no i love you turbo

there’s something about the style of DAO that i love

it’s just so… it’s very drab.  all rogue armor looks exactly the same.  like, helmet upgrade?  yep it’s the same thing but in a slightly different tint.  mages get those ridiculous hats and the dingy robes.  grey wardens don’t have that flashy blue and silver armor yet they just wear whatever the hell drops off of darkspawn.  ferelden is brown and muddy.  as it should be.  denerim is the crown jewel of the country but it’s just dogs barking and dirt and flies.

when your warden suddenly decides that they’re no longer an archer or mage and grabs a random ass sword to shove through the archdemon’s skull, they’ve marched their way up and down this maker-forsaken land and they’ve got mud and dog shit all over their boots and no part of this journey was even remotely glamorous, because it was about spending days in the deep roads, covered in blood and bile and ichor, so of course you’re gonna make your final blow look at least vaguely fancy, because you deserve that much

and i just.  i love it.


This is Turbo. Turbo is a 1981 Datsun 280zx Turbo. I also own a drafting table and a laptop that go by the name “Turbo”; officially, Turbo-the-Car’s name is Turbo Turbo, Turbo Turbo, skipping from two Turbos to four and leaving a space in there for a Turbo the Third that may or may not ever exist.

Turbo goes by a few other names:

  • Sweet, sad rust child
  • Turbo Hypercube
  • Traybo
  • intermittently mobile dumpster fire

I love Turbo. It is easier to love Turbo than people. Turbo doesn’t have opinions on politics. Turbo never yells at me, unlike the cat. Turbo merely requires a lot of babysitting. Even though this can be frustrating, the car’s behavior tends to be comprehensible, unlike the behavior of humans (or cats). I have learned that certain temperatures require me to pump the gas pedal a little before I start the car. Turbo runs better at higher speeds, with few stops, without anything extra drawing battery power. I’ve gotten really good at slamming the car into park and restarting it when it dies at stoplights. I’ve learned that the fuel gauge doesn’t tell me how much fuel I have, but instead tells me about fuel pressure, which is Incorrect but, what’re you gonna do.

Even though I love Turbo, Turbo confuses others. My apartment complex, for example, otherwise has a great relationship with me but hates my car and tries to ding me on every car-related thing they can - presumably because said car looks like it was hauled out of the city dump. My friends sometimes make fun of me for the fact that I bought a car that ends up in the shop so often.  The truth is, even as I slowly work through the car’s many and varied mechanical issues, I enjoy the fact that it looks like a total piece of shit. 

That trait - its shittiness, its mobile dumpster fire-ness, did me a huge favor today. My memory is also an intermittently mobile dumpster fire, and I could not find my car keys. I decided I would walk to my destination. On the way past my car, I peered inside - just in case my keys might be in a shopping bag, or on the seat.

I don’t lock my car. The locks don’t even always work, for reasons that are unclear. If someone wanted to be in my car, they could do so easily. People walk past my car all the time, at all hours of the day and into the night. Despite this, when I looked inside, I found my car keys. They weren’t in a shopping bag, or jammed between the seat cushions.

They were in the god damn ignition, right where I had left them about 12 hours before.

I can’t even be mad at myself about this kind of thing anymore. Through years of trial and error, it’s become clear that this is a Brain Problem, not a Not Trying Hard Enough Problem. There’s a sort of abstract sadness to it - it’s sad that you’re an adult that does things like leave keys in the ignition of your unlocked car so regularly - but mostly, it’s funny. You know what I mean?

Turbo looks like such a total piece of shit that even the laziest possible thief isn’t interested. Nobody wants this car. My car protected itself from theft by being hot garbage.

I love that. I love Turbo.

rosemary-the-skunk  asked:

im nervous but ❤️

Well, get ready for the turbo load of compliments! I love seeing your art, you have a unique style and the colors you use are very nice. I like seeing you talk about your interests (sonic, yume nikki, Hylics, monsters, etc.) and it make me excited to just see you so happy liking those things. I really like your characters, it makes me want to know more about them, and it makes me want to draw fanart of them. I also like drawing you in general because you are fun to draw. You have helped me become more comfortable being nb and have helped me become more confident with my art. You are a great friend. 

Today we said goodbye to Turbo.
Turbo was my mystery snail who was 2 years old. He LOVED carrots and he also LOVED to try and jump on top of Boba.

Unfortunately Turbo passed away due to a collapsed mantle today.

I know to most he’s just a snail but truly I will miss him so much.

Boba stayed by his side right to the end.

I love you Turbo and I am glad that you have found rest.

Yay, more JackSepticEye fan art xD I got inspired to make this a while back while watching his Turbo Dismount videos but I just now got around to actually drawing it. I need to stop being so lazy at drawing nowadays;;

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this one. :3 I hope Jack likes it too!

I do not own the Septic eye or the pink bike from Turbo Dismount.

Pink Bike belongs to the creator of Turbo Dismount

Septic Eye belongs to JackSepticEye

This is mere fan art.

For therealjacksepticeye

I hope you like it, Jack :D I love your Turbo Dismount videos (Especially the one where you keep killing Billy! lol)

Enjoy everyone ^^