no i mean celia

@dreadfulcalendarwoman replied to your post “Headcanon, Giles wanted to take Faith in during season 3 and give her…”

i love giles and all but the way he just kinda let faith live in a motel without really thinking much about how that would affect her isn’t something i can really forgive him for

i mean this is a nice headcanon?? but giles kinda has this Thing where he focuses solely on buffy and i think that alienated faith a lot

exactly!!! which is why i mentioned that the watcher’s council told him to watch over faith until someone new could be assigned to her because giles… didn’t. he just. he didn’t. not because he was too busy or had too much on his plate to begin with, but because he genuinely has a serious tunnel vision problem when it comes to buffy and couldn’t be bothered to check in on the poor teenage girl living across town in a rat trap motel with no legitimate access to money or food. at the end of the day no one was “watching” faith except for perhaps buffy, a fellow teenager with a mess of her own problems to deal with and monsters to boot. i’m in the giles-love club too but the way he dropped the ball with taking care of faith’s most basic needs is unforgivable 

I mean listen to how Celia Cruz voices her ad-libs..  or even jose Alberto “El Canario” or Oscar d’leon… Jazz all day long.. Like they could easily do songs with Ella fitzgerald, oscar peterson, etc and it would go off without a hitch… Definitely some cultural exchanges…