s pale hips were staying there for a while, he rolled over and laid on his back panting hard, Yuri doing the same.

“For a first time.” Yuri huffed, wiping his hair back from his eyes. “That was fucking amazing.” Otabek nodded, so worn out he couldn’t speak, still ingraining those faces Yuri had been making in his mind.

“These sheets are fucking disgusting but.” Yuri faceplanted into Otabek’s chest and snuggled in sighing. “I want to nap here Atlin, don’t leave until I fall asleep please? I’ll feel less like a prostitute.”

Otabek nodding and wrapped his arm around Yuri’s slim waist and drifted off.


When Otabek woke up the next day, Yuri was gone but scribbled in pretty pink lipstick on his mirror was Yuri’s phone number with a message which read:

“Had a great time last night Atlin, call me sometime when you get bored and your dick too hard that even jacking off doesn’t help call me~”

Otabek groaned and shook his head as he picked up his phone and dialed in the number.

“Hey Yura, it’s me Otabek…wanna go out for dinner sometime?” He smiled as he stared out towards the water.

God Save The Prom Queen and now, save his king.

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Jughead Jones x Reader - Prom? (FLUFF)

((AN: hey, guys. I’m running out of inspiration so if anyone wants to request, please do!))


“So guys..!” Veronica’s voice trails from across the lunch table. “The dance is coming up! Who’s going with who?” The sound was laced with evil. Veronica was the only one who knew about your crush on Jughead, though everyone else knew his for you.
“Archiekins?” Your eyes turn to watch the red head scratch his neck nervously. He glanced over at Valerie who was sat with the other Pussycats. It was enough of a gesture for everyone to understand. A smug smile spread across V’s face as she slung her arm around Betty. “Well, B and I will slay you two for sure!” She jibes. It went without question that her and Betty would go together and Kevin would tag along.

“So, (y/n)! Who are you going with?” All eyes turn to you, causing you to miss Jughead tensing up next to you.
“Um… Jake asked me once…” Jughead’s knuckles turned white. “And Tom asked me too, though that was probably a bet.” At this point, all the raven haired boy could see was red. He was furious.
“Ooh, get you! Who did you say yes to?” Veronica asked, almost amused by how unsubtle the boy was being.
“I didn’t… I told them I wasn’t going.” Now this caught his attention. For the first time since the lunch bell rang, Jughead looked up from his laptop to stare at you.
“So you’re telling me that the hottest jocks in school asked you out and you said no? Whatever for.?” V smirked, knowing she was pushing you. “You waiting on the right guy?” Laughing, you flick your (h/c) locks over your shoulder and roll your eyes.
“Whatever you say, V. What about Jug? He hasn’t answered yet.” You reply, redirecting the attention away from you. His long fingers had returned to the keys of his laptop, his eyes desperately trying to look anywhere but at you.
“I know!” Veronica exclaimed, a devious smile toying with her features. “Why don’t (y/n) and Jughead go together! As friends, of course.” Though the last bit was more of a whisper.

You cast your (e/c) eyes over to your crush, someone not seeing the deep red colour creeping up his pale neck. Jughead swallowed hard before snapping out “Yeah, right. I’m not going. She can go with a jock.” His words were harsh and cruel. Taken aback, you silently turn and leave the table, suppressing tears.

Why is he so mean to me? What did I ever do?
Your thoughts were interrupted by a black haired girl running after you, calling your name. Seeing your tears, she sighed softly and pulled you into a hug.
“I’m so sorry, sweetie. He doesn’t mean it, you know that.” She comforted but her words didn’t feel true. Not to you. “Meet me at pops later, okay? My treat.” And with that, she turned on her heel and marched away, leaving you to calm down.


“Jughead Jones the third! What the hell was that?” Her voice was bubbling with anger as she slammed her manicured hand down on the table in front of him. The beanie-clad boy jumped slightly before closing his laptop lid. “You like her so why do you keep making her feel horrible?” She demanded.
“I… I don’t know. It just came out.” He confessed. His hazel eyes were filled with sorrow and regret, for once showing his actual emotion.
“She’s coming to Pop’s tonight with me. Make it up to her.” And once again, she left.


From: V💋
To: (y/n/n)✨
6:30pm, dress nice. U deserve a break. Xx

You read the text message and furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

It’s only Pop’s… I guess I should go along with it.

You slipped on a short (f/c) dress, pulled your hair into a simple bun and painted your lips a deep red. You had to admit, you looked pretty good. The clock on the wall read 6:15pm and so, with a final check in the mirror, you set off for the diner.

The neon sign outside could be seen for miles, despite the sun already setting in the foggy sky. You pushed the door open, the chime of a bell alerting V to your arrival. Ordering your usual chocolate milkshake, you wander over to her smiling.
“You look amazing!” She grinned, looking you up and down. “Just stay here, okay? I’ve gotta take care of something.” Like smoke, she whisked herself away without a sound.

Closing your eyes, you leant back in the faux leather seats. All memories of the incident with Jughead leaving your mind. Something about the diner always made you feel better. When you opened your eyes again, your milkshake was placed in front of you on a white plate. The ceramic had been scribed on with chocolate sauce in the word: PROM?
Cocking your head in confusion, you scanned the room for any clues of who this could have been. Surely it couldn’t have been Veronica. She had two ‘dates’ already!

Your (e/c) eyes close, your nose scrunched up in thought.

Who? Who could’ve done this? Thin, (y/n), think!

“Don’t think too hard.” A raspy voice floated through your ears. “You’ll pop! And then how are you gonna answer me?” With that, you snap your eyes wide open. Sat in front of you, liking cream off of the cherry of your shake, was the one and only Jughead Jones. On his face, a vaguely amused smile.
“You..?” You ask, your voice coming out as more of a whisper. He sighed and you could see regret swimming behind his eyes.
“Look, (y/n). I’m sorry I was such an idiot earlier. I snapped because… well, I like you. And honestly, you’d be better off with a jock than a weirdo like me.”
Your heart felt like it was going to burst as it pounded in your ears. A grin etched itself onto your features, letting out a scoff at his comment.
“Jughead Jones the third, I would be honoured to go to prom with you!”

Without warning, you stood and moved to his side of the booth. Not hesitating, you flung your arms around his neck and squeezed tight.
“I’ve liked you for so long, Jug. Thank you.”
In a moment of complete not-Jughead-ness, he pulled you closer to his chest and wrapped his arms around you. He rested his chin on your soft (h/c) hair, absentmindedly smiling to himself.

Unknown to the pair of you, Veronica stood outside the window. A satisfied smile on her face, she clapped her hands together. Her ship had sailed.

Like She’s Mine (part thirteen) - Stiles Stilinski

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, angst again i’m back baby
word count: 2735

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[two months later, april break]

“I like this one” Allison said as she chewed on her licorice.

“Lemme see” I leaned over the kitchen table, peering onto her magazine.  She pointed to a long white gown with a sweetheart neckline.  It was slightly bejeweled, and the model wearing it had a long veil attached to a crown.

“I like the strapless idea” She said, yanking off a part of her licorice and chewing with a smile.




And with that, I went back to scrolling on my phone and eating my cereal.  We’d been looking through magazines and books and pinterest for all of these cute wedding ideas.  From places to rent, decorations to have, people to invite, shoes, dresses, tuxes.  My favorite part was that I was her maid of honor, and Madi was her flower girl.

“So I’m thinking a bouquet of blue roses.  Something unique with traditional ties, you know?” She asked, and I nodded.

“Yeah that’d be cute.  Maybe a few white in there too” Her mouth made an ‘o’ and her eyes widened.

“Ooh, yeah, I like that” She pointed a finger at me shaking it excitedly as she rushed up to the counter.  She picked up her notebook, labeled wedding plans, and opened it up to her final checklist page.  I watched as she neatly wrote down the flowers she needed.  Right now, all that was written down there were the bridesmaids and and groomsmen.

It consisted of Lydia, myself, and two girls Allison met in college who were together, named Kira and Malia.  I’d sort of met them, one time they stopped into Lou’s.  I would recognize them, but I couldn’t tell you much about them.

Scott had chosen Stiles to be his best man, which was no surprise.  He also had his friends Liam, Mason, and Isaac.  I didn’t know any of them, I hadn’t even met them.

“Hey guys” Stiles called as he walked into the kitchen.  I grinned over at him as he set grocery bags onto the counter.

“Hi Stiles” He walked over to me and kissed my head sweetly before going into the living room.  He instantly began to play with Madi and I went back to scrolling through wedding things on my phone.  “Bubbles or rice?”

“Bubbles.  Most definitely bubbles.  They’re so much cuter and I read this article that the rice is actually bad for the birds…” This went on for another hour, until it was the late afternoon and I was sitting on the couch watching tv.  Allison was still looking through her magazine, and Stiles was putting Madi to bed for her nap.

“Stiles” He walked out, and I held my arms out to him.  He chuckled and walked over to me, lifting me up with ease, and sitting on the couch below me, setting my on his lap.  I smiled and snuggled against him.

“Baby I missed you today” He said, and I nodded, folding my arms against his chest.

“I missed you today too” I replied softly.  “You were gone a while” I curled up more, getting impossibly closer to him.  “But thank you for grocery shopping” He nodded, rubbing my back.

“No problem”

“Will you stay overnight tonight?” I asked, looking up at him through my lashes.  He smiled softly and nodded.

“Yeah yeah of course” He said gently, and kissed my nose.  I giggled and crinkled it up a little.

“Hey guys we gotta figure out colors for the dresses and the groomsmen’s bow ties” Allison said, walking out to us and sitting on the couch.  Her notebook and magazine in hand.

“How about pink?” Stiles asked.

“Gross no” Allison and I replied at the same time.  He pretended to be wounded.

“I was thinking a deep blue… or green maybe?”

“Blue.  Blues pretty” I said, and she took a bite as she looked over the different shades the magazine had to offer.

“Yeah… yeah I’ll show Scott” She said, uncapping and writing on her arm.  ask scott about blue.

“Al no need to stress, you’ve got until July” I said, reaching out to her and putting a hand on her shoulder.  “Really, allow yourself a break”

“Thanks y/n, but I work in a flower shop.  It’s on my mind all the time”

“Well of course it is Alli.  You’re marrying your high school sweetheart, even I’m thinking about it twenty four seven” I said laughing slightly, and I got off of Stiles’ lap.  He made a pout but I pretended not to see as I pulled open a drawer in the entertainment center.  I took out a photo book, and sat back on the couch, in between the both of them.

“I forgot I made that for you” Allison chuckled as I skimmed through pictures.  Her Scott Stiles Lydia and I took up most of the slots.  At amusement parks or shopping trips.  I stopped on the page I was looking for and showed her.  On one side was her and Scott, all dressed up for Prom.  He was kissing her cheek and she was smiling wide with a blush as the photo was snapped.

“Look at you guys” I said, and she held the book slightly, her fingers brushing over the protective sleeve the picture was held in.

“Weird to think that was over two years ago…” She sighed.  “I feel old”

“Al, you just turned twenty one.  You’re not that old”

“Yeah.  And if you’re old that makes the rest of us old too so watch it” Stiles said, swatting her head.  She went to throw her fist at him but I caught her wrist and gave her a look.  She groaned and set her arm back down.

“Point is, you’re my OTP, Al.  And it’s you and Scott, seriously.  You could have a huge wedding in a beautiful church, or a jeans and tee shirt one in my doorway.  I will be just as excited for you, I’ll still cry, and you’ll still get cake smashed into your face” Allison chuckled at me but smiled genuinely.

“Thanks y/n” I nodded.  “Also it’s gonna be outside.  And beautiful”

“You’ve decided on the outside thing?” I asked.

We spent another half hour discussing the scenery of her chosen area of wedding.  Poor Stiles fell asleep next to me.  His head lying on the back of the couch.

Scott came over later on, and he was going to hang with us for a while, but I guess he had a long day at the clinic.  Yeah, I can’t believe he’s still part time working there either.  It didn’t work out well tonight, seeing that both Madi and Stiles were passed out, I only wanted to eat dinner, and Allison was on the edge of her seat waiting to tell him all about her ideas for their wedding.  So they pretty much said their goodbyes for the day.  When I’d waved and shut the door, I wandered back to the kitchen, reheating some leftovers and eating while standing at the kitchen counter.

This, this is the life of a single mother.

When I finished, I went back to my room, pulling out a throw blanket and grabbing two pillows from my room.  I checked to make sure Madi was still sleeping, kissing her forehead then making my way back to the couch.  I picked up Stiles’ head, putting one pillow under him, and setting my other one on his lap.  I laid across him and pulled the blanket up.  A few seconds after he shifted, and his arm wrapped over me.

“Sorry for waking you up” I said softly, but he didn’t reply.  Just scooted me over slightly, and laid on his side.  I rolled over, nuzzling my face in is shirt.  Neither of us were even in pajamas.  It wasn’t even nine o’clock.  But I didn’t care.

Stiles kissed my forehead and his arm tightened around me.  “I love you” I looked up to him, and he opened his eyes, just a little bit.  We’d never said that before.  But I smiled at him and kissed him sweetly.  He hummed and brushed my hair softly with his fingers.

“I love you too Stiles” I whispered back.  He smiled at me and buried my face into the crook of his neck.  “So much” My voice was muffled but he heard me because he let out a laugh.  One of those heavy breathed ones through his nose.

“Mm” He pressed his lips to my head for a few seconds.  “Goodnight y/n”


We fell asleep like that on the couch.

I’m glad I woke up without a crick in my neck.  I’m not as glad I woke up trapped in Stiles’ arms.  I mean, yeah, I loved being with him and cuddling.  The whole shebang was amazing.  But not when my stomach was growling and I was in yesterday’s clothes

I tried everything, wiggling, squirming, even prying him off.  But that just woke him up.

“Mmph y/n stop” Stiles mumbled, and held me closer.

“Stiles- I’m hungry” I whined.

“We can go out to Panera or something”

“Yeah that sounds goo-”

“Not now” I sighed as he tugged me harder.

“Stiles you’re suffocating-”

“Sh sh sh…” I just shook my head and laid there as he fell back asleep.  But as soon as Madi’s baby monitor began producing crying sounds, he was shot up and I nearly fell off the couch.  I actually did fall off.  But Stiles was already in her room.  I scrambled up off of the floor and raced into her room.  “It’s okay, sh sh, it was just a dream, shh…” He turned and saw me and smiled a little.  I wrapped my arms around myself and leaned on the crib post.  Madi was still quietly crying in his arms, and he was just cooing to her.

“How do you do that so well?” I asked.

“Do what?”

“That.  Calm her down so easily” He smiled at that.

“I don’t know I guess…” Stiles looked back down to Madi, tickling his finger under her chin and making her giggle.

“It’s cause she-” I was cut off by the doorbell ringing.

“Allison coming over today?” Stiles asked.  I shook my head.

“No, is Scot?” He shook his head.

“Just cause I sleep here every night and eat three meals here doesn’t mean I live here” I rolled my eyes and chuckled, then pushed off the crib and walked out to the living room.

“Mama?” Madi called, and I head Stiles go back to his baby talking that made my heart flutter for an unknown reason.  I reached the door and opened it, looking up from the handle to the visitor we had.

“Hey there y/n”

I closed the door in a second flat.

“y/n? Who is it?”

“No one”

“Well it was someone, who?”



“Drop it now Stiles while I’m not wanting to rip someone’s head off” He rolled his eyes and walked over to the door.  “Stiles sto-”

“Who are yo-” Stiles’ eyes narrowed the second he saw Theo.

“Stiles? What the hell are you doing-”

“I’m sorry” Stiles put up a hand, finally someone got a sentence out.  “I don’t like the language you’re using in front of my girl” He turned, handing Madi to me.

“Mommy!” She said excitedly as I rested her at my hip.

“Interesting Stilinski, seeing that she’s not, your girl.  She’s actually mine, isn’t she?”

“Not as far as I’m concerned” I said, holding Madi a little tighter.  Theo turned his head and raised a brow to me.

“Do a DNA test sweetheart.  She’s mine”

“Alright cock twitch-”

“Stiles” I warned.

“Don’t even try y/n, tell him to leave” Theo raised a brow.

“Leave? But I just got here?” He said.

“y/n, tell him to go”

“Go ahead, tell me to go.  But I’ll come by to visit my daughter”

“Theo, Theo just go” I said, walking forward and pushing him out of the door.

“You do realize y/n that I’m not an idiot, I’m coming back”

“Well you’re not today so get out” I said, and shut the door as soon as he was out in the hall.  I could hear him growl, and stomp away.  What a wuss.

“Thank God” Stiles breathed and leaned in to kiss me but I turned and walked off, still holding Madi.  “y/n?” I went into Madi’s room, looking for something for her to wear today.

“Not right now Stiles, I have to get her ready for the day” I said monotone as I retrieved a poofy blue tutu and white long sleeved shirt with a bow on it.  She was smiling at me as I brushed her hair and pinned a flower into it.  “There you go pretty girl” Madi giggled happily as I lifted her again.

“Hey, did something happen?”

“No Stiles, I’m just busy.  We’ve got lunch with Allison in an hour and a half”

“Do you need any-”

“Nope” I walked Madi back out to the living room, setting her on her blanket.

“Okay well do you need a ride into-”

“Nope, she’s picking us up” I replied, already walking back to my room in search for clothes to wear.  But Stiles trailed right in after me.

“y/n will you just pause for a moment” I blew out air and spun on my heel to look at him.

“Well? I’m waiting?”

“Yeah? So am I? What just happened in the past ten minutes?”

“Stiles.  What happened is, again, you got all alpha male!”

“Over Theo!?” He whisper screamed.  I shook my head and went over to my closet.  “y/n, that’s ridiculous, what right does he have to come barging in here-”

“Every right, every right Stiles.  As much as I hate to admit it, he is her father

“Oh yeah? Then where the hell-”

“He never knew Stiles, we can’t hold that against him!”

“We sure as hell can-!”

“Mama?” I looked down to where Madi was stood at the doorway behind Stiles.

“Not now baby- baby!” I shrieked excitedly, moving around Stiles to see where she stood.  “You’re walking, she’s walking!” I was yelling and grinning as I kneeled down in front of her, holding my hands around her face.

“Mommy’s proud?” She asked, and I nodded, tears springing in my eyes.

“Yes she is, she’s very very proud” I said, brushing my hands through her hair, and adjusting her flower.

“Daddy proud?” Her finger pointed up at Stiles, and my face fell.  I looked up to where he stood with his mouth agape.

“Yeah, yeah real proud of you kiddo” He ruffled her hair and quickly excused himself out of the room.  Madi looked at me with a frown.

“Is Daddy upset?”

“No, no sweetie Stiles is fine” I assured, caressing her cheeks gently.

“Is Daddy lunch?” I chuckled barely at her inability to form proper sentences.

“No, it’s just us with Aunt Alli and Uncle Scott” I told her.  Her little eyebrows furrowed.

“Why not Daddy?”

“Honey, that’s Stiles, his name is Stiles”

“Stiles?” I nodded.  Again her brows furrowed and her lips curled down.

“Come on let’s walk out to the living room together” I said, and made my way slowly behind her as she toddled into the room.  “Look, Stiles I’m sorry I snapped at-” I paused when I saw he wasn’t there.  I quickly went over to the door and saw his shoes and jacket were gone too.  On the small table, a piece of notebook paper was left.

Sorry that Madi had a deadbeat for a father and you’re blind enough to buy his act of caring for her.  Trust me, he doesn’t.  Whenever you wanna talk about it, if you even will, I’ll have my phone on me.  Or you can just keep telling Madi that I’m just Stiles, and I’ll always be just Stiles, and laugh about it with Allison later.

Yours truly,

I ran my hands through my hair, tears falling uncontrollably.

“Mommy sad?’

“No Madi… no I’m fine” I said, snuffling and quickly rubbing my eyes.  “Now, I have to go get dressed and then Alli will be here to get us, okay?” She nodded with a smile as I made my way back to my room.

Why do I always end up fucking everything up?

#depressedasf but y’all didn’t think i’d give you nice fluff forever right? nah it’s not in my nature.  i like torture before the rainbows

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Prom (Calfreezy)

Requested?: Yes, Thank you
Warnings?: Fluff and Smut
Pairing: Calfreezy and Reader

I’m actually really proud of this one. It’s probably one of my favorites.



I an putting the final touches on my hair and makeup, waiting on my boyfriend Callum to show up. I’ve been told not to touch my hair or makeup, but it’s hard not too. Especially when I’m nervous.

Tonight after prom is over Cal, myself and a few of our friends are heading to a hotel. Just as a celebration really. But I have other plans in mind. I asked him specifically to make sure we get a separate room. I’m sure that he can figure out why, but I’m still not quite sure he knows.

You see Cal and I have been dating for almost two year, and we have never gone all the way. Of course he has wanted to for a while, I just wasn’t ready and he understood and respected my wishes. Tonight however, I plan to let him swipe my V-Card. To say I was nervous would be an understatement, but I know that he would never push me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.

“Y/N,” I hear my mom call from downstairs “Callum is here.”

I do one last look in the mirror, before walking out of my room and heading down the stores.

I swear Cal’s jaw dropped to the floor when he saw me, as did mine. He looked absolutely amazing. His suit fitting him just right, his hair perfectly placed and he’s even put his glasses on. I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was to have him.

“You look absolutely gorgeous baby girl.” My dad says, helping me off the steps

I smile and blush “Thanks dad.”

I then turn to Cal and smile.

“Here, this is for you.” He says holding a white rose corsage to me

“Thank you, but aren’t you supposed to put it on me?” I ask, looking at the rose and then back up at him.

“Right, of course.” He says, picking the delicate flower and then sliding it on my wrist

“I need pictures of this.” My mom says, running off to find a camera

“Mom, we have to get going.” I groan “We’re gonna be late and not be able to walk in with the others.”

“You’ll be fine. I just need pictures of this.” She says coming back into the room, holding a camera.

“Y/N, its fine. I’m sure the others will understand.” Cal says, now wrapping his arms around my waist.

After probably 200 pictures we are finally on our way to the school. The entire time Cal is holding my hand, occasionally bringing it up to his mouth and kissing the back of it, before resting both of our hands on his lap.

“You look absolutely gorgeous tonight Y/N.” Cal says, glancing over at me

“Well you look incredibly handsome tonight Callum.” I say smiling “Loving the glasses.”

“I wore them especially for you.” He says, as we arrive at the school.

I go to open my door, when he stops me.

“Don’t you dare do that.”

He then gets out his side and quickly makes his way around to my side, opening the door.

“M'lady.” He says holding his hand out

I smile and take his hand, stepping out of the car.

Upon arriving at the front door, I spot the group of our friends. Josh and Freya, other Cal and Sarah, and of course Ethan and Emily. Each one of the looked absolutely amazing. The girls each in a beautiful floor length dress and each guy dressed in a suit with a hint of color matching their girls dresses.

“You look stunning Y/N” Freya says as we near them

“Thank you.” I say, as Cal slips his hand into mine “As do all of you.”

~Little While Later~

This night could not have been any better.

Having fun with my friends and the love of my life.

“Alright, gentlemen,” The DJ begins “Grab that special girl, for the final dance of the night.” He then proceeds to play Ed Sheeran’s ‘Kiss Me’

Cal brought me out to the dance floor, placing his hands on my hips as I wrap my arms around his neck. Gently swaying us from side to side

“Kiss me like you wanna be loved.” He quietly sings “This feels like falling in love. Falling in love. We’re falling in love.”

It’s moments like this that I love. The feeling of the only two people in the world are him and myself. Where you can practically feel the love between the two of us.

“I love you so much Y/N” He whisper, moving his face so it’s inches from my own

“I love you too Callum.” I whisper back

He smiles and then connects are lips in a short, but sweet kiss.

Soon the song was over, which only meant that prom was over. But I wasn’t upset about that. Mostly because we are all headed for a hotel.

We, meaning Josh, Freya, other Cal, Sarah, Ethan, Emily and I’d course the two of us.

~At The Hotel~

We all hung out in one room for a little while, until we all got tired. Then splitting off into our separate rooms.

“I really enjoyed tonight.” Cal says, wrapping his arms around my waist

I smile “As did I.” I say, now turning around in his arms “But I need to go and get out of this dress.”

I remove his arms from around me, grabbing my bag and walking into bathroom.

Once in I take in a deep breath. I hope that he doesn’t think any worse of me when I tell him I’m ready. Or that I’m just completely ugly and fat.

I quickly slip out of my dress and into a dark blue, lace lingerie set. The putting a pair of shorts and one of his shirts on over it.

Walking out of the bathroom, I see Cal sitting on the bed, in just his sweats. I’m guessing he heard me open the door, because he looks up at smiles at me.

“I love when you wear my clothes.” He says smiling.

I smile, not saying anything. Instead I stand beside the bed, looking down at him.

“What’s wrong?” He asks sitting up

I grab his hands and place them on my hips, underneath my shirt.

“Cal, I’m ready”

His eyes widen “Are you sure?”

I nod my head, sitting on his lap so I’m straddling his hips.

“We’ll take it slow.” He says before bringing his lips to my own.

The kiss was gentle, but it slowly picked up. Before I knew it, Cal was lifting the bottom of my shirt up slightly.

He pulls away from the kiss and looks me directly in the eye. Silently asking for permission.I nod my head slowly, granting him the permission he wants. He then pulls mine and his shirt off, tossing them to the floor.

I go to bring my arms up, to cover myself, but he stops me. Holding my wrists in his hands.

“You don’t have to cover up around me.” He whispers “You’re beautiful.”

Before long both of us are in nothing but our underwear. Cal now, laying gently on top of mr as we kiss.

He then gets up and walks over to his bag and pulling out a small package, which I’m guessing is a condom.

“Planning on getting some tonight?” I ask, jokingly

“A guy can never be too prepared.” He says, walking back over to me.

Pulling off both of our underwear, he rolls the condom on. Then pulling the blanket over top of us.

“Take my hand.” He says, twining our fingers together.

He then gently pushes into me. This causes me to tense up, from the pain.

“Relax Y/N. I promise it’ll only hurt for a second.” He whispers, kissing my lips quickly

He was right about that. After a few slow thrusts, the pain begins to fade and be replaced with pleasure.

“Faster.” I say

He complies and moves his hips at a faster pace. I can tell that he is trying his best to take it slow and keep it more gentle, for my sake. Which I appreciate.

After a few more thrusts I feel a new feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Cal.” I moan out

“I know baby.” He groans “Let go.”

It was as if on cue, I can feel myself entering an orgasmic bliss. Never before feeling anything like that. Soon after he reaches his high as well.

He then gently pulls out of me, disposing of the condom.

“Lets take a quick shower, and the get to sleep.”

We then both head to the shower, taking a quick one. Then putting some clothes on, before crawling into bed. I cuddle up next to him  as he wraps his arms around me.

Soon the two of us are asleep.

~Next Morning At Breakfast~

“I like to never got to sleep last night.” Josh says

“Why is that?” Cal (Lux) asks

“Those two over there.” Josh says pointing to Cal and I “I could hear it through the wall.”

My eyes widen and my cheeks turn a tomato red. I then turn my head, burying it in Cal’s neck, extremely embarrassed.

“Don’t talk about it guys.” Cal says “She gets embarrassed really easily.”

They all nod, deciding to drop the subject.

Even though two of our friends could hear us. I wouldn’t change what happened last night for anything. It was absolutely perfect. Starting with prom and then ending with how it did.

The Reunion

Summary: Stiles needs someone hot to take to his reunion, so he can show everyone up. Cue Jordan Parrish, who eventually agrees to be his (fake) date.

Notes: Written for @inell, who wanted Stiles/Parrish and “It’s my high school reunion, and I need a hot date so I can rub in in the faces of the people who hated me.” Note: Lydia and Jackson are pretty mean in this fic, but I don’t think I made them any worse than they were in season 1. (On AO3)

“Come on, Jordan. Please?

“You’ve been asking me for a favor for a week,” Jordan says, leaning his arms heavily on his desk. “What do you want?

“I want you to be my date for my high school reunion,” Stiles says, as neutrally as possible, like this is nothing unusual.

“We’re not actually dating, so why would you need me to do that?”

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Elevator Hug - part 3

Hey guys, this is a continuation of ‘Elevator Hug parts 1 and 2, but this can also be read separately as a oneshot. Enjoy! ;)

You can read parts 1 and 2 here:

This is based on on the promo and synopsis of 13x23, about Owen receiving some life changing news and Amelia being there to support him. This is also based on a prompt I received, with some modifications made.

Prompt : You’re an amazing writer! Do you think you’d be interested in writing a fanfic based off the synopsis for ep 13x23 where “Amelia supports Owen.” She hears from another doctor that some bodies were found(including Megan’s) and has a bad feeling & runs thru the hospital and eventually finds Owen in an on call room and she holds and talks to him?

P.s  I know in the show and based on the promo Amelia hasn’t returned back home and Owen would go to Meredith’s to probably meet her. But for the sake of my ‘Elevator Hug’ series- Amelia is already back home in this fic. However the main point remains- it’s Amelia’s time to support Owen :)

P.p.s  In this fic, Amelia finds Owen at home, not in an on call room

 Thank you to the amazing @jia911 for helping me to proofread this!


It had been a very busy day so far for Owen Hunt. There was an influx of patients in the ER due to a huge pile up involving a bus, a van and several cars. He and April Kepner had been kept occupied.

It didn’t dampen his spirits though. It had been 2 weeks since his wife, Amelia Shepherd had returned home, and almost 2 weeks since he had the first glimpse of their baby. All was well in the world again.

He was humming to himself, discharging a patient who was under observation for a syncopal attack when he heard his name being called.

‘ Hunt.’ April approached him. ‘ I’m attending to the patient in bed 6 who has upper GI bleed. Can you attend to the patient in bed 3 who was just brought in? The paramedics said that she was in a car accident and suffered head trauma.’

‘ Ok,’ Owen answered. ‘ I’m just about done discharging this patient.’

As he walked towards bed 3- he stopped in his tracks. It couldn’t be her. He knew his mind was playing tricks on him, but from a far this patient looked rather similar to him. The red wavy hair, the slim body.

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Fic: Live That Fantasy

trufflemores asked for badboy!Blaine and I delivered, with some bonus Cheerio!Kurt just because. ~1900 words, kind of a Prom Queen redux. PG-13.

“C'mon – unh – please, Blaine?”

“You are way too coherent right now,” Blaine said, going back to the sensitive spot on Kurt’s neck. He kissed carefully under Kurt’s ear, knowing Kurt would kill him if he left a hickey but wanting to distract Kurt from their current topic of conversation.

Ohmyguh – Blaine, why don’t you – Jesus – fine, we can keep making out for now,” Kurt said, pressing a quick kiss to Blaine’s jaw and reaching his hands under Blaine’s leather jacket. “But when we have our not-a-date after school, you’d better tell me why you’re so against going to the prom.”

“It’s not like we could go together, babe,” Blaine said. “I thought you didn’t want the whole school knowing that their esteemed head Cheerio finally gave it up to the ‘obnoxious mouthbreathing James Dean wannabe.'” He moved his hands away from Kurt’s face reluctantly to make air quotes around Kurt’s old insults.

“I never said you were a mouthbreather,” Kurt protested. “And honestly, I don’t care anymore, Blaine. I was kind of worried about the fallout at first, but I realized that combining my social status and your reputation would make people think twice about trying to screw with us.”

“You’ve got a point there,” Blaine said, inclining his head in acknowledgment. “But still, the prom? A stupid school-sponsored event full of boys in bad rental tuxes grinding on their intoxicated girlfriends all night?”

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I picture Dex as the oldest of three. His younger siblings are twins, (insert two Irish names here,) and he loves them with his whole world. He’s 100% the older brother type, and that’s why he’s always working. Because neither of his parents went to college but they’re still making ends meet, but Dex wants better for (names). He wants them to have nice clothes for that middle school dance and he wants them to be able to buy the next book of their favorite series.

So even in college, while being an athlete and taking advanced math classes, he’s working. And that was the condition for him joining the team, he told hall and Murray. He’s no Jack Zimmermann, he wasn’t trying to strong arm them. But he laid out the situation, and hall and Murray agreed that as long as it doesn’t affect his playing, there’s no reason he can’t work. (And it’s not like sleep will be an issue, because Dex has been running on low sleep since day one. He came out of the womb exhausted in the way that only a 13 or 17 hour work day will do to you.)

And so he works. He works a lot. He’s taking the minimum number of credit hours so that he has time to work, and he’ll be pulling double shifts on the lobster boat over the summer to save up some money, and Dex knows hard work is what I’m saying. There is more work ethic in Dex’s left pinky than there is in the entire rest of the team, some days.

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I had a hard time coming up with who should be who tbh. First off though, I’d like to clarify that I don’t think each Derp Crew member acts like the stereotype they are supporting in this fanfiction. For the sake of ZeRoyalChaos and TehFawkes I had to switch some things around. I also had a lot of time skips due to my laziness, so sorry about that. In this part, most of the story is the Derp Crew in situations the Breakfast Club were in. The second part will be more different from the movie. Well, that’s it. Enjoy!

Warnings: Strong language

Pairings: ZeRoyalChaos and TehFawkes, although most of the story won’t have any romance. Most of it will be in the second part.

- - -

Groaning, Anthony stumbled out of his dad’s car with a bag filled with his lunch in hand. Looking around he saw other teens his age doing the same as he was. With just a glance at them, Anthony could tell this was gonna be a shitty detention.

Walking into the library, a boy with dark brown hair donning a tie and dress jacket was comfortably sat in the first row. He seemed to be the most non-weird person in the room which persuaded Anthony to sit next to him.

As Anthony took a seat, the boy shot a disapproving and annoyed look at him but quickly turned away. With embarrassment building up in his gut, Anthony turned his head to look at everyone else in the room: a curly-haired teen in the back by himself, a darker-skinned boy with a knitted sweater and a tall man wearing iconic blue glasses and a trench coat. In his head Anthony made a checklist of the stereotypes the people here seemed to be like.

Prince? Check.

Basket case? Check.

Brain? Check.

No idea.

However, Anthony knew he stood out the most with his football jersey.

Jock? Check.

A minute after, the teacher strode in with his head held high.

Clapping his hands together once, he bellowed,“ So! You are all here for a reason. With what you did this week, I suggest you -”

With a deafening voice that countered the teacher’s, the guy with the blue glasses, who seemed to have stripped himself of his trench coat spoke up,“Yeah, yeah. We get it,” Mimicking the teacher’s voice, the teen imitated, “‘I suggest you listen to me and don’t do anything else that would earn you another detention.’ No one cares, old man!”

Punk? Check.

The teacher, whose face has gotten red over the teen’s outburst, clenched his fist and opened his mouth to most likely yell something back, but closed it before anything could come out. He took a deep breath and composed himself.

“Thank you for that comment, Tom,” Sighing, the teacher moved his gaze to everyone else in the room.“Anyway, my name is Mr. Montoya and you will be here for nine hours starting…now!”

Barely audible groans emitted from the teens. When the teacher seemed to not say anything else, he spoke up again.

“I’ll be in my office which is not far from here at all, so if any of you are too loud, I can, and I will hear you. Watch your mouths and find something productive to do.”

He walked out of the room and into another one that was across the hall.

As soon as Mr. Montoya was out of the room, the guy with the glasses who was presumably named Tom stood up and started to stroll around the room, examining everyone with judgmental and piercing eyes.

Stopping at the dark-skinned boy, he questioned,“What’s your name?”

Fear evident in his eyes, he stuttered out,“A-Anthony…”

“Well we better come up with a nickname for you because my name’s Anthony as well.” The jock Anthony sneered.

“I - uh… Y-You can call me GaLm…”

GaLm was still obviously scared, avoiding eye contact with Tom.

Tom nodded his head with a grunt and walked over to where Anthony was sitting.

“So,” Looking at the brown-haired boy next to Anthony, Tom continued,“What’s your name?”

With a confident look in his eyes, the teen answered,“John.”

Gesturing his hand in between Anthony and John, he questioned,“Are you guys dating or something? Y'know, dates… kisses… maybe even the ol’ thrust mov-”

Oh, go to Hell!” John screeched.

Snickering, Tom raised his hands in defense but didn’t say anything and walked over to the guy at the back and stopped in front of his desk.

“I get the vibe that you don’t talk much, but would you mind at least telling me what your name is?”

The boy shook his head violently and covered his face with his hands and started to make squeaking noises. Normally Anthony would’ve found it cute, but this guy seemed to be a total nutcase.

Tom remained where he was with his eyebrow raised and started tapping his foot. The boy could probably tell that Tom wouldn’t go without an answer, so he rummaged in his bag for a piece of paper and pencil. Finally finding some, he wrote “Steven” on it and then quickly put it away.

Tom smirked and slapped Steven’s back, making another squeak escape from his mouth.

“Well thanks for telling me, Steven.”

Finally sitting back at his desk, Tom was quiet at first, but then began to make guitar noises, accompanied with air guitar motions. After a few seconds, he stopped and set his eyes to GaLm.

“Hey, GaLm, why don’t you close the door over there and we can show Prom King over here what getting a hickey feels like,“He snarled, gazing at John.

John’s mouth fell open and he started becoming extremely flustered. Trying to muster up words in vain, gibberish stumbling off of his tongue.

With how rude and annoying Tom was being, Anthony turned around to face him with anger in his eyes.

“Hey, would you mind shutting up?!”

Tom’s eyes widened behind his glasses and he put his hand on his chest in mock astonishment. Quickly removing it, he glared at Anthony.

“Actually yes, Sport-o, I would mind,” Pointing a finger at John, he continued,“Why’re you getting so worked up anyway? I thought you said you weren’t dating each other.”

This guy’s attitude was irritating Anthony beyond words.

“We aren’t dating! Me standing up for him is just something called human decency – something that you probably wouldn’t know anything about!”

Raising his eyebrows at Anthony’s little scene, Tom opened his mouth to say a snarky comeback but was interrupted by Mr. Montoya leaving his office. Tom quickly scurried over to the desk between Anthony and John and plopped himself onto the chair with an innocent look on his face.

Without a glance at the detention room, Mr. Montoya exited the hall. Quick to action, Tom dashed to the door and started to twist the screws out.

“Uh, Tom… that’s school property. I really don’t think you should be doing that.” GaLm stated.

“GaLm’s right. You better stop right now before we get in trouble because of you and your bullshit.” Anthony hissed.

Tom only ignored them and continued to remove the screws. After deciding he took enough, he shoved them in his pocket and scrambled back to his desk as the door shut behind him.

“Hey, asshole! Put them back!” Anthony barked.

“Shh! Before h-”

Put them back, you fu-

Shut up!” Tom snapped one final time before Mr. Montoya stomped into the room from another entrance.

“Why was that door closed?!” Mr. Montoya belted while pointing at the door.

Turning towards John, he repeated,“Why was that door closed?!”

John stammered out,“I - I don’t know! It just closed by itself.”

Behind him, Tom asked,“How’re we supposed to know, though,” Not looking at Mr. Montoya in the eye, he added,“We’re not supposed to move, correct?”

Mr. Montoya ignored Tom and snapped his head toward Steven. He snarled,“Tell me what happened!”

Steven squeaked once and put his face onto his desk, his hoodie covering his head.

“He doesn’t talk, sir.” Tom acknowledged.

Looking around with infuriated eyes, Mr. Montoya gave up and hurried over to the door and grabbed a nearby chair.

As he positioned it in front of the door, Tom advised,“The door’s too heavy.”

Not bothering to listen, Mr. Montoya let go of the door, which only ended up in it slamming closed and making the chair fall over, with him on the other side.

Everyone started to snicker as he quickly marched back into the room with a face that tried to hide his embarrassment in vain.

“Chaos! Get over here!”

Anthony stood up and rushed over to Mr. Montoya’s side. They both began to carry a small magazine shelf together, intending to put it in front of the door.

“Why does he get to get up?! That’s unfair! If he can get up, we all can!” Tom yelled.

The pair ignored him and continued to push the shelf. Finally finishing up, Tom was getting desperate and reminded them,“What if there’s a fire though? You’re violating fire codes and endangering the lives of children. For shame, Montoya. For shame.”

Realization hitting him, Mr. Montoya shifted his head to look at Anthony and nagged,“What were you thinking?! Go put that back!”

Anthony nodded his head and began to shove the shelf back. As he shuffled back to his desk, Mr. Montoya stormed out of the room, irritation and humiliation no doubt filling every inch and crevice of his being.

Tom wore a smug look with his arms crossed and proudly looked at everyone in the room.

~Time Skip~

The topic of the teens’ parents came up and John was the first person to talk about his parents.

“I really don’t think my parents care about me… like, they just use me to get back at each other.” John mumbled.

John’s words catching Steven’s attention, he suddenly exclaimed,“Ha!”

John turned around to glare at him with disbelief and surprise evident in his face.

Leaning back in his chair, Steven teared up and quickly shut his mouth. On the side, Anthony grinned, proud of Steven for saying something against John’s whining.

“Shut up!”

“Oh, you should be the one shutting up. You’re only feeling sorry for yourself.” Anthony muttered.

“Well if I didn’t, nobody else would!” John fumed.

“You’re breaking my heart, sweetie.” Sarcasm dryly fell from Anthony’s mouth.

With nothing to say back, John awkwardly slumped back in his chair and started to play with his thumbs.

~Time Skip~

“You guys have thirty minutes to eat lunch here.” Mr. Montoya stated.

“Here?” Anthony questioned.

“Yes, here.”

“Well, will milk be provided to us?” Tom asked.

“I’m extremely thirsty, sir.” Anthony added.

“You know what, I’ll just go get it. No biggie.” Tom stood up from his chair but was stopped by Mr. Montoya raising his hand.

“Ah, ah, ah. Go sit back in your chair, Fawkes,” Turning to Anthony, he simply said,“You.”

Anthony groaned and grudgingly pushed his chair out and stood up.

Looking over everyone in the room, he pointed at Steven, once again repeating,“You.”

Steven’s eyes shot wide open, and he started to glare at Mr. Montoya with such intensity that even Anthony became scared for him.

He then rose from his seat and stomped out the door with Anthony behind him.

- - -

“So when we get there what do you want?”

Steven only gazed at Anthony, not bothering to reply.

Feeling extremely awkward and uncomfortable, Anthony just turned around and muttered,“Forget I asked…”

After another few seconds, Steven replied,“Just get me a soda.”

Steven started to walk faster, causing Anthony to jog over to him.

“Hey, can you tell me why you’re here?”

Steven remained silent once again.

“Why’re you here?” Anthony repeated.

Becoming aggravated, Steven quickly turned around and demanded,“Why’re you here?!”

Surprised by his sudden outburst, Anthony stepped backwards into the wall.

“Well,” He hesitated,“ I just, uh, y'know. Got into a fight trying to help some nerd being bullied.”

He humorlessly chuckled with a forced smile.

“That’s a nice story… but why don’t you tell me why you’re really here.”

Huffing, Anthony pushed himself off the wall and continued to the cafeteria,“Forget it.”

~Time Skip~

After lunch, everyone stayed in their seats with unusually tense silence filling the air.

Sighing, Tom stood up and rushed to the hallway. Acknowledging what he was doing, Steven watched him with amusement and bewilderment dancing in his eyes.

Tom popped his head into Mr. Montoya’s office room, finding out that he was gone. With a sneer, he hurried out of the room with everyone’s attention now directed at him. Not knowing what else to do, they all hesitantly followed Tom, afraid of what was about to come.

~Time Skip~

Stopping at a horribly damaged locker, Tom pushed his hand in and brought out a bag with ground-up plants inside. Immediately recognizing what it was, Steven gasped and stumbled back, a look of sheer regret and terror showing in his eyes.

Quickly glancing at Steven, Anthony knew something was wrong. Inspecting what was inside the bag for a little while longer, he finally realized what it was: weed.

Tom laughed as he looked at everyone’s expressions but was quickly cut off by upbeat whistling, no doubt coming from Mr. Montoya. Everyone’s mind couldn’t catch up with their bodies, and they soon found themselves running through the halls.

With too many close calls of running into Mr. Montoya, Anthony was getting annoyed and decided to get to the detention room through the school yard. Everyone followed him but found out that the gates to the yard was locked. The small amount of hope that everyone had had was soon lost and John fell onto his knees.

“Well…looks like this is it, huh.” John humorlessly chuckled.

Feeling a pang of guilt in his chest for causing everything, Tom decided to take the blame. “For me it is.”

After stuffing the bag of marijuana into GaLm’s trousers, Tom dashed off to the opposite direction of the detention room. Anthony smirked as he heard the distant sound of lockers slamming and being pounded on.

Suddenly being snapped out of his trance, Anthony motioned for everyone to follow him to the detention room.

Luckily, everyone – except Tom was able to get to the detention room before Mr. Montoya.

After five minutes of worrying about Tom’s wellbeing, Mr. Montoya stormed in with a red face. Tom wasn’t with him.

Without saying a word, Mr. Montoya started to look around the room, most likely searching for Tom. No one dared to say anything.

Finally, Mr. Montoya straightened his back and sighed. He then sauntered out of the room while muttering incoherent words under his breath.

Not too long after the teacher left the room, Tom fell from the ceiling, catching everyone by surprise.

“Eugh,” Tom moaned while slowly getting up from his position on the floor.“Air vents aren’t the most comfortable routes to use when hiding from someone.”

Everyone stared at Tom with gaping mouths. There was no way he crawled through the air vents…right?

Noticing everyone’s expressions, Tom smirked and put his hands on his hips. “Just call me ‘James Bond’ from now o-” He stopped mid-sentence and snapped his fingers in realization of something.

Tom walked over to GaLm and pointed at his pants. Realizing what Tom meant, he awkwardly searched in his boxers for the bag of weed and threw it to him.

Tom grinned and skipped to a corner of the room. John watched him and soon followed him. GaLm did the same while Steven silently glared at everyone with no intention of moving from his chair. Anthony pushed his chair out but earned a pleading look from Steven that basically said Please don’t go, it’s a bad idea. He wondered why he was the only one that Steven gave a warning look to but quickly shrugged it off. Anthony hesitated but caught a quick glance of Tom, John and Galm and decided to go with them. Steven’s expression turned cold and he quickly turned away, refusing to look at Anthony. Something about that struck a chord in Anthony and he started to drag his feet over to the others with his head hung low in shame.

Slowly falling in love chapter 14- Yoongi

Y/N - your name,    Y/F/N- your friend name

Genere: Romance, Angst, Smut (in next parts)

chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, kiss scene- Yoongi pov, chapter 4,chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7,chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13

WC: 2021

Summary:  He’s the worst guy in school, everyone is scared of him, he don’t give a shit about his grades or classes, still all the girls are in love with him. That’s how you would describe him- MIN YOONGI. You’re the only one that’s not into him, you are more scared of him then in love. And after that one stupid thing you did it was only worse… well that’s what you thought at first.

Part: 14/15

She does. But anyways here’s my plan on how to get her back to you…- Jimin started.

After 4 hours of sitting, drinking and talking Jimin and Yoongi fell alseep. Jimin explained his plan to his hyung with every detail. Yoongi wasn’t sure if it will work but he stil wanted to try. Now he just had to wait until prom night. It was still almost a month away but Yoongi was already feeling uneasy about it. 

On Saturday morning you woke up pretty early. It was 9 am and you were ready to start your day.  You decided to call yoongi and ask him if you can meet and work on your project. You hardly believed he would pick up because he’s not a morning person. 

He’s probably still sleeping.- You thought to yourself before clicking “call”.

Hello?- You heard Yoongi’s voice.

Hi Yoongi. Did I wake you up?- You asked concerned.

No no you didn’t.- He answered.

Oh okay. i just wanted to ask if we can meet today and work on our project?- You informed.

Yeah of course we can. I’ll be at your place in 15 minutes, if it’s cool with you?- Yoongi stated.

Ok no problem. See you- You informed and hung up.

You were surprised. Yoongi never wakes up tihs early and he’s never so eager to work on school stuff. You smiled to yourself thinking how hard he’s working on this. Just like he said he was at your place after 15 minutes.

Hi.- Yoongi said when he came inside.

Hi. Do you want someting to drink or eat?- You asked right after he sat down on the sofa.

You know I actually didn’t eat breakfast yet and I’m kinda hungry.- He started.

Okay what do you want to eat? Sandwich or eggs or maybe something else. I actually didn’t eat too so I’m starving.- You said after asking him.

You know maybe we can go out and eat something and then come back and work on the project. It will take less time and you won’t have to prepar anything. Of course only if you want to.- He suggested.

That sounds perfect. Let me just go get change and we can go.- You said smiling while going to your room.

After 5 minutes you were ready and you and Yoongi could go out to eat. After next 15 minutex of driving Yoongi stopped in front of small coffe shop that you used to go to when you were dating. This place was perfect. It’s located away from all the noise and cars and it has really good coffe and amzing breakfasts. When you sat down Yoongi went to order for both of you. He came back with black coffe for him and with Cappuchino for you.

I ordered French Toasts with cinnamon and apples for you and grilled sandwich with chesse and ham for me.- He informed you with slight smile.

Thanks.- You returned the smile and took a sip from your coffe.

You still remember?- You laughed slightly.

Huh?- He asked.

Cappuchino and French Toasts.- He said.

Ohhh this. Of course I do. You always orderd the same thing everytime we came here. And I mean excatly the same thing. French Toasts with cinnamon and apples and Cappuchino.- He laughed.

Hey and you? You ordered the same thing too. Each time we were here.- You both started laughing..

After you both finished eating Yoongi paid even thoug you told him you can split and you will pay your half. As soon as you came home you started working on the project. Yoongi was working really hard. He was looking for all the information that you guys needed and when he founf them he gave them to you so you can put it all togethet for your presentation. You guys spent like all day working on the project and also just laughing and talking.

Ughhh I’m so tired. - Yoongi said as he stretched.

Uhhh me too. We spent all day working on this project and I’m really tired and my butt hurts from sitting for so long.- You laughed.

At least we are done with our project.- You added.

Yeah, I think we did a really good job.Okay it’s alredy 6 pm. time really went by fast- He said.

Yeah it did.- You agreed with him and you heared your phine ringing.

Sorry I will just answer.- You said and went to another room.

After 5 minutes you came backe to the living room.

Sorry it was my mom. She just called to…- You didn’t finish because you saw that Yoong felli asleep on the sofa.

You went to get a blanket and a pillow. You covered Yoongi and put his head on the pillow.

You look cute when you’re sleeping. You look so peaceful.- you said to yourself as you werew stroking his black hair gently.

You gave him soft kiss on the forehead and stood up but you felt his hand on you arm. He was holding it and didn’t wanted to let go. You decided to stay little longer but ended up fall asleep on the floor with your head on the sofa and your hand holding Yoongi’s.

When you woke up you saw Yoongi staring at you. You quickly stood up and relised that you were in your bed. You were wondering how you got there because it wasn’t the position you fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw you sleeping on the floor so I decided to just lay you down in your bed. And then I went back to sleep. - Yoongi explained.

Oh thank you.- You said.

What time is it?- You asked.

It’s 10 am- Yoongi answered.

I’ll get going. See you tomorrow- Min said as he went out of your room.

Bye.- You said as you went downstairs after him.

You spent the rest of the day looking for a dress for the prom. As you were in one of the shops you noticed Namjoon and Jungkook. You figured that they were looking for a suit. You heared them talking.

Don’t you think it’s great that Yoongi and Jimin finlally made up hyung?- Jungkook asked.

Yeah it’s great. Now it finally feels like before.- Namjoon smiled and they went out.

It was little surprising to you when you heard that. Neither Jimin or Yoongi told you about this. You wanted to call Jimin and ask him about it but you just decided to wait till tomorrow.

Next day when you met Jimin in school you asked him right away.

Why didn’t you tell me huh?- You were acting like you’re mad.

Didn’t tell you what?- Jimin asked.

That you and Yoongi made up.- You answered him.

Ohhh this. I don’t know I just didn’t know it’s that important.- He laughed.

Whatever. So did you find you mask for prom?- You asked him changing the subject.

No and how about you? Did you find you dress and mask?- He asked you the same question.

Nope still looking.- You answered sadly.

No worries I’m sure you’ll find it soon.- Jimin smiled as you two went inside the classroom.

It’s been almost two weeks and you still didn’t find the dress or the mask. But it wasn’t important right now. It was Thursday and it was the day of the presentation. You were nervous and so was Yoongi but he told you not to worry and that everything will be okay. You watched how other groups were talking and presenting their projects. It was time for you and Yoongi. You went to the center of the classroom and looked at Yoongi.

It’s gonna be fine.- He said and smiled at you.

Told you we’re gonna do great.- After you two finished Yoongi looked at you and whispered.

After couple of minutes Ms. Kim told us the results. 

There was one group that did amzing job, and their presentation was really good. And this group is Yoongi and Y/N. You guys did really good and both of you are getting A+.- Ma. Kim inforemd.

After the class was finished you went to  Yoongi and hugged him tightly.

Hey see I was right.- He hugghed you back.

Yeah yeah you were.- You laughed and looked at him.

Thank you Y/N.- Yoongi looked into your eyes.

For what?- You asked.

Just… Thank you.- He said and went to the door.

Hey Yoongi… Thank you too.- You said and looked at him.

He smiled and went out. It was happening agian. To you heart. Whebn you saw him smile and when he hugged you. There was this feeling in your heart, this warmth you feel when he’s around. You smiled to yourself and went out. 

You decided to go shopping after school. You wanted to fing the dress and the mask for prom. After 3 hours of looking you finally found the perfect dress and perfect mask. 

You bought black heels and you had everything you needed for your prom night. You were excited for the prom night. It was less than two weeks away. Yo and your classmates were already rehearsing the half-time dance. Your partner was Jimin. So far it was going all good. There was still 8 more rehearsals to do. And only 2 weeks left. 

1 week until prom night. each day you were getting more excited. Prom is the best thing and it willbe your last one because you are graduating. Everyone was super happy about prom especially girls but so was Yoongi.

Hyung, come on we need to talk.- Jimin took Yoongi at the rooftop.

Okay Yoongi do you remember the plan?- Jimin aksed.

Yeah I do.- Yoongi answered.

Good. I called guys so that we will tell them about our plan.- Park informed.

Okay.- Yoongi said.

After 5 minutes they were all there.

Okay guyts listen, me and Yoongi hyung have a plan how to get hyun and Y/n back together. It’s all gonna happen at prom night of course.- Jimin started.

So wht’s the plan?- Hoseok asked curiously.

It will all start at the half-time dance. Me and Yoongi will have same masks on and when it’s time for the dance we’ll switch partners and so Yoongi hyung will be dancing with Y/N and not me. And then you Jungkook will go in amd dance with my partner. So that Y/N won’t suspect anything weird. The dance is easy after going back to your original partner we are doing normal ballroom dance with our partners and then Y/N is dancing with hyung and you Jungkook will change places with me agian so I’m gonna be dancing. As the dancing goes on hyung will be charminjust do what he will need to do, what his heart will tell him to. And then when it’s time to take off our mask Y/N’s find out that she’s dancing with Yoongi. Easy isn’t it?- Jimin finished explaning their plan to the guys.

But don’t you think that Y/N noona will think she’s dancing with Jimin and she will think that you are trying to hit on her?- Jungkook asked confused.

No.- Jimin answered confidently.

How do you know that?- Jungkook kep on asking.

I just do. Trust me- Jimin asured him.

Okay.- They all said.

After they all knew the plan they decided to go to Yoongi’s place and just drink and play games. 

By the way how aare you so sure Y/N’ not going to mistake Yoongi as you?- Taehyung asked Jimin on their way to Yoongi’s place

Come on Tae, she loves him. And she knows him, he can wear any mask he wants and Y/N will still recogise him. By his lips, by his moves, by his touch, and by his eyes.- Jimin explained.

Hah you’re right. Sometimes you’re a genius Jimin.- They both laughed.

Of course I am.- Jimin added.

Oh but does hyung know?- Tae asked.

Nope and it will stay this way. Now let’s go have fun with guys.- Jimin grabbed Taehyung and went inside.

They spent all night playing games and drinking. And also talking about the plan, they were talking about every detail. Prom was only 3 days away. 

Robbie Kay- Prom (Part Two)

Author: peachyxpan

Warning(s): None

Requested: Yes (lexy2784: “Can i please have part 2 to Robbie Kay prom” and Anonymous: “Omg your imagine “Prom” I remember reading this a long time ago but I always wanted a part 2 😭 pleease”)

Summary: Determined to make up for his mistake, Robbie chases after what he knows is the best thing that had ever happened to him. He makes it his mission not only to get Y/N back, but to give her a night that will be worth remembering.

Words: 1276

Notes: Thank y’all so so much for requesting. I love you.  ❤️

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Prom: Josh Washington x Reader

Request: Can you please do something in which, as prom season approaches, the reader don’t have a date and she secretly hope than Josh asks her come to the prom with him… but they are friends, and she’s afraid to make the first move ?

Word count: 869

You walked towards your locker, unlocking it, and emptying your bag. You grabbed your books for your first period, but suddenly noticed a big poster hanging on the library window. You walked towards the poster, reading over the words.

‘Only people with dates will be let in.’ You cursed since you didn’t have your eye on anybody. You thought carefully, but was interrupted by Josh scaring you.


“Oh my god, Josh! You just gave me a heart attack!” You put your hand on your chest as you calmed down, Josh hysterically laughing at you. 

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