no i really should quit ugh

ok so why keep testing me for jcv when apparently you don’t care about getting the results back for months??? maaan after my neuro was so ugh (‘im not trying to invalidate you’ / literally everything that came out of her mouth is just not quite enough that you can say anything without seeming even more ‘crazy’) maybe ill just find a new doc… the other neuro seemed cool though? but they both did until i came in with Emotional Difficulties and refused to be brushed off

she did raise the dose of my lamictal and that is helping though


“What do people mean when they say ‘suck my dick’?”
“That means ‘Thank you’ in human language“
“Ah. okay. Mark”
“Suck my dick”
“Why do you have to be that person Jack?”

Its always the same. Jack does not understand when Mark tries to embarrass him, no matter how hard Mark tries.

“Hey Jack!” Mark shouted while looking over to Jack “Could you at least try to be uh I don’t know…”
“That is not quite what I was thinking but I guess you can say that aswell”
“What do you mean by ‘Trying’ Mark?”
“Come on Jack you have been on earth for quite a while now, you should understand simple jokes or embarrassing moments”
“Well I never really understood how you humans try to be funny”
“Ugh you really are hard to crack. Isn’t there anything that makes you feel even a bit embarrassed?” He said while dumping him self on the bed
“I don’t think so. I have to go now” And he was gone
Mark stood up and opended the fridge to take out a beer bottle “Angels are weird” He said while drinking his beer

In the following few days Jack always seemed in a bit rush that is why he often didn’t bother “Hiding” his wings.
“Hey Jack” Mark said, after Jack just showed up again, as usual
“Hello Ma-” He cut him self after Mark passed him by, touching his wings lightly
“Uh are you ok?” Mark asked and raised his eyebrow
“Uh-Huh? Yeah of course”
“Well ok then, what do you need?” He sat down on the sofa
“I-I just.. you know what I think I need to go now” having a light blush on his face
“But you just got here?” Mark said
“Yeah I forgot something, Good bye” And he was gone again
“Weird as always” Mark said to himself

Jack came back after 2 days. He wanted to show Mark a case in a suburb near the motel Mark was staying in.
“Mark?” Jack was asking after he didn’t saw mark in the room
He looked up seeing Mark with just a towel around his waist “Whats up?”
As usual Jack didn’t bother seeing Mark half naked in front of him
“There is a case in the suburb 9 miles from here”
“Ok, thanks” Mark went back in the bathroom to get dressed. After he was dresse he turned to Jack and asked “Ok, you want to come with me?”
“No not real-” There it was again Mark Passed by, touching his wings again
Mark turned around “What was that?”
“What was what?” He had the light blush on his face again
“Wait are you ticklish?” Mark moved closer. He started to tickle Jacks sides
“What are you trying to do *straight face*  Mark?”
“Ok not there maybe here…?” He touched his wings by accident while he reached out for Jacks neck
“ah~…” Jack made a high pitched sound and covered his mouth
“Oh you do have a weak spot…” Mark smirked. Standing behind Jack. He reached out for the wings for real this time, sliding his hands over each wing
Jack blushed hard. One hand covering his mouth. The flustered expression on his face made it obvious for Mark that he finally found a way to embarrass Jack
“M-Mark…pleas s-stop…”
“Oh no I finally can make you feel embarrassed, this is fun”
“please stop alrea- AH!”
Mark had his hand on Jacks shoulder baldes. That spot must be the most sensitive one. It was also that in that moment Jack disappeared.
“Oh well, must be too much for 1 day” Mark said and dumped on his bed, with a small smile of vicory on his face.

Just a small fic for @totoro49 I hope you like it (Also inpired by him)

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  • Hugh: listen Bryan, me and Mads have been talking and we think Will and Hannibal should kiss in the last scene.
  • Bryan: really? i think it feels right this way-
  • Mads: no listen, we already have it all planed out it will fit in perfectly.
  • Bryan: honestly guys i don't think their relationship is quite there yet-
  • Mads: no, it totaly is, we're gonna kiss right now.
  • Bryan: but-
  • Hugh: roll the fucking cameras, Bryan.

Aqours Gallery 2: Tsushima Yoshiko

Caption: The fact that a demon has secretly descended upon this land, that’s a secret I wish to teach this world—♡

Ugh— Just a little bit more?
As I thought, maybe I should have brought a selfie-stick—.
Though this angle is good, at this rate, I won’t be able to get all of my costume into the picture!
Hmm, well, it’s fine.
I’ll just have to take two separate pictures of my face and of my costume♡
If I did that, it might just work as part of our PV♪
But even so, Aqours practice has been quite busy lately so I haven’t really been able to do this, but I feel like today’s devilish photo-shoot went quite well♡
If this is the case, it seems like I’ll be able to make a great Hell News segment this time around!
Even after I entered Aqours, Yohane’s devilish nature hasn’t changed; as an admirable envoy of hell, for the sake of gradually increasing the number of little demons— I have no choice but to use this greatest Yohane’s cute charm♪
Okay— Fringe is okay, cleavage is clear, one more shot for last re-adjustment of angle— And, wait wait wait wait!?
What is this, a sudden shower of rain!?
Just what the heck is this!?
Argh, what should I do, as expected Yohane really is a devil.
My luck is just way too horrible—.

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine June 2016

[TWITTER] 150810 Screenwriter for ‘A Song For You’

What was really cute about INFINITE, who’s 5 years into their career: I’m used to calling out “Children~” to our guests because of the age gap… Because not only is the age gap quite big, it’s also a habit of mine from when I was with ‘Star Junior Show’… So this time, when I said, “INFINITE children, should we do a read-through now?”, the members laughed among themselves, “Kyahahaha, she called us ‘INFINITE children’~” They were like, “Yes, INFINITE children are ready!” and also during standby, “INFINITE children are here! Please give us the mics~” Even though they’ve hit their 5 year mark, INFINITE was still cute.