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“Stella will be Luna and Noctis’ unborn daughter in World of Versus. It’s the big twist at the end. She will have been conceived during their tryst in the timeskip from when Noctis gets to Altissia, to when they hold the ceremony to summon Leviathan. Scenes added for Luna will be flashbacks with Noctis and Luna, but also them sneaking off during this timeskip. Noctis faces his Omen self in a boss battle and he learns more about Ardyn and the history of Eos during the course of the expansion. In the end he has to choose between his destiny and his heart. Remember that XVersus was just a working title and it being made into a full game was merely a possibility. It is finally starting to take shape and it will be out soonish. We can’t wait too long, or else we’ll have to upgrade the assets and graphics of the game again.” (source: reddit)

Wait. Hold on a minute. This…this is…this was unexpected.

So Noctis and Luna sneak off in Altissia, do ‘the thing’ together and Luna gets pregnant with Stella? WITH STELLA? 



A trip to the Black Market was not what Esaias had in mind yesterday, but the information he got from his dreams last night was more valuable there.  He hated the place, but, if he could find the right buyer, it paid well.  If he couldn’t he’d get to walk away with just his eyes intact.  But today he’d managed to come out quite well.  He could afford some luxury for a bit… that was, if he actually decided he wanted that.

Esaias led along a pouting Celia, making their way out of the bleak and dismal market when a sign caught his eye that cryptically advertised a slave booth.  He grimaced.  Really not his sort of thing.  But Celia, likely nervous, made a joking jab at him.

“Oh come now, my Esaias, would it not hurt to have a guard dog?  You’ve been wanting to take those more dangerous jobs, correct?” she asked, laughing lightly.  Unfortunately though, she had a point.  Having Pokémon wasn’t enough for jobs like those, especially if the patrons were wealthy.  He looked down at his wallet.  People were expensive, he knew that, and the cheap ones were usually considered ‘defective’, but as long as he could get one that could speak and fight, he supposed he could make an effort.  

“I suppose it couldn’t hurt,” he replied, making his way towards the booth in a half-reluctant sort of way.  Celia made a small huff of disagreement, but followed after him anyways.

He pulled back the curtain and walked inside, making sure to keep Celia close and her face covered.  Right from the start he didn’t like the feel of the place, and it was more than just his Sight that was telling him this was a bad idea.  

“Hey, where’s the shopkeep?  You got customers out here,” he stated loudly.  Show no weakness, that was his policy when it came to these people, so he should at least follow through on this decision.

Margaret Rutherford and Celia Johnson in the stage version of Rebecca, Queens Theatre, London, 1940. Photo by Angus McBean. 

Hitchcock’s film had already been released in the US but the UK release date was delayed. It would have been amazing to compare and contrast the two very different pairs of actresses in the roles. 

Maybe Something More

(a little splurge based off of multiple story concepts in the calron tag)

I saw a concept that was talking about Call’s inability to process his feelings for Aaron, as he had never had something that close to him before. Also another one about how Aaron was showing Call where to put his hands if he were to be kissed again after the whole kiss thing happened.

(Aaron’s a fangirl, pass it on)


“Come on! Just kiss her!” Aaron was hardly ever silent during their TV marathons.

Tonight Aaron’s rage was bent on Steven Universe.

“Connie’s obviously into him, why can’t they just-just-UGH!” Aaron’s head fell back against the arm of the couch, then turned to glare at Call as if he could somehow magically make all his OTPs canon.

Call threw some popcorn at him. “What are you looking at me for? I can’t make them fall in love!”

They’re already in love!” Aaron complained. “They just don’t know it yet.”

“Oh, just like Tamara says I’m in love with Celia, but I don’t know it yet.” Call teased through a mouthful of popcorn.

“I don’t think so, given how you kissed her.” Aaron crossed his eyes in shock, staring at some point in front of his nose. For emphasis, he wiggled his arms like he were trying to do a really sloppy version of the wave.

Call threw more popcorn. “Shut up! It’s not like I was expecting it! Besides, I have no idea how to kiss someone.” He picked at the hem of his jacket sleeve. “It’s not like I’ve practiced either.”

“Well, then don’t think of it like you’re kissing someone.” Aaron said. “Think of it like a dance you share with someone.”

“That analogy doesn’t offer any comfort either.” Call protested. “I’ve never dance with anyone before either.”

Aaron glanced his way then at the TV. Steven and Connie had just finished dancing together, alone of the beach. Aaron looked back at him as they fused on accident.

“You know, there’s not really a right or wrong way to do it, but you could start it like this.” Aaron reached over and scooped up Call’s left hand.

The action startled Call and their eyes met. “See, now you’re looking at me. Now I could kiss you if I wanted.”

Aaron dropped his hand and Call pulled his sleeve over his wrist, looking down, trying to ignore the warmth that had sprouted in his chest.

“Or you could do…” The hand came back, but instead touching Call’s hand, it cupped his cheek and pulled his gaze up, back to Aaron’s. “This?”

Call didn’t want to make eye contact again, if that warmth he had felt came looking at Aaron, he was afraid his chest would explode if it happened again.

It didn’t work, because Aaron had seemingly made it his mission to do everything in his power to fluster Callum.

“Or…” Aaron’s hands rested on Call’s shoulders, leaning him forward.

“I don’t know if your lessons are working.” Call murmured, still not making eye contact.

“What do you mean?” Aaron leaned back. “I just had three chances to kiss you.”

“Well, what if kissing’s not my thing?” Call said.

Aaron looked confused. “And what do you mean by that?”

“When Celia kissed me, it wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t like you read in a story where there’s fireworks and 80’s love ballads play in your head.” Call knew he was being ridiculous, but that’s how most things were with him. Aaron seemed to agree by his deadpan expression. “Besides, I don’t really see anything in Celia other than a friend. Or maybe kissing is just really weird and I’m the only one who has realized it.”

“Kissing someone isn’t at all like that. Unless, I suppose, you are a book character, but then how would you know that anyway-”

“Please don’t dwell on the thought,” Call pleaded. “I can’t handle an existential crisis right now.”

“Okay, but a kiss isn’t a life-changing thing, it’s just a way to show your love for someone.”

“Okay…” Call said. “But I don’t love Celia.”

“There’s your problem.” Aaron shovelled more popcorn into his mouth. “If she were closer to you, like Tamara, or me, it might’ve been different.”

“I still think that’d be a bit weird.” Call said. “I have no overwhelming urge to kiss Tamara, so I doubt I’m in love with her.”

“And me?” Aaron’s gaze was back on the TV, as the next episode was airing. His expression was calm, but he was fiddling with the remote, which was strange. Aaron didn’t fidget with things. He didn’t have any nervous energy, like Call did. He could keep still.

“Did you just ask me if I’m in love with you?” Call asked.

Aaron looked at him quickly. “No! I mean, well, I guess I did, but that’s not what I meant.” He reached across the sofa to grab a blanket, which he spread over their laps. “I was just teasing, like if you wouldn’t kiss Tamara, would you kiss me?”

“I suppose I have to be careful how I answer.” Call said. “You can throw me into the void if I don’t answer correctly.”

Aaron nudged his shoulder. “Come on, you know I wouldn’t do that. I couldn’t hurt someone even if I wanted to.”

“You did kinda throw Automatous into the void last year.” Call pointed out.

“That doesn’t count!” Aaron protested. “He was a monster bent on killing me and my friends. I don’t send people into the void because they don’t want to kiss me.”

Call gave a laugh and pulled the blanket up to his nose. “I suppose kissing you wouldn’t be that different from Celia. I mean, you’re my friend and I care about you, but I highly doubt I’m in love with you.”

“True, but I’m your best friend.” Aaron reasoned. “I’m special.”

“Yeah, in some respects.” Call relented.

“What do you mean ‘some’?” said Aaron in mock offense.

“I care about you. I don’t want to you die. I like hanging out with you?” Call bit his lip. “I’m running out of reasons, give me a minute.”

Aaron gave a huff. “Gee thanks.”

“I’m kidding.” Call said. “Yeah, of course, you’re special. But I don’t think that that’s enough to make me fall in love with you.”

“I don’t know.” Aaron said. “Even if you don’t love me, in that regard, anyway, I still think kissing me would be more enjoyable than if Celia did.”

“Well, if you’re so insistent, why don’t you find out?” Call said, shooing Havoc away from the edge of the couch where he’d been licking at the popcorn bowl.

“Okay, you asked for it.” Aaron replied.

“I was kid-” That’s as far as Call got before his words were smothered.

Looking back on it, Call shouldn’t have been surprised, as most things Aaron did, he did on impulse. But he couldn’t help, but freeze in shock before it melted into…something. Something warm and light and pleasant.

Aaron’s hand was cupping Call’s chin and kissing him softly. It was totally different to Celia’s method of kissing. She’d just pressed their lips together, but Aaron… really knew what he was doing.

His lips were parting marginally then puckering against Call’s, firmly, but not in a rude or intruding way. It was hypnotizing to concentrate on the movement.

Again, Call had no clue as to what to do with his hands, but he blamed that on the dizziness that had set in after their lips met. He was too busy trying to remember what breathing was and how it was done. He felt like he was sitting on a carousel that was spinning too fast.

The ride seemingly came to a stop when Call realized that Aaron was retracting his hand. He opened his eyes to see Aaron watching him, glancing at his mouth every few seconds.

“Any fireworks?” he asked softly.

Call quickly looked down. “It was still a surprise. Just the same as last time.”

“No, it wasn’t.” Aaron said with childlike glee. “You didn’t blush with Celia.”


“You are now.”

Call suddenly registered the heat that rose to his face and quickly brought his hand up to cover it, as if he could wipe it away like dirt.

“That doesn’t count.” he whined. “I just noticed it. I only blushed because you mentioned it.”

“Okay, but even if that were true, you definitely weren’t shaking last time.”

Call peeked at Aaron through his fingers. “I’m just nervous.”

“I… make you nervous…?” Aaron asked, a smile parting his lips. His expression was one that he’d wear in any situation where he had proved Call wrong. It was one he used a lot.

Call let out a frustrated groan. “That wasn’t what I meant! I-”

“Call, there’s no need to get defensive.” Aaron spoke softly, as if speaking to a frightened animal. Call supposed that’s what he was at the moment, as he wasn’t making much sense, to Aaron or to himself. “Besides, you’re cute when you’re nervous.”

“I am not cute.”

“Yes. Yes, you are.” Aaron scooped up Call’s left hand again and weaved their fingers together. “You wrinkle your brow and you pout your lip and you bite your thumb nail.”

When Call didn’t say anything, Aaron grinned in his silent victory and let Call grumbled quietly to himself in defeat.

“So cute.” Aaron said quietly and rubbed his thumb over the back of Call’s hand.

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i mean im a slut for adelaide kane but Celia dont

@anastasiasromanovs replied to your post “i’m apparently watching reign.”


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it may be bad but at least the historically inaccurate costumes are pretty

@lyannas replied to your post “@lyannas replied to your post “i’m apparently watching reign.” …”

i am only trying to save you from yourself

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is it as painful as i imagined it would be

i can’t even pretend that i’m not going in blind bc literally ever since i first saw the ads i was like “fuck that i’m never watching that”

how the turntables have turned

i know what i’m doing to myself but i’m just like…….apparently watching reign

hey queens i’m called back for the whole orlando and rosalind block including a part that’s just celia and rosalind which means i’m almost def being considered for rosalind 😎😎😎

I mean listen to how Celia Cruz voices her ad-libs..  or even jose Alberto “El Canario” or Oscar d’leon… Jazz all day long.. Like they could easily do songs with Ella fitzgerald, oscar peterson, etc and it would go off without a hitch… Definitely some cultural exchanges…

We Share Everything
Celia Keenan Bolger & Aaron Tveit

>> day three: demonstrate how underrated a musical is.

ok so this is my 3rd favorite off-broadway show (after bare & dogfight) and its basically about this girl Mary & she is a christian & goes to a christian school & her boyfriend Dean has a secret-he’s gay. And they have sex, because I guess she either didn’t want to lose him or they wanted to make sure he was actually gay, and she gets pregnant, and this is the first time Mary begins to question her faith. this musical is soo underrated i mean it doesn’t even have a cast recording which upsets me. such a great musical, beautiful score, awesome characters, inspiring, and i mean CELIA KEENAN- BOLGER & AARON TVEIT. oh & julia murney thooo.

Where the Magic begins

Klaine Bingo : Nerd

Inspired by this little girl

and a conversation with sunshunes


“Celia, honey pie, you look fantastic!”

The little girl pushes her glasses back up her nose and smiles toothily at her father.

“You look better Papa!”

Blaine beams at her and picks her up, even if she’s getting a little too big to do just that.

“You’re the best little Gryffindor to ever visit the Warner Brothers studios, pumpkin,” he says, kissing the tip of her nose and relishing the way she crinkles her little nose.

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