no i shouldnt eat it

uncool as ever, haha


ok there’s a pretty full bag of hot cheetos in the kitchen for free but like they’ve already been opened…….. rationally i know i shouldnt just go eat some unknown persons cheetos w germs all over them lmao but im Hungry!!!

I just binged. That was at least 1000 calories. I have no self control when my parents aren’t home. I shouldnt take that opportunity to eat everything, but to fast without anyone noticing. I have been messing up for almost 2 weeks now. I really hope next week will be better

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you probably wont post this ask but i just wanted to let you know that your reply to that anon who was bashing miley for black appropriation is one of the best response ive read . I get that black appropriation is an issue but ppl need to stop being over sensitive about things . I dont get why ppl get so mad when artists get braids etc . If the world can use chopsticks to eat , braids shouldnt be an issue. Lol

I know. Not everything has to be a controversial topic. Plus Miley used to be all country, I don’t see anyone talking about country appropriation? Plus it’s not like Miley debuted as a hip hop artist bitch has changed her music tons of times. I don’t think I should bash her on something that isn’t that big of a deal. Plus if Miley continued with hip hop everyone would be screaming “get over it you’re not black!” Plus when Miley had her dead pets phase I didnt see any drug addict crying over appropriating drug culture.

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Is sugar in fruits bad for you? I also heard you can get bloated and fat from eating too much fruit. Like i heard people who want six packs shouldnt eat carrots because it's so high in sugar

Natural sugars are better than processed sugars but too much sugar is still bad but at least with fruits you’re getting other nutrients and the bloating probably is because a lot of fruit is high in water I’m still navigating and learning what’s what so that could be true but I really don’t know if I’m being honest lol

OK this is something that has been bothering me for a while and i’m not going to be able to express it eloquently enough but basically… if your game comprises of all white sims i’m automatically gonna be kinda :/// because yes it is entirely up to you to choose what you want your sims to look like, but if having only white characters in your game makes it more aesthetically pleasing to you then i think you should take a look @ yourself and figure out if that’s saying something else about you t b h 

edit: and same goes for lgbt sims like if you’re uncomfortable with playing w/ gay sims i’m also going to be a little :/// because there’s a REASON it’s making you so uncomfortable… it might not necessarily come from a place of homophobia but ……