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You don’t need to give a character a Classic Gay Trait™ to make them gay. They can just…like the same sex.

I mean, if you want to put those in as genuine character traits, that’s fine, but I find that, sometimes, it’s rather…cliche.

It was time. The battle was upon them.

“When I get home,” Linda says, pulling her motorcycle helmet towards her, “I am so going to kiss my girlfriend.”

“You’re gay?” 

Linda rolls her eyes. “Of course.” She pulls on the helmet and winks. “Didn’t you see my flannel?” She shuts down the visor and roars away.


It was time. The battle was upon them.

“When I get home,” Linda says, pulling her motorcycle helmet towards her, “I am so going to kiss my girlfriend.”

“You’re gay?”

“Yes,” Linda says because that’s all the question required. She pulls on her helmet and pauses. “So gay.” She flips down the visor and roars away.

It’s enough to have a character say they’re gay! You don’t need to prove it with a stereotype. You can show it with a relationship or a crush. That’s way more effective than making a gay guy say “grrrrrl,” imo.

I’m not saying you can’t use “flannel-wearer” as a legitimate character trait. I’m saying don’t be a lazy writer and use it to code your characters as gay.


Pride month isn’t over just yet!! So have an array of pride flags created from clouds I drew haha

Y’all can use them as blog banners or anywhere you can think of, really :)

Honestly at this point I feel like the greatest obstacle to making Ganon stop attacking Hyrule would just be at this point he is probably so incredibly paranoid, it’d be hard for him to take to any proposed ceasefire or treaty- like even before he’s considering ways to twist this in his favor he’s too busy trying to figure out what the other person’s angle is, and the more he can’t find one the more uncomfortable he’d get.

If he could actually believe this is legitimately what they’re offering I can’t see him turning his nose at a perfectly good “can I put down my bow, he puts down his dead sword, and you put down whatever you’re using these days and we nurse our respective trauma in peace” agreement.

Hell, considering where Ganon was in BotW I’m reasonably sure Link could at least get a foot in the door just by making some really good food and tempting him with it, like. when was the last time anyone did any even slightly small kind thing for him.

Like… okay so Zelda, in one memorable incarnation responded to the royalty of a banished Realm Of Forbidden Darkness equated to hell itself showing up at a time where power from said realm was taking over Hyrule by worrying after Midna and making very personal sacrifices on her behalf. She is exactly the kind of person who would worry about the welfare of sealed “ancient godless evils”. She is actually pretty much someone in a good place to be more or less telepathically punched in the face by just how bad Ganon is doing without him even meaning to.

And Link- Link thinks everything looks like friend, pretty much. In BotW he will attempt to tame bears. Literally if you just had him run into Ganon without any of the destiny-and-peril context he is exactly the kind of person who would adopt some kind of shabby demon person he found embedded in a wall by virtue of nothing else that Ganon isn’t doing well.

Link wants to help everyone, Zelda is deeply empathetic and so duty-bound that it would really do her better to be a little selfish for once, and Ganon would logically like very much to not be hurting any more. The cycle is, if anything, a stilted situation that forces them back into their roles and back at each other’s throats, and with very minor shifts in context one way or another they could so easily get along.

And quite frankly… tell me that wouldn’t make the threads of an interesting story. 

I just viewed a post that was blocked for sensitive content on my dash, and it turned out to be….the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler holding hands at the beginning of Father’s Day.  I mean…I get it, tumblr, the Doctor and Rose holding hands is definitely sensitive content that could be considered sexual in any context.

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Me: date a person who can understand that you get anxious and that anxiety sometimes manifests as feeling like you’re annoying and a burden to everyone around you and can provide you the proper reassurance

Some Weirdo on Tumblr.hell: STOP ABUSING YOUR BOYFRIEND. Y'all are so NEEDY.

Me, a mentally ill gal in love with another mentally ill person: *receives healthy emotional support while providing healthy emotional support for him in return and can’t relate to the absolute Headassery of that commenter* Have you ever been in an emotionally healthy relationship ever in your life?

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hey i made myself sad and i love you so i'm dragging you down with me. When Ulaz sacrificed himself he frowned and closed his eyes yea? He definitely wasn't happy about having to sacrifice himself. What if it was because he knew what- who he was leaving behind? And when Thace sacrificed himself he smiled yea? WHAT IF IT WAS BECAUSE HE KNEW WHO HE WAS ABOUT TO BE REUNITED WITH!??!??! GET FUCKED UP WITH ME IM CRYING

I HAVE HAD TO FACE THE HEADCANON OF “Ulaz died hoping Thace made it out alive+Thace died hoping Ulaz made it out alive” and now you make me face THIS? THIS? IS SO MUCH WORSE! 

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Imagine talking to Chris about details of your upcoming wedding. You spent the day meeting with florists and caterers, and finally found a bakery that would make him an apple pie to go alongside the wedding cake. In the middle of all your rambling, you notice he isn’t even listening - he’s just staring at your lips as you talk. He can’t help but laugh that you caught him. He swears this is all very important to him, but he loves the way you speak when you’re passionate about something.

power. grace. wisdom. wonder.

Okay, so. After 800 years (and already falling super, SUPER in love with Diana) I finally saw the dang movie.

And you guys.


Obviously, I’m probably not going to say anything terribly new in this, given that I am unavoidably late to the party, but once the film ended and the credits started rolling, my sister and I sat there for a solid minute or so (with tears streaming down my face, basically) collecting ourselves before we even thought about leaving. I just wanted to sit there and be with it a little while longer, because. Holy shit. Just. This movie, okay.

This movie.

(Obviously, spoilers ahead, mateys.)

I don’t recall a single instant where I was bored, my attention was wandering, I was like, “Just get on with the damn story already,” or otherwise less than completely enthralled with what was going on (even as someone who doesn’t watch much/any DC stuff). I cried for the first time about, oh, thirty seconds in, and several times thereafter. I cried when there was a shot of Antiope looking powerful as hell, broad-shouldered, strong, when this incredibly capable warrior woman actually looked like she could legitimately kick your ass, and not like a waif or a pixie. I cried when I saw Diana for the first time. I cried when Diana went to get the sword, because how many times have we seen the movie where the man is given the magical sword and becomes the hero? (And then of course, later on, it turns out that the sword isn’t what is special, she is.) I cried during No Man’s Land, because obviously I did. I cried during the whole ending sequence, because also I obviously did.

Saying this was an important movie to me almost sounds cheap, but I don’t know any better way to put it. It just… wow. I feel like I need to watch it again (and I am the WORST about seeing movies in the cinema). There was just so much there: thematically, visually, character-wise, story-wise. So much that I loved and so much that hit me in the face (and the heart).

(I want to marry Gal Gadot like, even more than I already did, which was so much. I literally could not take my eyes off her the entire time.)

Diana and Steve were absolutely delightful. They played off each other so well, with Diana the serious “straight man” (or rather woman) convinced of her own lofty purpose (and struggling when it seems she’s been deprived of it) and Steve functioning as the skeptical observer/voice of the ridiculous/’so that’s cool” note of levity that the movie needed (and I was surprised and very pleased at how funny it was). One of my favorite things was how the movie managed to play Diana’s entrance into our world both for humor and without making her the butt of the joke – in other words, it never pointed and laughed at her ignorance. It found it charming, just as Steve did, and likewise, we have seen the movies where the (male) hero enters a new world and gets to stare at its oddity. Here, we have Diana experiencing the strangeness and charm of a department store, a cafe and a winter evening in the middle of the war, dancing with someone she liked, and otherwise getting to see the small magic of our own world with new eyes, even for a demi-goddess from a pseudo-heavenly realm. Those scenes had such a lovely bit of enchantment and enjoyment to them, when it would have been so easy to make them cynical.

The boat scene with Diana and Steve leaving Themyscira was sheer genius (and I seem to recall reading that they improvised most of that) as was the bath scene, and of course the end. Jfc. When he’s pointing the gun into the hold of the plane, trying to work up the courage to die, and you know that he manages to go through with it because of her – because as he tells her, he can save today, but she can save the world, and he needs to let her be the one to do that. Even when she’s angry at him beforehand, he still tries to help her, tells her what the smoke signals are and to follow them to find Ludendorff. He never tries to cut her down or diminish her (and him using the lasso on himself + “this is a terrible idea, we will probably die” = also genius).

Also, the backup team was an Indian, a drunk Scotsman with PTSD, and a Turkish man, and every single one of them were given poignant and genuine moments??? Chief gets to talk about how the Indians have been driven out of their lands. Charlie can’t manage to shoot the sniper, and yet Diana later asks who will sing for them if he leaves – she values him for his talents and for his possibility of a life beyond war, she doesn’t blame him for failing in crunch time. Sameer gets to point out that he can’t be who he wants to be because he was born the wrong color, and there is nothing he can do about that. This team of marginalized people, working together to change the world for the better despite all the odds against them – I mean. Wow.

When the Ares reveal happened, I literally whispered, “I knew it I knew it I knew it” three times under my breath, because I suspected that guy from the start. I just felt as if the Clearly Psychotic German General ™ was too obvious a candidate and there was a twist coming, and when he died utterly anticlimactically (although I was proud of Diana for doing it) I was like… welp, VINDICATED, NOW THE SHIT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO GO DOWN, I KNEW IT WAS EVIL REMUS LUPIN, and it was. So yes.

As I said, I feel as if I have to watch this movie in the theater again at least one, and then several times thereafter. I cannot believe that in in the year of our lord 2017 this is somehow the first female superhero movie directed by a woman, and frankly, I don’t know why we have to keep accepting mediocre manpain movies in any genre otherwise. It was an action movie, a love story (both in a romantic sense and in terms of Diana’s own actions/arc), a comedy, a tragedy, a fantasy, a superhero origin story, a social commentary, a war movie – as I said, there was just so much of it. It was such a rich tapestry of a story and it fitted together so brilliantly. All the questions it managed to raise about the nature of war and humanity, love and darkness, the people we are born as and the people we choose to be, the fallacy of “deserving” to be saved, and to do this in a way that is both deeply genuine and which isn’t overly naive, when Steve tells Diana that he wishes it was as simple as just killing one bad guy to make it all stop… I mean. That is hard. And they pulled it off amazingly.

In not-really-short, my life has been changed. I want another three movies, I want Diana to have a girlfriend (because I will cry my damn eyes out if I get to see this beautiful, powerful, gentle heroine being actually bisexual on screen), and I also want for all movies ever to be like this, basically. 

I am going to be thinking about this for a very long time.

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Ey Wowza I gotta curious question. :Vc What's the story/inspiration for your little horned (or pointy eared?) blue persona?


im shameful to admit that it was mostly inspired by Disturbed’s mascot. I started drawing myself like this when i was in my obligatory 12 year old emo phase lol.

Early drawings of my persona were super emo it hurt omggg. It looked more or less like the disturbed mascot but drawn rly bad and with crooked horns.