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you're absolutely gorgeous and super cool? you have a right to be rude to stupid anons 😂

Anyone has a right to give back whatever energy they receive, and I’m so tired of seeing ppl take shit and thinks it’s okay to message people you have and will never meet hate comments just because your own life sucks. Thank you so much QT ☺️💗

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recently read about an english mastiff breeder in nsw who outcrossed their line with a greyhound, to controversy within breed circles. personally, no expert, but i think this is a great idea. do you have suggestions for how to find other breeders doing similar, or how dog lovers can encourage this sort of thing more generally -- especially in breeds with severely bottlenecked genetics like the english mastiff? (qt: came for the berner breed eval, stayed for everything else)

I think it’s a great idea, outcrossing to a breed to acquire a few desired characteristics and then breeding back to the target breed.

Dog breeders are likely to have a fit because the dogs in question are no longer ‘pure’.

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Nobody cares, really, if a dog’s lines are ‘pure’ back to 100 generations. If somebody wants a purebred dog they just want a dog that looks and acts a certain way. The obsession with ‘purity’ in the dog breeding world is not based on science and frankly a little bit worrying.

Dogs are dogs. We should be breeding for health first, behavior and shape second. ‘Purity’ is such an unimportant and genetically meaningless concept.

There are so many breeds that could be improved by crossing to another breed with the desired trait every 5-10 generations. Here is a fairly famous example of crossing Corgis to Boxers in order to bring the genetic bobtail into boxers before docking was banned in the UK. Here are some of their photos.

Generation one:

Generation 2:

And Generation 5, winning prizes at shows.

There is, as expected, a bit of a huff with some boxer clubs that these bob-tailed boxers are not ‘true’ boxers. But as they continue to be bred to boxers for more and more generations, they really are. The only corgi-specific gene that is still selected for is the bob tail one, and these dogs are otherwise indistinguishable from ‘real’ boxers.

If we could do this targeting desirable health traits in breeds that are lacking them, we could improve the health of multiple breeds. This would require a major shift in current breed clubs, and breeder’s philosophy, and I unfortunately don’t know how to make this happen.

Their Story Chapter 145 translation

Link to chapter here

Background: (Happy birthday song, goodbyes, laughter)

QF: Be careful on your way back~ 

QF: Sun Jing! Do you and Qiu Tong need to call a cab? 

SJ: Nah, we are going to take a walk. 

(Walking along the street)

QT: …Why aren’t you saying anything? 

SJ: …….

SJ: Qiu Tong…… is very outstanding. 

QT (chuckles): Why are you suddenly saying that? 

SJ: Not sudden…… I’ve always thought that way. Being such a great girl, there will definitely be a lot of people who like you. For me… when I think about her (Qiu Tong’s) existence in this world, I already feel very blissful. 

SJ: But today, I still felt a bit… anxious… (anxious to the extent I kicked someone’s chair)

SJ (laughing it off) : I’m not well-cultivated enough! Not well cultivated enough.

SJ: Qiu Tong!

QT: En. 

SJ: If one day — you have someone you like 

SJ: You must definitely tell me. Okay? 

SJ: Ah, I think we are reaching your house (I see the fountain).

SJ: I’ll get going first then, bye bye.

(Qiu Tong grabs Sun Jing) 

SJ: ah

SJ: Qiu……? 

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hi. there's only so many times I can reread Queen's Thief and not die waiting for the next book. tell me there are other series I can die for meanwhile???

God I feel you anon, I feel you. Let’s see… @shaelit did a rec list for people suffering from withdrawal symptoms, and while I don’t know a single one of the books mentioned there I do trust Shae’s taste, so give that a try! As for books I know…

If you’re looking for someone as ruthlessly manipulative and absolutely brilliant as Gen, against a backdrop of politics and exile, you could try Finnikin of the Rock. As far as I know it’s a series, though my library only had the first book and I ended up never finding the rest. I have only faint, hazy memories of this book, other than falling in love with the cunning schemer, so let me know what it’s like if you read it!

For characters to fall in love with and the weight of being mythical in your own time, I suggest E. Jade Lomax’s Leagues and Legends series, starting with Beanstalk. You can read these books free on the author’s website! Or if you like you can order paperback versions for… I don’t remember exactly, but it’s a very reasonable price. It’s kind of hard to come up with a blurb that does these books justice, to be honest, but suffice to say the first book’s tagline is “the adventures of a Jack of All Tales.” Click the links for more, see if it’s up your creek.
(You could also check out the author’s stuff on ao3 if you enjoy being brought to tears by beautiful prose.)

For intricate plotting, complex worldbuilding, and edge-of-your-seat tension born not from action scenes but from characters’ conflicting goals, you could go for the Split Worlds series. These feature family politics to rival Game of Thrones, Fae Lords of the terrifying kind, and intriguing new forms of sorcery involving gargoyles and dislocated souls.

This last one isn’t really very similar to Queen’s Thief at all, but it does have some nice quasi-historical worldbuilding and characters who grow more distant and more mythical as the books progress, even as you meet more and more characters to fall in love with. The Squire’s Tales are Arthurian legend told from the inside, from the perspective of someone who wouldn’t have been the hero in the stories that got told. It’s a great way to get into Arthurian legend, or if you already love the tales of Camelot it’s a great new take on a lot of the stories you’ll be familiar with. (I suggest starting with the first two books and ending with the last two, but all the middle ones can be read in any order.)

I think that Daryl needed that hug more. It was just a very, very  dangerous task that he was going off on - that everyone was going off on, and also it may be the last time that the two of them see each other. And he’s the closest to her I think that any of them are. […] You know it was great shooting that scene - hugging him - just because of the shoulder pads. All the gear and everything, and he’s sitting on the bike, so it was kind of hard to maneuver it without maybe smacking myself or him in the face.
—  Melissa McBride, Talking Dead 7x01: “Episode 801 Mercy” (22/Oct/2017)
Walking In On You Changing (EXO)

“Exo reaction to walking in on them changing, if that’s allowed/not too busy 💕💕💕”

(gif creds to the original owners)

He would be super friendly and back out quickly, apologising over and over again. But, he would definitely wink or make a dumb joke when you were done changing. You’d be completely red in the face as you threw a sofa cushion at him, and he’d say he actually felt really bad after he had chuckled at the flung cushion. He’s still a gentlemen, trying his hardest to get the image out of his head.

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(from goof to rood to cute in like 3 seconds my poor heart)

Cute blushy bb will completely cover his face with a sudden shriek, which made you jump. Your face would be on fire as you quickly covered up. He quickly stumbled out of your room. After you’d done, you walk out and he would bend 90 degrees to apologise and you would mumble it’s fine. “For a 28 year old, you sure do blush a whole lot,” you’d joke and the poor boy would be even redder.

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(i was literally cackling at ‘knowing brothers’)

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Doujin: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 

Fic: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX!! @right—meow Kat and I hope you enjoy your birthday gift

@konekat and I have been laying the groundwork down for this collab for a while and ahhhh!! :D It is hilarious and adorableee ~ I had to get Kat to screenshot me Snapchat stuff because I literally don’t know what it looks like. And it is affectionately nicknamed ‘Hi-QT’ for reasons that will become more obvious when Part 2 is up. (Which SHOULD BE LATER TONIGHT!!!)

Look at that beautiful filter Makki used on Kyou lol he looks super romantic ~ Happy birthday, sweet and lovely Alex. :) You are always so kind and supportive and always thinking about others u3u Enjoy your special day! Please wish some lovely wishes to precious Alex!


These are my babies, Heart the Metallic Doll and Clover the Wooden Doll

They were based on a cute yet eerie dream I had where tiny doll children had to fight to protect themselves. I found the dream really intriguing so I’ve been making a story out of it ever since then! 


rises casually from the grave

bet you didn’t think you’d get another awesome collab, didn’t you! WELL GUESS WHAT, YOU ARE! AND WHAT’S MORE, YOU GET NOT ONE, NOT TWO, NOT THREE, BUT FOUR BILLS IN ONE POST!! Now that’s what I call a great deal (ugly laughing)

Yo I adore these artists they’re freaking fantastic follow them you if you don’t already: @krispy-arts, @qt-cacti, and @rodentartinkyl !!!! THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS COLLAB (s/o to inkyl for organizing this whole thing <3)

PROCESS DOWN BELOW (aka we split up sketch, lineart, base color, and shading among all of us. it was fkin awesome)

warm up QT frans drawing before i started working on the QT comic for today.

i want to post some of my warm up sketches too but i think they’re too messy.



“They don‘t make you more valuable“

(A/N): I’ve got an announcement, but not really, some of my writings from the official master list have been removed. They can be found under the tag ‘scribbles‘. Enjoy x

Words: 1,131

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Today is Josh‘s and Tyler‘s first time attending the Grammy‘s. But that‘s just the beginning, who would‘ve guessed that those two dudes from Columbus Ohio are going to be nominated for five Grammys one day? The same guys, that write music, that consists of every genre you could think of, about things nobody wants to talk about. The duo representing this generation‘s local dreamers. 

The moment their feet touch the red carpet, both of them feel a rush of excitement and a hint of nervousness raging through their body. After getting some photos taken, the two are lead to an interviewer. The guy has the biggest grin plastered on his face and the most enthusiastic attitude he could pull off. 

“It‘s so nice to see you guys! Five Grammy nominees, how do you feel about that?“ the man shrieks and holds out his microphone for them to speak into. 

Just like usual, Tyler takes the lead and answers the question. Even though Josh has improved in public speaking, he‘s used to his best friend being the one in control so all he does is nodding his head in agreement. Suddenly, he recognises a familiar face in the corner of his eyes while listening to his bandmate talk and couldn’t help but quickly turns around, to see no one other than (Y/F/N). The girl he has been and still is in love with. Doesn‘t matter how cliche it may sound, but the guy is hundred percent convinced that she‘s his one and true love. 

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“We are the QUANTUM Gems, we’ll always save the day !!”


- AAAAA Took me all the afternoon to finish this QuQ

Since I knew you like Steven Universe, I thought “Why not combine QuantumTale and Steven Universe ??” and BOOM !! Here I go, with this little drawing of the gems (missing the barnmates, but i’ll draw them later, maybe tonight ^^“)

So here you have Steven (as QT!Frisk), Amethyst (as QT!Undyne), Pearl (as QT!Toriel) and Garnet (as QT!Asgore) ! ^u^

(Since there’s already a SU AU (I think it’s Gemtale or something like that ?), could we call this QuantumGem ??? OwO)


COOT!!!! <3 <3

Probably Carol. And for reasons I think you’ll probably understand through this season [2]. And I just like her as an actress. And I think she does such a good job bringing so much emotion and pain to her role that it’s super interesting for me.

Norman Reedus, ZomBcon interview (21-23/Oct/2011)

Other than your own character, who would you say is your favorite character on the show?

Lance and Keith in bed

Lance: Alright babe, tell me what you want~

Keith: Well, a burger sounds pretty good right now..

Lance: What?

Keith: Or maybe a new knife. One that’s bigger and-

Lance: No. No. Keith this isn’t what I meant-

Keith: Ooh. Also some new boots. That’d be cool.

Lance: I- I don’t think you’re getting what I was saying-

Keith: I could also use some new music, cause I’m sick of mine and Pidge’s and Hunk’s tastes are t e r r i b l e

Lance: KEITH

Keith: ….

Lance: Keith. That’s not what I meant. Come on, you know this… Now. Let’s try again, and you say it right okay?

Keith: Oh… O- Okay.

Lance: Alright baby… Tell me what you want to do~

Keith: …. Vol- Tron?

Lance: *Already putting pants back on*

So, what do you think I should neighm her???

(insert bad pun husky)

Okay, no more of that.  What you see here is an Amerai, Nana Baby QT.  With Mint On Card going in-stock only I realized I needed to start spending the points I’ve been hoarding since 2009.  I spent half on her and the other half will probably get the lavender one, Miss Luna.  I am not really a tiny guy, but I am a sucker for cute.

@funnylori, do you have any scraps of fur I could steal to make her a mane?  Pink, purple, or blue?

When Daryl is with Carol on the way to find Beth, he’s learned that she’s gone through a bunch of things that’s hard on her and I think he’s not pushing her to answer what they are. He doesn’t really want to talk about it because she doesn’t want to talk about it. You know, those two people are so close [so] that it’s ok. She can tell him when she’s ready to tell him.
—  Norman Reedus, Talking Dead 4x06: “506 consumed” (16/Nov/2014)