no i shan't tag that

The Youtube comments section for Supergirl videos featuring Superman are a hell scape of nerd boy bitterness after Clark’s loss against Kara, and I think their mindset can be summed up by this one comment:

I’ve been doing that thinking thing again...

I’ve been thinking more about that anon who asked me to tag my spoilers, and I realized that while I didn’t realize what they were referring to at first, and I kinda still don’t, (after all half of my blog relies on spoilers for my analyses), I realized that we all probably have different ideas of what a “spoiler” is. For instance, the videos and pics from Chicago I was posting yesterday I consider a “teaser” rather than spoiler because we don’t have any context. Those things I shared could have been in any teaser trailer and no one would have said anything because it didn’t really give anything away other than Ian getting in trouble for something.

However, I do try to be respectful of other views and ideas and so have decided thusly:

If you do not want ANYTHING from Season 8 “teased” or “spoiled” or whatever you want to call it, please install the TumblrSavior extension on your browser and blacklist the following

Shameless 8

Shameless s8

I already posted this before about when the show is actually running, but I’ll repeat:

If when the show is airing on Showtime you know you will not be able to watch, please blacklist the following:

Shameless 8 spoilers

Shameless s8 spoilers

And I MAY go back at the end of the episode and tag 8x01, 8x02, etc. etc. so you may even want to blacklist those in case it’s only one particular episode you are wanting to block.

BUT that anon could have been referring to anything on my blog SO…

If you have not been caught up to season 7 and you don’t want spoilers from season 7 or anything before (btw kudos to the people who have somehow miraculously avoided s7 spoilers for the past 9 months. I truly admire your spoiler-dodging prowess)

blacklist the following

shameless s7(6, 5, 4, etc)

shameless 7(6, 5, 4, etc.)

The only season I will include the word “spoiler” on is season 8 because I personally don’t view anything before 8x01 as a spoiler at this point. Just Shameless (season #) or Shameless s(season #).

Sound fair? :)

Much love, lovelies